What’s the NFT game Tencent & Alibaba Rush into?

In June 2021, Alibaba and Dunhuang Arts Institute jointly released two NFTs, Dunhuang Flying Sky and Nine Color Deer App skins, which were limited to 16,000 in the world. The works were looted as soon as they were released.

On June 26, 2021, NetEase and Nervina Labs released their first NFT work on Taobao.

On August 3, 2021, Chinese tech giant Tencent’s  NFTs trading platform -Huanhe launched 300 copies “Vinyl Record NFT” authorized by TV program “Thirteen Invitations”, and sold out instantly.

Chinese giants’ capital is vying to chase, and it’s so fierce. So far people can’t help asking, what is NFT?

Meet NFT

NFT is short for Non-fungible Token,which is relative to the concept of Fungible Token (FT), each NFT has a unique and only identification, which is not interchangeable, and the smallest unit is 1 and indivisible.

Generally, BTC, ETH, etc. we familiar with are Fungible Token. For example, BTC everyone owns is same, it’s interchangeable with each other, can also be divided into 0.1, or 0.01 without affecting the value and use.

NFT represents indivisible and non-interchangeable items in reality, such as a real estate certificate, a famous painting, a piece of game equipment and so on. They are all unique, and completely lose their value and practicality after being divided. The most typical are collectibles and artworks. These products with non-fungible genes are digitized and tokenized using blockchain technology, and they have become popular NFTs today.

NFT is one and only

Economics stipulates that currency is a unity equivalent and a carrier of consensus on value. In modern society, personal wealth is no longer measured by currency holdings, but includes the value and quantity of assets under his name. Its assets include but not limited to items with market value such as houses, cars, stocks, etc. In most case, the value carried by an asset often far exceeds the value of the cash value they hold. However, real assets have two major shortcomings: poor liquidity and high cost of confirmation. For example, the determination of the right of a house needs to rely on the registration of the Housing Management Committee to determine the ultimate ownership of the house.

But in the blockchain world, the assets we currently have are BTC, ETH with currency attributes. After meeting demand for monetary assets, a value medium of non-monetary assets will naturally emerge, and this is NFT. Relying on the decentralization, immutability and cryptographic authentication of the blockchain, NFT solves a series of problems of real assets:

• The asset is unique and cannot be faked

• Strong liquidity, real-time trading;

• Cryptography is the confirmation and cannot be tampered with.

In addition, NFT also has features that cryptocurrency does not have. Its unique features can be used for identity certification, item ownership certification, virtual props, etc. NFT makes crypto assets more practical, enabling users to expand the utilization of valuable assets in the form of NFT, and is protected by blockchain technology.

NFT Boom Out

NFT is not a new thing born this year, it has made any public appearances early in 2017, but more regarded as a niche thing within Ethereum.

So, what is the real important promoter of NFT out of the circle?

First, let’s ask a question: How much would a digital picture be? The answer is $69.3 million!

On March 11, 2021, an unknown artist Beeple collaged his daily art work for the past thirteen years into a digital picture called “everyday: the first 5000 days”. At Christie’s, it was sold for $69.3 million, which shocked the world.

Overnight, NFT became the outlet. This 40-year-old American painter also made great fortune overnight. The popularity of NFT has caused a huge sensation in many fields such as art, venture capital, and finance.

Commercial filed such as NBA, Samsung, McDonald’s, Marvel, movie stars, etc. are all releasing their own NFT products, and venture capital industry such as Three Arrows Capital, Signum Capital, NGC Ventures, Coinbase, etc. have begun to invest in this field. Internet giants such as Tencent, JD, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are all laying out the NFT battlefield. The opportunities and challenges brought by NFT are more than that brought by the mobile Internet to the Internet.

From the perspective of business history, iPhone, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. were initially used by industry insiders. After going out of the circle by marketing, products, and the trend of the times, the entire society began to accept them, and they evolved from product for a specific group into mass infrastructure. Although the development of NFT is still at an early stage, the boom out of NFT will continue the historical trajectory and accelerate the application of blockchain technology. It is of great significance for promoting the digitalization of society.

NFT Bright Future

Except crypto artworks, will NFT have wider applications? We can find that NFT will be widely used in the future. For example, the recent popular NFT+DeFi and NFT+game, as well as the concept of meta-universe, are inseparable from the future development of NFT. The physical application of NFT will solve many problems for the society, such as: 

First, intellectual property. NFT can represent a painting, a song, a patent, a film, a photo, or other intellectual property rights. NFT can help each unique thing to register the copyright and help it identify the patent.

Second, physical assets. Real estate such as houses and other physical assets are digitized through NFT. It can be used in financial markets such as the circulation of assets.

Third, records and identification. The unique features of NFT, can be used to verify identity and birth certificates, driver’s licenses, academic certificates, etc., to prevent abuse or tampering.

There will be many physical applications of NFT in the future, which will surely solve various practical problems for the society. Presumably this is the ultimate goal of various giant capitals. As the world’s first physical digital economy token trading platform-BtLux Exchange focuses on the implementation of blockchain scenarios that are closely related to people’s lives.

Different from other cryptocurrencies with no entity value support, BtLux regards the underlying innovation of the blockchain as an important breakthrough in the independent innovation of core technology, and takes the use of blockchain to trade, calculate, and record to promote real economic activities on the chain under supervision. At the same time, realize the market operation and value management of digital assets after the certification, redefine the interest distribution relationship of producers, consumers and participants, and form a brand new financial and business model.

Soon, BtLux will accelerate the integration of NFT and physical enterprises based on years of experience in the implementation of blockchain physical scenarios, provide top-level business architecture design and digital economic model design for physical enterprises, and jointly build “blockchain” + “new ecology”, So that participants in the entire chain can benefit. It would bring tangible benefits to the real economy and the entire society, and be widely recognized by the society, making digital currency a living water, flowing in the real economy, and bringing benefits to the real economy more vitality and new power.

