Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm Offers Professional Landscaping Services in Clermont, FL

Clermont, FL – Over the last twenty years, Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm has been helping the Clermont community to maintain a beautiful and sustainable, winter-hardy landscape that keeps their properties looking great throughout the year, regardless of the weather. The company is home to a great team of professionals who are passionate and dedicated growers. All landscaping company’s staff members are carefully vetted and trained to deliver exceptional quality services. Their focus is always to keep clients happy and satisfied at every stage of the process.

Gregg, Diana, Loren, Junior, Jacquelyn, Patrick, Christopher, Colton, Cara, and Winchester are the fantastic team members that organize and operate the day-to-day activities at Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm. They offer customized landscape solutions tailored to meet clients’ exact style, design, and aesthetics. The landscape designers are always there to assist and discuss the clients’ needs and ideas before the final product is done.

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm offers Landscape Design & Installation services. For clients looking to renovate their outdoor space in the Clermont area, the landscaping company takes the initiative to design breathtaking, beautiful, and sustainable landscapes. The team is always happy to go to their clients’ locations to visualize and discuss elements regarding their landscaping. They use environmentally friendly pre-emergent weed control products to service their clients’ landscapes and understand that keeping lawns beautiful and nourished is essential. Hence, they offer irrigation maintenance and repair services for their clients.

“We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for always doing such a great job on our property. Your vision, expertise, and genuine care for what you do has transformed our home into the showcase home of the neighborhood. We love that you have offered the service of taking care of the landscaping by mowing, weeding, trimming, and fertilizing.

We look forward to the 3rd week of each month when Loren and the guys come to perform their magic,” said one happy client.

Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm utilizes the latest technology in water-wise systems for efficiency and to lower clients’ water usage. They work on drainage issues and install water-moving drainage systems, thus reducing maintenance problems. The company has a nursery with various wholesale plants for landscapers and landscaping companies, and their online search option makes it easy for clients to make their plant selections. Call Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm today and inquire about their landscaping services for professional landscaping.

For more information about Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm landscaping Clermont services, visit their website or talk to a customer representative at (352) 394-3318. Their office is located at 20525 County Road 561, Clermont, FL, 34715, US.

Media Contact

Company Name
Highland Grove Landscaping & Farm
Contact Name
D. Howell
(352) 394-3318
20525 County Road 561
Postal Code
United States

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Managed SOC Solutions – 24/7 Business Data Protection Services Launched

With the new update, business owners are able to receive 24/7 monitoring for their IT systems that collects, analyzes, and responds to threats in real-time using cutting-edge machine learning processes.

More information is available at https://subrosacyber.com/managed-soc

By offering their SOC as a service solutions, SubRosa is making it easier for companies to incorporate up-to-date and expert cybersecurity systems without the time and expense of hiring and continuous training of their own internal teams.

In a world that is continually moving toward more online-based systems, the need for online protection is becoming more and more crucial for businesses. However, the cost required for both the equipment and training to keep up with evolutions in cyber crime can be out of reach for many businesses and organizations. SubRosa are helping provide a robust and cost-effective alternative to this issue with their SOC as a service solution.

The Security Operations Center services offered by the company include vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, log management, and asset discovery. Additionally, they provide around-the-clock agent-based responses to any threats to ensure they are efficiently dealt with whenever they occur.

As cybersecurity specialists, SubRosa evolves their own systems to ensure they are prepared for any changes in the online landscape. This dedication allows them to anticipate and react to any new threats that may arise.

SubRosa has several years of experience as a security provider, having worked with clients across multiple areas such as finance, energy, manufacturing, and eCommerce. The company also offers additional services, including compliance assessments, cybersecurity awareness training, and penetration testing for companies looking for further assistance with their security.

Based in Ohio, the company offers its SOC as a service solution to businesses worldwide with their 24/7 coverage.

A spokesperson for SubRosa said, “We have aligned our people, services, and technology solutions to provide you with the next generation of ‘future proof’ cyber risk capabilities.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://subrosacyber.com/managed-soc

2000 Auburn Drive
Suite 200
United States

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Syscoin Ecosystem Growth Review Article Reveals Surprising Facts For The Coin

An article covering the subject of ‘Syscoin Ecosystem Growth Review’ entitled ‘Top Coin Of 2022 That Will Challenge Ethereum’ has now been released and published by www.syscoinwire.com, an authority website in the Cryptocurrency niche. The article brings to light fascinating information, especially for people who are interested in an up-and-coming cryptocurrency coin with the security of Bitcoin and the scalability of Ethereum. Cryptocurrency and anybody else who’s interested in Syscoin Ecosystem Growth Review can read the entire article at https://syscoinwire.com/syscoin-review-ecosystem-incredible-growth-november-2021-to-april-2022-future-nevm-layer-2/

Because now Syscoin can leverage the benefits of Bitcoin’s POW security and the flexibility of Ethereum on a modular chain built to remain indefinitely decentralized, scalable, and affordable. Perhaps one of the most interesting, or relevant pieces of information about Cryptocurrency Syscoin which is included within the article, is that Phase One of the NEVM launch was completed! Bitcoin-secured Layer 1 for EVM smart contracts reached mainnet on block 1,317,500.

