KING365:redefines decentralized finance

No matter how important the traditional financial service facility is, it is still plagued by many problems. The main source of the problem lies in its centralized operation mode, which makes the individual’s economic freedom deprived to some extent.

DeFi is decentralized finance. It has the ability to solve many problems of the traditional financial system through peer-to-peer finance. It is a landing scenario that perfectly fits the characteristics of the blockchain (decentralization, openness, anonymity, trustworthiness, and value transfer).

DeFi is the first real application in the decentralized world after Bitcoin. We firmly believe that DeFi will step out of the Crypto circle one day and become the trend of open finance!

As of the end of July 2020, there are about 5 million users of digital assets in the world, of which about 50,000 DeFi users, accounting for only 1%. As of August 9, 2020, the value of digital assets composed of DeFi is approximately 29.3 billion yuan, which is equivalent to approximately 1.13% of the entire encrypted asset market.

The KING365 team members have been deeply involved in the blockchain for a long time, and they have a keen insight into the industry and a practical spirit. We have always firmly believed that everyone should have equal access to high-quality financial products and services.

KING365 is a DeFi distributed intelligent financial circulation system based on the TRON public chain. The core team comes from top fund companies such as Blackstone Group, KKR Group, Bridgewater Associates, Millennium Partners, etc. , And international institutions such as Prudential Group, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo Bank. From nearly a hundred typical cases such as listings and mergers and acquisitions, to the baptism of global financial crisis, they have been on the battlefield and are famous far.

KING365 adopts the business model of storage, circulation, and mining. All logic is pre-programmed into smart contracts and stored on the chain. There is no central account, no trader, 100% transparent and open source; the system cannot be tampered with, hackers cannot attack, and the network will never be shut down, everyone Fair and free from any third-party control.

In the KING365 ecosystem, all users only need to bind their USDT wallet address to participate in the first 100% decentralized DeFi financial circulation in history, and obtain circulation rewards. Low threshold, zero risk, high returns, and transparent rewards. expected.

At present, more than 500,000 players in 23 countries around the world have participated in the KING365 smart contract, and more countries will participate in the future. The daily increase of 10,000+ users will quickly advance the global consensus of KING365 and improve the KING365 smart contract in the block The global position of the chain industry.

KING365 is not only DeFi, but also focuses on Define The DeFi Future. KING365 has launched a large-scale ecological strategy to link the real world and the digital world. In the future, KING365 will be upgraded to a DeFi financial public chain to support the development of various DeFi derivative applications on the chain, such as the KING365 Pay synthetic asset platform, the KING365 Game NFT protocol, and the integration of financial services such as lending, insurance, stable coins, banks, and hedge funds. KING365 Finance.

The new financial species KING365 smart contract is opening a new paradigm of decentralized finance, promoting global economic circulation and short-term capital flow, saving the global economy that has been hit hard by the epidemic, and creating a new lightweight, open and free financial that everyone can participate in world.

With the gradual expansion of the global consensus, we firmly believe that KING365 will quickly get out of the crypto circle and spread to hundreds of industries, redefining the infinite possibilities of decentralized finance.

KING365 is determined to become a leader in the implementation of blockchain + smart contract applications, and build a strong ecosystem around smart contracts + financial industry digital capital to detonate a new wave of assets.

Bitget Launched One Click to Copy Trade on Web

Bitget, a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, officially launched One Click to Copy Trade on Web, which means Bitget users will be able to do copy trade on web. The multi-port operation mode not only caters for different needs, but it also reflects Bitget’s concept of insisting on user first.

In May 2020, Bitget was the first one to launch One Click to Copy Trade, and it is now the world’s largest platform for contract copy trade. The product, designed to address the general trading issues between users and traders, has become a hit amont the institutional users and private investors once it is launched. So far, according to official data, 3,800 traders have registered on Bitget, with a cumulative total of orders of 2.33 million.

One Click to Copy Trade are initially embedded in the Bitget APP. After the user logs into the platform account, all transactions can be performed in the APP without the need to download the copy trade products separately or dock the API separately. The latest website interface is also very clear and concise. After entering the copy trade interface, users can choose traders based on eight ranking items such as “comprehensive ranking”, “Win Rate in the last 3 weeks”, “P/L Ratio in the last 3 weeks”. Users can also check the trader’s homepage to view historical trading data and current performance.

