Affordable Burleigh Heads Gold Coast Tyre Wholesaler Shares Tyre Knowledge

Purpose of tyres: grip the road and provide good traction

When your tyres are fit for purpose, it simply means that the tyres don’t have any lumps, bulges and tears. It also means that the tyres meet the minimum tread depth requirements. Chris Lett , Australian tyre expert and founder of Branigans Tyres shares his tyre knowledge and advice with all consumers.

The aim is to avoid a roadworthy failure. Having the wrong tyres or incorrectly fitted tyres can lead to a roadworthy failure. That’s why you need to not only have the right tyres, but also have the right tyres fitted correctly. Most drivers are advised to replace their tyres in pairs across the axle, or all four at the same time. Lett says, “there is no legal obligation to use the same tyres as the original tyres for your vehicle; the tyres chosen need to be of a specified tread pattern suited for the make and model of the car. What’s not allowed is mixing up tyre sizes and construction types across an axle.”

“If only two tyres are replaced, a close match to the existing tyres should be fitted to the back axle. This is to ensure stability when driving,” Lett said.

There’s a technique used by tyre specialists to fit tyres the right way to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. This is why it’s important to get tyres fitted into a vehicle by a professional. If a tyre is not fitted correctly, the tyre can become damaged or burst easily. “Tyres that aren’t fitted according to the marking on the sidewall mean that the driver won’t benefit from the special design of the tyre,” Lett added.

Firstly, the car should not have any passengers and the engine should be turned off with the handbrake kept engaged. The wheel nuts on all four wheels can then be loosened (not removed yet) with a wheel wrench. In the second step, the car is lifted using a hydraulic lift, to ensure that all four wheels are off the ground. In the final step, the wheel nuts are removed to allow for each wheel to be removed.

Fitting one tyre takes about 30 minutes but this varies based on the services required. After every fitting of new tyres, the wheels need to be balanced. This also adds to the total time taken to complete the tyre fitting process.

Lett says, “Branigans Tyres makes use of advanced equipment which helps to make the removing and replacing of tyres quick and easy.” With over 15 years of experience in the tyre business, Branigans Tyres are trusted tyre specialists in the Gold Coast region, offering vehicle owners a wide choice from nearly new quality performance tyres from well-known brands at affordable wholesale prices.

Trust Branigans Tyres when it comes to finding the right tyres for your vehicles and fitting them correctly. There’s no better time than the present to get your tyres fitted by an expert. Save money and stay safe with Branigan’s monthly promotions.

Branigans Tyres has well-established workshops in Burleigh Heads and Southport in the Gold Coast region. Check out their full range of services or current featured promotions. Branigans award-winning affordable tyre subscriptions package starts at $7.97 and helps motorists budget for their ongoing tyre needs.

Vehicle owners are encouraged to drive in at their convenience as no pre-bookings or appointments are required. The branches are Burleigh Heads: (07) 5535 2660 situated at 13 Flagstone Drive or Southport: (07) 5591 8633 located at 1/277 Southport-Nerang Rd.

Written and Syndicated by YDMA News.

Branigans Tyres Burleigh
Branigans Tyres Burleigh
13 Flagstone Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia

Burleigh Heads

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Book Chronicles Long Journey of Richard R. Troxell to End & Prevent Homelessness

Austin, Texas, 1 May 2022 – Plain View Press announces the release of Short Stories in a Long Journey by Richard R. Troxell, hitting bookstores and Amazon on May 1, 2022.

This book is for all who seek systemic answers to the problem of homelessness and are tired of seeing adults living in squalor on the wealthiest streets in the world. Any reader can help end and prevent homelessness with these creative solutions.

Richard R. Troxell has lived, worked, and fought homelessness since returning from the Viet Nam War. His short stories catalogue the causes of chronic homelessness, and his ongoing advocacy for real economic solutions only need courage for implementation.

Short Stories in a Long Journey proposes Livable Incomes as an economic solution to homelessness. For those who can work, that means fixing the Federal Minimum Wage (FMW) with a Universal Living Wage (ULW), and it means fixing the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) stipend for those who cannot work.

