New BTC365 Token Provides Unique Crypto Investment Opportunity

The BTC365 Team – 22nd Jun 2021

As mainstream cryptocurrencies recover from their 3-month low, the BTC365 token offers investors a unique opportunity to enter the crypto market and leverage on this momentum while reaping additional gains from BTC365’s special dividend pool.

Just last month, Bitcoin (BTC) plummeted to some US$30,000 – more than 50% off its record peak of US$64,829 in mid-April. Ethereum (ETH) & Binance Coin (BNB), the two next largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, followed in lockstep, erasing almost US$200 billion from the crypto market on the 17th of May.

The market has since made a partial recovery, with BTC, ETH & BNB retracing some 30-85% off their lows in May. Beyond owning these volatile coins directly, the newly-launched BTC365 token provides an alternative means for prospective investors and users to both increase their exposure to the crypto rebound while earning rich dividends.

What is the BTC365 token?

The BTC365 token is designed for use on revolutionary crypto gaming platform BTC365. BTC365 allows users to wager entirely in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum. Users can then earn BTC365 tokens at a rate of 1 BTC365 token per 1mBTC wagered. Users & investors can therefore quickly increase their holdings of the BTC365 token by being active on the platform. `

Why does this help investors?

Beyond providing investors with exposure to the crypto market, the BTC365 token allows investors & users to stake their claim to BTC365’s dividend pool. This unique pot comprises a percentage of BTC365’s gaming revenue. The money inside is then redistributed to users and investors based on the number of BTC365 tokens they own as a percentage of the current token float.

What this means is that on top of their actual winnings from playing on the BTC365 platform, these tokens also entitle users & investors to an additional proportion of the BTC365’s revenues.

BTC365’s VIP system also provides a further reward for active users and investors. Along with BTC365 tokens, users and investors earn VIP points as they play. These VIP points contribute to their VIP rank, entitling them to an increasing variety of rewards as they are promoted, such as NFTs, Genesis Tokens, iPhones and a mining multiplier which increases the number of BTC365 tokens earned per unit wagered.

How can I get involved?

BTC365 is currently offering a 100% first-time deposit bonus and a limited-time tiered Dogecoin distribution for VIPs who apply by July 2021.

Investors who wish to capitalise on this opportunity can head over to to create their accounts and make their first deposits.

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What is the difference between ANTUSDT and other mixers?

Earlier, I told you about how to choose the digital currency exchange, and that the exchange is real-name, which conflicts with the anonymity of the blockchain, so today I will talk about the mixer to protect the privacy of customers. There are many mixers on the market. ChipMixer, cryptomixer, bitmixbiz, bitcloak and Antusdt, which are more influential in the market, are also commonly known as currency mixers. I will briefly talk about their technical principles and ease of use.

ChipMixer(Operation in 2017, no reserve, no handling fee, voluntary donation)

Operating principle: when you send bitcoin to chipmixer, you receive pre-installed chips (private keys) from a few days or weeks ago, there is not any connection between your input and output, as for merging, splitting, betting, you don’t have to operate, but it adds anonymity. Chipmixer provides (voluntary donation) 0% fee and the same level of privacy to all customers, which is a great service! This is the most special mixer I have ever seen.

ChipMixer has many chips of different sizes, there are tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds of addresses for each chip , you can hide yourself in more address for more chips denomination.

Diary: a retention period of seven days, and delete all data after seven days

cryptomixer(Operating in 2016, with a reserve of 2000 bitcoins, which has been verified, with a handling fee of 0.5% to 3%.)

Operating principle: when you send BTC to cryptomixer, your bitcoin will be sent to the mixer to wait for the next coin shuffle, and new bitcoins will be sent to you from the reserve

The platform also uses “code” to ensure that you can retrieve new bitcoins instead of your previous bitcoins every time you use the service

CryptoMixer is another simple and reliable bitcoin coin shuffle service. One of its main differences from other platforms in the list is that it can accommodate really “big deals”.

verified to ensure that they do not steal our Bitcoins and their credibility is increased thereby.