Both professional users and novices can access the world’s top traders on the Bitget, making it easy to make profit with One Click to Copy Trade. During trading, users do not need to check on the market. What they need to do is just to synchronize the trading strategy of the preferred trader. Users can also choose to follow multiple traders at the same time to maximize their earnings. Traders can get as much as 10% return of the profit by initiating copy and gain both fame and fortune through exposure by bitget.

In addition to that, Bitget’s product mechanism is also very user-friendly for professional contract users. Users can switch different position leverages according to the risk preference. They can also choose the cross or isolated margin mode to Reasonablely use funds. At the same time, users can also use the take profit and stop loss feature to control risks according to the proportion or set TP/SL for specific situation. At present Bitget supports USDT margined contract and coin margined contract.

“One Click to Copy Trade is launched on web for that over the past year, we’ve amassed a large number of mature copy trade users. Among them, there are professional traders and novices, and their needs for product use are diverse. The first thing that Bitget needs to do is to offer better service to its users.” said Sandra Lou, the global CEO of Bitget. With the enhancement of the platform brand power, the copy trade products have greater potentials, she believes.

TRON Ecosystem welcomes new member Wok, making it possible to interact between the physical world and the digital world

Today’s world has entered the bottom of the technology cycle, the top of the financial cycle, and the edge of the collapse of the international order. The new crown epidemic has raided us, pierced the global asset bubble, penetrated the oil price, and is breaking the global order, bringing more uncertainty.

Humans use the power of the free market to fight against the uncertainties of the forces of nature, but the uncertainties of the market are counterproductive to mankind. At present, the uncertainty of the power of nature is deeply entangled with the uncertainty of the market, making the world anxious. We urgently need a new order that can turn the tide in the chaos, and we urgently need to lead the way out of the wild.

In the real world, the best manifestation of value is assets. Real estate, stocks, bonds, and copyrights are all assets. These assets are currently not truly integrated with the Internet, and there are no “real assets” on the Internet. To give a simple example, UserA transmits his real estate certificate to UserB via the Internet, but UserB can only obtain one picture, and no real estate value transfer will occur.

To deal with the development dilemma of the Internet of Value, the simplest idea is to transfer assets to the parallel world of the Internet, and achieve efficient transfer of real assets in the network. It can be understood as “asset online”, but due to problems such as the difficulty of asset identification, this The idea is obviously not valid. At this time, the blessing of blockchain technology may be able to bring some new ideas to the transfer of assets.

The nascent Web 3.0 needs to introduce exciting new technology configurations and incentive mechanisms, and the digital world and the physical world need to be cross-linked in multiple directions. How to build a link between the two worlds has become an obstacle to the progress of the world. Use technology to break the fragmented reality, so that every time, every kind of link has value. There is only one way forward, which is to make the impossible possible.

Wok uses technology to combine DEFI+NFT+wokswap to allow multi-chain cross-interaction, which broadens unlimited possibilities for the realization of WEB3.0. Wok allows everything to be interconnected, and links create value. Establish a new perspective, subversive, a new solution for blockchain finance.

The Wok token issuance module code has been audited by a third-party professional service organization.

Code audit and audit process

The preliminary audit was conducted between February 15, 2020 and March 1, 2021, and was in charge of senior security engineers Jay chen and Alex.

The sole purpose of the audit is to verify Wok’s implementation of the issuance module. The main mechanism of this module is to allow whitelisted entities (that is, issuers) to control the minting and burning of assets against the specifications provided.

The third-party organization has conducted a series of thorough security assessments with the goal of helping WOK protect its users by discovering and fixing known vulnerabilities that may lead to unauthorized access, financial losses, cascading failures, and/or other vulnerabilities. In addition to each security discovery, recommendations on repair and mitigation methods were also provided to the team. The third-party organization has conducted a series of thorough security assessments with the goal of helping WOK protect its users by discovering and fixing known vulnerabilities that may lead to unauthorized access, financial losses, cascading failures, and/or other vulnerabilities. In addition to each security discovery, recommendations on repair and mitigation methods were also provided to the team.

