Dr Sudhir Giri donated Rs. 25 Lakh to Uttrakhand Govt for helping the tragedy stricken residents of Joshimath.

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Dr Sudhir Giri Chancellor Shri Venkateshwara University handed over a cheque of INR 25 lakhs to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Mr Pushkar Singh Dhami for helping the tragedy-stricken residents of Joshimath.

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh Feb 4, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Dr Sudhir Giri Chancellor of Shri Venkateshwara University donated INR 25 lakhs for helping the tragedy-stricken residents of Joshimath.

On Thursday, Dr. Sudhir Giri met the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Mr. Pushkar Singh Dhami at his Cantt road residence & handed over a cheque for INR 25 lakhs. The CM thanked Dr. Sudhir Giri for his generous contribution & urged people to help the tragedy-stricken people of Joshimath. He reiterated the rehabilitation of Joshimath residents is the top priority of the state Government & such gestures are commendable.

Dr. Sudhir Giri, an educationist & philanthropist, is involved in helping the needy & weaker sections of society. He worked relentlessly during Covid times & cured over 5000 patients & recorded the lowest number of deaths in the country.

Dr. Sudhir Giri used the facilities at their flagship hospital VIMS & pressed his team of Doctors & healthcare workers to serve the patients day & night.

The UP Government conferred upon him the prestigious ‘Excellence Health care Award’ for doing excellent work during Corona. At an event in Lucknow, Dr. Suresh Khanna UP Cabinet Minister felicitated Dr. Giri with the Excellence award & a citation.

Further, he adopted innovative teaching practices so that the studies of the students are not affected & the faculty completes the syllabus on time. The Asian Chamber of Commerce lauded the efforts of Dr. Sudhir Giri chairman of Venkateshwara group to provide free-of-cost medical services during Corona & for adopting innovative teaching practices. For these momentous efforts, Dr. Sudhir Giri received the Asia Education Excellence Award 2021.

Dr. Sudhir Giri has climbed the ladder of success through sincere hard work & reckons the hardships faced by rural youth in getting educated. He supports meritorious students through a series of scholarships so that they realize their professional aspirations. He offers scholarships to the wards of Defence Personnel, girl students & the differently abled. To nurture sporting talent in the country, Dr. Sudhir Giri offers scholarships to sports persons.

A dedicated Jan Kalyan Department assists the students in availing of a scholarship. To date over 500000 youth have realized their professional dreams because he promotes affordable education & healthcare for all.

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Media Contact

Venkateshwara Group of Institutions

[email protected]


Source :Venkateshwara Group of Institutions, Meerut

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Four Things You Didn’t Know About The Forever Bracelets

Ahead of the launch of its new Custom Permanent Bond Bracelet, The Watchmaker’s Daughter is making public Four as yet unreleased facts about Forever Bracelets set to go live February 2023, which fans and consumers within the Custom Artistic Jewelry space will find interesting…

The four items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating Forever Bracelets came about after many customers asked for something new and unique to commemorate a relationship with someone special. Mothers and daughters were looking for a way to celebrate their bond. Best friends wanted to celebrate their lifelong friendship. Spouses and couples wanted to symbolize their forever relationship. The art-inspired jewelers looked at bracelets and used custom-curated charms and links to bond the bracelets permanently, creating a forever bracelet that is unique, personal to the wearers, and timeless.

The jeweler looked into different materials, charms, links, and bonds and had a team of 3 artisan jewelers working on it, which is considered large by industry standards. This goes to show a group of jewelers with a passion for art can bring something completely new, fresh, and meaningful to the market.

The Custom Permanent Bond Bracelet almost didn’t see the light of day when people got the impression forever bracelets were somehow welded to the wearer and impossible to remove. The problem was overcome by educating people that a permanent bond bracelet is bound with a secure clasp charm, link, or embellishment that can be removed easily with wire snips.

The Watchmaker’s Daughter has done something different compared to other businesses in the Custom Artistic Jewelry space by hosting limited-time pop-up shops in local communities.

Forever Bracelets will be released as part of The Watchmaker’s Daughter’s greater plans to bring to life a complete line of custom-crafted and curated jewelry that can be tailored to the unique style of the wearer. It’s hoped mid-2023 will achieve this goal.

The Watchmaker’s Daughter started when Founder Karen Staub noticed a growing need for a jewelry shop that caters to the uniqueness of the individual and not a corporate franchise style offering all the same looks. With decades prior experience in the Custom Artistic Jewelry world, Karen Staub decided to go ahead and start in 1945.

Karen Staub says: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like sharing custom creations on social media and releasing these little factoids ahead of the Forever Bracelets launch are what make a difference.”

