Woodstock GA Local SEO – HVAC Contractor Marketing Expert Services Launched

Towne Lake SEO, a digital marketing company located in Woodstock, GA, specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content creation services, has announced the launch of its local SEO solutions for home service contractors.

An interested party can find more details at https://www.townelakeseo.com/services.

In the North Metro Atlanta area like Woodstock, GA, home service contractors can take advantage of Local SEO services from Towne Lake SEO.

As a home service contractor, the last thing they want is to be ignored in Google’s search results. You need local SEO solutions that are exceptional on every level and help your business get ahead of the pack!

Towne Lake SEO offers digital marketing services, including web design for home service contractors who thrive off great organic searches from people looking for their type of product or services.

The company provides powerful SEO Services which can help more than just small businesses rank higher on google.

This announcement will be of interest to home service contractors, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors (HVAC), builders, electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators, and gardeners who want to increase their local online visibility and find new clients.

The company specializes in helping businesses rank on the major search engines, including Google and Bing. By specializing in the home service contractor sector, the company has a solid understanding of potential clients’ keywords and search phrases when looking for a specific service. Thanks to this expertise, Towne Lake SEO has the ability to launch a successful local SEO strategy much quicker than their competition.

This search engine optimization agency makes sure that its clients are claiming the best possible rankings in Google. You can use the analytics they provide to set objectives for your campaign and analyze how competitors in your industry are performing on engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or other popular directories such as Yelp.

The SEO Agency provides detailed analytic reports to know how fast you are gaining traction on your competition.

Towne Lake SEO uses its experience to get local businesses in front of customers who are actually looking for their services. Local SEO is essential because the days of looking for a contractor in the Yellow Pages are long gone. Instead, when a potential client needs a service, they go straight to their smartphone and trusts local searches to help them find what they are looking for. If a business doesn’t rank for the search phrases people are likely to search for, they could be losing a reliable source of business.

A spokesperson for Towne Lake SEO said, “Our clients know that getting their business seen online is the best way to grow, but it’s almost impossible for a local company to drive organic traffic without the help of a professional marketing team. If a business doesn’t rank high on Google for what they offer, there is very little opportunity to positively impression a potential customer. Towne Lake SEO’s local SEO service directs that organic traffic towards their client’s website, so all eyes are on them.”

More information about Towne Lake SEO’s local SEO service for home service contractors is available at https://www.townelakeseo.com/services.

Towne Lake SEO
Towne Lake SEO

225 Parkway 575 #2451

United States

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BOSS Brings Fixed-Fee Outsource Accounting Billing to Accountants

As BOSS turns the corner on its fourteenth year in business in what’s commonly known as a young industry, outsource accounting, they’ve surely shown what their made of with their newest services directed at taking the headache away from accounting practices who are all too well aware of budget overruns and annual write-offs. By offering fixed-fees to their clients, they’ve made it one step easier for partners of accounting firms to increase their annual profits.

Their service provides accounting firms with a fully qualified and experienced virtual accountant (including public practice experience as well), who can work for them for a minimum of fifty (50) hours per month. Clients have direct contact with accountants via Skype and email. Client’s can forget about the pain of taking care of replacements when their staff is on holidays, sick leave or long term leave as BOSS takes care of all the arrangements and there is no leave at all to pay out for. It’s all looked after with BOSS. The same staff is assigned to firms so they can learn the clients own systems and get to know each other well. There’s no hidden fees of any kind, including no kickstarter fees either. Typical turnaround for jobs is a week and if clients need more hours, extra staff can be scaled up within a week to meet their demands. With benefits like this, no wonder accounting partners are jumping at BOSS’ newest service.

As the service only asks for a commitment of fifty hours per month from clients BOSS adds to that ease by including any monthly bookkeeping needs, BAS, financials, SMSF’s Income Tax Returns, Company Tax Returns and Trusts all fall under the same fifty hour umbrella to fill those hours. Hiring outsource accounting team couldn’t be much simpler than this.