Receiving addresses: 10

Diary: a retention period of seven days, and delete all data after seven days

bitmixbiz(Operating in 2017, bitmixbiz claimed that it has had a reserve of 1000 bitcoins, without verification, and the cost was 0.4% to 4%)

Operating principle: has its own bitcoin reserve. When you send BTC to, your bitcoin will be sent to the mixer to wait for the next coin shuffle, and a new bitcoin will be sent to you from the reserve.

The platform also uses “code” to ensure that you can retrieve new bitcoins instead of your previous bitcoins every time you use the service

Receiving addresses: 5

Diary: a retention period of seven days, and delete all data after seven days

bitcloak(Operating in 2016, bitcloak claimed that it has had reserves of 100 bitcoins, without verification, and the handling fee was random to 2%)

Operating principle: bitcloak has its own bitcoin reserve. When you send BTC to bitcloak, some bitcoins of yours and others as well as some bitcoins from bitcloak reserve will be sent to the mixer for coin shuffle and then to be sent to different addresses in different periods of time to ensure the anonymity of users

No “code” is used on this platform!

Receiving addresses: 10

Diary: a retention period of seven days, and delete all data after seven days

I find the ANTUSDT mixer project issued by Army Ant is very interesting. They let retail investors go to major exchanges around the world to exchange clean digital currencies, specifically meet the needs of high-end merchants. The handling fee is also 3% to 5%, several models are provided. 1. Becoming a partner (creating a digital currency mixer) now there are 200 teams joining partners. According to market research, all the mixers in the market are open to merchants, and ANTUSDT is the only one open to merchants and retail investors. ANTUSDT provides encrypted currency collection, payment, cash borrowing coining, currency borrowing coining, multi-country and multi-platform acceptance and so on. In order to ensure that there are sufficient spare assets in capital pool for providing and withdrawing coins, each coin shuffle requires the user to take the initiative to authorize, and only the assets authorized by the user can assist in coin shuffle.

ANTUSDT’s unique mechanism enabled them to quickly gain a foothold in the mixer market in 2020, especially the special industry share occupancy in Southeast Asia. Let me tell you what their platform mechanism is. The first is the six-tier distribution system, which allows everyone to share the commission that merchants give to retail investors, and the second is the team partnership system, which allows everyone to form a community to register an active address on a large digital currency exchange to buy bitcoin or Dogecoin, and to participate in coin shuffle on the ANTUSDT platform.

PC official website:

Mobile login website:,


Telegram username:   ANTUSDT111

WhatsApp:   +1 7472340806

Overseas Mines Are Witnessing A New Round Of “Gold Rush” While Domestic Mine Policies Are Tightening

Domestic policies are getting tighter, sparking waves

On May 18, China Internet Finance Association and two other associations jointly issued “Announcement on the Prevention of Virtual Currency Transactions Speculation Risk”, underscoring the virtual currency transactions speculation risk, implying that virtual currency transactions are illegal in financial activities, and financial institutions and payment agencies should not provide support and services for virtual transactions.

On May 21, Vice Premier of the State Council, Liu He presided over the fifty-first meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Commission of the State Council to study the next phase of financial. The meeting emphasized cracking down on Bitcoin mining and trading practices, and was determined to prevent individual risks from passing on to the society.

With the continuous modification of regulatory policies, domestic mining operators will face a sudden decline in business volume, shortage of funds and other challenges, as the future of mining looks bleak. The stance of the Financial Stability and Development Commission of the State Council on tightening virtual currency mining regulation is due to financial risks and concerns about energy consumption from mining.

Inner Mongolia takes the lead in response

Inner Mongolia became the first place to issue a policy to “crack down on the mining of virtual coins” after the Financial Stability and Development Commission of the State Council stepped up regulation of virtual coins. On May 25, the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission announced eight measures to strengthen the crackdown on virtual coin mining. It not only referred to that industrial parks, data centers, self-owned power plants, internet enterprises, internet cafes and other participants in mining activities will be held responsible according to relevant laws and regulations, but also the related enterprises and personnel of virtual currency mining activities will be blacklisted for discrepancies according to relevant provisions.

Not only that, the individuals involved are equally treated, and the draft notes, public officials, who take advantage of their posts, participate in virtual coin “mining” or provide it with convenience and protection, now come under the scanner.

