PLUG Chain’s First Step on Global Adoption

Hong Kong, China—Plug Chain is an efficient public chain dedicated to resolving information and data interactions and now Plug Chain starts its step on global adoption. Via the cross-chain technology, Plug Chain does not only enable secure, seamless, and effective communication between the real world and blockchain, but also communicates with HECO, BSC, and POLKADOT open-chain smart contracts.

When building real systems, Oracle Network Protocol’s distributed oracle service built on Plug Chain concentrates on the following factors: confidentiality, integrity, interoperability, scalability, and availability and reliability.

The proxy system, supervision system, verification registration of nodes outside of the supply chain, and payment method are the four components of the Plug Chain design.

While there are numerous public chain initiatives, the power and faith in a system as powerful in performance as Plug Chain is based on scalability and security.

PLUG chain

What’s Special About Plug Chain?

Just one month after its launch, Plug Chain has gathered more than ten thousand users across the globe. This is indicative of Plug Chain’s ability to foster interactions between real-world and multiple blockchain data.

Like other similar services in the industry, Plug Chain has developed its native wallet for web and mobile operations.

Collaboration with top 30 CMC Exchanges

The Plug Chain team is currently working with global top 30 exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. With the collaboration, the exchanges will list Plug token on their platforms and make it achieve its objectives faster. Currently, the Plug Chain’s token, PLUG(cn) or $plug(cn) has been listed on Lbank, a crypto exchange based in Virgin Islands. LBank is currently ranked #26 in the world and listing Plug Chain on LBank Exchange will greatly increase the presence of PLUG and allow cryptocurrency users around the world to discover Plug Chain.

Plug token will be PLUG(CN), the unique name even in crypto space.

Plug Chain allows real-world economic optimization by combining high concurrency, high scalability, cross-chain, and multi-chain with real-world commercial use cases.

On June 23rd, 2021, Plug Chain launched its test net. Plug Chain is on the brink of getting enormous leaps in this age of creative innovations from a virtual experience to data and job, after intercommunication between virtual and reality.

The technology that links external systems with smart contracts and encourages contracts to contribute significantly is the local blockchain’s most essential fundamental innovation.

The blockchain’s network is a predictable ecosystem that doesn’t require third-party organizations for value transmission, making it a distributed solution for credibility issues.

Plug Chain Implementation Situations

Because smart contracts are built-in Boolean algebra and are extremely predictable, the mechanism’s efficacy is firmly proven throughout the entire operation with automated functioning. Plug Chain may make a significant difference in terms of credibility, privacy, and security, ensuring a trustworthy final implementation based on the data input’s quality.

The following are some of the Plug Chain application fields:

  1.  Decentralized Finance

The operational costs of data sources make the entire decentralized finance ecosystem more protocol-compliant, coordinating user engagement, and decentralizing reserve assets and back-end trades. The financial system under the decentralized finance framework recreates classic financial products such as loans and derivatives.

  • Stable Currency

Stable coins are assets that generally show some price stability. They give the user complete control of their assets. The American dollar is a good example of a fiat stable coin since it has minimal volatility. Hence, it offers a good money unit to invest in the long and short term.

The American dollar, on the other hand, gives the user no autonomy because it is regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank and is reliant on the American financial system for commercial purposes.

When there’s beyond-the-chain information sharing the need for cryptocurrency assets stable currencies, they attempt to print outside the world’s stable currency and rooted resources.

  • Credit and Debit Platform

Faceless individuals can mortgage margin on a distributed P2P lending platform, which starts the liquidation process.

Tech Realization

Plug Chain has the strength and confidence to withstand the agent system that summons the user agreement; secondly, the supervisory system due to scalability and security, and scientific inter, off-chain, and on-chain.

To verify the chain’s legitimacy and service quality of service; thirdly, cross-chain architectures, as well as technological advances such as a prediction network beneath the modules and chain to achieve this purpose.


Plug Chain’s processing is based on a chain and features sections like:

  1. Confirm that the node’s exterior has joined the registration process.
  •  Lightning networks, status channels, and fragmentation can be augmented.

To enjoy scalability, the autonomous public blockchain uses the practical business chains and prediction network to link technological resources, independent data sharing and COMOS, and the POLKADOT’s core vital components.

Plug Chain may enable data exchange with current blockchain functional parts, contingent on the business needs. Plug Chain prophetic machine network allows for cross-chain implementation interaction, combining the higher effectiveness of every blockchain network.

Since the automatic market maker and block structure, Ethereum Bridge, and Plug Chain Hub fix the issues of contract interaction and cross-chain data, which face increasingly immersive requirements and fragmentation technology, the role of Plug Chain Hub is unique to the blockchain seamlessly in the segmented blockchain. Compatibility can also be achieved.