“Accountants are all too familiar with budget overruns and consequent write-offs which lose them a lot of money year in-year out, says Lee Court, BOSS’ Sales and Marketing Manager. “Now, with the ability to hire staff on a fixed-fee arrangement, accountants are not feeling the pinch anymore. We’ve had so many clients come on board saying they can’t believe how much this new service offers their firm. I’ve had lots of conversations with some very excited partners. It’s a great offer and clients are seeing the results within their firms very quickly.”

To read more about the benefits of outsource accounting, please visit our website below.

BOSS (Back Office Shared Services) Pty Ltd
BOSS (Back Office Shared Services) Pty Ltd
Suite 2, 345 Pacific Highway


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Artificial Intelligence Chatbot For CEOs – Work Communication Platform Updated

Weeve, technology-based human resources specialists based in Austin, TX, have launched updates to their communication and learning platform for CEOs, employers and workplace teams. The launch offers a host of updated tools built upon the company’s cutting-edge AI machine-learning and data processing software application.

More details can be found here https://www.weeve.ai

Weeve’s latest updates give workplace leaders new ways to engage with their teams, open up communication with employees and increase morale through more effective engagement.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is becoming increasingly prominent across a range of industries. As more businesses turn to technology to drive growth, the global AI market is anticipated to generate revenues of around $327 billion in 2021.

The platform features an AI chatbot called Kim. This advanced tool enables ongoing conversation with employees, gathering information on concerns, needs, proficiencies and areas of interest. This provides a unique way for busy CEOs and management to keep abreast of events below, maintaining a connection with staff and directing future decisions based on genuine feedback.

Using advanced network analysis technology, Weeve is able to assess productivity levels among workplace teams, pinpointing areas for improvement and re-organization.

Kim the chatbot can be integrated into any existing messaging platform for seamless access. Programmed to deliver anonymity and empathy in its communications, Kim offers workers a way to voice concerns in a non-pressured environment.

Sentiment and emotional analysis are also covered with the software, giving employers a way to assess the mindset, mental health and mood of their teams, as well as skill levels and productivity statistics.

Weeve is fully automated, ensuring that management can focus on leading and making decisions that will benefit their staff and company as a whole. In today’s fast-paced business world, Weeve provides an innovative, intuitive tool to elevate workplace performance of both management and staff. It offers a holistic solution to employee relations and the challenges of human resource management in the digital age.

The dedicated team combine business-savvy knowledge of the modern workplace with technological expertise through cutting-edge software development. The company are committed to forging new paths toward both business and personal growth.

A spokesperson says, “Our core belief is that real and actionable feedback comes from warmth and compassion.”

With the launch of their updated platform, Weeve continue to make advanced, empathic communication between employers and employees the standard for businesses everywhere.

For more information please visit https://www.weeve.ai

Weeve LLC
Weeve LLC

8906 Splitarrow Drive

United States

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Second Hand Tyres Southport Tyre Shop Quality Affordable Recycled Premium Brands

There’s more to tyres than one would believe: this website tells it all.

Tyres and tyre technology may not be uppermost in most people’s minds, but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. The average consumer knows that keeping wheels and tyres in good condition is important for road safety, but there’s more to tyres than traction. The new Branigans Tyres website is packed with handy info, motoring tips and tricks and money-saving car maintenance advice.

“Branigans specialises in tyres,” says owner, Chris Lett. “There’s much more to tyres than most people know. The website strives to share interesting and useful information that will help consumers to get the most out of their motoring experience, and particularly their tyres.”

To some, understanding the inner-workings of engines or the new technologies that turn ordinary cars into “smart” cars may seem like the most important things to know, but Chris says that understanding one’s car begins with the wheels themselves.

“Your wheels and tyres have a major role to play in everything from fuel economy to the comfort of your ride,” says Chris “and although they might look simple, a lot of high-level technology goes into producing them. Even tyre treads are fascinating. There’s way more to tread design than just a few grooves and squiggly lines. Then there’s the whole construction of tyres – including the parts you don’t see. You probably don’t need to know everything about tyres, but if you want to understand your car, wheels and tyres are a good place to start. The Branigans website tells you what you need to know and more.”