The article has been written by Syscoinwire, who wanted to use this article to bring particular attention to the subject of Syscoin Ecosystem Growth Review. They feel they may have done this best in the following extract:

‘Syscoin entered a research & development partnership with Metaverse pioneer Bloktopia. Syscoin Foundation also purchased an official Syscoin storefront within their Metaverse that will be live once Bloktopia debuts, expected later in 2022.’

www.syscoinwire.com now welcomes comments and questions from readers, in relation to the article. Michele K, Lead Editor at www.syscoinwire.com has made a point of saying regular interaction with the readers is so critical to running the site because It helps to further educate and keep individual investors updated on cryptocurrency coin news.

In discussing the article itself and its development, Michele K said:

“Syscoin A Top Coin Of 2022 That Will Challenge Ethereum.”

Anyone who has a specific question or comment about this article, or any article previously published on the site, is welcome to contact www.syscoinwire.com via their website at https://syscoinwire.com

Once again, the complete article is available to in full at https://syscoinwire.com/syscoin-review-ecosystem-incredible-growth-november-2021-to-april-2022-future-nevm-layer-2/.

3540 Toringdon Way #Suite 200

United States

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Long Island Carter’s Home Gym Releases Comprehensive Pilates Guide

Carter’s Home Gym has released an informative and helpful Pilates guide that is perfect for beginners and experienced Pilates practitioners. This comprehensive resource includes detailed information on the known health benefits of Pilates and helpful tips and advice to help people get the most out of a Pilates workout at home.

This post is the ideal approach to learning everything there is to know about one of the most widely used fitness routines. The guide explains how Pilates exercises require a person’s mind to focus more than in other workouts. It describes movements that require using breath and muscles to maintain balance. Practicing Pilates helps to improve all aspects of personal health and this new resource will answer many questions about the many other benefits the practice has to offer.

The Carter’s Home Gym Pilates Guide is available now and can be viewed for free from the Carter’s Home Gym website at https://cartershomegym.com/the-benefits-of-pilates-the-comprehensive-guide/

Pilates is known to improve flexibility and strength and unlike other forms of exercise, Pilates isn’t restricted to specific age groups. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. The Carter’s Home Gym Pilates Guide includes everything needed to know how to get started with Pilates.

“Carter’s Home Gym hopes this guide helps Long Island residents and everyone country-wide experience the joy and benefits of an exceptional workout system,” said Marc Dern, owner of Carter’s Home Gym.

The informative and engaging explainer breaks down the nuances of everything concerning Pilates, from its benefits to the several types of Pilates equipment for rent from Carter’s. It is the perfect way to introduce the technique into an existing workout routine. It also contains a few tips on how to use Pilates for weight loss.

Pilates is a wonderful system to improve one’s overall health and well-being, and Carter’s new guide is the perfect resource to help all people on the journey to better health.

For more information about Carter’s Home Gym and renting Pilates Reformer equipment or Pilates accessories on Long Island, NY, visit https://cartershomegym.com/

Carter’s Home Gym
Carter’s Home Gym

240 Lincoln Pl

United States

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Local Phoenix Acupuncture Clinic Welcomes Chinese Medicine Doctor to its Staff

Dr. Aliceia Carin graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with a Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine. She is trained in classical Chinese herbal formulae and prescribes both internal and external herbal formulas for all types of ailments. Since March 2020, Dr. Carin has successfully used herbal formulas when treating COVID patients in their recovery. Dr. Carin completed her residency with veteran master Chinese herbalist doctor Heiner Fruehauf, founding professor of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM)As a licensed acupuncturist, she has trained in Chinese, Japanese and Korean styles, five-element, warm needle, fire needle, flying needle, 7-star needle, bleeding, auricular, scalp, facial and cosmetic acupuncture. In addition, she is versed in techniques and applications of moxa, cupping and guasha. Key to her practice, Aliceia uses East-Asian physical diagnostic techniques such as tongue and pulse assessment as well as Japanese abdominal palpation. Dr. Aliceia Carin DSOM, LAc takes new position as Doctor for Evergreen East Asian Medicine. Full details can be found on the About Us section of the company website, https://evergreeneastasianmedicine.com.

Evergreen East Asian Medicine owner, Dr. Thanh Nguyen DSOM, LAc expressed confidence that Dr. Carin is ready to handle the job,

“I am very excited to welcome Dr. Carin to my practice,” said Dr. Nguyen. “She provides a great blend of top-notch clinical education and knowledge with a strong passion for providing community-based care. I also expect that she will be an active member of the community and that will be evident over the course of the months and years to come”.

Classical East Asian medicine has been practiced for over 2000 years. This science has developed through time tested results and observations and only recently has modern science been able to begin understanding the benefits and the mechanisms of action. Whether you want to use this ancient medicine as your main approach or along with modern medicine to obtain and maintain you and your family’s health, the outcomes are proven to be beneficial.