NFT is a new world brought about by the technological explosion era, and the digitalization process of the real world in the next ten years will also be greatly accelerated. In the future, only when NFT accelerates the deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy, the technological value of the blockchain will gradually emerge in this process. It will be able to bring new business models and reconstruct distribution models, market structures, organizational forms, and industry relationships to promote human beings to a new era of digital civilization, and in that, BtLux will become an indispensable promoter.

BtLux Official website: https://www.btlux.top/

Lumino Ceremony Uses A Combination Of Zero-Knowledge Proof And Blockchain To Solve The Limitations Of Privacy And Data Security

The loss of Internet data leakage is gradually increasing, and data privacy will be the key development focus of the industry. According to BM Security assessment, the average cost of global data leakage in 2018 was $3.86 million, which was 6.4% higher than that in 2017. In addition to that, the assessment also shows that large-scale data leakage is costly, with millions of records leakage possibly causing $40 million in losses, and 50 million records leakage may cause $350 million in losses. In this context, developing privacy encryption technology has become the focus of industry and market.

Zero-knowledge proof is an advanced privacy protection technology. Zero-knowledge proof is a cryptographic technology proposed by MIT researchers in the 1980s. As the name implies, zero-knowledge proof implies that you are the legal owner of a certain right without leaking relevant information, that is, to give zero information to the outsiders. Therefore, trusted computing uses cryptography such as zero-knowledge proof to complete data calculation while ensuring data privacy. Privacy protection technology based on cryptography provides a trusted environment for data calculation. Whether it is personal information, enterprise business data or unique data resources, there are hidden dangers of data leakage in the process of data exchange, storage and calculation. Cryptographic algorithms represented by zero-knowledge proof provide a solution for data security and privacy.

Zero-Knowledge Proof Provides A New Direction For The

Development Of Blockchain

The development of blockchain can not be distinguished from privacy protection technology, and cryptography is just needed for distribution of books. In a conventional blockchain transaction, when assets are sent from one party to the other, the details of the transaction are visible to each party within the network. On the contrary, in a transaction with zero knowledge proof, others only know that a valid transaction has occurred, but do not know the sender, receiver, asset class and quantity. The identity and amount involved in the transaction can be hidden, and problems such as “jump the gun” can be avoided. Zero-knowledge proof protocol supports the transfer of assets on distributed blockchain network, and has complete privacy.

ZCash is the most prominent zero-knowledge proof in blockchain-based systems, which is also the first cryptocurrency to realize zk-Snarks. Since then, other blockchain systems have also added zero-knowledge proof to verify while protecting user/transaction privacy. Perhaps, the most famous is Ethereum which realized zk-Snarks as part of the Byzantine upgrade.

Lumino Ceremony – The Starting Point Of The Application Of Zero-Knowledge Proof In Blockchain Industry

Zero-knowledge proof can realize flexible data calculation interaction and cross-validation, though it is still difficult to realize. Since it needs repeated examples to prove that the answer is true, which requires highly to hashrate. Currently the efficiency of generating proof is about 7 seconds, which requires a lot of hashrate to improve the computing speed.

At present, the biggest challenge faced by privacy computing lies in how to improve the efficiency of privacy protection and realize large-scale commercial landing. Zero-knowledge proof depends on hardware facilities, and the research and development and production of special computing hardware require huge upfront costs, so this is why the concept of privacy computing has appeared since 2014 but so far there has not been a real project.

In 2021, PlatON, a private computing AI network, announced the official launch of Lumino, a secure multi-party computing ceremony, inviting global community participants to help the development of private computing technology.

Lumino is a large-scale activity that uses secure multi-party computing protocols to generate zero knowledge proof system public reference string (CRS) in a de-trust manner, and it is a prerequisite and an important step for deploying and using privacy-related applications in a decentralized ecosystem.

Lumino means luminous and illuminated in Chinese. In Platon/Alaya’s world, Lumino is a multi-party collaborative computing ceremony that creates the necessary security parameters for one of Platon/Alaya’s cryptographic infrastructures, the Zero-knowledge Proof Protocol.

The emergence of Lumino is a milestone, which means that the formal commercialization and large-scale promotion of zero knowledge are becoming possible.

New in crypto investment? Let’s get started with Bit.Store where it only takes 3 steps to get cryptos

Investing in digital currency has become a trend

With the new record Bitcoin (BTC) price reached earlier this year and the wave of price surge of DOGE and SHIB led by Elon Musk, digital currency has gradually attracted outsiders. It has become one of the major topics in global investment trend. Players including Facebook, national-level digital currencies, commercial companies, tournament games, Tesla, etc. have all begun to get involved in digital currencies.

Although BTC has fallen from the highest price of $64,000, in fact, many users’ enthusiasm for BTC or other cryptos has not diminished at all. In the tide of digital currency, insiders may be familiar with the concepts and tricks of DeFi, IDO, GameFi, NFT, etc., but outsiders still have difficulties getting started with even the most basic transaction operation as buying or selling.

According to Trading View’s data: The total market value of cryptocurrencies has risen from US$6,617 million on March 1, 2014 to US$2,101 trillion as of date (August 24, 2021). This shows the rapid development of the digital currency industry. Generally speaking, the simplest investment strategy is to buy mainstream cryptos that have endured the test of time, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although the fluctuations are relatively flat, but the return on investment still exceeds any other investment product on the market.

In addition, advanced players will perform position management, and will test invest in some altcoins on platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi. More advanced players will perform lock-up mining and various activities like farming and panic buying etc., but these tricks are extremely difficult for novice users. In this case, a simple, easy-to-use and safe software is demanded with urgence. Therefore, Bit.Store comes to help.

