World Coffee and Tea Expo 2022 Set to Kick Off on October 1st

World Coffee and Tea Expo 2022

Toronto, Ontario May 21, 2022 ( – World Coffee and Tea Expo to launch on October 1st

The World Coffee and Tea Expo will kick off on October 1st this year, otherwise known as World Coffee Day, at Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos.

With a mission to form a platform to connect our communities through tea and coffee, the event hopes to raise awareness of the people behind making the commodities and superfoods involved, giving them the recognition that they truly deserve. The World Coffee and Tea Expo will act as a foundation for the most prominent B2B avenue for industry stakeholders across the globe to network with investors, exchange valuable ideas, and create enhanced business opportunities.

It has been reported that this tea and coffee event will showcase current services and products provided by companies and suppliers to customers in a path spiraling towards celebration and collaboration. By showing the world what this industry has to offer, the event will hopefully underline the success, relevance, and setbacks that the tea and coffee industry is currently undergoing and how this may affect customers. With this in mind, the theme of the World Coffee and Tea Expo event involves elating mindful market consumption to help treat tea and coffee with the respect they deserve. We can publicly reveal the following objectives of this highly anticipated Expo:

  • Publicly recognize the efforts and contributions of those working within the tea and coffee industry to make this product more than a mere commodities
  • Offer suppliers the opportunity to showcase what they can offer consumers across the globe
  • Bring forth a discussion of the tea and coffee industry, a forum of progressive speakers, and give people an opportunity to show off their skills with the first-ever West African International Barista Competition
  • Bring the business community, tea and coffee industries, and interested stakeholders together, boosting and unearthing further economic potential
  • Enhance the visibility of the tea and coffee sectors and the need to celebrate the strenuous efforts put in by those working behind the scenes to supply global necessities

For the intended outcomes, we can expect the event to enhance investments, entrepreneurship, and job opportunities for many within this sector. In turn, the World Coffee and Tea Expo hopes to alleviate poverty by developing economic profit within the regions of Africa that produce tea and coffee at their roots.

There is much optimism that this Expo will serve as a platform for quality marketing and technology transfer needed to meet international and maybe even global standards. Hopefully, it will also strive to form an opportunity for mentoring by larger businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Expo organizers announce that this event will offer suppliers a range of benefits they need to get their businesses moving again. Providing a broad customer base of dependable payers, increased brand awareness, and equal opportunities for all suppliers, big and small, it’s evident that this is a fantastic opportunity for any supplier wanting to boost their business. By providing the right footing to kick-start rapid economic growth through export earnings, this Expo is anticipated to support many different cafes, blenders, suppliers, and more!

The main event will occur from October 1st to October 5th, 2022, at Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos.

Other collaborating institutions involved in this partnership event include the West African Speciality Coffee and Tea Association, Canada’s Coconut and Superfoods Expo, and the Pan African Equitable Alliance.

For more information about this event, hop online and visit World Coffee and Tea Expo 2022 ( today!

Media Contact

Glocal Network Canada Inc. and Pan African Equitable Alliance LLP.

+234 + 803 304 9155

18 King St E #1400, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4 Canada

Source :Glocal Network Canada Inc. and Pan African Equitable Alliance LLP.

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Webomindapps All Set to Offer Responsive Web Design Services

It’s a wonderful chance for businesses to opt for top-rated responsive website design services from a professional company.

Bengaluru, Karnataka May 21, 2022 ( – Webomindapps, a leading web design company in Bangalore, is ready to launch the responsive website design service which has been growing in demand. The company offers its new services to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes be it small, enterprises, or established industries & brands. The company launches its new services to help its clients grow their businesses and take them to the next level hassle-free.

A responsive website design service gives websites the capability to open and work on multiple devices with different screen sizes flawlessly. And this is the reason why businesses must opt for responsive website design for their business website.

After witnessing a growing demand for responsive mobile design among businesses, Webomindapps is finally ready to serve customers with these services and help businesses in growing fast-paced.

Words From CEO

While talking about the launch of responsive website design services, Ramya Krishnappa, CEO and Co-Founder of Webomindapps said, “We are familiar with the growing importance and demand of responsive website design services for business. Responsive website design has become the most important need for every website irrespective of its type, purpose, etc. We make the design of your website fully responsive and enable it to appear on multiple devices to serve users from different backgrounds.”