In-depth investigations of problematic smart contracts include static analysis and manual review techniques. The audit process focused on the following issues:

1. Test the system against common and uncommon attack vectors.

2. Evaluate the code base to ensure compliance with current best practices and industry standards.

3. Ensure that the system logic meets the customer’s specifications and intentions.

4. Cross-compare the system structure and implementation with similar systems made by industry leaders.

5. Through the manual audit of the entire code base line by line.

Wok started staking liquidity mining through TRX, and launched JUSTSWAP to start the Wok/TRX mining pool, adding new vitality to the TRON ecosystem. It is expected that the first application DAPP will start Wok pledge mining in mid-March.

Wok establishes a new perspective, subversive, a new solution for blockchain finance. Inject new vitality into the TRON ecosystem, lead the emergence of the TRON ecosystem in 2021, and provide new interactive solutions for the members of the TRON ecosystem.

Explore the bitcoin financial platform PlantCoin: The app has gained 4000 global investors in six months since its launch

Bitcoin, as the No.1 wealth maker, has risen 10 million times in more than 10 years, creating countless billionaires. Even so, bitcoin, as the first application of cryptocurrency, is still considered to be the most valuable asset for investment, and it continues to be favored by the world’s top investment institutions.

It has shown much more advanced features in cross-border remittances and special transactions than the current payment system. Such as the super fast speed of transfer in a few minutes, the low transfer cost and limited supply. The number of 50 million wallets is a sign of global recognition.

Although the price of bitcoin has reached a record high again, many people are still optimistic about it and want to continue to hold bitcoin for a long time, but storing bitcoin in the wallet for a long time wastes its circulation value. This is the biggest problem that puzzles many bitcoin and even other digital currency investors.

PlantCoin, which focuses on bitcoin investment and financial management, is a good news for bitcoin investors.

Bitcoin investors can lend bitcoin to arbitrage funds with certain profitability through PlantCoin while holding the currency, so as to get an extra high return of up to 10% annually, doubling the investment income of bitcoin.

PlantCoin is not only highly profitable, but also highly secure.

First of all, PlantCoin designs different risk levels similar to structured trust, which effectively reduces the risk of investors.

Secondly, the risk control mode similar to “futures” is adopted. That is, the borrower transfers bitcoin to PlantCoin’s regulatory account, and then PlantCoin transfers the investor’s bitcoin to this regulatory account, and then provides it to the borrower for trading. This ensures that all bitcoin uses of the borrower are under the supervision of the PlantCoin, and effectively ensures that the borrowed bitcoin is repaid on time.

Thirdly, PlantCoin also introduced a risk reserve plan to ensure that principal and interest can be paid on time in extreme cases.

Six months after its official launch, it has won the favor of more than 4000 global bitcoin investment users

PlantCoin was founded in 2018. Before the app was launched, PlantCoin had been operating offline business for more than one year. The accumulated loan amount exceeded 2500 btc, and there was no bad debt, which verified the safety and reliability of its business model.

It is also because of more than one year of offline operation experience that PlantCoin has gained the favor of over 4000 bitcoin investors in the world including the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on in just six months after it was launched.

Analyzing bitcoin and PlantCoin, “good products speak for themselves” may be the best explanation for their rapid development.

FileMax Network: A decentralized data storage network with cross-chain support capability

As of October 2020, the number of active internet users worldwide will exceed 4.6 billion which is over 59% of the global population. The users are distributed all over the world and with higher data capacity generated from 5G networks, daily access by users on the internet will result in a high market demand for cloud based storages.

Cloud storage refers to a collection of large number of different types of storage devices interconnected on a network. Using cluster applications, network technology, and distributed file systems, it provides data storage for business application access to the outside world. In simple terms, cloud storage is the collection of assessable storage resources for users using networkable devices at any time and any place.

The second leading global market research firm, MarketsandMarkets, projected that the global cloud storage market is set to grow from USD 50.1 billion in 2020 to USD $137.3 billion in 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 22.3% for the period forecasted. The enormous growth of the cloud storage market has ignited a competitive war amongst storage service providers including big firms like Amazon, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud thereby, increasing investments in their respective storage business segments.

While ensuring high availability and service convenience,  centralized cloud storage have faced many notable outage incidents. For example, in January of 2018, the Google Cloud computing was not available to multiple zones for more than 4 hours; in March of 2018, the Amazon Web Services server downtime caused a large-scale loss of voice data in the Alexa smart assistant; and, in June of 2018,  Microsoft Azure Ireland data center outaged for 11 hours which affected a large number of users.  

The rising commercial benefits of centralized data storage market is counter balanced by security threats. To address the threats faced by centralized storage, the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) from Protocol Labs is used to provide a resilient distributed file system for storage and sharing.