The Plug Chain SDK’s purpose is to allow you to build a modular Blockchain or leverage existing ones.


The security function restricts the security border between modules and blockchains without requiring developers to write every code for the application. The Plug Chain SDK also includes a collection of developer tools.

Overall, Plug Chain is doing well, with the ecosystem’s research and development unit making progress toward marketing the Oracle Network Protocol project’s application. With multiple chains, high scalability, and cross chains, it analyzes a data mode nexus under the public chain, offering solutions for collaboration and data storage.

Finally, Plug Chain, which combines current first-rate technology with blockchain, strengthens entity companies and increases their fundamental competencies.

Plug Chain has been developed by an Asian tech team with access to high network of investors across the continent.

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The Entrance of the Metaverse: IUT Makes the Future Imaginative

Increased 5G construction has seen the historic moment when the network bandwidth speed exceeded that of the local storage media reading and writing in science and technology. The cloud computing-based NFT game scene has shown the first application scene of great value in the 5G era, with low latency, high resolution, terminal crossing and cloud-network integration.

It is generally believed in the industry that NFT games are the time gate leading to the next-generation mainstream computing platform on the Internet——Metaverse. If you travel through the gate, you will come to the Metaverse. Now, 5G is rapidly popularized, smart TVs are increasingly penetrated into people’s life, and the hardware and software conditions are gradually mature. Under this background, the consumer gaming market with iteration and evolving of graphics computing technology is promoted to develop.

“Countless people are eager to know the definition of the era next to the Internet age, and the field where the next giant will generate. For the moment, Metaverse provides us with a vague and correct direction, forming a powerful social consensus.”

What exactly is the hot “Metaverse”?

As a deeper practical application of virtual reality technology, Metaverse refers to where the Internet is developed ultimately.

The concept of Metaverse derived from science fiction. It also refers to the “ultimate form” of the Internet. The term Metaverse comes from the science fiction novel Snow Crash written by Neal Stephenson. This novel described a world where people use their virtual images to interact with varied software in a three-dimensional space.

In concept, Metaverse consists of Meta and Verse which means Transcendence and Universe respectively. Together the later two words often refers to an artificial space which is parallel to the real world, the concept of “Transcending the Universe”. From PC LAN to mobile Internet, the Internet has created increasingly immersive experience, gradually narrowing the gap between the virtual world and the reality. Under this trend, Metaverse with maximum immersive experience and engagement may be the “ultimate form” of the Internet.

The impact of the rapid development of NFT games on Metaverse

NFT games have a share in the emerging industries of 2021. And NFT games are closely connected with the Metaverse. Games like Runescape, Minecraft/Roblox, Counterstrike, Club Penguin and even Pokemon Go show the young how to communicate with each other in the virtual world. The games also teach them key economic principles that will arouse their entrepreneurship.

Therefore, NFT games gradually resonated with Metaverse. With the help of the increasingly mature network and cloud computing technologies, NFT games are becoming more pronounced for its advantages.

In the game industry, many international giants have expressed their intention of developing NFT games and Metaverse; outside the industry, while 5G and gigabit broadband are growing at full tilt, NFT games are considered as one of the vital application scenarios under dual gigabit links.

However, so far, NFT games are still in cultivation and initial development. Compared with the traditional games, the available NFT games still have a long way to go in the game experience. As a result, the market is in desperate need of new forces to open the door to the Metaverse.

Infinite Universe

The Infinite Universe (IUT) NFT gaming platform is an integrated block chain game financial service platform based on the concept of NFT, committed to providing comprehensive services for future developers of large, medium and small games on the blockchain.

With its decentralized structure, IUT straightly and organically links the constituent molecules of the entire game ecological chain, thus realizing direct connection, lossless circulation and safe storage of individual value. More prominent services will be provided by IUT, and the fair competition of innovation, experience, technology and value in the entire game ecological chain will be restored as a result.

The IUT platform was officially launched in July 2021. Being a great success, this project has been widely welcomed by users and investors since its launch. As of October 2021, the platform has received financing of above $10 million, and scored greatly in public opinion, social media and user reputation.

IUT “Fairy Tale World” Game Platform: Offers you a fairy-tale experience

As an elf pet adoption game, “Fairy Tale World” game platform is now the main promotion of IUT and has become very popular among the industry and players the first month of its launch. The “phenomenal” out-of-circle mode of game is attracting players who love Integration/Education Simulation games. “Fairy Tale World” is  IUT’s excellent work in NFT games, and its success has undoubtedly proved IUT’s on-chain advantage in producing high-quality games and IP.

Platform Vision

It is IUT’s vision to provide one-stop on-chain services for traditional game projects, offering on-chain game developers with investment and financing services, and mobile mining, and preheating and traffic introduction services of products for game developers.

