Top Executives Know the Importance of Having a Rock Star Assistant

What do top executives of the world have that helps make them… that top executive? An assistant that understands the executive, the organization, and the position and can take all the pieces of the puzzle, put them together, and make a true difference in an executive’s life. A rock star assistant isn’t the power BEHIND the throne, the rock star assistant is the power WITH the throne.

Susan Silva, managing editor of DeskDemon, the premier website for administrative professionals, has taken her years of experience and developed a program for CEOs or any “boss” to sit down with their assistant and discuss what is important. A great assistant will observe and learn what is important, this program jumpstarts that process and jumpstarts the partnership found in a good boss/assistant relationship.

Most executives have an assistant to help them out, but what makes a truly great assistant?

What makes one assistant stand out over another? Susan shares these four traits found in top assistants.

An assistant that has your back and is that partner. This EA knows what is going on, what is important to you and your goals, and your company. This assistant knows what you are working on and how and what they can do to help you achieve your goals. Your success is their success.

Miracle Worker/Mind readers. Of course, there is no such thing as a mind reader, but a good EA takes what they know (from email, meetings, one on ones, general organization knowledge, common sense) and anticipates what is going to be important in the future and helps you prepare or take action before projects even get started. A great EA can see possible crisis situations and be able to shift directions quickly and address daily issues as well as emergencies. A rock star EA gets things done where you don’t have to worry about the how’s. Everything has a solution, a rock star assistant will have that mindset set of, “ok this can be done, now to figure out the how.”

Manage and maximize your time. There is more to maximizing time than just maintaining your calendar, handling your email, and managing meetings! (Though your assistant should be awesome at all those tasks!) A rock star assistant will protect your time, jump in when someone is manipulating your time in the break room, or if a project is coming up on a deadline, block out some do not disturb time! Your assistant will know your projects and their abilities, so can jump in and take over a task or research projects that let you free up time for more important work. A great assistant will analyze your meetings and time-consuming tasks and help you utilize your time for maximum efficiency.

ROI! Your rock start assistant saves your company money! Your time is money. For every hour your assistant saves you, that is adding real value to your company’s bottom line. Your assistant frees up time so you can work on important projects or strategies. By taking over email, phones, and just being a good gatekeeper, your assistant can save you, easily 2 hours a day. Now add helping to prepare for meetings, running to get a signature from a worker, taking over a report, picking up a coffee or lunch, those hours add up. You know what you make, you know what your EA makes. How much does your EA save if they save you 10 hours a week? What about 20 or more hours a week. This number is actually pretty substantial! This doesn’t even take into account the mental ROI of not worrying about tasks!

Many CEO/Bosses have their diamond in the ruff assistant sitting outside their office. Most assistants have a personality of wanting to help and make a difference in their executive’s life. It just takes some extra communication and initiative to get an assistant to the next level!

DeskDemon has published a quick report “Top Executives Know the Importance of Having a Rock Star Assistant. How Does Your Assistant Measure Up?” This report contains three actionable tips that help build top partnerships that can truly help an executive. This report is

available to download at:

In addition to the report, DeskDemon offers two programs created for the CEO/Boss/Assistant relationship:

Giving Your EA the Ammunition to Be Your EA Rock Star

An executive’s time is precious, this is a 20-minute program that walks an executive through a set of questions to communicate and let your new (or current) EA know you, your goals, and many of the points in this article. This is a 20-minute investment to empowering your assistant and gaining more hours in your workweek.

Executive Assistant’s Path to Partnership

A six-week hybrid course/coaching program, that is quick and to the point (up to 2 hours of “training” time with the rest of the week concentrating on implementing each week’s topic). The mission of this course is in 6 weeks your assistant will build a personalized action plan to increase effective communication, anticipate needs (aka, be that “Mind Reader”) and become that vital part of the executive team, and emerge as a true asset and trusted partner to you and the organization.


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