The IPFS protocol uses decentralized storage with encryption, point-to-point transmission and fast addressing. It enables storage of all kinds of file data safely, efficiently and permanently. Filecoin project is based on the IPFS protocol. It has achieved great success in the blockchain storage industry. However, with improvements to the blockchain technology, some limitations have emerged with Filecoin. They include design around Filecoin’s economic model and obstruction by chain links when putting together documents.

Russian technical geeks and former Amazon cloud storage core engineers have jointly developed a new blockchain project called FileMax. Based on the IPFS protocol, this project is the world’s first cross-chain storage network. It has the storage advantages of Filecoin and integrates the best practices of cutting edge cross-chain technology. FileMax Network sharing between storage in public chains is achieved by cross-chain data sharing at high-speed data transmission.

The aim of FileMax Network is to be a leader in global storage technology by disrupting the way how large amount of information is stored and shared by interconnected 5G mobile devices using the internet; and, to provide convenient, secure and efficient decentralized storage services for enterprises and individuals.

FileMax Network comprises of six main component layers: physical perception layer, data storage layer, intermediate platform layer, cross-chain layer, certificate domain layer and application services layer.

The core processing engine uses a number of technical protocols in processing transaction requests at respective layers including a FileMax Management Protocol (FMP), storage data distribution protocol, external chain interaction protocol, privacy-enhancing technology and block storage. The FMP has two core technology layers namely the physical (device) perception layer and intermediate platform layer.

The physical perception layer covers connectivity for Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Internet of Things (IoT) chips, 5G network modules, video data monitoring, sensory and auxiliary devices. This layer is the hardware endpoint of FileMax and is responsible for continuous data collection for FileMax.

The intermediate layer of the platform includes FMP, storage interfaces, IPFS interface, virtual engine, distributed computing and custom interface adapters. The FMP defines the connectivity requirements for various storage interfaces, including IPFS, storage controller interface, and general storage interfaces. The intermediate platform layer plays a vital role as the exchange hub between the software and hardware endpoints, chain nodes, and also the hub of many technologies.

With a view to support the powerful underlying technology, FileMax team will endeavor to develop and introduce products to achieve organic growth and integrity of the public chain.

The team has identified and planned the following applications: ICEY APP mining, audio-visual storage, 5G Internet of Things modules, edge computing and more interface adapters for the system using custom APIs and SDK.

ICEY APP product build is one of the key milestones on the project plan and it is the first deliverable. It is a distributed blockchain storage application product integrating blockchain, big data, crawler technology, cloud computing and other technologies. The development team is skilled and aim to bring together top blockchain engineers, cryptography geeks, storage experts, Big data analysts and other skills as required. ICEY APP is expected to increase user adoption under a token incentivization mechanism in the growth, development and construction of FileMax Network. It will offer opportunities to ‘create and innovate’ cycles for disrupting the cloud storage market.

FileMax Network uses a native token called FIM. It has a total issuance supply of 210 million, with the first issuance supply of 21 million, and the remaining 189 million are all generated through mining. To prevent users from monopolizing the token economy, the Foundation has limited the maximum of coins to ordinary user token holdings to not more than 2,000 FIMs, and there are no restrictions on corporate entities or institutions.

FIM plays a vital role in the entire FileMax Network token economy. Participants in FileMax mainnet mining must hold FIM tokens, hardware equipment access to the mainnet, 5G application storage, enterprise personal storage that will consume FIM tokens. On the roadmap, the FileMax team intends to transform FIM into a cryptocurrency 3.0, whereby it replaces other currencies as a new digital currency. FIM token has unlimited imagination and possibilities in the foreseeable future.

MGTC – The World’s Leading Exchange Platform

The continuous development of technology has popularized the concept of digital currency among the public in recent years, and 2020 can be considered as the year that digital currencies have made a comeback. The Bank for International Settlement’s recent communiqué shows that as of December 2020, at least 36 official institutions around the world have issued plans for their own digital currency. Among them, Ecuador, Ukraine and Uruguay have completed retail trials for native digital currencies.

The emergence of digital currency is the result of the joint effects of technological progress and economic development, and has become the infrastructure behind the development of the digital economy. At the same time, cryptocurrency exchanges carry the roles of transaction intermediaries and liquidity provider, and are an indispensable part of the entire blockchain ecology. Therefore, blockchain exchanges are bound to be a key developmental trend in the future of digital finance.