— Troxell suggests that national “Quality of Life Ordinances” (such as the No Sit/No Lie ordinance) are punitive and criminalizing in nature, only compounding the impoverished situation, and should accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

— Since 90% of the Veteran population has Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and a third of them are homelessness, Troxell suggests a medical cause behind their homelessness.

— Texas House bill #611 is a model to lay out a path for permanent funding for alcohol addiction treatment, a major affliction of the homelessness.

— The Home Coming statue and Community First! Village demonstrate best practices to care for homeless citizens being discharged from service or an institution.

“For decades, Richard R. Troxell has been a powerful voice for the most vulnerable, correctly affirming the dignity of all our neighbors. His insightful book explores the efficacy of current approaches to homelessness, proposes innovative solutions, and offers stories of resiliency and hope…”–Lloyd Doggett, U.S. Representative (D-TX)

“Richard has dedicated his life to ending homelessness. His colloquial writing style tags livable incomes as the key solution…ending the affordable housing crisis!”–Sue Watlov Phillips, M.A., Retired Psychologist, LICSW, LMFT, CSP and President, National Coalition for the Homeless

“The idea of indexing wages to housing costs just may be the right way to think about the costs and benefits of living wages.”–Robert Pollin, economist and author of The Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy

“Richard has been protecting the civil rights of others for over 40 years, offering him a rare perspective…told from the front lines, this authentic account of an indefatigable warrior of civil rights who feeds the hungry, stands up for the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, and battles No Sit/No Lie laws is worthy of a read for all change makers.”–Brian Levin, Director, Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism

Publisher Plain View Press is a 45-year-old issue-based literary publishing house, a far-flung community of humane and highly creative writers, artists and activists, whose energies bring humanitarian enlightenment and hope to individuals and communities grappling with the issues of our time–peace, justice, the environment, homelessness, education and gender.

Plain View Press
Plain View Press

1101 W 34th Street, STE 404

United States

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Chapter Book Kindle PDF Guide For Children Writers | Jay Boyer Course Launched

Jay Boyer explains that since he published his first bestselling book, he has been approached by numerous aspiring writers wanting to get published. Now he has released a new online PDF covering everything needed to get started.

For more information, please visit:

With “How to Write a Bestselling Children’s Book”, anyone can learn a system that is quick and easy to repeat across any idea or age range. It also covers a series of many of the most frequently asked questions to major concerns, topics, and publishing challenges.

While publishing children’s books is a bucket list item for many writers, one of the biggest hurdles is getting started. Many people overcomplicate the writing process, which can stop them from accomplishing their goals.

By downloading the online writing children’s chapter book PDF guide, aspiring authors will find a proven formula for both writing and publishing Kindle books. They can apply the system to their own work, and then publish their first story within 48 hours.

Anyone can learn how to come up with ideas for stories, discover practical research tips, and find and use illustrations to increase the impact of each story. Other aspects of the program touch on formatting the manuscript, the correct word length based on the target audience, and marketing advice.

Jay explains that the cover image for every ebook is one of the most important considerations because it’s here where writers can capture attention. Part of his system revolves around streamlining the research process for visual inspiration, which can be carried out in three minutes.

This then forms the foundation for a repeatable system for story creation, whether writers are targeting young children or middle-grade readers.

Of his success and the growth of the program, Jay states: “I’ve had people contacting me like Jay, can you show me how to write a number one bestselling children’s book? I had absolutely no idea that this was such a bucket list item, but it’s absolutely the case. I’ve had thousands of students come through this program, most of which have never published a children’s book before.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit:

J.J. Fast Publishing
J.J. Fast Publishing
3298 North Glassford Hill Road

Prescott Valley
United States

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Digital Health/Wellness Practice Growth – Online Marketing Tips Podcast Launched

The Abundant Practitioner Podcast with Dr. Tilean launched in August of last year, and their new episode, titled “Marketing Your Online Business The Right Way”, is addressed to health and wellness practitioners who are looking to monetise their move to the online world.