Forever Bracelets’ next pop-up show is set to launch in February 2023 and is available any time at the store. To find out more, visit https://www.watchmakersdaughter.net/whatispermanentjewelry

For more facts and further information about The Watchmaker’s Daughter, this can be discovered at https://www.watchmakersdaughter.net/

The Watchmaker’s Daughter
[email protected]
22 North Beaver Street

United States

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Butcher Block Co. Leads Sustainability Effort As National Appetite Shifts

ARIZONA – A new report from Houzz Research indicates that the vast majority of homeowners (92%) incorporate sustainable features during a kitchen renovation. 2,380 U.S. homeowners were surveyed about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects.

The report found that nearly half of homeowners (47%) opt for a timeless design as a sustainable choice during renovations. While the most frequently cited reason for incorporating sustainable options is long-run cost-effectiveness (74%).

The reasoning appears to be because kitchens continue to command significant investment. After continuous growth over the past four years, median spend on minor remodels increased by 40% year over year to $14,000, up from $10,000 mid-2021, and up 75% compared to mid-2020 ($8,000). Median spend on major* renovations of large kitchens (250 square feet or larger) remained flat year over year at $50,000 in mid-2022.

But after cost, making environmentally friendly choices was also top of mind for 3 in 5 renovating homeowners (54%). The report suggests that consumers clearly want sustainable, premium-quality, performance-driven equipment in their homes that saves them money on initial installation and over time through low maintenance.

Butcher Block Co. has understood this for years and prioritizes American based sourcing partnerships who put sustainability and cost-effectiveness at the center of their production with products that require infrequent, trouble-free maintenance.

For instance, Catskill Craftsmen – a key supplier of Butcher Block Co. – utilizes naturally self-sustaining, non-endangered North American hardwoods, primarily birch and hard rock maple. Lumber is purchased from area sawmills, then dried, manufactured, and packaged onsite. All sawdust, shavings and waste materials generated during the manufacturing process is converted into wood pellet fuel, and used to heat homes so that nothing is wasted.

“Our approach is better for the environment, eliminates waste, strengthens the economy, and it turns out – it’s what consumers actually prefer,” said Butcher Block Co. Vice President, Matt Grodsky, “By committing to working with organizations that focus on keeping product waste down and prioritize responsible sourcing, we ensure we’re protecting the planet while serving customers,” he added.

This ecommerce news update is presented by Butcher Block Co., an online store that specializes in top-of-the-line wood countertops in butcher-block or plank style and in sixteen different species of wood. BB Co. also offers Catskill Craftsmen and John Boos portable kitchen islands, tables, kitchen carts and cutting boards.

To review the entire Houzz report, visit: https://st.hzcdn.com/static/econ/2023_Houzz_US_Kitchen_Trends_Study.pdf

Butcher Block Co.

10448 N 21st Pl Phoenix, Arizona

United States

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Clearwater Beach Bars & Restaurants For Digital Nomad Work: Report Released

The new report provides an in-depth analysis of what Crucial Constructs considers to be the best bars and restaurants along the Clearwater Coastline. The various locations include tiki venues, dance clubs, and restaurants to dine at for a spectacular sunset.

The complete travel report can be read at https://crucialconstructs.com/best-beaches-for-digital-nomads-clearwater-beach

Among the various bars and restaurants that the report elaborates upon is Shepard’s Tiki Bar and Grill. An 11,000-square-foot space, Shepard’s Tiki Bar and Grill has indoor and outdoor seating arrangements and includes a dance floor. The report suggests that Shepard’s Tiki Bar and Grill is tailored for younger crowds, as DJs regularly perform at this lively location.

For a more relaxed environment, the report recommends visiting Surfside Faucet Residence. An ideal restaurant for craft beer enthusiasts, Surfside Faucet Residence has more than 50 types on tap and rotates its selection on a continual basis. The kitchen at Surfside Faucet Residence remains open from morning until evening, serving food well into the night.

The 360 Roof Lounge at Zamora is another location described in the travel report. Known for its stunning views of the Gulf Of Mexico and for its reputation as a fancy club, The 360 Roof Lounge serves artisanal drinks and has one of the best happy hour specials in the area, per the report.

Visitors to Clearwater who are in search of a fine dining establishment are recommended to visit Cooter’s. A restaurant ideal for seafood lovers, according to the report. The author suggests trying the oyster shooters, which are oysters in a shot glass blended with cocktail sauce and beer. A local favorite for over 25 years, Cooter’s takes the number seven spot on Crucial Constructs’ list of the Best Bars in Clearwater.