The World’s Leading Platform

As the world’s leading community-based digital asset trading platform, MGTC was created and established by the British “Marginity Group” in early 2021. Adhering to the concepts of safety, professionalism and efficiency, the group is committed to building the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

MGTC adopts the most advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture. Its goal is to establish a platform with high security performance that is suitable for a wide range of transactions, supporting programmatic trading, high-frequency trading, and rapid development access, etc. to meet the different investing needs of users worldwide. In addition, MGTC provides round-the-clock, real-time, synchronous, and transparent transactions. At the same time, it also provides users with safe and reliable currency transactions, fiat transactions, futures trading, smart contracts, wealth management, OTC services and other financial services, adding much-needed variety to the user’s investment options. The platform also provides real-time market quotations and trend forecasting, enabling users to quickly grasp the latest news.

The MGTC Exchange provides a one-stop business incubator for blockchain projects. The exchange has deep connections with multiple established projects, and boasts a professional investment team with verifiable results. In addition to regular cryptocurrency investments, MGTC is also committed to finding excellent blockchain projects and providing them with financial and technical assistance. The incubation model of MGTC seeks to create a comprehensive ecology that would help blockchain projects grow and flourish with the best support offered in the market, and increase the market value of their tokens to maximize their chance of success.

At present, MGTC has begun to cooperate with some excellent blockchain projects, and has already achieved considerable success. In the future, it plans to use a part of the profit to establish a special fund to incubate high-quality blockchain projects. To comply with legal requirements, MGTC is actively obtaining cryptocurrency exchange licenses in many countries, and is seeking to provide users with fiat deposit channels to lower the threshold for investors to enter the market.

The Advantages of MGTC

To differentiate itself from its competitors, MGTC boasts unparalleled technical and service advantages. The platform has professional technical index settings which users can customize according to their own strategies. In terms of security, high-level user data encryption combined with dynamic identity verification meets multi-risk identification control and guarantees transaction security. Multi-layer wallet encryption, offline cold storage, third-party custody of funds, and feedback loops are all utilized to ensure the safety of funds. Smart reminders from the APP will ensure that users stay informed on all trading opportunities. By turning on the smart reminder function, users will be able to find out all important crypto news in real-time.

In order to lower the threshold for entry, the platform supports the binding of MasterCard and VisaCard. Users can directly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple in US dollars, Euros or other legal currencies, and a variety of payment methods exist to ensure safe and convenient access to funds. The platform supports 24-hour operations, and provides strong customer service to answer users’ questions as soon as possible. For novice users, simulated trading allows them to quickly become familiar with the crypto space. Some basic trading methods are also fully supported, such as one-click purchase for coins, leveraged trading, stop-profit and stop-loss, etc.

The MGTC exchange token has been widely lauded since launch. TRT, as the token powering the entire Marginity Exchange (MGT) ecosystem, has an initial price of 0.001 TRUSD. TRT is a decentralized blockchain digital asset issued based on the TRON TRC20 standard, and the total supply is fixed at 2 billion tokens. The MGTC platform will hold 20% of the total TRT supply as reserves, and the remaining 80% will be used for quantitative trading and market expansion operations. Users will need to complete TRT/TRUSD quantitative transactions to unlock the stored TRT-Locked (TRTL). As exchange users increase, and the quantitative trading volume of TRT steadily increases, the value of its native token will naturally rise as well.

With the disruptive changes brought about by the development of blockchain technology and the digital currency markets, MGTC will gain momentum through long-term planning and strategic development. With extensive marketing strategies planned for the rest of the year, MGTC will have huge room for growth in the future, and we believe that MGTC is bound to become the next international mainstream exchange in the blockchain space.

NNEP takes the lead in realizing the Internet of Everything

The emergence of blockchain makes us all feel more convenient for decentralization, while the combination of blockchain and 5G technology is full of wireless imagination.With the rapid development of the global economy, many organizations have been quietly seizing the 5G plateau.

The US telecom giant AT&T was the first to independently research a patent for using blockchain technology in home user servers in 2016. According to the file description, this belongs to a decentralized and distributed secure home user server device. This patent is the first application exploration in the field of blockchain by the US telecom industry. This is also the first new attempt of blockchain +5G landing application scene.