Branigan Tyres has taken its new website to the next level as a resource for the motoring community, says Chris. It could be just a matter of telling people what Brangans does and how to find the stores, but the family business decided to create a resource base that offers interesting and informative reads for its customers.

“Maybe you’re getting ready for a long trip and want to get a checklist for preparing your car. Or perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s worth following the trend towards nitrogen in tyres instead of using compressed air. Whatever you want to know about your wheels, Branigans has the information. You could ask a Branigans technician, or you can visit the website – you may even find answers to some questions that never occurred to you because you never really thought about your tyres before.”

There are a few basics that absolutely everyone needs to know about their wheels and tyres – like how much tread they should have or how to recognise wheel balancing and alignment issues. Tyre rotation, a basic maintenance task that helps to extend tyre life, is among these basics, though the importance of having it done is often overlooked. But apart from telling folks about tyres, Branigans hopes to contribute towards a better overall motoring experience for its Southport and Burleigh Heads clients.

“Branigans works for its community, and sharing information is part of that,” says Chris. “Readers will soon see even more knowledge base resources appearing on the website. It’s a work in progress. Informed consumers are empowered consumers, and providing that information is part of what Branigans does.”

For further information, visit or call Chris and his team at Second Hand Tyres Gold Coast |Branigans Budget Tyres by contacting the Service Centres in Burleigh Heads (07) 5535 2660 or Southport (07) 5591 8633.

Syndicated by Baxton Media, The Market Influencers, Your Digital Marketing Agency.

Branigans Tyres Southport
Branigans Tyres Southport
277 Southport Nerang Road


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Oahu HI Lawn Care/Tree Trimming Garden Maintenance Expert Services Launched

Lawn Care Hawaii, lawn and garden specialists in Oahu, HI, have launched updates to their services. The company offers professional lawn mowing, tree trimming, and sprinkler repair services.

More details can be found at https://www.lawncarehawaii.com

The newly updated services offer convenient lawn mowing and general garden maintenance options for customers in Kapolei, Ewa Beach, Makakilo, Waipahu, Pearl City, Aeia, and across Oahu.

A well-maintained lawn is a beautiful sight, but maintaining it is another matter. Knowing about the species of grass, how much water it requires, managing invasive weeds and how often a lawn should be fertilized can seem like a lot – and it’s not as simple as keeping it trimmed.

Lawn Care Hawaii offers a team of professionals who know all that there is to know about lawn maintenance. Beyond simply cutting grass and hedges, the company provides customers with a full lawn assessment and maintenance plan to ensure their grass is as lush and green as can be.

The experts at the company are trained to notice the tiniest of details when it comes to their clients’ lawns, which means keeping an eye out for weeds and invasive plants that might cause damage and understanding the different grass species and their treatments.

Additional services from Lawn Care Hawaii include tree and shrubbery trimming, with expert management of tropical Hawaii’s statement palm trees a particular specialty, focusing on tree nutrition and watering schedules. The team also offers sprinkler repair services on the spot, to make sure that customer lawns are properly watered and cared for between visits from the professionals.

The newly updated services have been developed to offer a premium level of yard and lawn care for customers in the Oahu, HI area. The website also offers a range of informative resources on the different types of grasses that are popular in Hawaii.

A satisfied customer said: “These guys show up every two weeks like clockwork. It takes them about an hour and then they’re gone. I love that I don’t even have to think about my lawn.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.lawncarehawaii.com

Lawn Care Hawaii
Lawn Care Hawaii

91-1334 Kaiokia St

Ewa Beach
United States

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Birdcage-Inspired Dinnerware Collection – Cult Classic Movie Merchandise Launch

INVI-me, LLC, a niche merchandise store based in Boynton Beach, Florida, announces its new Birdcage-inspired dinnerware. The collection is influenced by the cult-classic movie, The Birdcage, starring Nathan Lane, Robin Williams and Gene Hackman.