With the latest announcement, Crucial Constructs continues to provide the most up-to-date information on possible travel destinations for remote workers.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Simply off the coastline of Florida, Clearwater Coastline is part of the broader Clearwater city in the Tampa bay area. This gorgeous coastline has been called one of the most gorgeous worldwide. Thousands of travelers flock to the white sands and crystal-clear water yearly.”

Interested parties can read the full report by visiting https://crucialconstructs.com/best-beaches-for-digital-nomads-clearwater-beach

Crucial Constructs

16238 Highway 620 N.,
Suite F-104
United States

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Sales Tax Audit Defense Firm Clarus Partners Saves Clients More Than $1 Billion

Sales tax audit defense expertise is a specialty that can save a business hundreds of thousands – and even millions – of dollars. Clarus Partners has helped their clients manage these events, which can be extremely anxiety-provoking. Any business owner that is being audited by a state or local taxing authority can be facing information requests and tight timelines, but when there is more than one state knocking on the door at the same time, panic levels can go through the roof. This creates multiple challenges from the management standpoint as well as compliance.

“We have perfected the art of sales tax audit defense,” says Jeff Stonerock, CPA, Partner at Clarus Partners Advisors LLC (“Clarus Partners.”) “We have successfully saved our clients over $1 billion cumulatively.”

In a notable example of Clarus Partners’ work in the audit defense space, their client Legend Networking and Telecom, which provides IT services in many states, was being audited for sales and use tax purposes.

“We had hired another sales tax consultant to help us with our audit initially,” said Camille Monk, Chief Financial Officer at Legend Networking and Telecom. “The results were very lukewarm, leaving us with a six-figure liability. Our new CPA suggested we reach out to Clarus Partners. Even after following up with another service provider who ‘specialized’ in sales tax, Steve Hanebutt at Clarus Partners was able to decrease our audit by two-thirds!”

The final savings for Legend Networking and Telecom was more than $200,000.

Another client, a company in the manufacturing sector, was undergoing a sales tax audit by the State of Texas when they hired Clarus Partners to defend them. Clarus Partners worked with the firm’s customers to secure sales tax exemption certificates. In those cases, the customers – not the manufacturing firm – were responsible to pay the use tax. Clarus Partners also provided additional documentation that served as evidence of out-of-state sales that were beyond the scope of the Texas sales tax audit. In addition, Clarus Partners obtained sales tax refunds the taxpayer was unaware of that brought down both the tax assessment as well as associated interest charges. These efforts resulted in the manufacturing firm reducing their initial liability of $1.1 million to less than $100,000.

A client in the retail sector was initially assessed approximately $700,000 of sales and use tax, largely due to a lack of complete and valid exemption certificates. Once Clarus Partners was brought in, the team worked to reconcile differences in the audit schedules and to obtain the needed exemption certificates. As a result, the initial audit assessment was reduced by more than 80 percent! Additionally, now that the client clearly saw how important it is to maintain the necessary exemption certificates, Clarus Partners was able to implement SmartCert, its leading-edge exemption certificate management solution. In doing so, the client’s next audit three years later resulted in a $3,000 assessment. From $700,000 to $3,000 in three years. This clearly speaks to the expertise and solutions that Clarus Partners brought to the table.

Clarus Partners helped a manufacturing taxpayer with a sales tax audit. The initial audit schedules demonstrated a sales tax liability of more than $2 million. The audit liability was reduced to a final assessment of less than $15,000 because Clarus Partners successfully applied specific manufacturing exemptions allowed by the State of Texas. Other tax consultants without this level of expertise would probably have not been aware of expenditure exemptions involving energy consumption and industrial waste disposal. These exemptions reduced the audit assessment substantially and the taxpayer also received refunds of overpaid sales and use taxes, roughly $600,000, with Clarus Partners’ help.

Clarus Partners successfully defended a contracting client in a Kansas sales and use tax audit situation. Here, the amounts in question were much smaller than those in the above examples, but the client was also much smaller. Sales and use tax laws in Kansas related to contractors and real property improvements provide an exception that favors taxpayers in one of the tax imposition statutes. This was and is a long-time vendor relationship, so this result will provide benefits for years to come.

These examples demonstrate that sales tax audit defense starts with an integrated and robust exemption certificate management system (“ECMS”), preferably one that does not break the bank. Clarus Partners has created its own proprietary ECMS solution called SmartCert. SmartCert is becoming the industry leader in value and service.

Sales tax audit defense is a specialty. Properly managing such an audit is an art. Those being audited need to engage the right firm with the right experience and expertise. For taxpayers needing help with their own sales tax audits, a call to Clarus Partners could result in a success story like one of these.

Clarus Partners can be contacted through their website.