Whether Sichuan will be the last “resort” is debatable

After the Inner Mongolia article, the mining circle is also waiting to see whether Sichuan will follow the same path. On June 2, Sichuan held a virtual coin “mining” related situation symposium. Many industry insiders said that this meeting is only a research meeting, not decision-making meeting, and its impact on the industry is limited without the changes in the policy. So, it is not clear whether Sichuan will tighten regulations too.

There’s a big difference between hydropower and thermal power mining, and Sichuan already has a lot of abandoned power during the abundant water season, and mining is the most efficient way to use it because it doesn’t require electricity to be transferred, so simply moving the mine to a power-generating location can convert it directly into revenue. Therefore, if Sichuan and Yunnan consider abandoned water consumption factors, in the abundant water period the abandoned electricity can be used for mining, the domestic may still retain some mines. This is the reason why some miners are still waiting.

Opportunities and challenges of “gold rush” overseas

Mining is essentially a manufacturing process for digital currency assets. Given the uncertainty of domestic policy, if there is policy support in North America and other countries, and electricity is cheap and infrastructure is mature, it is a better choice to deploy mines overseas.

Opportunities are often accompanied by challenges, says Liu Changyong, director of the Blockchain Economic Research Center of Chongqing Technology and Business University, where the mines will first consider low electricity prices. In 2018 and 2019, Iran’s electricity prices were very low, but policy was unstable, and some of the mines were even confiscated directly by the government after they were transferred. “It was only later that people discovered that the policy environment was also important. Now it is mainly transferred to the slightly remote places of developed countries, such as Canada and northern Europe, with low electricity prices and relatively stable and friendly policies, and moreover, low temperatures are beneficial for machine cooling.”

Planning ahead, BTC has already started overseas layout

In fact, as early as in April this year, Ms. Meng Xiaoni, vice president of BTCM and chief executive of BTC.COM, expressed her views about the mining “change”. The restructuring of the global energy sector, she argues, is a global revolution that began in 2014, and by 2020, at the 75th UN General Assembly, China’s goal of carbon neutralization has given a crucial signal of huge Chinese capacity, China’s market and Chinese demand, and calls for a more environmentally friendly approach. This is bound to provide great leadership for the global economic industry, but also has a strong butterfly effect, in the future there will be more countries to join the construction group, leading to global economic change.

To this, BTC also lays out overseas early. Moreover, there are frequent actions taken recently!

On May 19, BTCM announced a legally binding investment agreement with Dory Creek, a wholly-owned unit of BitDeer, to jointly invest in an encrypted digital currency mine in Texas. BTCM plans to invest a total of US $25.74 million.

On May 24, BTCM announced that it would set up a mine in Kazakhstan, with a total investment of RMB 60 million, to build and operate a 100-megawatt mine with a Kazakh company. When the mine is completed, the company will hold an 80% stake in the Kazakhstan mine, with a 20% stake in the partner.

BTCM has been advocating low-carbon and environmentally friendly mining. Clean and low-carbon energy accounts for more than 98% of the company’s own mine energy mix after the Texas mine was completed. In the future, BTCM will continue to actively implement the goal of “carbon neutralization” and actively seek more high-quality mineral resources overseas!

Valued at $100 Million, Russian Charity Auction Platform CPAI Reaches 1 Million Users

CPAI is the first Russian innovator business to be valued at $100 million this this year. CPAI has surpassed ThredUp in transaction volume and is expected to be the next unicorn of online resale platform.

CPAI, after seed round on May 19, 2019, has its trading volume almost doubled each year. CPAI operates a one-stop second-hand trading market featuring online resale, charity auction and vertical recycling. Its award-winning business model adopts an innovative way of auction — one auction and one re-auction a day. Different from the traditional second-hand trading platform, the same commodity can be traded several times on CPAI platform, and the price of each transaction will be maintained in a fixed range until the buyer takes delivery of the goods.

What is the status of CPAI after this fund raise, according to its financial disclosure and strategy?

The Number of Users Exceeds 1 Million

For e-commerce platforms, number of users is a very important indicator. Since its launch in 2019, CPAI has seen steady growing in user base, with 710 thousand users worldwide in March 2020 and more than 1 million CPAI users by the end of 2020.

Trading volumes continued to grow, however, with heavy volumes in the domestic Russian market and light volumes in the European and US markets. According to data released by CPAI, its trading volume is shown below. Please note that the six-month period means a full fiscal year calculated backwards.