More details and clips of the movie and scene can be found at https://www.invi-me.com/collections/birdcage-inspired-dinnerware

The newly announced collection uses a similar dinnerware design shown in the movie, with Greek Boys frolicking around and “leap frogging”. The dinnerware set is meant to start conversations, shock guests, and pull a few laughs in the process.

Birdcage is a musical comedy that tells the story of Val Goldman, or is it Coleman, who was raised by his loving openly homosexual parents who own a gay nightclub. Val tells his parents that he wants to marry Barbara, who belongs to an extremely conservative political family – with her father even being the co-founder of the “Coalition for Moral Order” which strongly opposes same-sex partnerships.

In a futile attempt to hide who they are, Val’s parents decide to “act straight” in an arranged dinner with Barbara’s parents. Albert, who is a flamboyantly effeminate man and partner of Val’s biological father Armand, decides to act as Val’s mother.

During the dinner, their manservant, Agador, mistakenly sets the table with dinnerware that showed naked men in all sorts of activities. What happens next is one of the more iconic scenes of the movie. Before Barbara’s father could put on his glasses, Albert pours soup over everyone’s bowls, hastily asking everyone to eat.

The feel-good movie was released in 1996 to great acclaim. Despite its controversial topic for the time, Birdcage was embraced by society as a reminder that families come in all shapes and orientations. The movie also gave the message that children raised by same-sex parents can grow up to be happy and healthy.

INVI was founded by Ken Dickison who believes in producing novel merchandise, especially those inspired by cult classics. With his Birdcage collection, Dickison hopes to share the laughter that will come from such flamboyant pieces.

The company ships nationally and hand makes each set from 100% source USA materials and labor!

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.invi-me.com/collections/birdcage-inspired-dinnerware

3075 Waterside Circle

Boynton Beach
United States

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Buford GA Doctor – Functional Medicine Program For Integrative Healing Launched

Duluth, Georgia-based health and lifestyle guidance practice Conscious Medicine has expanded its functional medicine program for local Buford patients. The plan is structured around integrative medical practices, aiming to facilitate healing by addressing underlying health and wellness issues.

For more information see https://consciousmed.co/i-medicine

The newly expanded program ensures that the Buford community is fully supported with integrative healthcare. Led by Dr. Truc Nguyen, a prominent functional medicine doctor, the practice promotes better health by focusing on the causes of conditions rather than solely treating symptoms.

Its Investigative Medicine program is designed to prevent chronic disease and accurately analyze existing conditions through a combination of functional medicine care, integrative medicine and nutritional planning. Over a 90-day period, the Duluth healthcare providers target specific wellness and lifestyle-centered solutions via in-person and virtual treatments.

Conscious Medicine places the empowerment of health and wellness at the forefront of its care plans. The practice emphasizes that optimal treatment paths are unique to each patient. Staff are equipped to advise on recommended activities, lifestyle changes, supplements, and any necessary medicative programs to meet patient needs.

Buford residents can benefit from the center’s comprehensive approach to functional medicine. After working to identify health concerns, Dr. Nguyen and her team design a personalized treatment plan based on facets such as the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and potential psychological stressors.

Patients have reported success in the treatment of conditions ranging from heart disease and insomnia to thyroid issues, high blood pressure, chronic stress, and more. According to the practice, the vast majority of patients have observed a reduction in their symptoms within three months of starting the I-Medicine program.

One satisfied patient said of Conscious Medicine and Dr. Truc Nguyen: “She has put me at peace of knowing there are doctors out there who listen to what our symptoms are, and want to get to the root causes of our problems.”

With the latest announcement, Conscious Medicine continues to expand its functional medicine care for patients in Buford and nearby. In addition to its I-Medicine program and integrative medicine lifestyle adjustments, the practice offers custom neuromuscular rebalancing therapies.

Interested parties in and around Buford are invited to visit https://consciousmed.co/i-medicine to learn more.