More details can be found at

The new episode arrives with the latest industry report from McKinsey. Their research indicates that the global wellness market is now worth over $1.5 billion dollars, having witnessed between 5-10% growth annually over the last few years. As the report suggested, and as Dr. Tilean similarly attests, the future of the industry is digital.

In particular, in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, more people across the globe have changed the way they consider primary health care and have shifted to seeking online or distanced solutions and products.

As the global wellness industry both grows and evolves, The Abundant Practitioner believes that it is imperative that qualified, licensed and experienced professionals join the chorus of voices that are dominating the online conversation around health and wellbeing in 2022.

For many, she understands that the question remains – how to stand out and secure clients and an audience in this fast-paced new world. The answer, she tells audiences in this newest episode, is good marketing.

Dr. Tilean says that from a monetary perspective, today’s practitioners, including psychologists, therapists, counsellors and more, cannot afford to neglect digital forums. With this in mind, interested practitioners can also sign up to attend the doctor’s earning potential and financial freedom masterclass. The link is available at

Previous episodes in The Abundant Practitioner Podcast have covered similar ground, showcasing to established industry leaders how they can capitalise on both the global wellness market and the global e-learning market, which is worth another £250 billion pounds.

Recent podcast titles have included “The One Crippling Self-Doubt Holding Health Practitioners Back” and “Ultimate Secrets To How A Profitable Health & Wellness Practitioner Thinks.”

All the episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon and YouTube.

Dr. Tilean is an internationally acclaimed practicing Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert who is fully chartered with the British Psychological Society. Her passion for helping others has blossomed into her pursuit of aiding her fellow professionals, offering them liberating, practical, and financially freeing advice to transition to a more digital world.

A spokesperson for the platform said, “We connect you with a business mentor who has helped health and wellness practitioners like you live more profitable and soul-nourished lives, all the while hustling less and putting themselves first.”

Interested health professionals can join the conversation at

Health Threesixty Ltd
Health Threesixty Ltd

C/O Annette & Co
Suite F16 St George’s Business Park, Castle Road
United Kingdom

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BESTBUYRDP: What is a Windows remote desktop (RDP) Learn how to save money during Pandemic?

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, May 17, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, A Remote Desktop is a remote computer located around the globe with super-fast hardware and Internet Connection which works 24/7. It is mainly used by companies as remote workspace for their employees during this pandemic situation without compromising on data breach and integrity. The most commonly used remote desktop OS is Windows since it is GUI based and easy to use. Although MAC and Linux OS is possible depending on the type of work.

Windows RDP is of two types shared RDP and private RDP. VPS and private RDP are almost the same. They are more or less similar but it has their distinction depending on the use case, configuration, specification, and usage. A shared windows RDP is for someone who has a very tight budget but requires the freedom of high computation and memory RAM performance. It is a cost-effective solution for someone who is an amateur or casual user but does not want to compromise on the performance.

What is a Full Admin RDP?

A Full Admin RDP is for someone looking for FULL Admin access to access OS settings, access server manager, control panel, and all Operating system features. Some customers prefer the freedom of Full Admin access for their usage and also business clients prefer Full Admin access. The Hardware resources are also dedicated by cores of CPU and RAM, since the hardware is dedicated and NOT shared with other customers the pricing is based on the number of the cores and RAM and Storage. Higher the Hardware specification, the higher the pricing, and vice versa. Companies and SMEs.

What is a Starter RDP?

A Starter RDP is also their cheap RDP plan with shared hardware like CPU, RAM, and private storage. You are the ONLY person who can access your storage and files. But the hardware resources on the RDP server will be shared by a minimum number of clients. 

What is a Trading /Forex RDP?

A Trading or Forex RDP is an RDP for keeping the trading software or trading bot online 24/7 to trade on any trading platform. Since trading platform requires the lowest latency, this special plan comes with 1ms the lowest latency to most popular trading platforms. You can use any trading software like a forex trader, Meta trader and you can run it 24/7 with 100% Uptime. 

What is a Streaming RDP?