Bit.Store makes it easier to buy digital currency

According to its official briefs, Bit.Store is a purchase platform of digital assets with the characteristics of safety, convenience, and cross “fiat-crypto”. It’s becoming popular in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions, and in particular, has become the most popular platform for novice crypto investors in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Bit.Store is focused on enhancing its attribute for social networking, ready to fully embrace the web3.0 era, helping novice users build a decentralized community, and establish efficient information exchange channels for digital assets.

Briefly, through Bit.Store platform, novice investors can directly buy cryptos with fiats, for instance, buying USDT or BTC with U.S. dollars. And there is no need to worry about security and legal issues, which will be specifically referred to in the following.

As a matter of fact, in this field, there are already many competitors. In the present business environment, where there are people, there will be always competition. Apparently, PayPal and CashApp are outstanding ones in the sector. However, it is undeniable that they also have defects. For example, PayPal purchases bitcoins. The handling fee of 2%-5% is rarely mentioned by CashApp in the Asian region. Complicated operation procedures, long waiting confirmation time, asset-light publicity coverage, high handling fees, etc., are all the obstacles that keep users from entering the field of digital currency investment, thus slow down the expanding of digital currency that was originally meant to improve asset utilization and efficiency.

Before the launch of Bit.Store, we have done sufficient research on the market and optimized all these problems.

Handling fee: Bit.Store charges only 2% handling fee.

Operation: Once you have the actual experience on Bit.Store, you will find that there are only three steps to go through when buying bitcoin, namely, check the transaction curve of the price, choose to buy, choose the payment method, and there you go. No matter you’re a novice or veteran user, you can enjoy the ultimate experience.

Security: Bit.Store’s assets are entrusted to Coinbase, one of the world’s top three trading platforms, and Cobo, Asia’s leading cryptocurrency wallet, which should be familiar to longtime users. Coinbase, in particular, is the dominant trading platform right now. In addition to selecting reliable partners, Bit.Store also invites PWC auditors to conduct regular audits, which, combined with its active compliance with laws and regulations, makes Bit.Store’s security level almost equal to that of asset managers in traditional finance.

Development Plan: The history of Nokia tells us that if we do not move forward, we will be abandoned by the time. This is especially true in the domain of blockchain. As a result of the rapidly changing market and industry hit, we must stay humble and stay hungry, if we want to achieve long-term growth. In this regard, Bit.Store is not only a fiat trading platform, but also a UGC/PGC community, which can be envisaged as the Bilibili.com in the field of digital currency. Users can freely discuss issues about cryptos and help beginners understand investment skills. Blockchain is based on consensus and trust, which is also implemented by Bit.Store as a core guidance. Of course, there will be incentives for referrals and those who are active in answering questions in the community.

Only with a solid foundation we can have a bright future

Similar to PayPal, Alipay is very popular in China, while almost everyone has an account of PayPal in Europe and America. In Southeast Asia, where Bit.Store is well accepted, it becomes a promising region. Especially in recent years, due to geographical location and development advantages, Southeast Asia shows a tendency of increasingly expanding young population. Young people tend to accept new things due to their curiosity. According to a survey, it shows that 80% of the respondents said they were aware of cryptocurrency, 53% expressed the interest to invest, 17% of them are even very knowledgeable about cryptos.

Thanks to the huge number of young people, it has laid a good foundation for Bit.Store’s business expansion and development. In addition, the regulatory environment in Southeast Asia is also very friendly, with well-established channels. At the same time, it is also sophisticated for international communication in the region. Although it is slightly less developed than Europe and the United States, but as for the internet infrastructure and its leading economic basis, users in Southeast Asia tend to be more open towards cryptocurrencies.

It is noted that successful transactions between fiat and crypto currencies often require more than just users and technology. The factor of government relations is often the most important element. It is understood that Bit.Store attaches much more importance to this area than what you can imagine. The cooperation has been rolled out with nearly 40 payment companies in over 20 countries and regions, with one international bank and one international payment institution. Right now there are payment licenses available in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, as well as many countries and regions in the European Union.

According to official data, Bit.Store has already attracted 200,000 users worldwide since its launch about a year ago, with some 50,000 daily active users. The sharp increase in the number of users shows that there is a looming demand in the market in this area, and the surge in growth should be due to its full preparation. In the aspect of social functions, as mentioned above, it is an important part of Bit.Store’s development plan. In the traditional world, money and information are transferred separately, while in the blockchain world, value and information are combined. There is no doubt that trust is a must. With a brand-new business module, we have the widest economic moat to make the service to be adored and recognized by users.

Bitcoin was created about 10 years ago. However, in those days no one could imagine that the value of Bitcoin would reach 60,000 US dollars ten years later. In this sense, the future always means something you can’t imagine. Nowadays, Bitcoin is no longer a topic discussed in a small circle. Bitcoin and other digital currencies have got their best chance to grow, thus they have become a rising star in the global investment field. At the same time, blockchain technology has also been on the top of the R&D agenda in many countries.

Probably some people are still watching, while some people have already quit. Perhaps some people are eager to get started, while some people get frustrated about it. In any case, the future development is bound to go forward. And if you didn’t find a way to get onboard the bandwagon, then hop on Bit.Store.

Koro’s decentralized mining is about to debut in pancakeswap

The U.S. blockchain R & D team sky brings together global investment banking elites and financial

leaders to jointly build the world’s first Turing complete protocol defi + NFT + metauniverse

decentralized trading platform on the BSC chain with it technology giants and blockchain masters.

On September 16, 2021, the representative Ralph Taylor answered the reporter’s questions about

Koro’s launch of pancakeswap in Colorado, the United States. He said that in recent years, with

the development of blockchain technology and the iterative updating of technology, many

high-quality blockchain projects have emerged in the market, and defi is the most eye-catching.