Clarus Partners

1233 Dublin Road

United States

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Online Swim Skills Training Lessons For Backstroke & Freestyle Launched

The company’s newly released training programs teach swimmers the correct techniques for backstroke, front crawl (also called free stroke), breaststroke, and the butterfly stroke. With these lessons, individuals can learn to swim more effectively and efficiently.

More details can be found at https://www.swimvice.com

The new lessons are for adventurous adults with any degree of experience — the digital platform is specifically designed to provide support at the user’s specific skill level and learning pace. Students can learn from anywhere, and connect with other students globally.

Successfully learning any skill requires both repetition and knowledge. Even though it might not be feasible to go to the pool every day, swimmers can still improve by cultivating a deeper understanding of efficient and professional techniques.

SWIMVICE’s courses encompass more than 100 pieces of digital content designed to help athletes improve their swim practice. The company also provides an exclusive global community of other swimmers to connect and engage with through the learning process. More digital training plans and teaching content are added regularly, and swimming challenges are posted on the community forum.

Students also receive the benefit of professional instruction, as they have the opportunity to connect with coach Mandy to develop personalized training plans, evaluate their swim videos, ask questions, and participate in live streams that reinforce the content provided in the videos.

Lessons can be accessed through both monthly and annual subscriptions.


SWIMVICE offers swimming courses designed to enhance performance for athletes of all experience levels, from fresh beginners to longtime fans of the sport. Coach Mandy is also available to teach private lessons in the San Francisco area, and can be contacted for a 30-minute phone consultation prior to starting the program.

According to a customer: “I’ve watching SWIMVICE for a couple months now. They are great vids, very informative, and I have been using them to be a better swimmer.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.swimvice.com

[email protected]

3739 Balboa St
United States

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Swimming Fundamentals Online Course With Live Community Interaction Released

The company’s newly added course helps swimmers to train their speed and efficiency by teaching proper techniques, highlighting common mistakes, and demoing proper form. The trainer, coach Mandy, is available to assist learners remotely.

More details can be found at: https://www.swimvice.com

In addition, the newly released course comes with an interactive community component, where swimmers from across the US can support and teach each other.

Like all forms of exercise, proper techniques are necessary in swimming to avoid injury, prevent joint stress, and maximize efficiency and results. For beginners, learning the proper form from the outset builds a strong foundation from which to continue the sport, and decreases the time needed to reach goals.

SWIMVICE’s comprehensive swim course provides that foundation through coach Mandy’s professional insight. Through scheduled live streams, beginners have an opportunity to ask questions and develop a personalized training plan. Learners also become part of an exclusive online community and can learn through interaction with others.

New swimmers will also have access to more than 100 pieces of content — such as instructional videos and blog posts –that offer comprehensive training on essentials like freestyle breathing and stroke techniques. New content, such as interactive community challenges, is routinely added to enhance the experience.

With the latest announcement, SWIMVICE continues to expand its library of online resources designed to help swimmers of all skill levels improve technique, efficiency, and speed.


SWIMVICE is based in San Francisco and offers swimming courses designed to increase speed and efficiency for athletes of all experience and commitment levels, from casual hobbyists to professional triathletes. For those local to the area, coach Mandy is also available to teach private lessons.

According to a customer: “Thank you so much for these mini lessons and advice! Straightforward, comprehensive and engaging in swimmers’ needs. That’s how the best teachers are. Looking forward to learning more from you, coach Mandy.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.swimvice.com

[email protected]

3739 Balboa St
United States

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Swim Training Blog: Professional Coach Freestyle Skills Platform Updated

The recently added resources features tips and advice from a professional swim coach’s point of view, on how mindset, training, and gear can positively impact a swimmer’s efficiency in the water.

More information can be found at https://www.swimvice.com

In the past few years, when individuals spent extended periods of time social distancing, swimmers turned to online resources for new and impactful ways to stay fit and train solo. Building on that momentum, SWIMVICE Community’s blog and video platform now offers fresh training techniques that help athletes fine-tune their movement through the water.

While the website details step-by-step instructions, it is further complemented by YouTube video tutorials that demonstrate how to put these techniques into practice. Seeing the training in action often helps swimmers pinpoint weaknesses in their form, which, when corrected, can significantly improve their timing.

The blog’s resources cover everything from introductory swimming strokes and buoyancy to more intricate skills that improve kick timing, rotation, and streamlining. With the different levels of instruction, from fundamentals all the way to advanced guides, SWIMVICE’s extensive content covers topics for both beginners and experienced swimmers.