At present, some innovative countries in the world have begun to use 5G blockchain to propose solutions around scenarios.NNEP serves as a representative of the New Era 5G project that India is focusing on. New Network Economy Protocol (NNEP) is a New network Protocol based on 5G, AI, LOT and blockchain technology. It aims to build a decentralized network infrastructure.On top of this new network protocol, NNEP will provide a series of distributed services, such as distributed node smart home, high efficiency and low cost enterprise CDN distributed storage, home traffic services, DNS and TORVPN based on 5G technology, intrusion detection system IDS, encryption and token economy.

“5G and blockchain can empower each other more.” 5G points to the Internet of everything. It is impossible to establish an effective profit model only by connection, because blockchain gives each node a ledger. However, the current bookkeeping efficiency of blockchain is relatively low. The ledger exists on several servers in the form of distributed storage, forming large-scale concurrent communication, and the signal throughput is large. The previous communication network capacity is unable to support it, and it takes a long time to store it once.”Different from the centralized structure of the previous mobile communication network, 5G network will also be a distributed network, whose large bandwidth, low delay and large connection can support the large amount of concurrency required by the blockchain. Using blockchain in 5G will make 5G more reliable.

As a decentralized cloud system, NNEP is a distributed network that is open to all people to participate in freely and creates a new network ecological world. In ecology, token NNEP will receive a wide range of value applications, realizing barrier-free exchange between supply chain finance, leisure and entertainment, cross-border payment, daily shopping consumption and fiat currency.Create a transaction value token NNEP that is not bound by time, space, market or asset class.

In the future, in the era of 5G, NNEP tokens will bring unlimited rewards to every supporter who witnesses its growth. After all, in the early NNEP ecology, the circulation of NNEP tokens was very rare and their value was predictable.

The future of 5G is limitless, and the addition of blockchain brings a new reform to 5G.The 5G Internet of Everything can realize real-time and fast transmission of hardware data. The emergence of NNEP also represents that blockchain technology can provide decentralized solutions for large-scale collaboration between devices in the Internet of Things.

Recently, NNEP has received strategic investment support from the world’s top telecommunications companies.Next, the two sides will conduct extensive cooperation on digital asset transaction security and international communication security prevention and control.

The author believes that the emergence of NNEP will become a new engine for the rapid development of blockchain +5G!Be optimistic about 5G era, with NNEP, you will also become the first group of people to eat crab in the world!

VRM delivers big crypto buys with minimal market impact as volumes surge

VRM, a high-frequency trading company, has announced that it is now averaging daily trading volumes of $15 billion to $20 billion as its influence in the crypto market grows.

The company trades AI-based quantitative high-frequency strategies on the crypto market, and also provides exchanges with proper market-making solutions. VRM works across major trading platforms including BitMEX, OKEx, Huobi, Binance and Bithumb.

One of VRM’s newest innovations is Black Ocean, which provides Dark Pool and Liquidity Pool access that will benefit traders, investors, and retail-focused businesses in the crypto markets. Offering crypto custody, loans and a fiat on-ramp to corporations and professional investors, the project has been established to ensure large chunks of crypto assets can be traded quickly — an area where demand is growing.

Black Ocean creates opportunities for brokers and institutional players to complete crypto transactions worth more than $100,000 at fast speeds, without impacting the market.

Two types of pooling services are offered. Dark Pool provides whales with proper execution and huge levels of liquidity — and ensures that data doesn’t go public. This service also delivers greater flexibility and better prices than existing over-the-counter solutions — all while reducing fees and helping clients avoid slippage.

Meanwhile, Liquidity Pool caters to retail-oriented businesses without any minimum order sizes being imposed. This service is designed to allow retail aggregators to give their customers access to a trading venue. Existing cloud solutions that provide businesses with exchange templates and access to their liquidity often command fees of up to 50% — but by contrast, Black Ocean charges zero fees and gives a rebate for every order executed through its platform.

Black Ocean’s competitive advantage lies in how it offers unlimited API calls — a feature that isn’t currently offered by any crypto exchange. Better still, 24/7/365 uptime is secured by 100% redundancy.

Andrei Grachev, CEO of Black Ocean, said:

“We charge small fees from institutional customers — and we’re different because we don’t make money from spread. Black Ocean is determined to provide the best execution prices on the market. Fee-free platforms may seem appealing, but trading $1 million a day could mean you lose out on $3.5 million a year from the spread. By contrast, going through a platform that’s transparent about its costs could slash these fees all the way down to $200,000 per year. It’s a no-brainer as to what you’d choose.”