And these are to make the traditional games enter into the blockchain industry more easily, thus making game developers with dreams worry nothing about operations and funds, users have a player center to share experience and discover new high-quality projects; therefore, no opportunity of obtaining wealth from the on-chain games will be missed.

Problems to be solved by the platform

Solve the problem of homogeneity in the game industry. The IUT public chain, based on its feature of NFT, can allow game assets to run across games. The game assets on IUT are on-chain assets, which only belong to the users.

Solve the problem of high entry barriers for game development. The underlying code and tools like game script are distributedly stored, which will lower the entry barriers for the entire game industry. More users who are interested in the game industry will be able to participate in and enjoy the fun and benefit of games with no need of tedious learning and much experience.

Solve the problem of difficult game promotion. By bringing in high quality game products selected by the big date of game resource platforms and importing player assets stabilized by social interaction, ensure the fun players gain in game, and reduce the difficulties in promotion through community promotion of IUT users and excitation of TOKEN. Our goal is for better gaming experience for players and a win-win pattern!

Opening the metaverse, IUT makes the future imaginative!

First IPFS application in Bi’an uses super-ecological flaming launch–Lucky Biance

IPFS distributed storage technology is being used in the world’s first super meta-universe DEFI ecosystem, powered by Biance. Three distinct communities were created simultaneously on October 15th, 2021: an English community, a Greater China community, and a Korean community.

LBC Lucky Coin Lab came up with the concept of a Lucky BianceMeta Universe. Teams from IPFS, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and AR Intelligence make up LBC’s nuclear technology team, as do internationally recognized mathematicians, cryptographers, and economists from well-known R&D institutions like MIT and Harvard.

As the first blockchain platform to integrate IPFS technology, meta-universe, DeFi and NFT, Lucky Biance aims to create the first meta-universe DEFI miner autonomy in the world. It is also a super application project of blockchain 3.0, empowered by the super IP industrial chain.

Lucky Biance is the blockchain technology pioneer! Numerous features of the Lucky Biance DAPP demonstrate its technical advantages and total decentralization. To begin, it is the first DAPP that flawlessly integrates IPFS technology. IPFS distributed storage technology can help protect the security and stability of DAPP data while also increasing the system’s service efficiency. From a user data security standpoint, this can ensure that DAPP ecological data is more secure and stable; from a platform operation and protection standpoint, this can ensure that the platform develops safely and is not impacted by regional human factors. The Lucky Biance ecological system is entirely decentralized and provides complete openness and transparency. Lucky Biance’s domain name utilizes distributed LINK technology, which is untraceable and impervious to harmful attacks. Lucky Biance is also the world’s first super ecosystem, paying close attention to and respecting users’ privacy and security. When users share, they cannot avoid revealing address information. LUCKY BiANCE addresses the issue of users sharing their personal wallet addresses. The technical team created a unique S + DES encryption method that perfectly encrypts and cannot decrypt the user’s personal address information! When users share, they display the codes that have been encrypted, allowing users to share with confidence and comfort, without fear of revealing wallet addresses!

Since its inception, Lucky Biance has been deeply concerned about environmental issues around the world. The temperature had been steadily rising. Lucky Biance plans to build a cooperative mining pool with the global DEFI community in the future. Decentralizing AMM + NFT exchange for new projects in currency security’s intelligent chain, we hope that LUCKYSWAP will provide a more pleasant trading experience and thoughtful and inventive support services in the future.

Binance’s Malta,Hoo’s Dubai

October 17-20,” Future Blockchain Summit 2021” will be held in Dubai World Trade Center. The world’s top blockchain companies including IBM, Google, Binance, etc. will gather here to showcase the world’s most innovative blockchain achievements. As the gold sponsor of this conference, Hoo Global will also make a high-profile debut at the conference, and officially start a global layout with Dubai as the radiant point.

It is understood that, in addition to Hoo Global, the head digital asset trading platforms such as Huobi and Binance have also laid out in Dubai, the “global blockchain center”. Dubai, which once relied on oil to rise, has now become the first choice for entrepreneurs in the crypto industry. This is not only due to the Dubai government’s policy support for the encryption industry but also due to Dubai’s unique geographical environment.

Follow Hoo Global’s viewpoint with Dubai as its radiant point, and explore the offensive and defensive of Hoo Global’s global layout.

 Binance’s Malta, the rising blockchain island

Similar to Dubai’s “friendly policy”, Malta was also the “Island of Blockchain” in three years ago. In March 2018, the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) issued a warning to Binance, stating that Binance is not registered in Japan and that it may cause losses to Japanese investors. If Binance does not end its business in Japan, the Financial Services Agency of Japan will initiate criminal proceedings.