“We make your website more meaningful and business-oriented by ensuring its smooth accessibility on various devices. It’s necessary to increase presence and traffic to your website, apart from maximizing its online presence. We are committed to providing you all those services that are necessary for your business to grow.”

Whether you are looking to develop a new website with responsive design or seek to revamp your existing website with responsive website design, it is capable of catering to your multiple core needs. It follows the latest trends and ongoing industry practices for responsive website design services and helps your website get significant advantages over your competitors.

As one of the most trusted website designers in Bangalore, we are committed to covering all aspects of responsive website design and delivering complete solutions. Our responsive web design includes various features such as reflowing content, relative sizing, breakpoints, and adaptation to different types of devices.

A responsive website design is also necessary for getting a good rank in search engines as Google makes it mandatory for all websites to have responsive websites. The company is now ready to welcome all those who are looking to make their website responsive to grab more growth opportunities.

About the Company

Webomindapps: web designing company in Bangalore has earned vast expertise in website services. It offers complete growth solutions to businesses by offering a range of services that include web app development, SEO, eCommerce website development, website designing services, WordPress development, and many more.

Media Contact

Webomindapps Private Limited


196/A, 3rd floor, 4th Cross Rd, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Source :Webomindapps Private Limited

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Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York is Much More than A Matter of Race, and Represents A Call to Sacrifice

Dr Steven B DavidSon

Dallas, Texas May 21, 2022 ( – Recently, a mass murder occurred in Buffalo, New York. Literally, a young white male traveled hundreds of miles (allegedly) hunted down and killed black people. The normal voices and sound chambers echo their outrage of racism, weapons, and similar long-held protests. But this time, seemingly in the wake of Covid, a war in Ukraine that can bring the world to the brink of nuclear war, historic inflation, a highly controversial Supreme Court concerning Roe v Wade, and the specter of coming elections, the massacre has not dominated the airwaves similarly to recent history (i.e. George Floyd, Summer of 2020, etc).

According to Dr. Steven DavidSon, it’s understandable that it is a major emotional issue for those most affected, but on a global scale, and in reality, nothing concerning change will be done about it. DavidSon the nation’s leading Christ-based counselor, and High Presbyter of the nation’s largest virtual church, views the massacre in the context of grave global circumstances.

“Obviously, we’re a nation with so many issues while leading the world in gun violence, any substantive change to matters of guns, race, and similar issues have run their course in the nation’s two-hundred forty-five year history. Regardless of those who use these experiences for political leverage or for personal motives, history has proven it is a viscious cycle without an end. The question now upon the nation is will the United States continue as a Democracy as we know it? Notwithstanding matters of gun violence and race, we could be confronted with circumstances where protesting is not allowed. Also, considering the nation is one of the world’s leaders with mental illness (clearly exacerbated by the series of national and global crisis), every one and organization must contribute to healing and wholeness in our view.”

DavidSon admits the trend and enormity of conditions facing the nation are overwhelming, particularly where so many are suffering from feelings of futility. But he believes no matter how small, there’s a degree of relief in every leader at every level doing what they can.

“We have faith-based counseling services available nationwide. We’re available to anyone or family who needs our services at no cost. We further believe we have the greatest message of hope no matter what the circumstances are before us. We simply desire to support people nationally or globally. It is the least we can do.”

About: DavidSon’s a pioneer in web-based ministry since 1997 leading the Christ-based Ministry enterprise of 18 Web Sites, featuring non-apostate Christ-based Counseling and Education sites. He’s been in Christian Ministry more than five decades and this is the twenty-ninth year of Amazing Things The Church, the heart of the work with an average of thirty-five thousand a day attending daily. There’s live daily programming and numerous support resources available to the public:

Facts and Information, the nation’s largest (SA) virtual church, 20k-50k a day attending, 18 site CBEdSupport-Enterprise

Media Contact

Amazing Things The Church (a Christ-based Ministry)

281 677 8564

Source :Amazing Things The Church

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Aeterna builds a self-sustaining and safe ecosystem generating revenue utilities in the crypto industry.

Aeterna is a unique DeFi ecosystem that offers a variety of ways to generate wealth and navigate the way through a confusing decentralized world. It creates a circular economy and helps lessen the reliance on volume as the only thing to fuel growth.

