Billfodl Recovery Seed Phrase Bundles: Trezor, Ledger & Bitbox Kits Launched

Traders can access several new bundles on The Crypto Merchant website that pair a premium hardware wallet with a Billfodl backup kit, to ensure that users can regain access to their assets in the event of loss, theft, or damage to their wallet.

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Though recovery kits are not a new product, the Billfodl uses several new strategies that make the device easier to set up and more resistant to certain types of damage when compared to other seed vaults. Unlike traditional recovery kits, the Billfodl does not require any metal punches, engravers, or other tools.

The new bundles allow traders to combine the Billfodl with a Trezor Model T or a Trezor One, or to combine all three products with the “Trezor Ultimate Pack.” Traders who prefer other brands can also find the Billfodl bundled with BitBox and Ledger wallets, or in packs of four recovery kits for users with multiple wallets.

Constructed out of marine-grade stainless steel, the Billfodl is certified as fire, water, and shockproof, as well as being highly resistant to corrosion, crushing, and impacts. Each kit includes everything needed to securely store either two 12-word recovery seeds, or one 24-word phrase, using BIP39 standard encoding.

While traditional recovery kits often require users to manually create holes in a steel plate, using a tool to mark each letter of their recovery seed, the Billfodl uses pre-marked tiles. The kit includes 360+ stainless steel tiles that have been pre-engraved using a laser for easy installation.

Instead of punching holes, traders can put the tiles in the correct order to spell out their recovery seed, and then lock them in place inside the Billfodl. To reuse the device, it only needs to be unlocked and emptied, so a new recovery seed can be stored.

For additional security, The Crypto Merchant team recommends placing the completed recovery kit inside a tamper-evident bag. These bags are available on the company’s website, and make it obvious if someone has attempted, or succeeded, at opening the bag.

A spokesperson for The Crypto Merchant explained, “In these uncertain times, it is crucial to take wealth management into your own hands. Use Billfodl and have peace of mind that even if your home or safe is damaged or destroyed, you will still be able to access your crypto assets.”

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