At that time, Binance had just been established for one year, staying in Japan for only three months and then Japan’s Financial Services Agency issued the “Expulsion Order”, and they are looking for a more friendly regulatory environment around the world. At that time, Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat give a change to Binance. Joseph Muscat said on Twitter that “Welcome Binance to Malta and it will create the most suitable habitat for the world’s leading financial companies. “Subsequently, Binance confirmed that it would move its headquarters to Malta, which has always been more friendly to cryptocurrency businesses and investors and began to develop its blockchain business in compliance around the world.

Since then, Binance has developed by leaps and bounds, and the Binance ecosystem has also exploded, becoming the world’s top digital asset trading platform. After nearly three years of precipitation, the Binance platform token BNB rose from the lowest point of $0.03981770 to the highest point of $686.31, the increase was as high as 1,715,675%. At present, the market value of BNB is as high as $75,318,143,309, and the 24 hours trading volume can reach $3,053,099,755.

Hoo Global‘s Dubai     Blockchain New Hope Capital

Binance’s Malta, Hoo’s Dubai, both are important turning points in the growth trajectory.

In September this year, Hoo Global was invited by the Dubai Royal Family to establish a global operations center in Dubai, committed to taking Dubai as a bridgehead radiating the UAE and connecting the Middle East, and use blockchain technology and resources to empower the local blockchain industry and entity industries. Compared with the 2018 Binance’s Malta, Dubai now has a clearer plan for the blockchain industry.

In April 2018, the UAE government launched the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021, also specifying the plan to transform Dubai into the world’s first city fully powered by blockchain technology – the “Dubai Blockchain Strategy”. According to Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center, “The UAE, and Dubai in particular, has always been forward-looking and fast-moving when it comes to any future technology, and crypto-assets and blockchain are no exception.”

In 2020, the Dubai Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) issued relevant policies, which is“Decision No. (23/RM) of 2020 of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority on the regulation of crypto-asset activities“. To offer crypto assets (or any related services) in Dubai, there are two requirements: 1) the provider must be incorporated within the UAE or any financial free zone in the UAE; and 2) the provider must be licensed by the SCA. Also, the applicant must demonstrate that they will strictly comply with the UAE’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws, cyber security compliance standards and data protection regulations.

On September 22 this year, the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) and the Dubai World Trade Center Authority (DWTCA) signed an agreement to support crypto-asset transactions and related financial activities in the Dubai Free Trade Zone, allowing DWTCA to issue approvals and licenses for crypto asset related financial activities in the Dubai World Trade Free Zone. SCA supervises entities engaged in encryption services in the free zone, such as issuance, listing, trading, and licensing processes. Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General of DWTCA, said: “Through this agreement, Dubai will expand its support for blockchain and encryption technology-based investments and startups in the free zone.

The steps taken by Dubai to promote the development of the blockchain industry are becoming clearer and clearer. The invitation of the Dubai Royal Family to Hoo Global is also a powerful move to fully promote the development of the blockchain industry.

Comprehensive Product Upgrade    Hoo’s Global Ambitions

Dubai’s policy coincides with Hoo’s global layout. Now Hoo Global, which has settled in Dubai, is ready for a global layout. Compared with Binance, which settled in Malta in 2018, Hoo Global has already made a comprehensive improvement in products and ecology. Hoo Global was established in 2018, and after more than 3 years of development, relying on the application innovation of blockchain technology and underlying infrastructure, Hoo Global has become a globally innovative and competitive digital asset trading platform that includes Hoo International Station (, Hoo Smart Chain, Hoo Custody, Hoo Research, Hoo University, Hoo Cub fund, Hoo Labs, HooSwap, HooPool and other segments.

At present, the average daily spot volume of Hoo Globall has increased from $80 million to approximately $900 million. The liquidity level is in the top 75% of all exchange statistics on CoinGecko, and the trading volume level is in the top 95%; The average daily trading volume of futures increased to approximately $12 billion. The daily average number of active users exceeds 80,000, and the number of registered users exceeds 2.4 million, covering 120 countries and regions around the world. The market value of HOO is $33,294,384, and the 24 hours trading volume can reach $2,077,978.

In order to better promote the layout of globalization, this September Hoo Global has carried out VIP upgrade in response to the needs of international users, including the base rate reduced to the lowest 0.1%, VIP level rights and benefits linked to HOO, pulling new rebate strength up to 40%, etc. At the same time, recently, Hoo Global will support HOO as a pledged asset in Hoo Collateral Loan, users can transfer HOO to “wallet balance” as a pledge lending deposit for subsequent lending operations, the current HOO pledge rate is 55%, etc. Through these drastic reforms, Hoo Global is gradually improving its products to meet the different needs of users and laying a solid foundation for global compliance development.


2021 is the year of Hoo’s compliance and settlement in Dubai is a new starting point for Hoo Global. The pace of globalization will continue to drive Hoo Global to grow into the next giant.