June 2019:3.1 billion rubles

June 2020:7.2 billion rubles

January 2021 to March 2021 (3 quarters in total) : 12.4 billion rubles

Based on this trend, it is expected that in June 2021, trading volume will exceed 2 billion rubles (about $240 million).

In 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the online sales of some categories, especially groceries, increased significantly. Take, for example, Wildberries.Ru, one of the largest online platforms in Russia. Order number on Wildberries has almost doubled during the pandemic, which means every one in three Russian consumers has purchased from Wildberries. CPAI platform hosts at least 6,000 auctions a week; orders for second-hand items in circulation reach 1 million a year, combined with such growth rate, CPAI has a comfortable position in the market and shows promising growth.

Focus on “Talent” and “Marketing”

On the other hand, the number worth paying attention to is the operating loss of CPAI. Up to Q3 of this year, the operating loss was about 200 million rubles, of which the personnel cost was 360 million rubles (210% compared with cost in the same period last year) and the advertising cost was 1.28 billion rubles (154% compared with cost in the same period last year).

The Cambridge graduated Entrepreneur, Ivan Morozov, CEO of CPAI has stated that CPAI will not focus on short-term gains, but on medium – to long-term development, so big investments now are necessary for future growth. Even if the company went public, short-term profit improvements would not be on his mind.

This is in line with the fact that many big tech companies, like Twitter and Netflix, have been losing money for years in order to grow in the long run. So, to maximize long-term profit, investment in growth is the key.

Reflection: The Inspiration and Opportunity CPAI has brought

Recently CPAI has been recruiting engineers aggressively. This year, CPAI has started recruits outside Russia. It’s a great opportunity for whomever with relevant skills, as reportedly the annual salary offered by CPAI can reach 10 million rubles. 

On the other hand, why can CPAI attract so much traffic in the short term? We are very familiar with offline auctions in Southeast Asia, but in the post epidemic era, everything is going digital, and the business innovation of CPAI is in line with this trend. 2020 has accelerated the growth of user base, and this momentum ushers in the second wave of growth in the post epidemic era.

We are familiar with traditional auctions, but CPAI is truely unique here. Many entrepreneurs have good ideas of business, but having idea, technology and capital at the same time is a rare combination. Now with the raised fund and user base, CPAI will only embrace a faster development now, providing customers a safe space for their usual activities.

CPAI is actually not the first Russian business to do second-hand goods trading. FRIL offers this service a year before. However, CPAI quickly gained an upper hand with aggressive channel marketing, creating an image of the go to place for charity auction, thus attracting large number of users.

Future challenges for CPAI

Some media regards Rakuten as a strong competitor of CPAI, as Rakuten merged its two flea market apps (Rakuma & Fril) into a single App called Rakuma. Rakuten has always used low prices (Rakuma charges only 3.5 percent), existing members (about 95 million) and points to connect other Rakuten services, using all strategies to gain market share.

However, Rakuten’s victory in the price war usually occurs when its rival’s IT capability is weaker. This allows Rakuten to reduce manpower and streamline workflow to drive down cost. But CPAI’s IT capability is as good as, if not better than, Rakuten’s.

On the other hand, giving points back to members as Rakuten does is just an alternated form of price competition. Price wars will not bring benefit for the market in the long run, but only to squeeze profit margin and kill innovation.

The biggest challenge for CPAI is still from overseas. Will the investment be rewarded? Can trade volume in the US, European, and Southeast Asian market grow substantially? That’s what CPAI is going to focus on next.

Athletics everlasting: FSC reshape the future of sports industry

Football Star chain is based on the bottom technology of blockchain FSC, for the service of competitive financial sector to create a fair, convenient, efficient, safe and new business ecological chain. The aim is to subvert the traditional rules of competitive industry, and to build an open and transparent focus on the sports industry of a new ecology. With the opening of the World Cup, the football star chain was first launched in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Costa Rica, Turkmenistan, seven neutral countries. Now Germany, the United States, Africa, China, South Korea, Japan and many other countries have entered one after another, fSC will open the era of fair sports competition for all.