A streaming RDP is used to do online streaming of content on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, or any streaming platform using software like xsplit broadcaster, streamlabs, or OBS (open broadcaster software). Buy streaming RDP with all Graphics cards/processors from Bestbuyrdp.

What is an Encoding RDP?

An Encoding RDP or rendering is similar to a video rendering farm, where movies can be encoded using video encoding software. Using an encoding RDP it is cost-effective to do video large video rendering at fraction of the cost. Cheap rdp can be bought online from Microsoft authorized vendors like

What is a residential IP/Residential RDP?

A residential IP RDP can also be called a residential RDP because it can also be used on residential websites. Residential websites use several fingerprinting mechanisms to detect if the user is using a VPN or datacenter IP to access their website. To prevent users from signing up using VPN they ban accounts created from datacenter IP hence it is very essential to use a residential IP, A residential IP RDP will make you appear as a real resident of the country trying to use the internet from a residential IP. This will allow you to use residential websites or survey websites that require you to use a residential IP only for accessing their website. Mturk Rdps are known for it, companies use rdp to work on micro worker websites like Mturk.

Where can I buy RDP?

Anyone can buy rdp for any of the above purposes from, contact their live chat for best offers to buy windows RDP at an affordable price.

Media Contact

Company Name:-Best Buy RDP

Company Website:-

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LBank Exchange Will List GameFantasyToken (GFT) on May 19, 2022

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, May. 17, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list GameFantasyToken (GFT) on May 19, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the GFT/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 19, 2022.

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As the latest NFT Play-to-Earn game built on the IoTeX platform, StarCrazy enables its players to collect Starz (NFTs) and fuse them for a chance to create more valuable characters. Players can also assign their Starz to mine to earn tokens, as well as get rewarded for their in-game battle skills. Its native token GameFantasyToken (GFT) will be listed on LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 19, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing StarCrazy

StarCrazy is a blockchain game empowered by NFT. In StarCrazy, players can get new Starz and planets (NFTs) in the market or bid at auction and sell to other players. They can also fuse rare Starz to create endless combinations.

There are two types of tokens in the game. One is GFT token that serves as currency, the other is GFS token that is used for governance. They complement each other and form an entire token economy.

Players can acquire these tokens through many ways in the game, and make money while playing. The Starz can be dispatched by players to the crystal mine and use unique Digg Powers to mine tokens. By fusing two NFTs together, player has a chance to form a rarer NFT with higher digging power. Furthermore, all players who battle in StarCrazy will earn GFT and in-game items such as Attribute Ores since the game is not a winner-take-all system.

The team of StarCrazy is composed of game developers with rich experience, from programming, planning to graphics, it has experts who have been working in the field for many years. Its vision is to establish a game studio where the team will develop a series of intriguing games based on their gaming background. All these games will use the same token economy and form a massive community, then eventually it will realize the long awaited metaverse.

About GFT Token

GameFantasyToken (GFT) is the utility token of StarCrazy, the latest blockchain Play-to-Earn game built on the IoTeX platform. In StarCrazy, players need GFT to play the game, and can assign their Starz (NFTs) to mine to earn GFT tokens. They can also stake their GFT tokens in a liquidity pool for yet another way to earn.

The total supply of GFT is 30 million (i.e. 30,000,000) tokens, of which 10% is reserved for the treasury, 20% is provided for development, and the rest 70% is provided for players to earn.

GFT will be listed on LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 19, 2022, investors who are interested in StarCrazy investment can easily buy and sell GFT token on LBank Exchange by then. The listing of GFT on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market.

Learn More about GFT Token:

Official Website:




About LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange, founded in 2015, is an innovative global trading platform for various crypto assets. LBank Exchange provides its users with safe crypto trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. It has become one of the most popular and trusted crypto trading platforms with over 6.4 million users from now more than 210 regions around the world.