Ninja Raiders League Draws Closer To Completion

N.Fans’ first and upcoming game, currently titled ‘Ninja Raiders League’, nears its completion as it undergoes a second round of beta testing. The game was announced in mid-to-late September and has since then seen two separate closed-beta sessions with over 1,300 combined participants.

The second one, which started on October the 10th, was planned to test the rigidity of all the feedback gathered and implemented after the first beta round. With over a thousand feedback forms filled, the N.Fans development team ensured sufficient amounts of decentralization and quality control by listening to the masses and applying their suggestions to the up and coming video game.

 The User-Interface 

Oftentimes, nothing beats simplicity, and that is the case with the UI present in Ninja Raiders League. With a clean, easy-to-use interface that can be understood and accustomed to in mere minutes; the game not only appeals to a wide audience, but is also accessible in terms of utility.

The left side of the screen is centered around the monetary aspect of the game, featuring an in-game balance, a deposit/withdraw button, and a bet adjustor to increase or decrease the stakes involved.

The center is where most of the action is at, as it displays the slot machine just above the bet-win tab, which displays the amounts bet and won for each individual round.

Alongside that tab are the lock, roll and auto-roll buttons; and lastly, up above are the help and settings buttons with which players can access a wealth of game-related info, as well as the in-game options such as the music and sound sliders.


Like any other slot machine, when certain patterns are met, the player wins rewards based on the difficulty of said pattern – which is mostly based on the symbols involved. In total, there are 25 patterns that can trigger a win.

Higher-difficulty spins are accompanied with varying animations that reflect on the magnitude of the rewards, giving the user a sense of scale while simultaneously celebrating with the results.

Patterns are also continuously highlighted afterwards to ease the learning process, and do not stop until the player performs the next spin.


A bonus game can be triggered when 3 bonus icons appear in the first, middle and final columns, which causes the game to enter into a free spin mode. Naruto and Sasuke also have individual energy bars which get filled every time their respective icons are revolved, triggering different Ninjutsu events.

NFTs are an integral part of Ninja Raiders League, and serve as an entry point for N.Fans’ other game where they can be used as battling cards, or be synthesized to create higher-level and consequently more powerful cards.

In the event of a match, the resulting NFT card is based on the level of the underlying bet; meaning the higher the bet, the higher the star level of the drop. The bet amount also determines the amount of cards dropped, dropping 3 at most for single-star NFTs.

 Coming Soon 

The game is set to be released after the second closed-beta is successfully concluded, after which N.Fans’ second game, currently titled ‘Ninja Path’, is set to follow.

Ninja Raiders League is not only the first official Naruto NFT game, but also a demonstration of N.Fans’ interconnected ecosystems at play; NFT card drops from one game can be utilized in another, a stepping stone for N.Fans’ ever-growing Metaverse, and a sneak peak at what future titles can accomplish.


 The only airline product of the “2021-2022 Global Airline Meal List-Best Airline Cultural and Creative Five-Star Award” will be revealed to the world. This airline product is the result of the innovative integration of real airplanes and airline drinks. It is reported that “the drink made in the airplane is amazing” is the comment of the organizing committee for this work. After examination, the organizing committee decided the work that won the global airline meal list-best airline cultural and creative five-star award is “MU&CUA Tea”. This work is the new cabin drink “MU&CUA Tea” in the MU Tea series, which is jointly developed by Eastern air catering and China United Airlines, combining with the IAIO-NARDO labs, it has applied the complex airplane spraying result to cabin drinks. At present, the set of airline tea products are available on the official online shopping mall of China United Airlines, which aims to provide passengers with an extraordinary cultural experience in air travel.

This work transforms the traditional water-flushing teacup into a painted airplane version of the cultural and creative teacup product through the unique airline flame-retardant artistic paint spraying results of the airplane, and the tea in it tastes excellent. It overcomes the barrier that traditional airline tea drinks lose their excellent taste due to a large amount of long-term tea brewing to meet the high supply demand from the cabin. Eastern air catering and China United Airlines are nominated by the organizing committee for their innovative R&D spirit and pursuit of pure taste.

In the category of airline catering, this work has created a unique airline drink subdivision type and cultural and creative form, which has enriched and updated the types of airline hot drinks, and dedicated airline drinks above the 10,000-meter clouds to the world through borderless flights. The items invited to be included in the list of this guide must be strictly evaluated.

The organizing committee has received applications from many airlines. Therefore, the organizing committee hereby declares that this project is not a commercial activity and does not accept any form of commercial cooperation such as evaluation consulting, advertising cooperation, etc. The nominated works are all projects with significant influence in the field of airline catering innovation. The selecting committee hopes that through such a cross-border combination, making the audiences understand the innovation and development achievements in the airline field from a more diverse perspective.