FSC will create a large competitive industry ecology, for each competitive master to establish a distributed trusted account, which can be written but can not be tampered with the account. The most important driver of a credible ecosystem is that each participant not only shares in the ecosystem according to his or her contribution, but also receives the ecological dividend (Token Appreciation) as the ecosystem grows, services and products flow more freely through the ecosystem. In addition, the football star chain FSC will be integrated with the sports industry in all aspects, using the block chain this revolutionary technology will be applied to many aspects of FSC, creating the first global sports ecosystem, FSC technology to the sports industry, for the sports industry to transport fresh blood, and create value for the industry.

My DeFi Pet x Faraland: The most ambitious cross-over between 2 NFT games

My DeFi Pet is excited to form a strategic partnership with Faraland to expand our metaverse and ecosystem.

The two amazing worlds of My DeFi Pet and Faraland will collide for the first time, allowing the characters from both worlds to interact with each other! My DeFi Pet is a blockchain game that allows users to collect, breed and battle pets to earn rewards on both KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain. Being a project incubated by KardiaChain and developed by TopeBox, one of the top game development companies in Vietnam with over 100 Million downloads, My DeFi Pet’s growth is predicted to be incredible. This is clearly reflected in the astonishing statistics in one after launch, with over 700,000 transactions, 22,000 active accounts and over 460,000 pets in My DeFi Pet! 

Faraland is a Strategy RPG wargame for Android and iOS, developed on blockchain by MoonKnight Labs, a company based in Vietnam. Players have control over characters from 7 different races, Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels and Demons to battle each other in a universe called Faraland. Each race will have different abilities and combat statistics bringing a dynamic combat system. The game will be released in Q4 2021 and NFT heroes sale will be launched on May 29, 2021.  

Find out more about Faraland here:


Discuss Channel:



My DeFi Pet x Faraland Crossover: 

During the future release of the Play2Earn feature, Faraland heroes will be introduced into the My DeFi Pet world to accompany the pet masters to start the most unpredictable adventure in My DeFi Pet to bring peace to the world. Pet Masters will not only enjoy the exciting storyline accompanied by Faraland heroes but they can also earn when completing the maps. We are looking forward to this adventure!

Faraland’s heroes will guide Pet Masters through the diverse NFT and DeFi world of My DeFi Pet. Pet Masters will need to collect eggs first to start raising their NFT pets. Evolving pets will change pets from cute, adorable beings to fierce and powerful monsters that are ready for breeding and battle. The Play2Earn feature will encompass both PVE and PVP content for Pet Masters to challenge themselves with to collect lucrative rewards! 

In August, Faraland will launch its exploration maps for the first time for users to use their NFT heroes to explore and take on multiple challenging missions. My DeFi Pet’s pets will stand side by side with Faraland heroes as they conquer new lands. Pet Masters will be able to see powerful pets in both the My DeFi Pet world and Faraland!

How to play My DeFi Pet:

Users can play My DeFi Pet through on both KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain. To play on KardiaChain, users can install the KardiaChain Wallet extension then buy DPET KRC20 on Kaidex to buy eggs. The KardiaChain blockchain platform has an extremely fast confirmation time of 5 seconds and an incredibly low transaction fee of less than 0.00001 USD per transaction. Users can also play on Binance Smart Chain through metamask. More details can be found at: 

What are you waiting for, step into the world of My DeFi Pet and become a Pet Master now!






NEXTYPE, the new form of next generation blockchain game

In Game industry,it is always a question that how to make games more interesting. For this point, combining games with new technologies should be considered a good way. A famous example is the extensive use of VR/ AR in the games. So far, on the well-known game platform STEAM, there are more than 4000 games with the “virtual reality (VR)” tag, accounting for 5.3% of the total number of games on the platform.

In fact, from the CryptoKitties to all kinds of blockchain games nowadays, the combination of game and blockchain technology has never stopped. With the continuous updating and iteration of blockchain technology, the modes of DeFi and NFT make the game rules decentralized formulation and virtual assets decentralized storage feasible technically. The convenience of the virtual assets on chain also brings more possibilities for the blockchain to land in the game.

Under this background, NEXTYPE is established for defining the new form of the next generation blockchain game. NEXTYPE hopes to offer a blockchain game platform which is high in proficiency and low in cost. To build a cross-chain integrated application ecosystem for the blockchain games.