The birth of Koro not only solves the problem of mutual trust, At the same time, more global

nodes benefit from the project and retain the right to vote, so that nodes can enjoy the dividends

in the project and share profits continuously. Koro ensures the interests of new users and

implements the gold standard computing power model to avoid new depth and ensure that

nodes and users are at the same starting line, At the same time, it is promised that the team will

spare no effort to establish a new blockchain project, Koro, attract more blockchain enthusiasts

from all over the world, and create rich returns for nodes and preachers. The team will spare no

effort to increase investment in technology update and ecological R & D, and provide the most

powerful technical support for Koro’s development and progress, Make a good start for the later

ecological development.

Nick back, a blockchain expert in Colorado, recalled

that he missed the wave of blockchain and regretted

it! The blockchain center will be established in the

science and technology city of Colorado, and plans to

cultivate a large number of scientific and

technological talents to meet the market demand. It

is hoped that more high-quality blockchain projects will appear in the world, so that the

blockchain can serve people who understand blockchain technology and need blockchain

technology. Within the ecosystem, more blockchain talents will also be trained to benefit the

development of blockchain technology in the United States and even the world. Sky technical

team members have rich R & D and operation experience in the field of digital currency. Team

members are from early digital currency investors and blockchain technology researchers. Koro’s

high-quality communities at home and abroad have reached strategic cooperation, and will

cooperate with the cooperative communities in ecological construction, consensus promotion,

user growth and other aspects, so as to provide Koro with strong promotion and brand building


Offical telegraph

The number one player of Metaverse Player One in Metaverse: Why is it sought after by players?

Did you know that Neil Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche” was regarded as a bible by Facebook’s founder Zuckerberg and was widely circulated throughout the company.

This book describes a virtual world parallel to reality. In Metaverse, everyone has a custom avatar Avatar, which is parallel to the real world, interacts with each other, and is always online. It is lifelike and immersive. The movie “Avatar” created a magnificent Genesis, and its inspiration also came from this.

There are two roads in front of human beings: one outward, leading to the sea of ​​stars, and the other inward leading to virtual reality.

——Liu Cixin

With the maturity of AR, VR, application of 5G and artificial intelligence autonomous generation technology, the improvement of wearable supporting hardware facilities, and the formation of the blockchain economic system, the world in the novel is coming to us, and the users of Metaverse begin to make their own civilization.

The movie “Number One Player” depicts the meta-universe we yearn for. It has a fully operational economic system that spans the physical and digital worlds. Data, digital objects, content, and IP can all pass through the meta-universe. Everyone is in this world. Enjoying the existing facilities, you can also participate in the creation by yourself, thus enriching and prospering the entire universe.

When reality is not so satisfactory and surrounded by pressure and frustration, people in the Z era are more seeking to explore the world in the Metaverse to achieve spiritual satisfaction and self-worth.

The launch of Metaverse Player One game is the best carrier for Metaverse

What is Metaverse Player One?

Chinese name: Yuan Universe-the number one player

 Metaverse Player One is designed by Raven SoftwareMeta Studio, a well-known game developer in Europe and the United States. Raven SoftwareMeta has many years of rich experience in game production, among which “Call of Duty: Planet” is its representative work, and more than 300 million players have experienced it worldwide.

  Inspired by the combination of Metaverse and NFT, Metaverse Player One strives to become the world’s first fully immersive virtual world gaming experience, creating the world’s largest gaming and earning GameFi. With 8 planets as the background, every player has a cosmic planet created by himself in the vast starry sky. Let players write their own story of conquering the planetary universe on the blockchain

  Metaverse Player One uses the combination of DEFI+NFT to become a true metaverse infrastructure. After Metaverse Player One goes live, any player and industry developer will be able to expand the Metaverse ecological landscape by becoming an ecological builder through “Metaverse Player One” and through modules Incentive mechanism to establish a strong community consensus, forming a perfect practice of a new generation of innovative blockchain that NFT+DeFi+GameFi empowers the Internet industry. Metaverse Player One will be the first innovative fusion of NFT+DeFi+Gamei, so that every player is Player One.

  Because the current transaction fees of OEC are the lowest compared to the transaction fees of several other public chains. OKExChain is a decentralized public chain, which can realize the compatibility of smart contracts on the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, which greatly reduces the high handling fee and easy congestion threshold for users to participate in DeFi on Ethereum. Developers and users are very easy to use and friendly, so we chose to build on OEC for the first launch, and later will soon complete the 2.0 version deployment in ETH, HECO, bsc, and Polygon.

The Metaverse Player One team has developed a set of tools and smart contracts to complete a truly decentralized ecosystem. In this ecosystem, through smart contracts, users can freely control and control their own assets. The existence of distributed ledgers protects the account from the risk of theft. The open source code means that players can freely innovate and combine and become the creator of the game. NTF maps the assets in your hands to the physical world. With visualization and identity, virtual goods are transformed from services to transaction entities, thereby enhancing the emotional experience of users. User participation and contribution will be rewarded. Whether it is harvesting farms, creating unique NFTs, developing games, or just using the tools provided by the platform. The Metaverse ecosystem will reward everyone for their contributions.

   UFO is the native token of Metaverse Player One, which corresponds to the self-value of the platform. As a decentralized community autonomous universe, UFO was created by the co-builders of the planet. Therefore, UFO is also controlled by community co-builders. Planeters can use it to buy cards, exchange props and other assets with other players, or trade in virtual auction houses.

UFO token model:

Total amount: 1000W

Game mining


LP and card mining

Private placement


Top seed player



Open the whole market promotion, marketing



6-month linear release, 30-month release completed

Liquid mining pool


Preliminary liquidity mining pool addition



Attract more institutions to participate

 Features and gameplay of “Metaverse Player One”:

Metaverse Player One will be divided into 3 versions.

There will be a small number of rare planet cards in version 1.0, and users can only purchase rare planet cards through IDO to participate in the game. When the rare card sales are completed, 50% of the card sales revenue will be used to reward users who promote Metaverse Player One early, and 50% of the revenue will be used to add to the LP liquidity pool.