Embrace MES and create an era of empire under the metaverse

MES (METAVERSE EMPIRE) is a virtual world game based on blockchain. It uses MES+MEF as the governance token of the entire game ecology to reward all game players and allow players to experience the leap in the history of human civilization in parallel time and space.  From farming tribes to war civilization, a new “metaverse empire” was opened.

Play-to-earn will see the advanced path of encrypted games

The total global game profit in 2020 exceeds 300 billion U.S. dollars, and the most popular blockchain metaverse game is undoubtedly Axie infinity. The price of its native token AXS starts from 0.1 U.S. dollars and reaches 155 U.S. dollars in October 2021. The high price of the game created a 1550 times the myth of the richness of the metaverse game, and its market value reached 30 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, the current transaction volume of the game has exceeded 29.5 billion U.S. dollars. Axie’s achievements as a benchmark are enough to prove the development prospects of blockchain games. However, with the development of new technologies, it has moved forward with the banner of blockchain transforming the game industry. There are more than 100 categories but the scale is still not as large as traditional Internet games. One ten-thousandth of that, between power and resistance, every bit of attempt is commendable. In this context, MES has opened a new singularity, creating a powerful blockchain application game with epochal and financial attributes.

MES starts the transformation from a service provider to an infrastructure provider

The MES (METAVERSE EMPIRE) metaverse empire game is jointly initiated by a group of blockchain geeks and senior game enthusiasts from the UK and Canada. Based on the Binance Smart Chain to build a new gameplay of twin tokens MES and MEF+NFT+ Meta universe exchange, use the game ecological governance token MES as the value carrier to anchor virtual scene applications, and use the metaverse exchange platform governance token MEF for value Circulation aims to subvert the economic model of traditional games through the application of blockchain technology and give games more financial attributes.

Let players earn huge profits through games, reach a community consensus system, and establish a medium for value transmission. At the same time, every value transfer is accompanied by a deflation model and a destruction mechanism, thereby forming a stable economic system and value-driven model through the ecology of the MES+MEF combination.

Hundreds of millions of bonuses promote the development of the alliance, and the global node launch will start immediately

In terms of economic model, METAVERSE EMPIRE uses MES and MEF twin tokens, which complement each other;

The economic model of game ecological token MES is:

Total number of tokens: 30 million

Foundation 5% (locked for 3 years)

Node + private placement 5% (the average release is divided into 20 months before the game goes live, 5% per month)

Ecological development 10% (6 months after the game is online, it will be determined by the node voting according to the ecological development situation)

Technical Team (Operation Team) 10% (Before the game goes live, it will be released for 20 months and 5% per month)

Mining 70% (effective players reach 50,000, start mining, 3000 daily)

The MEF economic model for the governance token of the Metaverse Exchange platform is:

Total number of tokens: 900 million

Project party (operation team) 10%

Game output 90%

How can MES and MEF twins help the development of the game ecosystem?

70% of the total amount of MES needs to pledge NFT for mining output, and the NFT can only be synthesized by the exchange platform governance token MEF generated during the game. All MEF tokens used to synthesize the NFT will be destroyed to ensure that the MEF is good More importantly, NFT pledge mining starts only after the number of effective game players (players who purchase characters) reaches 50,000. There is no pressure on the market to add MES, and when it reaches 50,000, every day The newly added game players can also consume most of the 3000 MES newly added for mining to ensure the demand for MES and enable its price to develop steadily. The exchange’s platform governance token, MEF, in addition to purchasing equipment in the game and synthesizing the NFT of mining MES, as an exchange platform token will also be an unlimited destruction mechanism. MES and MEF complement each other and help each other’s development.

How to participate in the MES game?

The super nodes and nodes recruited by the MES game can not only enjoy the ultra-low price MES as the identity of the game participant builder, but also enjoy the weighted income brought by the global game character dividends, and because of the identity of the participating builder, in the future Voting governance can also be participated in the ecological development; In addition, low-threshold private equity allows more ordinary players to deploy in advance and enjoy the wealth brought by price increases. The entire economic model of twin tokens MES and MEF complements each other through rigorous algorithms. The interspersed application of, guarantees the good circulation value of the secondary market, so that all ecological builders participating in the game can enjoy the benefits of the era brought by the metaverse empire game.