Ontario, Canada — Aeterna is an emerging crypto platform on the Binance Smart Chain, that truly achieves exponential growth and long-term stability in the crypto industry. It will need not only a capable, ever-expanding team of experts and assistants but also something far more critical – a community that trusts the project and supports its goals and aims. To achieve this, the founder must strive to be as transparent and secure as possible, so they have decided to have their contracts audited by the best of the best. They have also gone through extensive KYC protocols with the best.

The team firmly believes in having not only one or even two utilities but in having a robust and multi-purpose ecosystem designed with sustainability in mind. They acknowledge that building a vast and ever-expanding ecosystem requires dedicated experts and large support staff. To this end, the tea of experts will be looking to hire more experts in all fields of expertise whenever necessary. For example, they will be onboarding expert marketing agencies, graphic designers, web designers, D’App integration experts and others who are highly experienced in their specific areas to ensure maximal growth.

Additionally, they will also emphasize sustainability, transparency, safety, and ease of use in everything they do, as they feel that the DeFi world is sorely lacking in all of these in its current state. To put it shortly, Aeterna is here to stay, aiming to grow exponentially and indefinitely to provide its investors with passive income generation and multiple use cases.

They have also implemented a dynamic APY tokenomics backbone to incentivize investors to hold while utility developments and marketing come through. The first of their utilities will be a cross-chain bridge that is entirely anonymous and doesn’t require any wallet connect function. It possesses the various benefits for all the crypto enthusiasts:

  • Safe ecosystem
  • APY token comic backbone
  • Dynamic APY
  • Circular economy
  • Revenue generating utilities
  • User-friendly for beginners

Aeterna takes pride in generating the following utilities for its respectable investors and holders:

  • Fiat Payment: Users can purchase Aeterna using Fiat and earn a fortune.
  • The store will feature merchandise and digital metaverse goods with crypto or Fiat.
  • The Safe Swap: In their easy-to-use exchange, users will be able to trade projects that are vetted and hand-picked by Aeterna.
  • The Lottery: The hubs will also act as a place of entertainment and three different lotteries.
  • The DeFi Tools: They are a collection of easy to use tools designed to make trading more accessible and more lucrative.
  • Big Giveaways: It will include gaming consoles, VR hardware, crypto tech, etc.
  • Escrow services: They will be providing escrow services to contractors and contractees alike.
  • The launchpad: It will feature only KYC audited projects.

The first revenue generating utility to go live in the ecosystem is the Anonymous Cross-Chain Bridge. This will allow users to trade between six (6) blue chip cryptos such as, BNB, ETH, AVAX, MATIC, CRONOS, and FANTOM. All done fully anonymous, with the added security measure of not needing to connect your wallet to bridge. This latest update should be going live within the next week.

Aeterna is here to change the narratives of the crypto industry. Intending users can visit the official website now for further information and generate their utilities.



Solid proof:



Whitepaper :




Media Contact Details

Company name: Aeterna

Contact person: Midas Aterna





Transform Your Contracting Business With the Contractor’s Blueprint

Written by a contractor who has gone through the growing pains of building and running a successful contracting business, Jim Johnson’s new book, Contractor’s Blueprint: Getting CONTROL of Your Business, to GROW and Achieve Personal & Financial FREEDOM has quickly become the go-to guide for contractors and trade professionals. This resource provides an actionable, step-by-step blueprint to develop the strong foundations of a contracting business and create a strategy for long-term sustainable and profitable growth.

In Contractor’s Blueprint, Jim shares his own proprietary information, industry secrets, and the proven strategies he has developed from his years of experience being in the back offices of over 1,500 contracting businesses and helping coach over 400 to financial stability and success.

Every strategy in the Contractor’s Blueprint is practical, tangible, repeatable, accessible, and achievable. So whether you are just starting your business, have over 1mm+ in annual revenue, or are looking to take it to the next level as a 7, 8 or even 9 figure contractor, the Contractor’s Blueprint will walk you through the correct sequence of contractor business building. At the end, you will know how to build, manage, grow, lead, and protect your business so you can work on it, instead of in it.

Jim Johnson is the Founder, CEO, and Head Coach of ContractorCoachPro – a full service coaching company for home services contractors. After years of running a 25mm+ contracting business and bringing to market one of the preeminent softwares for home service contractors, Jim saw that contractors needed more than what he was pitching. They needed a guide, or better yet a coach.