Version 2.0. Online LP liquidity mining pool, card pledge function, DAO pool. For the description of the function parameters of version 2.0, see Table 3 below

Version 3.0: In the game, players can design their own planet image, decorate their planet, and interact with friends and other non-player characters (NPC). The original intention and vision of the design team is to create a “second planet” for all players, allowing them to relax in the game, enjoy the fun of the game, and at the same time monetize the time and energy invested.

The launch of Metaverse Player One has been supported by many partners, thank them for their great contributions to the design of Metaverse Player One.

Partners: Raven SoftwareMeta Carbonated Games OSL OKExChain Xsolla

 The land of the virtual world (like the planet in Metaverse Player One) has been hyped since its inception and has become the biggest sweet pastry in the entire ecology.

In June 2021, 9 virtual lands in Axie Infinity were sold at a high price of 888.25 ETH, which is approximately US$1.5 million.

On June 9, 2021, Boson announced that it would purchase virtual real estate in the Vegas district of Decentraland at a market price of approximately US$704,000, and plans to build a virtual shopping mall.

On June 18, 2021, digital real estate developer Republic Realm purchased 259 digital plots, or 66,304 virtual square meters, for 1.295 million MANAs, at a price of approximately US$913,000.

In July 2021, more than 5.3 million square meters (24*24) of virtual land on The Sandbox was auctioned for nearly US$880,000.

Virtual land is like a pig on the wind. Under the Duolun auction and competition, the price of virtual land has risen sharply, bringing huge returns to early investors.

The record increase was a piece of land called “9 Robotis Route” on CryptoVoxels. The initial price was US$101.2, and the current price has reached US$9570.8. The land has only been resold 3 times, and it has reached a 93-fold increase. .

Behind the soaring price is the economics behind each Metaverse.

After the ownership is returned to the player in the form of NFT, each planet is a unique existence, and all transactions are open, transparent and traceable, which is more wonderful than real-world transactions.

Metaverse Player One of the planetary continent

The soaring price of virtual NFT has attracted enough attention, and will step out of the circle in the next big wave of NFT, but the value support behind it still needs to be built on the prosperity of the meta universe itself. The future of the virtual planet land requires a large number of users to develop and construct, build scenarios and expand the scale, so as to realize the real Metaverse, and put our real world and imagined world into it.

Official English telegram: https://t.me/ufoNumberoneplayer

Official Chinese telegram:https://t.me/ufopilotufo

UFO Metaverse Number One Player Dapp:http://www.ufox.io

Process: download TP wallet → create OK chain wallet → top up USDT and okt → copy UFO meta universe Dapp link on TP wallet discovery page and enter → buy various planet blind boxes required by the top player

OKEX Exchange Apple download link:https://www.okex.com/download

OKEX Exchange Android download address:https://okmobiledev.github.io/download/okex/android.html

TP wallet download address:https://www.tokenpocket.pro

Contract address of the number one player in Metaverse:ex144yc437gyr7jv23waxwuqazwugn2xv8rg0ga6q

Block explorer:https://www.oklink.com/

Whatsapp:+44 7761968154

Bit Taurus :DeFi market development in-depth interpretation

DeFi is undoubtedly the hottest word in recent years. DeFi moves traditional finance to the blockchain network, reduces collaboration costs, improves operational efficiency, at the same time creates a global open and borderless financial system.

Before DeFi, blockchain technology experienced two major breakthroughs, both of which laid a technical foundation for the emergence of DeFi. First, the first generation blockchain technology represented by Bitcoin realized the secure and decentralized spread of value on the Internet. After that, the decentralized underlying network dominated by Ethereum realized the operation of the decentralized program Dapp with the smart contract based on the programming language Solidity. These two block technology breakthroughs have laid the technical foundation for the DeFi, after that, DeFi was produced naturally.

DeFi has gradually developed various of financial innovation forms such as debit and credit, derivatives, insurance and payment platform, and formed a more diversified business model in combination with the characteristics of blockchain technology token incentive. Compared with the traditional financial system, DeFi does not need to rely on intermediaries to engage in financial activities. The centralized financial system operation represented by banks needs the intermediary institutions of entities, and the traditional financial system is managed by people and will be subject to policy supervision, which is vulnerable to human related risks, such as mismanagement and corruption.

DeFi tries to use the emerging Internet and blockchain technology to correct the defects of the traditional financial system and create a better financial environment. DeFi optimizes three key parts of the banking system, which is to streamline the payment and clearing system, improve the availability of financial services, and improve the openness and transparency of supervision.

Various institutions believe that DeFi has two opportunities in the future: the first is the distributed improvement and upgrading of existing financial business or service. Taking advantage of the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as build trust together, transparency and non-tampering, there will be needs for upgrading and transformation of some existing financial service and business.

The second is to become a distributed basic support under emerging financial scene and demand. Blockchain technology has the advantage of natural fit for the digital scene, DeFi based on blockchain technology is fully capable of becoming the underlying financial infrastructure in the era of digitization and Internet of things.

However, it is also undeniable that the development of the DeFi industry is still in the initial stage. Whether in terms of the quantity of asset types, public awareness, business and related supporting indicators, they need to be improved.

Bit Taurus believes that the development of DeFi assets also needs more sustainable soil, and also looks forward to the realization of a DeFi network ecology with long-term investment and application value and capable of crossing cattle and bears.

AOFEX Establishes Japan Branch to Implement Its Globalization

AOFEX has officially established its Japan Branch on September 16, 2021 to start its business in Japan and further develop the market in Asia. To celebrate the establishment of AOFEX’s Japan Branch and express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX gives away 200,000 USDT (Find our more benefits at the end of the article).