MES4.0 ecological planning, iterative development of specific forms in the future

From a value-oriented point of view, the highlight of the MES game lies in its small total amount of tokens, extremely low circulation, low participation threshold, unlimited deflationary destruction of gold standard tokens, MEF synthesis of NFT destruction mining, and dual-token interspersed application destruction. Maximum limit, support for multiple languages, and have a variety of highly free gameplay. MES is not only an entertainment tool, but also allows the game scene to carry the virtual reality of identity, wealth, and network, so that all players can make money while playing, and all behavior trajectories will be accompanied by value orientation. From the perspective of the overall ecological layout, compared to being a participant, users are more eager to have power. This is a change from the previous game model, giving players more opportunities to plan the ecosystem, but it does not mean that it is developed according to personal wishes. What MES links is not only the integration and interaction between virtual space and the real world. Through a series of smart contracts with optimized liquid mining strategies, it can automatically seek the best profit strategy for users. The game has gradually crossed from 1.0 farming civilization to the Stone Age. In the era of war, the era of civilization will finally form a benign and sustainable era of empire. This is the ecological development of MES.

Metaverse will be an interface revolution between the real world and the digital world. The immersive experience will defeat the abstract program interface, and the real world will be seamlessly connected with the digital world through the immersive experience. The metaverse structured the technological interaction between virtual and reality. MES+MEF opened a new outlet for value transmission. The metaverse empire game innovation infinite deflation and destruction of the twin game token model will surely drive a new wave of metaverse game wealth creation effects. ,What are you waiting for? Join us and create your own metaverse empire together!


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How To Play The Underlying Protocol Of The Metaverse? Lets Take A Look Of WoW Solution

The future has come, curtain of the Metaverse has opened

In 1992, Neal Stephenson put forward the concepts of “Metaverse” and “Avatar” in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash.” The plot of the book takes place in the future setting of a real human living in a virtual space with a virtual human through a VR device.

In 2003, the first phenomenal virtual world “Second Life” was launched. The explorers team said that it was not a game. “There were no conflicts to create and no artificially set goals”. People could socialize, shop, build and do business in it. People experience the parallel world on the Internet for the first time.

In 2021, Facebook announced an investment of US $50 million, based on AR and VR technologies, to develop the Metaverse: a digital world where multiple people can live at the same time.Zuckerberg announced that he wanted to build Facebook into a Metaverse company.

History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme!

The dream of the Internet at the beginning of its birth seems to be moving towards reality. We may really become ready” player 1 “in Spielberg’s films.

Blockchain, the most important underlying technology of the meta universe

But can Facebook make a Metaverse? Many people disagree, because in addition to AR and VR, there is another area that can not be ignored – Blockchain. Facebook’s genes doomed it to be difficult for him to embark on the road of decentralization.

From the perspective of infrastructure, all transactions in virtual space-time need a technology to ensure the security of transactions and the reliability of account books.

From the perspective of governance, we need to ensure the fairness of the birth of the virtual world, and people no longer need a centralized virtual space-time controlled by authority

Under the framework of blockchain: we can have social platforms based on rules and algorithms, digital currency and economy platforms based on blockchain, and content platforms based on UGC.

Everything has its origin, so the underlying protocol of the metaverse is particularly important.Many of Blockchain projects are trying to contribute their own answers to this question.We will analyze one of the projects, the WoW Metaverse, what they are doing for it ?

Like all metaverse projects, WoW Metaverse first built its own story:

After experiencing many difficulties, elves and humans beat back the giant animal’s army by letting humans learn magic.The 51 magicians who defeated the giant animal army became archbishops, jointly formed the Hall of Elders and became the leader of the whole human elf alliance.The magicians who lead WoW open a new legend with their own wisdom, which is WoW Metaverse.

The Hall of Elders composed of archbishops is the highest authority in WoW World.In addition, there are 10200 chief priests, attached to the archbishop, who are powerful members of WoW World and maintain the daily stability of WoW.

All humans and elves in WoW are eager to try, strive for 51 archbishops and set up a team to gain the greatest influence for their team and lead tribal residents to create WoW Metaverse ecology.

Users can obtain Archbishop NFT through purchase on the official website. With Archbishop NFT and 100 magicians in the magic team, you can divide 50% of the mining tax every month.

Get the Priestly NFT through the official website. Each Priestly NFT can receive 1000 WOW as a bonus and divide 10% of the mineral tax every month.

Other ordinary users only need to hold 200 WOW tokens to become a WoW magician, and can participant the mining of the bounty pool.

These three constitute the strongest governance framework in WoW World.In order to balance the ecological competition, WoW also provides a variety of playing methods such as blind box, upgraded, Hunters for bonus, token destruction and so on.

Through the creation of authority structure and playing methods, and the circulation of NFT and governance token, the governance protocol of WoW World is slowly launched.

After careful study, we can see that the whole governance protocol has the following advantages:

—Low threshold

Users can mining without staking which its holding is mining, reduces the access threshold of Metaverse.

—High liquidity

By setting the minimum threshold, strengthen the transaction motivation and ensure the flow foundation.

—High fairness

There is no monopolize holder,balance will be automatic adjusting by whole net.