Start Trading Now:

Community & Social Media: 

l   Telegram

l   Twitter

l   Facebook

l   LinkedIn

l   Instagram

l   YouTube

Contact Details:

LBK Blockchain Co. Limited

LBank Exchange

PR Contact:


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The Curated Aesthetic Medical Spa Greensboro, NC, To Look The Best Everyday

Greensboro, NC: Physician Assistant English Black has been a dermatology provider for 20 years and launched The Curated Aesthetic in March with the goal of helping people turn back the clock with a customized treatment plan that fits their unique needs. Black specializes in improving a patient’s appearance while maintaining the person’s individuality. One patient remarked that “English [Black] helps people look the best version of themselves as opposed to other ‘injectors’ that make everyone look the same.” That patient’s comment well encapsulates the intent Black had when developing her unique Medical Spa concept.

Black strives to enhance a patient’s outer image which, she explained, will in turn help them with their inner image. The four primary treatments offered at The Curated Aesthetic are Botox & Dysport, Filler, Kybella, and Microneedling and PRP. Botox & Dysport effectively minimize wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, while Filler helps turn the clock back by lifting and improving the areas of the face that have lost volume over time. Microneedling is a painless, beauty-enhancing treatment that doesn’t require downtime and can improve the skin’s appearance across the entire face. This treatment is typically combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to stimulate collagen production to help eliminate fine wrinkles and acne scarring. In some cases Microneedling and/or PRP can also be used to treat hair loss. The Curated Aesthetic Kybella injectable treatment is carefully formulated to remove fat and is primarily used to eliminate a double chin.

The Curated Aesthetic philosophy as explained by Black is that everyone deserves to look and feel their very best. She utilizes a series of safe, state-of-the-art procedures and skincare products along with a tailored skin care regimen to respond to each patient’s need. The process is straightforward; it starts with a complimentary consultation to create the custom treatment plan designed to accomplish the patient’s goal without surgery or even downtime. The results according to online before and after images are transformative.

Black, a graduate of James Madison University and a Physician Assistant with two decades of experience in dermatology, practiced for years at local Dermatology clinics before deciding to launch her own facility where aesthetic treatments would be the entire focus. The supervising physician at The Curated Aesthetic is board-certified physician and renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Vincent E. Voci.

The aesthetic treatment processes at The Curated Aesthetic have already helped many patients gain more confidence and self-esteem. This is all because minimally invasive treatments like Botox injections, fat loss treatments, and Microneedling are extremely effective at addressing most of the cosmetic issues that tend to trouble people as they age.

An online review, posted by Marissa, is typical of The Curated Aesthetic patients’ comments: “When I was curious about looking more like my younger self, of course I was nervous but English [Black] not only explained the process in detail, she showed me proof of her expertise. I have been ecstatic with my results and highly recommend visiting The Curated Aesthetic. You will feel beautiful even on your bad hair days!!!”

Known regionally as a ‘top injector,’ skilled Physician Assistant English Black administers the medical spa Greensboro NC Botox injections for all patients. This FDA-approved treatment is safe and typically lasts 3 to 6 months. Microneedling treatment may be suggested for patients with acne scars, stretch marks, burn scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, etc. This relatively new treatment can be administered with or without Platelet Rich Plasma.

The Curated Aesthetic also has a wide selection of beauty and skincare products in stock to help tighten skin and restore some of the skin’s elasticity and advanced sunblock lotions to protect the skin from further sun damage. Some of the skincare brands available at the Medical Spa include: Zo Skin Health, Skinbetter, Skinceuticals, EltaMD Skincare, and Neocutis. The Curated Aesthetic even carries Omnilux, which is an LED phototherapy device to administer a medical grade light therapy treatment. It has proven to be very effective at improving skin by targeting deeper fibroblast cells to stimulate new collagen and elastin production. The result is plumper, firmer and more youthful looking skin. These products can also be ordered from The Curated Aesthetic’s website.

Also, on the Greensboro Med Spa’s website are numerous Before and After images of patients to show the remarkable transformations that have been achieved with The Curated Aeshtetic’s advanced cosmetic procedures.

True to Black’s goal of creating a unique experience for her patients, The Curated Aesthetic facility was designed and decorated by a skilled artist in collaboration with an interior designer to create a space that is breathtaking, unique, comfortable and customized just like The Curated Aesthetic’s cosmetic treatments.