A new token

VRM has created the FLy token to provide customers with an opportunity to unlock additional benefits from its ecosystem — creating long-term relationships and helping to build a strong society of institutional and retail partners.

A range of benefits are offered to those who hold FLy tokens, including discounts on fees and access to liquidity pools. VRM says the token is an essential part of its business. This is an ERC-20 token to begin with — and the company is going to explore moving a part of the token supply to different blockchain networks in the future.

Black Ocean says it is for traders, by traders — and with liquidity and services split unevenly across various offerings around the globe, there is now a clear need for its full prime services experience. The project’s testnet successfully launched on March 1.

About VRM

VRM is a proprietary high-frequency trading company, and does not have external investors. In 2020, the company extended its business into several new areas — a VC for talented quants and trading teams, a dedicated fund for third-party investors, and a service that delivers proper infrastructure for miners.


FLy token details:


Telegram Global:

On the road to decentralized asset management, how does PIST Trust realize continuous asset appreciation through trustless financial mechanisms?

The Current Dilemma of the GAMI&How Does PIST Trust is the Relief?

The asset management industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing areas in the global financial service industry; playing an important role in some aspects. i.e optimizing the allocation of financial resources, Improving the efficiency of the financial market, and promoting innovation in financial instruments. All these contributed over a long span of time.

However this industry met with some challenges especially in the area of development, hitting almost a total waterloo in recent years. 2015 was such a year to forget for this industry in this regard. Notably nonetheless is that it didn’t take too long until the industry rose out of the of ashes; finding its footing just two years after hitting rock bottom back in 2015.

In spite of its comeback though, there are still some challenges posing threats to the industry of which two are the most clinging. One is the lack of a sustainable growth potential. It is important to note that the growth of global asset management scale from 2016 to 2020 has been narrowed down to the increase in the value of M&A assets rather than the inflow of new funds. Second is the decline in profit scale. In 2010 for instance, the industry had a sharp nosediving decline against the affluence it enjoyed just a year before. Till now, the industry continues to fluctuate looking a savior that will at least bring it some great level of stability.

Is Blockchain/PIST Trust The Savior?

This question is one that if either answered ‘yes or no’ would  need some supplementary exegesis to make one stance known/impressed on one’s audience, the whole industry at large.. The blockchain model is essentially a decentralized  distributed database; which has enormous advantages in the transparency of data processing and circulation process. It offers a more secure, verifiable way to track a series of digital transactions. In the area of Asset management domain therefore, it provides solutions to the key issues of the industry, circulation of  data ownership. It is quite pertinent to also emphasis the central premise of blockchain technology that it creates a digital ledger. complete with timestamps of every transaction and operates on a peer to peer network of computers. Others include; Authentic Right of Data Assets, Data integrity and confidentiality, Improvement of data reliability, Acceleration of data asset sharing. etc.

Where Does PIST Trust Comes In and How Does It Seeks To Help?

What is PIST Trust? It is a one-stop platform that relies on blockchain digital token technology to complete digitalized assets securitization, trust digitalization and liquidation, assets management digitalization through value measuring digital stable coins and value carrying digital assets. Its merits include; contract development based on DECE; the world’s number one financial public chain, asset encryption on the decentralized ledger and custody governance, support thousands of digital assets world-wide through cross-chain technology, Korean compliant licensed digital banking institution. Since the core value of PIST Trust lies in trustless financial management, it looks like a transparent asset management from black box from the outside. Also, its privacy lies in the fact that financial strategies can be hidden , while transparency lies in the fact that all asset owners can penetrate and understand the direction of their own funds. It is then suffice to say that PIST can be trusted, and every asset of the users will be invested into in accordance with pre-confirmed rules.

“Strive for Imputes of New Journey Toward 14th Five-Year Plan”

Turn Crisis into Opportunities with Cooperation for Common Progress in 2021—Mr. Michael Ross

2020 is an extraordinary year when COVID-19 posed great challenges to all practitioners of hospitality and catering business. It was more like market re-shaping rather than a tough test.

In the resuming period of 2021 when COVID-19 is under control, local hospitality and catering adopt retail models for branding, digitization and green food sourcing.