—High promotion

very positive promotion mechanism to make marketing efficient,here is no chance to get benefit without working,fair is platform’s principle

—High retention of users

value exchanging keep users stay the platform forever and build a very prosperous ecology

Whether WoW’s scheme can realize the above advantages remains to be verified in time, but it clarifies what characteristics a healthy and lasting Metaverse governance agreement should have in order to completely activate the door of the new world.

After the door is opened, the metaverse can not complete the closed loop until the real UGC is realized. These directions are also mentioned in WoW’s planning. AS the following three points

—NFT Platform

The full name of NFT is non fungible token, which is an important trading medium of metaverse. In addition to building a perfect NFT trading platform with famous artists and collections, metaverse will also actively explore and expand its influence in domain name, copyright, bill and other markets.

—Game BaaS platform( Blockchain as Service)

The Metaverse ecology will provide you with complete meta universe game scenes:

Users can choose games freely, participate in games fairly and even create games independently by themselves.

Mature games will be organically combined with blockchain. BaaS system helps more games break through the closed economic system and become a P2E game.

—WoW social platform

Anyone can create “avatars” in the metaverse. In the future, there will be friends on the platform of each metaverse, which can realize barrier free communication. Therefore, the research on compatibility (cross chain) development will play an important role.

William Ford Gibson, a famous science fiction novelist and writer who once wrote “Neuromancer”, once said:

The future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed

We don’t know how the Metaverse develops, but we may be able to ask the right questions from innovators such as WoW Metaverse.

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IUS — an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe

IUS was created by the island universe foundation and blockchain wizard Maniel Larimer. IUS is an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe. IUS is mainly dedicated to ecological construction and ecological empowerment. The birth of IUS is entirely based on an empowering main chain coin based on the ecological construction of the meta universe. IUS empowers meta-universe applications including but not limited to Difi, Nft, VR, MR, AR, Internet of Things, 5G, Web3.0 and other applications. IUS is mainly used as a driving IUS ecological token to provide an engine for all enabling tokens. Adopt blockchain 4.0 technology to guide and drive various applications on IUS in a completely open and transparent way. IUS guarantees the healthy development of applications and at the same time extends global developers to create and develop ecology on the basis of IUS. IUS will work with global developers, communities, and all participants to improve the development of ecological empowerment. Eventually form the parallel world of IUS. Show mankind the possibility of constructing a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world; triggered the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics and life sciences, changed the scientific paradigm; promoted the traditional philosophy, sociology and even the humanities system breakthrough.

IUS is the mother body of the entire universe ecology used to empower all sub-chain ecology in the IUS universe ecology. All ecological sub-chains on IUS will consume IUS base currency in different scenarios. The main role of IUS is to provide a healthy and circular development of all sub-chains in the ecosystem, and escort the ecology of all sub-chains. IUS is fully autonomous in the community by voting block proof through the 3600 NFTs (Island Owners) of the IUS ecology in a decentralized way of the blockchain, and the aborigines on each island can purchase IUS through different island owners. The final output method of IUS is to produce all miners’ servers through server mining, which is mainly carried by the IUS ecosystem. IUS will open source all technologies and call on global developers to participate in the IUS ecological construction. All developers participating in the IUS ecological construction will obtain the IUS ecological development fund through voting by the island owner. The complete decentralization of the IUS ecosystem creates a complete and healthy circular ecosystem through the use of fully open source, open, and global participation, using the technology combination of the meta-universe. The IUS ecology includes games, commerce, agriculture, construction, tourism, communications, and other parallel universe ecology. IUS is committed to the balanced development of ecology, empowering technology and industry-oriented financialization of the ecological industry through digital driving.

A King Of Wolves game aimed at building multiple DeFi ecology and landing games is coming online.

King Of Wolves is a NFT-based competitive social game supported by Absolute blockchain. The rich identities of police chiefs, wolves, ordinary villagers, prophets and detectives in the game are all NFT assets. Users have full ownership and can transfer and trade through blockchain networks at any time. Users can also package the roles and resources in the game as a whole as NFT for transfer or sale. The attribute upgrade of these roles requires AST Token, and their weapons are all based on NFT. Players must collect as many AST Tokens as possible to upgrade their game ability, because this is a game of playing while earning, which means that there is money incentive for players to pledge the original AST coins of the platform and continue the game.

Although the games of playing while earning have just emerged, they seem to be popular for a long time. Players can create new digital assets, use the infrastructure of the game to trade, and earn virtual currency in the game. These virtual currencies can be easily sold and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and statutory currencies.

In the past, there have been many games that support online community dynamics, but by adding revenue-generating capabilities, playing while earning games is making communities more active. This niche market is still young, so it may be beneficial to pay attention to these projects while playing, because they are beneficial in the long run.