Jim became that coach and built CCP; he has developed a bullet-proof system for contractors to take control of their business, grow their revenue and team, and achieve the personal and financial freedom they deserve as a highly profitable and fulfilled contractor. The average ROI for a CCP client stands at a whopping 1970% – and now Jim is sharing these self-same strategies in Contractor’s Blueprint.

You can learn more about Jim and access additional free content by subscribing to the CCP Youtube Channel. Here, you can view his podcast “Contractor Radio, testimonials, guides to overcoming specific obstacles, strategy sessions, and in-depth discussions on the chapters discussed in Contractor’s Blueprint.

Strategy and Shepherd Leadership is in Jim’s DNA, and his new book, Contractor’s Blueprint, knows that every contractor’s business also has its own. The DNA of successful contracting businesses however all have the same core components – and they need to be built in the correct sequence. Contractor’s Blueprint provides it all, and then some. In the book, you can also access the CCP Contractor Assessment, a free tool that will help you determine the next steps and missing components of your business.

Whatever it is you find you are struggling with in your contracting or home service business, In Contractor’s Blueprint, the struggle is answered. Jim goes through the entire Foundational Backbone that makes up every successful contracting business. Every chapter provides actionable steps through strategic case examples, and the tools & templates Jim provides to Contractor Coach PRO clients. What’s more, none of the steps in Contractor’s Blueprint require you to be “gifted or talented”. Anyone can do them if they want their freedom badly enough.

At a glance, Contractor’s Blueprint will walk you through the understanding, implementation, and strategizing of:

Leadership: Learn why you need to know what type of leader you are, the importance of a leadership personality, the Super Skill you need and the 7 Leadership Habits that will earn belief in your leadership.

Culture: Learn the 5 ingredients of developing a culture and the secret sauce that makes winners want to work for you.

Process: No software can handle the details of a contracting business’s processes. Learn how to make your processes repeatable to grow and scale and most of all make your business valuable.

Organization: Learn how to get a clear picture of the structure of your organization, how your organization communicates, and how you will handle HR early on, to make decision-making and accountability down the line a no-brainer.

Numbers & Finance: After leadership, an understanding of finance and your cash flow are the most common reasons a contractor fails. Get a handle on your numbers and make great decisions about your finances without guesswork.

Accountability: If it can be measured, it can be improved. Find your ‘north star metric’: What you should be measuring and how to use that knowledge to keep everyone accountable to expectations set from day 1.

Contractor’s Blueprint is exactly what it says it is. Jim doesn’t offer abstract ideas, he offers a blueprint. With it, contractors and home service providers of every kind can analyze their own business and immediately put into practice the proven strategies Jim has developed.

70-80% of contractors lose their business within the first three years of starting, this is why Jim Johnson wrote Contractor’s Blueprint. He is sick and tired of people destroying their lives and feeling like failures when there is a blueprint to build a highly profitable business that is the vehicle to personal and financial dreams. 2022 has already seen hundreds of hungry contractors purchase the book and begin transforming their business and avoid the “school of hard knocks” learning that causes so much failure.

Get your copy and make 2022 the year you transform your contracting business with the Contractor’s Blueprint. You can purchase the book here at the ContractorBlueprint Website.

But your transformation doesn’t have to end with the book. Jim and CCP’s purpose is to “Empower People to Believe”, this is why he created a free Facebook Group for contractors to collaborate, mentor, learn, and grow together. Join now to receive insight and wisdom from other contractors just like you.

The time is now to become the leader you and your contracting business need! Stop wasting time and get the “Contractor’s Blueprint” now!

Holon Publishing
Holon Publishing


United States

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FiveM Store Launched Biggest Marketplace For FiveM Servers

Got the most popular roleplay server but still looking for an upgrade? FiveM store is here, it offers a lot of scripts with the goal to make roleplay servers better

Henderson, Kentucky, 21st May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Ⓒ FiveM Store 2018- 2022, Built with love by Mahdi Pourzaferani

FiveM Store is a shop for FiveM servers. They have a  FiveM community offering  mods, scripts, EUP, vehicles such as cars, maps, clothes and launcher for the roleplay servers. They are a script store that offers a lot of FiveM scripts with the goal to make roleplay servers better. They offer prices that are unbeatable along with full quality support. FiveM Store supports a lot of international, English and Europe servers around the world to improve the quality of their servers. With a variety of more than 1000 products, they guarantee customer satisfaction. All FiveM products are optimized and run on all frameworks. So wait no more and stop wasting time testing and fixing free scripts. Use FiveM’s premium scripts.