Analysis of NEXTYPE

NEXTYPE is defined as the application ecology, which means that NEXTYPE not only needs to complete the underlying technical support and the self-research for blockchain games, but also provides an ecological platform for partners to participate in co-construction, co-governance and co-sharing. What efforts has NEXTYPE made to achieve these?

1.Games Matrix

As the first game of NEXTYPE, Mining Tycoon aims at developing a product with the properties of gaming and blockchain at the beginning. The game is based on the development path of traditional games. For example, Ming Tycoon uses the LAYA engine to develop the client and builds a complete system of player growth while added the method of DeFi in the economy system. Finally, NEXTYPE developed a next generation blockchain game that is totally different from what we have seen in the past.

Business games are undoubtedly the mainstream of the current leisure game market. Mining Tycoon uses the core game method of virtual mining to allow players to participate in the game process of upgrading the mining machine at a low threshold, let players experience the fun of the game and gain profit through the stakes with DeFi. In addition to NT reward, mining will also produce other buff props that are conducive to the growth in the game. At the same time, it can also produce props that represent the identity of high-level players: mining license, which is an essential prop to participate in the high-level BTC mining pool. Players can collect and stake the mining license to mine BTC every day.

To provide more ecological partners with the channel for issuing the token, Mining Tycoon sets up the cooperative mining pool, that is, through the cooperation with NEXTYPE, high-quality projects can have their own token mining pool. And through the multi-dimensional data accumulation and analysis of players’ mining machines, mining grade and mining outputs, the partners can obtain the most accurate user portrait in the whole network and customize the mining mechanism for the target users. For partners with IDO needs, Mining Tycoon can also provide corresponding support for ecological resources.

Mining Tycoon also carries the mission of launching the second game of NEXTYPE, NFT Master. The NFT of artists will be broken into 1000 pieces, each piece corresponds to an NFT, which is randomly distributed in each mining pool. Players collect NFT through stake mining. When the collection of 1000 pieces is completed, the whole NFT painting will be completely lit, And NFT Master will also officially launch. NFT Master is a game specialized in creating and trading NFT. By cooperating with famous IPs, players can create their own NFT works and complete the transaction.

NEXTYPE will also launch 8-10 self-developed games in this year and cooperate with at least 10 games to create NEXTYPE games matrix.

2. Protocol support

The construction and prosperity of the ecology need stable and convenient infrastructure. In terms of stability, the rapid rise of public chains such as HECO and BSC, as well as the gradual maturity of ETH layer 2 and ETH 2.0, have brought revolutionary changes to the improvement of blockchain games and the game experience of players.

In terms of convenience, NEXTYPE has developed NVEP (NFT Value Exchange Protocol) and NCCP (NFT Cross-Chain Protocol) to solve the difficult situation of NFT transaction. And it also realizes the multi form swap between NFT and NFT, NFT and FT, and storage、exchange and circulation of NFT among different chains.

Moreover, the smart contracts has been audited by CERTIK, which means the security of players’ property is guaranteed.

3.Resource Integration

NEXTYPE has reached strategic cooperation with SeeSea Japan, a well-known Japanese company, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media. This is an important milestone for NEXTYPE to enter the Japanese IP market. Including some well-known anime IPs, NEXTYPE has signed up with more than 1000 IP units covering the mainstream IP from China, the US, Japan, and other countries.

Besides, NEXTYPE has been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance), So far, BGA has attracted more than 100 well-known institutions such as Ubisoft, AMD, and Aave, Opensea, Metamask, Matic. NEXTYPE will work with BGA and its members to promote the application and development of blockchain in the field of games.

And the CMO of NEXTYPE, Uncle David, who has over 20 million fans on the global video sharing Apps said he will promote the global pre-launch campaign, which means there will be millions of potential users for MiningTycoon!


According to the official news, time-limited whitelist reservation of MiningTycoon will be available next week, players with qualification will get rewarded.

As far as we are concerned, with high-quality games and better player’s experience, NEXTYPE will define the new form of next-generation blockchain games.