In the light of the year 2021 marks the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan which embarks on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist China, the media convergence platform of China Hospitality Association (CHA) carries out a webinar with the theme of “Strive for Imputes of New Journey toward 14th Five-Year Plan”, by which various experts will be invited to share their insights through their own professional lens in an attempt to exploit further development.

Review 2020: Overcome COVID-19 together with Social Responsibilities

The year 2020 was scheduled to undergo something extraordinary by the profound changes unseen in a century and the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. When “Love is CP’s selfless dedication” (1980s’ hit song) echoed with resonance, CP Group — an overseas company— rose up again to its due obligations by donating over RMB 60 million (including materials) to aid epidemic areas in China.

In Thailand, CP invested USD 3.3 million (THB 100 million) to set up a producer with capacity of 3 million masks per day for donation to locals during pandemic and for sales to major hospitals after COVID-19 suppression.  Moreover, the profits on sale is planned to finance a local cardiac research institution.

Along with over 1,000 tenants (including the members under leadership of Vice President of CHA), CP Commercial Real Estate tided over hard times by rent exemption totaling to over RMB 100 million in 2020.

Adapt to “New Normal” of COVID-19 by Seeking Opportunities from Crisis

In Chinese, opportunity goes along with danger.

COVID-19 pushed all catering players to seek opportunities in crisis by their continuous innovation. Catering digitization grew faster than expectation, leading local market to make a way for takeaway—functioning as a strategic guarantee for people’s livelihood and survival of catering entities.

When the epidemic gradually retreats in China, it was just consumers’ repression of dinner party that unleashed retaliatory rebound in turnover of the tenant of CP Commercial Real Estate, concluding extraordinary performance. Those well-performed tenants have following strengths in common:

Firstly, prioritize dining environment, food safety, quality of both air and service for safe dining experience, health and food delicacy.

Secondly, adapt menu and service in detail with rapid response to market changes according to big data by further improvement of dishes and delicacy management.

Thirdly, for safety of dining experience in epidemic period, box dinning has become the “New Fashion” of consumers, showing their strong demand for controlled environment keeps rising.

The last, innovation in content by multi-industry collaboration has grown to be a major profit generator during the epidemic.

“eat n work” offers a typical case: it is a mixed-use space of catering and co-working. It is the collaboration between CP Commercial Real Estate and MUSE (group company of catering and entertainment), satisfying consumers’ fresh demands for both office and food & beverage.

On the premise of rigorous epidemic prevention, “eat n work” timely updates operation strategy and service according to market trend and consumers requirements. As a result, occupancy rate of co-working office reached 98% while target completion rate of catering sales hit 130.47% in 2020.

2021 Outlook: Advocates Safety, Health and Demand

Looking forward to 2021, CP put food safety and diversity at top priority when COVID-19 gradually retreat in China, in spite of regional relapses occasionally, so as to keep companies steadily resumed work and production for stabilizing social productivity.

Located in Beijing CBD, CP Center—headquarters of CP Group in China— is twin towers to serve overseas Chinese merchants with mixed programs such as office, retail, catering, etc.

CP Center satisfies locals with its flexible dinning spaces for banquet, parties, and daily meals. Besides, in order to break the “unified” menu for local white collars in epidemic period, CP Center enriches its menu with gourmet from home and abroad: all major Chinese dish-system including Teochew, Huaiyang, Hunan, Sichuan, Cantonese, Neo-Beijing, Northwest Chinese; as well as exotic food from Japan, Thailand, Italy, other European countries, Americas, etc.

CP Center not only creates a space to ensure health, safe, sanitation and gourmet, but also offers other experience of leading lifestyle displayed in stores, realizing diversified programs crossing various businesses. It is a mixed-use property with local characteristic to integrate cuisine, boutique retail and convention & exhibition well equipped with hi-tech.

Before grand opening in May 2021, CP Center has leased 95% of its commercial area and reached cooperation with some CHA members.

On the occasion of its grand opening, CP Center will provide customers with six-star property service for all-round guarantee to business meetings and banquets, including dish laying, table setting, meal delivery, security, airport pickup, business accommodation reservation, etc.

At CP Center we hope that everyone may instantly access their authentic hometown flavor without worrying about food safety and to alleviate homesickness. Whether you join us for business or leisure, we offer our warm and considerable service to make all travelers feel more from home to home.