A complimentary consultation with a board-certified Physician Assistant English Black provides an opportunity to discuss the various treatments and products and is the first step to improving your appearance and confidence. Patients can contact The Curated Aesthetic team at (336) 676 5583. The facility is located at 500 East Cornwallis Dr Suite F, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27405.

Media Contact

Company Name
The Curated Aesthetic
Contact Name
English Black
(336) 676 5583
500 East Cornwallis Dr Suite F
North Carolina
Postal Code
United States

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Insight Pest Solutions Nashville Completes New Website Highlighting Its Pest Control Services in Nashville, TN!

Nashville, TN – The constant invasion by bugs and pests may be the worst thing about living in a neighborhood with an outdoor lifestyle. However, with the help of Insight Pest Solutions Nashville, homeowners can now take back their yards without fear! The company’s new website is designed as a one-stop-shop for all pest control needs in Nashville, TN. Residents can read in-depth articles about pest prevention, management, and control by visiting the website. They can also browse the company’s blog for more helpful tips and tricks. The site also has a user-friendly online form for requesting services.

“Your home is your sanctuary, and you deserve to enjoy it without having to worry about pesky pests like termites and mosquitoes. At Insight Pest Solutions Nashville, we’re committed to helping homeowners reclaim their yards and protect themselves from the dangers of these pests. Contact us today to learn more about our Pest Control Nashville services and how we can help you live in a pest-free environment.” Said the company representative to the homeowner.

Whether a client’s home is built from bricks or vinyl siding, termites will find their way to their home’s ceiling and begin their relentless march to consume the wood from which their home is built. That’s why clients must take preventative measures to keep termites out of their homes. Insight Pest Solutions Nashville offers several measures that can help deter termites, including general inspection and fumigation. Whether it’s subterranean termites or drywood termites, Insight Pest Solutions Nashville is the go-to source for termite control in Nashville.

Having a barbecue with loved ones is one of the best parts of summer. But, when mosquitoes crash the party, it can ruin the whole event. Insight Pest Solutions Nashville is committed to helping homeowners and their guests stay safe from the dangers of these pesky insects. The company specializes in the control of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Insight Pest Solutions Nashville – Pest Control Nashville TN can help make gatherings more enjoyable by using pesticides, insect barriers, and other mosquito control methods.

Clients can visit Insight Pest Solutions Nashville at their premises at 5000 Linbar Dr, Nashville, TN, 37211. An alternative option is to reach out via phone at (615) 420-2888 or through the company’s website.

Media Contact

Company Name
Insight Pest Solutions Nashville
Contact Name
Zachary Mckinley
(615) 420-2888
5000 Linbar Dr
Postal Code
United States

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Speedy’s Transmission Shop Offers Transmission Repair and Rebuild Services in Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA – As a Richmond Transmission Repair service provider, Speedy’s Transmission Shop boasts a six-acre lot hosting over 40 active bays. Residents of Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas benefit from services like re-manufacturing, rebuilding, and swapping out vehicle transmissions. Their primary goal is to offer customers unparalleled services that enhance their driving experience.

They have over seventeen fully experienced technicians who help them set high standards in the motoring space. Speedy’s Transmission Shop is designed to encourage top-notch quality work while maintaining a museum-like atmosphere with its display of classic vehicles. In addition, they claim to offer exceptional customer service facilities to improve customer experience in the store and outside.

Speedy’s Transmission Shop – Richmond Transmission Shop pool of master tech professionals, has unmatched industry experience. The team understands that customers love their attention to detail, and that’s why they offer a fantastic selection of transmission services following customer specifications. According to Speedy’s Transmission Shop, they can work with anything from a 1929 model, a Ford, to a new 2021 Maserati. Furthermore, they offer free diagnostics, rebuilds & repairs, and routine tune-ups.

Their free diagnosis services can be a simple engine light check to any other repair services. They charge nothing and also give customers a free estimate on the repairs. Besides their free diagnosis, Speedy’s Transmission Shop offers customers free rental cars while repairing their vehicles. However, some restrictions apply. Visit their website for more information. Speedy’s Transmission Shop Offers free towing when dealing with major repairs, whether at home or on the highway. According to their website, there is a set amount to enjoy these benefits.