SWIMVICE Owner/Operator and experienced swim coach Mandy Bradley stated: “My style of coaching is systematic and involves helping swimmers improve their stroke, technique, and conditioning. I believe in working with swimmers in these areas to solve problems and help them reach their goals.”

The company’s website also features a ‘SWIMVICE Community’ portal, featuring more in-depth course packages that bring swimmers from across the globe together with the shared aim of improving their swimming technique. The multi-course digital platform helps swimmers overcome individual limitations and target specific goals to advance personal progress.

Coach Mandy Bradley also conducts private lessons in San Francisco, for swimmers requiring one-on-one training sessions.

A satisfied client said: “I could not swim at all. In 4 months, I am now able to swim confidently. In a few months’ time, I will hopefully complete a Half Ironman. Mandy is able to explain things in a simple way and in a way that I can remember when I am doing my own drills.”

Interested parties can access SWIMVICE’s blog, video, and course content by visiting https://www.swimvice.com

[email protected]

3739 Balboa St
United States

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Digital Book Series For Educators To Maintain Order In The Classroom Launched

This new book, titled “Lead With Grace,” has been announced by Times 10 Publications as a recent addition to their catalog of empowering literature. The book provides readers with a universal framework for leadership that can be useful for educators, managers, parents, or administrators.

More details are available at https://www.10publications.com/LEAD-WITH-GRACE

The latest release brings in a long series of powerful titles to the Times 10 lineup, each of which provides readers with a unique angle on topics such as effective teaching and parenting. Jessica Cabeen’s book focuses primarily on leadership strategies for educators, but its guidance is applicable to various other fields.

In “Lead With Grace,” Jessica Cabeen sets out to help her educators better understand the multifaceted nature of leadership. Her advice spans a variety of subtopics, from interpersonal and team-building exercises to the time management skills required to be an effective example for others.

Her tips are intended not to inspire radical or immediate change, but rather to give readers the tools they need to achieve steady growth in their everyday lives. She emphasizes gradual, “soft” improvement rather than imposing a rigid structure to be followed, or providing inflexible exercises to her readers.

More Times 10 Publications books on leadership can be found athttps://www.10publications.com/leadership-books

One reviewer stated, “Jessica Cabeen shares some powerful insight into how to use grace and soft skills to build relationships and find the natural leader in all of us. From the moment I opened this book, I could not put it down. I felt like Jessica was speaking directly to me, and in such a way that it was like having a welcome (yet moving) chat with a good friend.”

Like many of the other books in the Times 10 Publications lineup, “Lead With Grace” seeks to convey an even mix of so-called “do it tomorrow” advice and long-term goal-setting strategies. Cabeen does so in this title by pairing her actionable advice with real-world examples and anecdotes from her own life.

Cabeen is an experienced and award-winning school administrator who has published a number of other books spanning a broad range of pedagogical topics. This recently announced book is her second from Times 10 Publications and is available in both softcover and ebook formats.

Additional details can be found at https://www.10publications.com

Times 10 Publications

322 West Legend Court
Unit B
United States

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Genius ERP & Salesforce CRM Software Integration For Small Businesses

Commercient has launched the SYNC data integration app, which acts as a connector between the Salesforce and Genius ERP systems. This integration will allow different teams throughout a workforce to communicate and share information seamlessly, giving sales and logistics teams access to the same information across systems.

More information is available at https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N4V00000DYhynUAD&tab=e

This SYNC app is the latest in a long line of integration solutions from Commercient, which has already built powerful bridges between some of the most widely used ERP and CRM solutions on the market.

This system will allow manufacturers who use Genius ERP to manage their operations to access sales and accounting data through the same centralized platform. The integration is intended to streamline different business processes and operations.

SYNC also allows those same companies to build a strong foundation of customer satisfaction, given that customer records are available through an accessible integrated system rather than placed into a separate database.

Much in the same way, the system is intended to make tax payments and audits easier as well due to the consolidation of financial and customer data.

A more detailed overview of this software is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6aMPGTB1QI

Commercient’s system preserves custom workflows and increases the suite of tools available to those working within both Salesforce and Genius ERP. The same is true for other custom database components such as orders, invoices, and objects – the integration seamlessly transfers the data of both cloud systems.

Commercient has built this service and its requisite application in order to provide their users with digital management technology that can be integrated quickly into existing infrastructure and is also friendly for small businesses. Typically integrations of this magnitude take months to reach full operation, whereas SYNC can be installed much quicker.

More information regarding these add-on programs is available on the Commercient website.

Additional details can be found at https://www.commercient.com/product/sync-integration-for-genius-erp-and-salesforce-with-commercient

[email protected]
1640 Powers Ferry Road
Bldg3 Ste 300
United States

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