FiveM Store was founded by Mahdi Pourzaferani who has put his heart and soul in establishing a successful store today. It all started when he found his interest in programming. He started in 2008, and has worked on security/ infiltration projects. This helped him in being proficient in programming and there was no stopping. Mahdi joined OpticGaming and EAsport in 2011 becoming  a member of their programming team. He  has a Security Manager degree in OpticGaming.  For his hardwork and services he received the title of Security Researcher from the Programming Group. Over the years, he has  designed plugins for large servers and large companies. He started a company with the  theme of Rockstar games. About the store he says:‘We design all kinds of plugins for games. We operate Internet Solutions / Internet Service Provider / Gaming Service Provider / Web Hosting.’

With already so much to offer, Mahdi believes in getting better by each passing day. He is currently working on identifying types of attacks and moving forward to crack down hackers. He advises his contemporaries and the lovers of programming to be realistic and keep trying. Founder of a business in Kentucky, USA, Mahdi’s  Company is in process of Developing, Creating, Testing, Implementing and Delivering a New Model of Internet Solutions, Internet Service Provider, Gaming Service Provider, and Web Clouds introduced by “FiveM Store L.L.C”, (the “Concept”) to be used by the Company in the Company’s servicing business. The Company is further Creating, Testing, Implementing and Delivering a business model to be used by a third party where it can use the business as part of their existing business; the Company is the sole owner or bearer of a certain system, services, techniques, processes, customer, investors, supplier database, operational and other information. 

FiveM store’s main aim is to provide quality and improvement in roleplay servers. To ensure this they work with the best scripters to create what is best for their customers. Their customer support is second to none. Users rave about how they don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction. With 128-bit SSL security with advanced encryption customers are guaranteed that their purchases are safe. Some of the products they offer are:

FiveM Scripts, Esx Scripts, FiveM Maps, FiveM Car Mods, FiveM Cars, FiveM Vehicles, FiveM MLO, VRP Scripts, QBUS Scripts, FiveM Server Pack, Etc.

FiveM Store has a huge community of customers who come back when in need. They are also much trusted because of their refund policy.  One such satisfied customer, Laura Fitzgerald, reviewed her experience: ‘Thanks to the refund guarantee. Everything will work as it should, otherwise I can refund easily. The support is great and Every order from FiveM Store has been an amazing experience. Their site provides lots of detail so I know exactly what I’m getting and their customer support is just outstanding. My server is now special, not like the other servers.’ FiveM Store makes their customers feel at home, Kevin Wlash who is a regular happy member of FiveM community shared: ‘Very friendly people on this site. I love it. Nice scripts and maps. Recommended and With FiveM Store, my server began to grow and players saw the quality of it. I’m really proud of my server because I have unique scripts for it. My roleplay server is now one of the best.’

Place an order today to avail upto 50% off on most popular products. Use the code: NEWCUSTOMER to avail the discount. FiveM Store regularly brings offers for their customers.

Media Contacts                                                                                                         

Organization: FiveM Store L.L.C 

Company name: FiveM Store   



Instagram: fivem__store 

Facebook: FiveM Store                                                                

Location: Kentucky/USA 

Phone Number: +1 (601) 509-1705                                                                                 

Address: 2153 Augusta Dr, Henderson, KY 42420, USA

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Top Most Beautyforever Hair Wigs To Buy In 2022


Visit Beauty Forever,Enjoy Great Discounts And Deals

Los Angeles, California May 20, 2022 ( – In this modern world hair and skin problems cause depression and anxiety in human beings. Beautyforever cheap human hair wigs are the best solution for such problems which are easy to carry and use. Cheap hair wigs are not only the solution to your problem but they also give you confidence and personality so that you can represent yourself among others. Here are some of the best cheap human hair wigs to give you an idea. How hair wigs preserve smiles and beauty. Follow the beauty forever website and buy cheap wigs from here.