Since its launch on September 2nd, the Canadian branch of AOFEX has carried out various digital asset businesses in an orderly manner, deepened its localization strategy, and provided local users with high-quality digital financial services. Up to now, AOFEX has gained the trust and support of more than 50,000 Canadian users. The establishment of the Japan Station is another milestone in the implementation of the “AOFEX Global Strategic Plan”. In the AOFEX business strategy and user expectations, AOFEX will steadily develop upwards and achieve a global layout.


AOFEX, based in London, the United Kingdom, is a global leading service platform of digital assets with security. Engage in finance and technology for many years, the core staff of AOFEX have provided technology and business consultation services for a large number of financial institution, and accumulated rich experience in risk control and management. AOFEX has introduced the world’s top risk control system of bank securities, adopted underlying security technologies, established an internal supervision and warning system, as well as built a risk reserve mechanism to provide users with a more secure cryptocurrency trading environment.

To follow the mission of “including more people into the digital finance”, and insist on the vision of “being the most influential digital financial platform to provide service for 10 million institutional investors and qualified investors”, AOFEX has received the MSB license for digital currency trading and can provide 24-hour services for 1.7 million users.

AOFEX Development

To promote the leading service of digital assets with security to the world, accurately attract more users, and obtain more digital financial resources. In 2021, AOFEX will further promote the business, fully launch the global strategic plan, and establish more branches in different countries around the world, bringing qualify services to more regions.

The establishment of Japan Branch will provide cryptocurrency services to users in Japan and other Asian regions, which is another localized service after Canada Branch.

Establish branches in more countries/regions

To implement this Plan, AOFEX, based on the service system, cryptocurrency industry, and market demands, strives to offer local services in countries and regions, enriches local blockchain asset exchange service with the guidance of local policies, and provides diverse and comprehensive trading products and quality financial services for global users at the bigger picture.

Provide professional services based on the practical situations in Japan

For cryptocurrency regulation, Japan leads the way. In April 2017, Japan has enacted the Amended Fund Settlement Act on cryptocurrencies. More laws have been implemented, such as the Fund Settlement Implementation Act, Decrees on Cryptocurrency Exchange by the Industry Cabinet Office and other related regulations. At the same time, the Financial Services Agency also issued a number of guidelines and decrees to support the specific implementation of such regulations. To accelerate the application of cryptocurrency, relevant regulations have contributed to the compilation of other laws and regulations, such as the Financial Commodity Exchange Act and the Banking Act. In this case, AOFEX will develop a digital asset service system suitable for the local development based relevant policies.

For asset services, nearly $100 million of digital assets on crypto exchanges in Japan were hacked, triggering panic. AOFEX always values the security. As AOFEX launches its branch in Japan, it will bring safe and reliable services to users and develop local digital finance.

Integrate with the platform’s ecosystems to enhance value

Expanding businesses——OT is a digital asset on ERC20 issued by AOFEX. The application scenarios of OT cover all products and rights and interests on the platform, including but not limited to deducting fees, obtaining airdrop rewards, preferential purchase of hot saving products, bonus rebate, positions and mining, AP integration branch, etc. As AOFEX is growing, its OT businesses are expanding to improve the ecosystem of AOFEX. 

With the business development and layout of AOFEX and growing OT, AOFEX ecosystem will be improved a lot in a short time. Since the establishment of Canada Branch, OT has gone up steadily, with an increase of 159.12% in 30 days, quoting 6.7513 USDT now. As OT goes up steadily and its mechanism is being improved, AOFEX ecosystem will also grow bigger, to contribute to the mutual development.

Expanding Business scope ——OT (Option Token) is a digital asset issued by AOFEX based on ERC20, covering all businesses of the platform in the world. The functions of OT cover all products and rights and interests in the platform, including but not limited to: deducting fees, obtaining air drop awards, preferential purchase of hot financial products, bonus rebate, mining, AP integration branch, etc.

With the development of AOFEX, more abundant business scope of OT will be explored, developing the AOFEX ecology.

Well-performed deflation mechanism——To increase the ecological value of OT, the platform will establish a sound deflation mechanism, and adopt the mode of burning before output, where the amount of burning is ≧ the amount of output. After the launch of OT, the circulation volume on the secondary market does not exceed 20% (20 million) of the total amount, until the total amount reaches 20 million. AOFEX exchange uses 20% of profits from transaction fees per month to repurchase OT from secondary markets and burn it. Besides, OT is burnt along with the launch of new projects. Through burning by repurchase and listing, the total amount of OT is decreased to improve its scarcity, provide stable necessities and accelerate the burning schedule, build a complete token economy system, and enable OT and AOFEX ecosystem to appreciate greatly. Until now, AOFEX has destroyed 8,844,820 OT in total.

Diverse features——OT is now used for voting, payment, lockup or holding positions. OT holders can enjoy corresponding rights and benefits, and are supported by AOFEX’s platform value. At the same time, due to the inelastic demand of project parties and comments, OT circulating amount will be reduced to create long-term and stable good situation. With the global strategic plan, AOFEX ecosystem scenarios are gradually implemented and OT will be adopted in all scenarios to empower the eocsystem and create values.

AOFEX’s Benefits

To celebrate the establishment of AOFEX’s Japan Branch and express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX gives away 200,000 USDT.

During the activity, users can go to the Telegram bot via our announcement or other social media platforms and complete the first 4 tasks sent by the bot to obtain 3 USDT, with 50,000 USDT in total. Trade to win 2 USDT, with 50,000 USDT in total. To win more rewards, invite your friends to complete tasks and share 100,000 USDT. The referral is directly proportional to the rewards. 200,000 USDT in total!
Thanks for your long-term support and trust! AOFEX strives to provide you with more secure and better digital assets service.

Participants: All users signed up on AOFEX

Time: 17:00, September 16, 2021 – 17:00, September 23, 2021 (GMT+8)

Entry: Telegram

AOFEX will continue to improve the local development strategy in Japan and insist on providing users with the fastest, safest and most professional digital financial services. At the same time, it will continue to promote the global strategy, build branches around the world, develop customized services and make digital finance benefit the common people.