Season Limit, Real Fujian Pingtan Dream Blue

The sea is gentle and the wind is free. The island road connecting to the vast coastline also hides the happiness factor of Landao holiday. The various beauty of Pingtan International Tourism Island attracts all kinds of players to explore in detail. The beautiful scenery of “blue sand” in the warm spring season shows Pingtan’s blue dream and amazing side to the whole world. Because of this season limited beauty, the Binhai holiday in Pingtan has become the love of self-driving tourists on weekends and small and long holidays. The 30 minute Fuzhou-Pingtan life circle created by the newly opened Fuzhou-Pingtan railway EMU also meets the demand of tourists for easy travel, and the cruise ship around the island takes you to a deep tour of Pingtan sea area.

Baidu Encyclopedia explains the cause of “blue sand” in this way: dinoflagellates and sea fireflies, represented by Noctiluca, have fluorescein and luciferase in their bodies, which react to the stimulation of waves and reveal blue light. “Blue sand” usually appears in summer every year, especially in spring and summer exchange season. It occurs in Pingtan sea area mostly from March to June every year, usually after 7 pm.

Watching the night of blue sand, I personally feel it gets more wonderful with night getting late. The surrounding islanders have gradually fallen asleep, and the ships going to sea have also come to port. At this time, the sea under the vast starry sky is even more original. Bright blue light appears on the sea from time to time. Clusters of bright and dark blue light surge with the fluctuation of the sea. The mysterious blue appears in the sea, which makes people feel excited

From a girl’s romantic perspective, the spectacle of Blue Sand is like a star in the sky falling into the sea, forming a touchable galaxy on earth. When a large-scale eruption occurs, step on the soft sand and you will see the blue fluorescence spread out in flakes; if the blue sand are not obvious, seawater is quickly injected into the footprints that you walked by, and the naughty Smurfs will appear again; Some players can also take a small boat out to the sea to watch it, and the splashes from the propellers are all blue.

A brand new storage ecology and high computing power mining platform IFIL came into being and turned out

With the rapid development of the digital economy, new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence are becoming more mature and are applied to all aspects of social and economic life in various forms, all of which are inseparable from big data. With the advent of the era of big data, the Internet’s demand for data storage has surged, and IPFS distributed storage technology is an important driving force for change. On this distributed storage track, a new storage ecology and high computing power mining platform, Came into being.

IMpool_Ultron, IFIL for short, is created by the IFIL Ecological Development Foundation, a distributed storage and mining system based on the bottom of Ethereum. At present, IMpool_Ultron is using blockchain distributed storage, gathering massive data processing, and efficiently solving the problems of enterprise storage insecurity and the slow transfer speed of Bitcoin public chain. It is widely used in the storage industry, supply chain finance, mining and other fields. application.

Based on the needs of blockchain distributed storage and the existing pain points of the mining industry, IFIL is the first to deploy, through years of in-depth research, disruptive technology and deep industry resources, to create the world’s leading distributed storage and mining protocol— —The IFIL protocol breaks many existing limitations and provides end-to-end, seamless, high-quality, low-cost, persistent storage and mining computing power acceleration solutions for users of the original centralized storage.

At the same time, IFIL has also built the world’s first commercial-grade distributed storage + high computing power mining infrastructure to provide new solutions for the industry. Through personalized blockchain storage protocols, provide reliable, linked, large-capacity, high-performance decentralized storage access solutions for DAPP, and drive the realization of distributed networks, encrypted storage, consensus, gateways, digital asset payment, and digital asset issuance The implementation of basic functions such as mining and high computing power makes the smart contracts of the blockchain more practical and more in line with business rules, builds a bridge from the real world to the blockchain world, and provides better support for enterprises.

In the future, IFIL will have a broader potential application extension, which will bring subversive effects to the global blockchain underlying technology field, payment field, distributed storage, DeFi pledge and liquidity mining and other fields.

IFIL is the revolution of blockchain 3.0, a leader in the field of distributed storage, and the best choice for value investment. , IFIL’s future market space is very large, let us wait and see.

CHINA Landscape Jiangnan is included in “2021 The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses”

Great creation will become an eternal symbol of the process of human civilization.

In the 21st century, China ushered in the prosperous times, the super-cultural symbol of the big eastern countries stepped onto the world stage with leisurely steps.