Brand Day Discount:

Time: May.20th-May.22nd

Wig up to 42%, other 37%

Hair weaves and hairpieces, up to 20%

Coupon Code: BRAND 10

V Part Wig:

You can also try the beginner-friendly a v part wig. They are very easy to install and cost-effective. The only part of the elastic hairstyle that you can get is the V-part wig, which does not leave any small part of the hair on your scalp without looking beautiful. You can easily create medium or side part hairstyles as per your need by wearing these wigs.

Some hair accessories such as clips or hair bands can also be applied to different designs. Wearing them makes you different from others and that is why most women prefer them. They are very easy and fast to install and remove. You can change your hair much faster than others while wearing it.

Lace Front Wig:

There are lace front wigs that look good these days. They have a central character with a wig in front or on the forehead. This type of wig has laces in front of your forehead or hairstyle on the face and your scalp hairline blends in with it, it allows you to impress someone special. Gives a natural shape. They are mostly hand-tied and hand-crafted by skilled workers to give you the best results when you wear them.

Colored Wigs:

The trend of colored wigs that are in trend gives you an unusual look that no one else can give a wig. Colored wigs give you a variety of stylish and different shapes and they come in all colors like dark, shaded, light, mint, funky, etc. Top fashion brands use colorful wigs and style their models with clothes while walking the ramp and these wigs are great. Special in fashion statement and shape.

Headband Wig:

Human hair headband wigs are very easy to wear because they are initially friendly and can be easily adopted through the scalp. You do not need a professional stylist to use your skills. You can make it self-styled in just a few seconds. It comes in a full cap wig which gives you full coverage and freedom to control the hair you want. Headband wigs’ human hair is also very versatile and can be adjusted to different hairstyles by making them different all the time. Most women try the headband wig and it is effective in giving you a wig with a hairband. Wear more and apply a headband wig, you can go to

The best advantage of using cheap human hair wigs is that they look more natural and comfortable than other materials. For sensitive scalp, a headband wig is used to protect against itching and any kind of reaction. The V-Part Wig is also very special as it is perfect for beginners to attach and remove from their scalp. We provide you with the best of these and adjustable straps so you can grip them quickly. Hair wigs are life-saving products and give women happiness and confidence.

Media Contact

Beauty Forever


Source :Beauty Forever

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Middle Child releases highly anticipated single “Meditate” with singer-songwriter YHWHHH

Meditate Art

Los Angeles, California May 20, 2022 ( – Middle Child is a musical venture of Dan Larson, an Artist, Producer, and DJ. His music has always been about creating fresh, emotional tunes that feel like arriving home. His new single ‘Meditate’, is no exception. In collaboration with the artist YHWHHH, released on the up and coming electronica Label BVSS FVM; They present ‘Meditate’.

‘Meditate’ is a song about longing and unrequited love from the viewpoint of a tortured soul dreaming about what could be. To describe it in three words, it is; immediate, heartfelt, and enveloping. It has sweeping guitars layered over a solid Lo-Fi beat. The vocals are the palpable emotions that beat at the heart of the track. Lyrics like “Maybe we’ll meet somewhere” and “We all hurt in the same way” paint a picture of a life spent dreaming about missed opportunities but optimistic about it at the same time.

The song floats along to arrive at the hooky refrain “You are someone to Meditate on” with hints to the spiritual side of life. The layers and elements all come together to bring about a feeling of transcendence, release, and a meditative state of being.

The production on the track does a perfect job of capturing the essence of the song’s emotions; lifting you up to a peaceful feeling of rest. The track is ideal soundtrack music that conjures up images of beaches at sunset, rolling oceans, and a warm breeze.

‘Meditate’ was released by BVSS FVM records on Friday, May 20th, 2022, available on all major platforms.

Listen to the song on Spotify:

And all other streaming services and a FREE download:

Follow Middle Child






middle child profile picMC guitar profile pic 2021 500x500

Media Contact

Middle Child Music


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New NFT Collection Developed and Created by Renowned Cannabis Author

CryptoSpacePunks is excited to announce the launch and public sale of their new NFT Collection, developed and created by Cannabis Author Dru West

Let the invasion begin! cryptospacepunks

(Los Angeles, CA -May 20, 2022) CryptoSpacePunks is excited to announce their brand new 10,000-piece NFT art collection on the Ethereum blockchain. We’ve had a very successful launch and are looking forward to a bright future for CryptoSpacepunks.