AOFEX’s social media platforms:

Official website: www.aofex.com

Telegram (English): https://t.me/TheAofex

Twitter 1: https://twitter.com/Aofex2

Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/AOFEXGlobal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100039575555419

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWW5jQ9Li17TrZ-P0YfhCgA

Medium: https://medium.com/@aofex

Past Memoirs of SAMAN: Cultivating a New World

In the first half of 2021, besides the popularity of NFT Summer, there is also a very important event. On June 9, El Salvador announced that Bitcoin will be designated as legal tender, which is the first sovereign country to designate Bitcoin as national legal tender, and its historical significance will have far-reaching influence. With the booming development of NFT, meta-universe and gamefi, the whole encryption market presents a thriving scene.

The outbreak of encryption industry cannot be separated from the periodicity of technology iteration. On the eve of the outbreak of encryption market, different high-quality projects are constantly optimizing blockchain technology, which promotes the development of the industry to a higher stage, and often every stage of technological progress needs 2-3 years of brewing. This is why most of the truly valuable projects have experienced several years of development, and only by gradually transforming conceptual ideas into reality can they support the development of their value with complete ecology.

SAMAN will always take the construction of decentralized finance as the foundation of its development. Beginning with the end in mind, even if the road is difficult and stumbling, and the direction is facing the general trend, people will witness it one day. Let’s take a look at the footprints SAMAN has traveled in the past:

An inventory of SAMAN’s past footprints

November 2020     

– Published by Official Litepaper

December 2020     

– Official website

– Mining application V1 online

January 2021       

– Secondary market debut

– SAMAN works with TRX Ecology

– Map SAMAN (TRC20) tokens

– Cross-chain flash V1.0 online

– Release the SAMANSWAP design draft

– Release the SAMANPOOL design draft

February 2021

– Github open source library address released

– SAMANCHAIN Alpha V1 focused research and development

– Mining pledges exceed 50 million Samans

March 2021

– The pledge amount of mining exceeded 100 million samans

– Mining applications open up access to more international lines

April 2021

– Co-organize the April event with the Exchange

– “Pledge” and “Lucky Drop”

– Hold a fan-themed essay call

– SAMAN X Tokenism AMA

– Top 100 Kols made a joint CALL to wish SAMANCHAIN Alpha V1 online

– Live SAMANCHAIN Alpha V1


– SAMAN and YGGDRASIL are working together to develop their first game DAPP

May 2021

– SAMAN Global miners broke the 100,000 + mark for the first time on May 14

– SAMAN X JIULIAN WORLD strategic cooperation

– Mining pledges exceed 150 million Samans

June 2021

– Saman Global Group was established

– Telegram Global Group airdrop activity

July 2021

– SAMANCHAIN Alpha V2 will be intensively developed

– Co-organize the July event with the exchange

– Hold the activity of “Master Miner & Miners guru” in July

– Mining management application V2 APP android and IOS centralized research and development

– Short video solicitation activities for overseas fans were held Release selected video highlights contributed by overseas fans

August 2021

– Nearly 200 million Samans were pledged

– Launch a global promotion campaign for 100 new small communities

September 2021

– Co-organize the September event with the Exchange

– Hold the “Master Miner” activity in Septembr

Through the above inventory, it is believed that many people recall SAMAN’s past. As the saying goes, gold always shines. SAMAN community developers and fans have been working hard for all to see and step by step, and it is believed that we will see phased results soon. The next stage is the development, mapping and marketing of SAMANCHAIN Alpha V2. At the same time, we are looking forward to the DApp access on SAMANCHAIN and the landing of various applications.

Whether it is launching SRC20 TOKEN application with one click, the first batch of SAMAN ecological applications such as SamanSwap, Defi Aggregator and SamanGame, or integrating the next ecological applications with NFT and meta-universe as fusion hotspots. Fans only need a wallet APP, and they can go to each DApp to truly experience the charm of blockchain!

We should believe that truly valuable projects can stand the test of time. Whether it is Bitcoin or Ethereum, or new things emerging constantly, behind them are the technical essence precipitated by time, and the consensus is extremely strong. At present, SAMAN has more than 100,000+ miners in the world, and fans are constantly preaching. It is believed SAMAN’s consensus will become stronger and stronger. Thank you believers for their persistence. What you need to know is: SAMAN has cultivated this new world and it has your share!

How will oracles iterate? The dark horse SEOR tells you the answer

After the boom of DeFi Summer in 2020, on-chain DAPPs have been fully developed in terms of their types and uses. Although KYC is not required for DeFi, it is a rigid need to use oracles to communicate transaction data because of its core transaction function. In terms of NFT, although there are various types of on-chain native products, since part NFT products are mapped to the chain through traditional assets, this also involves data interaction.

The Demand for More and More Diversified Data

In terms of the development of the traditional financial industry, the use of information other than transaction data in financial derivatives is increasing, such as the weather futures based on weather conditions, carbon emissions futures based on carbon emissions, etc.. DeFi is built on the basis of replicating traditional finance, and inevitably will copy other more diverse derivatives in traditional finance in the future. This will certainly make DeFi use of on-chain data and off-chain data become an immediate need.

The trend of NFT is more obvious. Whether it is a collection of NFT products, or content in the metaverse, it is also starting to be more or less linked to real assets or IP. Future identity information, credit information, etc., may also exist in the form of NFT. Frequent interaction between NFT and off-chain data in the future is likely to be the general trend.

Predicaments of Existing Oracles

However, functions of extant oracles seemingly can hardly cope with such rich usage scenarios and diversified demands. 

First of all, almost all of the current functions available in oracles are focused on on-chain information. There are very few oracles that are capable of interacting with off-chain information.

Second, the resulting problem is that the oracles on the blockchain are not designed to interact with the Internet and other data, leading to single operation modes.