In 2021, China Landscape creation seeking the glory of the era with the pose of great works of art

Live Shot of New York Times Square Nasdaq Big Screen

Eastern beliefs that keep the world on its feet make the world’s attention-grabbing ideas extremely simple. In June 2021, New York Times Square of the United States, the crossroads of the world, welcome the great bloom of Chinese landscape. CHINA landscape Jiangnan, the world’s fourth landscape series work of Sunac, stands in the international show where the world’s top luxury goods gather, becoming the global eye-catching Eastern art work making the world refreshing its views to China.

CHINA Landscape Jiangnan, the Chinese aesthetics of contemporary world and the Chinese pride honoring Asia, shows the world the top art of Chinese landscape with the honor of listed in “2021 The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses”. As an age symbol of Chinese landscape, this colorful cultural prosperity has triggered a global landscape boom, and declared a global return to the landscape of the times proposition.

Boarding on “2021 The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses” list, landscape wins glory

The strong economic trend in Asia has greatly contributed to the growth of demand for home purchases by the wealthy in Asia. “The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses” list provides valuable data and reports for real estate developers and home buyers. The list was reviewed by Robert A. Mundell, the Nobel laureate in economics and the “father of the Euro”, and an expert panel is formed with academics from the world’s top universities, including Yale University, Harvard University and University of Oxford.

Robert A. Mundell

The CHINA Landscape Jiangnan review, referring to the international popular standards and under the guidance of senior experts in the industry, carried out extensive publicity in more than 50 media by using the indexes and methods established by super prime houses competitiveness value tool – CVA, 50 experts and scholars carried out the collection, collation and comprehensive evaluation of super prime houses materials to ensure that the scientific and authoritative selection.

“Asia’s super prime houses are all landmarks” almost became slogan of “The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses”, enjoying popular support in the professional field and the top-level super prime houses circle. It has become almost a spiritual belief, and each of the works selected by “The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses” is a monument to the world. Each entry can be said to be a city’s high representative.

China’s landscape series, world works of art

China has a history of five thousand years of landscape civilization.

When the world aesthetics meets with Chinese landscape, it is doomed to start a world-class cultural feast.

Landscape, as a part of Chinese faith, has long been infiltrated in the character of the Chinese people. The landscape is not only in the east, but also in the common phase of global culture. It is the birthplace of human art treasures. It is the Chinese people’s dependence and feelings on the landscape, as well as the aesthetic thought displayed in the landscape that makes China’s landscape aesthetics go to the world, integrate into the stage of the world aesthetics, and make contributions to the development of the world aesthetics.

Landscape diagram

Today’s China is entering a new era of “cultural revival”, calling for and advocating a return. The return to landscape represents the highest feeling in the global context. Sunac has an insight of the global high net worth people’s desire of exploring the cultural origin from the natural landscape, keenly captures the aesthetic trend of the return of minimalist aesthetics, and creates a world of landscape art on behalf of the Chinese art with the unique expression of international Chinese. Thus CHINA “Landscape Series” works came into being based on the era.

“CHINA Landscape Series”, with landscape as the idea and the extremely simple as the principle, opens an innovative international Chinese aesthetic world view with the word’s leading ultimate aesthetic. The perfect combination of Chinese landscape tradition and international aesthetic appreciation is undoubtedly a subversion of the Eastern and Western traditional landscape cognition.

In 2021, CHINA Landscape Jiangnan, created jointly by Sunac, Nanchang municipal real estate and Rongzheng platform, is settled in Wuxi Economic Development Zone of China. Wuxi, as a city in the south of the Yangtze River, has a long history and culture of three thousand years and is a well-deserved “landscape city” with the surrounded hills and rivers. Wuxi Economic Development Zone, the new center, stands in the axis of China’s Yangtze River Delta Finance, and the Golden Lake, leading the world-class urban group, is the next eye-catching “Lujiazui”.

Architecture is the mirror of the times, CHINA Landscape Jiangnan integrates into the mountains and rivers without trace with the extremely simple style. By following the “three to nine” aesthetic law, with folding the mountains and waters, moderate and calm posture and tranquility of white space freehand brushwork, it makes the modern living art of Chinese culture a wonderful workmanship excelling nature, leading the new spiritual conversion and inscribing the world Wuxi art cover works.