After being banished to the Metaverse by an intergalactic tribunal for their various shenanigans, the CryptoSpacePunks have reunited and are ready to invade the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoSpacePunks is a 10,000 piece CCO art collection developed and created by Dru West.

CryptoSpacePunks will be leaders in the NFT space and Metaverse!

Art- Aesthetically CryptoSpacePunks is a work in color contrast. Culturally they’re an homage to the generation of kids who ushered in the age of gaming and digital art who are still at the cutting edge of this new age of Web3 and Metaverse.

Utility- As a member of the CryptoSpacePunks NFT community you gain full access to the entire CryptoSpacePunks Ecosystem including the CryptoSpaceMansion, all four private islands and governance in the CryptoSpaceDAO. You’ll always have a place to work and party when you’re a CryptoSpacePunk. In addition to all that, holding a CryptoSpacePunk gives you top-tier street cred and affirmation of your highly discerning taste for fine art. Being a member of the CryptoSpacePunk community says you’re a savvy collector who likes to party.

Metaverse- Soon we’ll spend most of our daily lives interacting in the metaverse. All the things that matter IRL will matter there too. CryptoSpacePunks will be leaders in this new reality. We are going to do very big things together and there’s no better time than now to get established in our community.

Community- We firmly believe that a strong community is the foundation of any web3 project. The days of being exploited by corporations for our data and being forced to operate and build within their boundaries has come to an end. The future will be built by small, like-minded communities who develop their own new worlds.

Brand- CryptoSpacePunks represent counter-culture, art and community. We think that together we are the coolest community in the metaverse and we want everyone to know about us. Look forward to seeing CryptoSpacePunks pop up everywhere IRL and in the metaverse!

International Space Station

Los Angeles
United States

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Root Chakra Scents Guide: Where to Apply Essential Oils for Balance Aromatherapy

Loving Essential Oils has released its latest guide on Root Chakra Essential Oils for Balance. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for one’s feelings of grounding and stability. When this chakra is balanced, the person feels safe and secure, and has a strong sense of self.

Interested parties can read the full Root Chakra and Essential Oil guide:

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for one’s connection to the earth and the physical world. When this chakra is balanced, people feel secure, safe, and grounded. When it is unbalanced, people can feel anxious, ungrounded, and unstable.

There are many things that can help to balance the root chakra, including yoga, meditation, visualization, and essential oils. Essential oils are an important way to support the root chakra because they are grounding and stabilizing.

To use essential oils for balancing the root chakra, add a few drops of oil to a diffuser and breathe in the scent. A few drops of oil can also be added to a bath, or use it in a massage oil blend after diluting with a carrier oil.

According to the chakra guide, the essential oils that can help to balance the root chakra include:

Patchouli oil – This earthy oil is grounding and stabilizing, and can help to connect the user to the physical world. It also provides a sense of calm and security.

Cedarwood oil – This grounding oil helps to anchor the user to the earth, and can be helpful for anxiety and stress. It is helpful for those who feel scattered or ungrounded.

Vetiver essential oil – This deeply earthy oil is grounding and calming, and can help to soothe feelings of anxiety and stress. It helps to connect the user to the earth and provides a sense of stability and security.

Ginger essential oil – This warming oil helps to stimulate the root chakra and promote feelings of grounding and stability. Ginger is an oil that helps to energize the root chakra.

Black pepper essential oil – Black pepper is a warming and stimulating oil that helps to awaken the root chakra and increase energy flow. This spicy oil helps to energize the root chakra and promote feelings of grounding and stability.

The guide shares some ways to use essential oils to achieve balance in the root chakra. One can add a few drops of oil to bathwater or a diffuser. Aromatherapy users can also add a little oil to the palms, rub the palms together, and inhale the scent deeply. Essential oils can be applied topically to the skin as well, once diluted apply them to the navel, wrists, or temples.

Essential oils can be a great addition to one’s yoga or meditation practice, or can be used independently to help support the root chakra. In addition to the Root Chakra and Essential Oils guide, Loving Essential Oils has Complete Chakra Guide that covers all seven chakras. More details can be found at

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