Speedy’s Transmission Shop’s customers can attest to the quality of their services. They have over seventy-five-star reviews on google. Nytasha Coles, a previous customer, wrote, “I love these guys. I came in for my transmission, and they took care of me with no ifs or buts. And they actually came to the shop on a day that the shop was closed. How awesome was that? I would definitely recommend them to anybody. My car now runs like a brand new car.”

Speedy’s Transmission Shop also offers complete auto repair services. They boast of their state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals ready to diagnose and repair in no time. Their auto repair services include major & minor engine repair, air conditioning, brake replacement & repair, wheel alignment, check engine light diagnosis, oil changes, bodywork, and vehicle inspection. One thing that sets Speedy’s Transmission Shop aside from other similar service providers is their financing options. They understand that not everyone has funds set aside for repairs at the time of need. As a result, customers can get payment plans with zero interest in the first year.

Their offices are located at 5300 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA, 23225, US. For more information, visit their website or talk to their customer representative at (804) 999-1845.

Media Contact

Company Name
Speedy’s Transmission Shop
Contact Name
Luis Quinones
(804) 999-1845
5300 Midlothian Turnpike
Postal Code
United States

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Victory North Savannah Is Offering Exquisite Indoor and Courtyard Wedding Venues in Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA – Victory North Savannah is offering a boutique venue with modern amenities and a historic rustic charm for weddings in Savannah. Their premises have indoor spaces and courtyard receptions. Their amenities include a stunning main floor with a stage, a one-of-a-kind mezzanine, a 7200 sq. ft. courtyard and urban garden, and three full bars in different places. The indoor space has a full private suite with a separate sitting area, dressing room, and a full en-suite bathroom.

During the event, clients are provided with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and lighting and brand-new electrical, mechanical, and HVAC systems. Victory North Savannah offers a comprehensive package for the wedding day’s activities which includes indoor Chiavari chairs, outdoor chairs, cocktail tables, AV equipment, and a sky loft reception area for couples’ families. Clients can have rehearsal dinners at the reception venue and use their preferred vendor list for the wedding.

Victory North Savannah has a team of trained staff who assist with the logistical and administrative duties when they’re hosting weddings. The team comprises an experienced house manager and staff who are keen on customer service. Their Savannah wedding venues are ADA compliant, making all their electronic information and technologies accessible to people living with disabilities. The company representative had this to say about their services.

“Our building was constructed in the 1900s, redesigned in 2017, and constructed in 2018 using a local contractor. Our structure is reinforced and all the building systems including electrical plumbing, HVAC, and fire sprinklers were replaced and we added 19 restrooms for convenience. Our entire facility (ground floor, second floor, and courtyard) has a sitting capacity of 700 people and 1500 standing and is ideal for large weddings.”

The wedding venue amenities offered by Victory North Savannah provide comfort and convenience to their wedding guests. The company provides support to its wedding clients by providing experienced staff to assist during the rehearsal and wedding ceremonies. The venue can hold up to 1500 standing guests making it ideal for both small and large weddings. Their ADA compliance makes the facility suitable for use for guests with disabilities. The company has continually grown and upgraded its premises to provide a modern aesthetic, plus they have a keen focus on customer service that positively affects the quality of their services and the client satisfaction levels.

Victory North Savannah offers other services like the hosting of concerts and private events. The company hosts concerts by different musicians and bands and provides tickets online. They also host private events for professional and personal purposes. Their facility has amenities, and equipment suitable for a range of private events including formal corporate events.

Victory North Savannah is located at 2603 Whitaker St, Savannah, GA, 31401, USA. For consultations and booking, contact their staff by calling (912) 323-2616. Visit the company website for more information on their wedding venues Savannah Georgia.

Media Contact

Company Name
Victory North Savannah
Contact Name
Mohamed Eldibany
(912) 323-2616
2603 Whitaker St
Postal Code
United States

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