Conscious Medicine
Conscious Medicine
6601 Sugarloaf Parkway

United States

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McLean VA Residential/Commercial Roofing Remodeling Contractor Services Launched

Optimum Contractor, home remodeling general contractors based in McLean, VA, have launched updates to their services online. The company offers prompt and professional remodeling, construction and roofing services.

More details can be found at https://optimumcontractor.com

The newly updated range has been developed to offer professional roofing and home improvement services to residential and commercial clients in the Virginia area.

As general contractors with years of experience in interior and exterior remodeling, Optimum Contractor’s team can offer competitive pricing on building, roofing, and construction services in addition to customer-oriented work hours and schedules. The company takes control of a project and handles it from concept to completion, so its customers can be assured the job is being done promptly and professionally.

Optimum Contractor understands that a client’s home is a place they want to love, whether that’s for welcoming guests or a growing family. Offering a full range of services to turn any room of the house from acceptable to award-winning, the company works with each customer to tailor their customized service no matter the budget.

Besides interior remodeling solutions, the company provides extensive roofing contractor services from a team of broadly skilled experts. The range on offer includes inspections, re-roofing and replacement roofing, general repairs, maintenance, and flashing repair. Each service can be provided on all roof types, whether flat or sloped.

Optimum Contractor provides roofing services for commercial and residential customers, regardless of the type of structure or architecture already in place. The company strives to work with suitable materials of high quality, adapting to the requirements of the building itself. All labor and materials from the business are under warranty protection.

This latest service launch is in line with Optimum Contractor’s commitment to providing outstanding remodeling and construction services and top-quality customer service to clients in McLean and the surrounding areas in Virginia.

A satisfied customer said: “I recently had my roof replaced by Optimum and was impressed with the prompt scheduling and excellent quality of work performed. Very competitive pricing as well – I would recommend this business to others looking for quality workmanship.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://optimumcontractor.com

Optimum Contractor
Optimum Contractor
8200 Greensboro Dr. Suite 900-A

United States

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ISO 9001 Certification For EMS Companies in Arizona

American Global Standards (AGS) announces that it has recently awarded an ISO certificate to a circuit boards company in Arizona. The ISO registrar has helped thousands of manufacturing and service industry companies in the last 25 years remain globally competitive with either an ISO 9001 certification or an AS9100 Rev D certification.

More details can be found at https://www.americanglobal.org/news/iso-certification-electronic-manufacturing-services-ems

The announcement highlights the updated services of AGS that streamline the registration and processing of ISO certificates, especially for EMS companies in Arizona. Through its improved Virtual Cert ASRP Program, clients are issued an ISO certificate that is valid for three years based on their existing certification and annual review.

Being certified as an ISO-compliant company has several benefits, not least of which is the added credibility it gives to any company and assuring customers that the company follows internationally recognized health and safety protocols.

AGS leverages its decades of experience to remain a cost-effective solution for many companies needing an ISO certification for electronic manufacturing services. In particular, the company processes ISO certification for companies specializing in the assembly of printed circuit boards, cable and wire harnesses, and electromechanical box builds.

Its ISO 9001 certification is valid for three years and is a low-cost, high-value option for many businesses.

The latest announcement of the company exemplifies the company’s mission of being a customer-first ISO registrar in the country.

A satisfied client wrote, “Over the past several years, we have had several different auditors and everyone has a different opinion. We work very hard for a year correcting what someone has said is wrong, for the next person to come in and say the way we had things is better. I see American Global Standards as being a great opportunity for our company to save money while still being ISO certified”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.americanglobal.org

American Global Standards
American Global Standards

445 Main Street P.O. Box 1107

East Sandwich
United States

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Timeless Marvels Erasable Power Bank Smart Notebook

Customers looking for the latest Erasable Notebook will soon be able to purchase Erasable Power Bank Smart Notebook with Cloud Storage & Wireless Charger by Timeless Marvels. Today, David Banks, Product Development Manager at Timeless Marvels releases details of Timeless Marvels, Erasable Power Bank Smart Notebook’s development. Timeless Marvels, Erasable Power Bank Smart Notebook is designed to appeal specifically to Tech Savvy People of all ages, and includes:

Erasable Notebook Pages – This feature was included because Notebooks are essential writing instruments and drawing/sketching, creating diagrams and writing thoughts take many re-takes and redundant efforts with each new version being more enhanced than previous one, but these efforts also waste paper or do not allow user to save previous work in editable form and often make them start from the scratch again. To save all the above-mentioned hassles, this smart notebook is created with stone paper which is rewritable and erasable for more than 500 times. This is great news for the consumer as 100 Erasable pages make notes taking fun and provide efficiency to hand drawing/sketching and writing when user can erase all or partial data with moisture or heat. These pages save environment, and when used with cloud storage feature, they omit the need to edit, save or store pages manually. Users can take along their work securely, privately, and portably.

Built-in Power Bank – This was made part of the product, since with the growing number of mobile devices and charging needs it was only practical to design a smart solution which works for all users and gives them which they all need in one smartly designed notebook. Customers who buy Timeless Marvels, Erasable Power Bank Smart Notebook should enjoy this feature because for on-the-go users, Power Bank is an essential necessity and with the built-in 8000mAh a user can charge all on-the-go devices and can even charge the cell phone wirelessly while traveling. They can continue working on their tasks work without thinking about phone or laptop running out of charge while working on an important sketch or presentation.

Cloud Data Storage & USB Storage – Timeless Marvels made sure to make this part of the Erasable Notebook’s development as with any creative work there is a need to edit, enhance, save, enhance some more and share with others and these tasks usually require a PC or laptop and a whole setup which is time consuming, less efficient and not so practical when users are on the go. Timeless Marvels decided to solve these issues and made sure a user can take the notes and data to the higher level via app edit capability. They can save or share their notes with their teammates while working on more exciting creatives. Customers will likely appreciate this because this Smart Notebook offers Cloud data storage via free app which can be downloaded on the phone from Apple store or Google Play Store (for Android phones) and makes saving documents and data easy to share with others. While cloud storage app can help users with their phone’s data, there is another solution which is 16GB USB drive included with this notebook. With combination of both storage solutions users can save all creative ideas on the cloud, keep important files handy in the USB drive and continue creating new ideas on the erasable notebook. It’s a great technology which allows seamless functionality and higher level of productivity helping students, writers, artists and people from all areas of life reaching their goals faster.

David Banks, when asked about Timeless Marvels, Erasable Power Bank Smart Notebook with Cloud Storage & Wireless Charger said:

“Timeless Marvels, Erasable Power Bank Notebook is the most desirable tech-gadget today with erasable pages which can be wiped clean, or heat erased and re-used for over 500 times. Notes’ data can be saved in the included 16GB USB drive or can be saved, shared, edited, and organized via Cloud App. Built-in Power Bank keeps users’ phone and all other accessories charged with 8000mAh wirelessly! Sleek dual-toned leather styling creates a great first impression in the meetings and overall Timeless Marvels Smart notebook is the most sought-after gift for 2021-2022 and with being environmentally friendly, it is a great all-in-one solution for users on the go.”

This is Timeless Marvels’ First release of a new product and David Banks is particularly excited about this release because it is truly a one-of-a-kind Smart Notebook on which user can create their plans and drawings, save and edit those instantly on cloud storage or USB drive, erase and re-write notes and share from cloud storage to their computer or with their teammates while charging their cell phone and other devices from the same notebook thanks to this amazing technological marvel with a smart design which everyone is raving about. This notebook is something truly to be excited about because it is the future of the writing and provides users convenience and ease while saving time and saving our beautiful planet.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at https://healthycarrot.com

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.healthycarrot.net/products/timeless-marvels-erasable-power-bank-notebook-with-usb-cloud-storage

Timeless Marvels
Timeless Marvels

16107 Kensington Dr # 508

Sugar Land
United States

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