Third, what is even more unacceptable is that the current oracles can not juggle the information flow between layer 1 and layer 2. 

Fourth, since many oracles are designed earlier, developers did not consider integrating it into DEFI or NFT, which incurs a larger cost of use to DAPP developers. 

Fifth, most oracles support a limited number of public chains. Many people anticipate that the future will witness the arrival of multiple public chains, and it is obvious that the current oracle products are not prepared for this. 

Finally, the rewards and penalty mechanisms of oracles for information authentication and falsification are not well developed. 

In response to these problems, SEOR Network proposes a new oracle solution that will represent an important cornerstone of a pluralistic blockchain world.

SEOR’s Innovations

First of all, SEOR Network supports both on-chain and off-chain data. At the same time, in order to let the off-chain data better serve the various DAPPs on the chain, SEOR Network is designed to provide three modes of request/response, subscription/broadcast, and immediate reading, which basically covers the main data interaction modes at our current stage. This relatively full range of data interaction modes also makes it convenient for Internet companies and traditional industries to integrate the functions of SEOR Network into their applications. In addition, SEOR Network also supports multi-chain or cross-chain DAPP, providing a one-stop service for applications that deploy on both Layer 1 and Layer 2.

SEOR Network relies on two core functions to ensure data accuracy. First, the first method is to use a multi-node validation model that does not rely on centralized nodes. The accuracy of the data is based on the data provided by the majority of nodes. Some people may worry that if a large number of nodes “copy” each other’s data, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. In order to avoid this problem, SEOR Network has designed a “submit-reveal” mechanism that regulates that when multiple nodes obtain external data, their data transmission is encrypted and the nodes do not see each other’s data. Second, all the data transmitted at the same time will be decrypted, during which step we can verify which data has been accessed by most of the nodes. Both approaches ensure the data accuracy of the data and avoid malicious node practices.

More Upcoming Events

Follow SEOR Twitter: https://twitter.com/SEOR001

Retweet, like, tag three friends with the hashtag #LetsTrySEOR #SEOR

Join the SEOR community: https://t.me/SeorGroup and are actively involved.

4EVERLAND launches “First Landing” Project, dropping 50 million 4EVER tokens

4EVERLAND officially announced the launch of a project named “First Landing”, which will distribute 50 million 4EVERs in total and exclusive NFTs to reward all the developers who use the 4EVER-HOSTING services. Check the details as follows (from the official Medium) :

Dear users:

Since 4EVER-HOSTING went live on 16th August it has shown great popularity in a short period of time, with many applications already deployed by developers in 4EVERLAND Web Hosting Services.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the 4EVERLAND First Landing Event with 50 million 4EVER tokens and limited NFT rewards up for grabs.

4EVERLAND’s First Landing aims to reach outstanding developers and help them efficiently develop Web3.0 applications, encouraging the deployment of applications in 4EVERLAND.

Developers from all project stages are welcome to join this global event and all you have to do is deploy your website in 4EVERLAND to get a share of the massive reward pool.

*You must have a github account created before 8th September, 2021

Events Information

The event starts at 00:00 15th September UTC and the event ends randomized between October 7th and 14th UTC for further official notice.

There are a total of 50 million 4EVER deployment token rewards available for developers during the First Landing event. This is broken down into

  • Deployment Rewards
  • Total Users Rewards
  • Invitation Rewards
  • Developer Grants

*2000 4EVER for each developer who deployed porjects on 4EVERLAND before 8th September as Early Adopter Rewards.

Reward rules

Deployment Rewards

There are a total of 10 million 4EVER tokens available for developers during the First Landing Event. To qualify you must have:

  • Used a GitHub account created before 8th September
  • All developers who successfully deploy a project during the event period will have their account rewarded with 1000 4EVER tokens at the end of the event.
  • 2000 4EVER tokens will be awarded to those who customize their project with a domain name.

*Tokens are only awarded once per account, per address and first-level domain name.

Total User Rewards

There are also a total of 10 million 4EVER tokens available based on your project’s total number of visits to your project.

All projects that meet the deployment criteria will be eligible to win a share of the total token reward pool. This is calculated on individual project visits divided by the total number of visits across all projects.

*Tokens are available to the developers who meet the deployment criteria up to an event total of 10 million. Maximum total for one (1) project is 100,000 4EVER tokens.

Invitation Rewards

You can win your share of 4EVER token rewards by simply following the 3 easy steps below to invite new developers to 4EVERLAND:

  • Email an invitation link to new developers to register from your authorized account
  • The invitee must click the invitation link and complete their registration to 4EVERLAND
  • The invitee must also have a git hub account registered before 8th September and must deploy one or more projects as per the deployment criteria.

*Reward count is based on a weighted average divided by the number of valid invitations during the event with the counted share of 10 million of 4EVER tokens at the end of the event.

Development Grant Rewards

20 million 4EVER sponsorship tokens will be available to qualified projects for their long term development. All 4EVER-HOSTING projects are welcome to apply for Development Grant. To be eligible for the Development Grant you will need to:

  • Connect your domain name to the project;
  • Add the text “Accelerated & hosted by 4EVERLANDon” your website footer
  • Fill this form: https://www.4everland.org/firstlanding/grants/

*This event is valid until all rewards are given. Plagiarism and illegally copied project are not qualified for Grants.

Terms of service

  • 4EVERLAND reserves the right of final interpretation of the First Landing Event and the right to determine the rules and rewards.
  • Unfair competition scalping, plagiarism or any malicious competition is not allowed. 4EVERLAND retains the right to disqualify participants.
  • Deployment rewards and Total users rewards are available only to members with GitHub accounts registered before 8th September, 2021
  • Any 4EVERLAND system related issues please report to contact@4everland.org
  • Join 4EVERLAND Discord to find solutions if you have problems using 4EVERLAND services and report any bugs related to 4EVERLAND will be rewarded in the “Bug Bounty ”event.