Classical East Asian Medical diagnosis can detect subtle imbalances and treat a person before full-on disease manifests (that which can be detected by modern medical diagnosis). By working on strengthening the body and removing obstacles to health, the foundation of this medicine is to prevent disease before it takes hold. In the most famous classical text of this medicine, it is written that treating someone once they are ill is like digging a well when you are thirsty. The wise prevent disease before it takes hold, treat it when it whispers to the body and mind that something is wrong. Any symptom of dis-ease one feels in the body, mind and/or spirit is that whisper. Through strengthening the terrain of the inner body with herbs and balancing the meridian system with acupuncture and other techniques, applying healthy lifestyle and diet, this ancient medicine offers a great deal of healing potential.

When sickness has already taken hold, that which is still healthy in the body must be supported and that which is unhealthy must be healed. To help achieve this, the doctor assesses, diagnoses and treats each individual’s symptom pattern. The complete symptom pattern includes both how an individual feels in their own body, heart and mind, through-out all of their systems, and what the doctor understands through observation, pulse diagnosis and other physical exams. Together, the complete pattern is grasped by the doctor and an individual treatment plan is created.

New patient consultations include:

-A diagnostic consultation including classical East-Asian physical exams such as traditional pulse taking and abdominal diagnosis.

-Detailed review of relevant health history and current goals.

-Initial physical treatment may include acupuncture, bodywork, moxibustion, cupping, or any other modality deemed appropriate by the doctor.

-Personalized herbal formula/s may be prescribed.

Customers and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new doctor via website: https://evergreeneastasianmedicine.com.

Evergreen East Asian Medicine
Evergreen East Asian Medicine
7150 N 58th Ave

United States

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How Small Businesses Can Hedge Against Inflation Right Now in 2022

This most recent how-to article from My ERTC Refund contains precise and detailed steps and instructions, designed to be used by small business owners who are willing to take action to prepare their businesses for inflation and the coming recession. For business owners who need help hedging against inflation, ask a series of questions for them to identify inflationary pressures in their business to make course corrections in their business right now. The article is written to help business owners learn about a government tax credit to help them hedge against inflation this year, as quickly, easily, and as possible.

This article is primarily for small business owners needing help to hedge against inflation. Other interested parties are welcome to view the how-to article, in full, from LinkedIn: How Small Businesses Can Hedge Against Inflation

Accounting service provider My ERTC Refund has published this new how-to article dedicated to helping primarily small business owners needing help to hedge against inflation. This article gives small business owners a series of questions to help them make course corrections in their business right now. The article is written to help business owners learn about a government solution to help them hedge against inflation this year. The inspiration for writing this article came from a desire to provide useful, actionable information to any small business facing the challenges of inflation, supply chains, and falling revenue. This article helps business owners identify inflation as the main challenge in their business currently.

The Full How-To Article Goes Over The Following Points:

The biggest challenge facing small business owners is rising inflation. – Small businesses are facing an inflation rate of 8.3% forcing businesses to adjust their yearly planned budgets. – Tough questions are offered to help business owners identify where inflation is affecting their business. The Employee Retention Tax Credit Hedges small businesses against inflation. – By qualifying your business for the ERTC your business will receive a tax credit for up to $26,000 per W-2 employee giving their business a Tax Credit windfall to hedge against inflation.

Donald Cox, Senior Business Consultant at My ERTC Refund spoke at length about the article, excited to share the details, the reasons behind writing the article How Small Businesses Can Hedge Against Inflation and what My ERTC Refund hopes to accomplish with it: “The ERTC can be a hedge against all major inflationary challenges facing small business owners this year. Qualifying your business for the ERTC tax credit is a shrewd use of government incentives to help your business fight inflation, and so much more.”

This article is primarily for small business owners needing help to hedge against inflation, and anybody interested in How Small Businesses Can Hedge Against Inflation. This article helps business owners identify inflation as the main challenge in their business currently. You are invited to review the how-to article online directly: How Small Businesses Can Hedge Against Inflation and the accompanying video How To Qualify for The Employee Retention Tax Credit ERTC

More information about My ERTC Refund itself can be found at https://myertcrefund.com/

My ERTC Refund
My ERTC Refund

2360 Spring Creek Rd

United States

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Lambert Pawn Shop-Whitter CA Announces Free Pawns For First Time Customers

Lambert Pawn Shop is pleased to announce that every first-time pawn loan is absolutely free of charge. Bring an item of value and borrow up to $1500 for four months at 0% interest with no hidden fees.

The shop gives residents living in or around Whitter, CA access to a trustworthy shop where they can be assured that when they bring valuable items as collateral for short-term money acquisition they will receive a fair appraisal and an easy pawn loan process. Clients can have items such as diamonds, gold, luxury handbags, jewelry, electronics, and gaming systems assessed to use for a pawn loan.

More information is available at https://www.whittierpawn.com/

Lambert Pawn Shop’s location announced free pawn loans for first-time borrowers to give residents greater access to pawn loaning options. Pawn loans offer clients a quick solution for borrowing short-term cash without being subjected to a credit check. This means that borrowers with low credit scores can access funds without the need for a cosigner.

Lambert Pawn is Whittier, California’s premiere pawn shop that pays customers more. They accept gold and jewelry, electronics, and musical instruments, as collateral to meet your short-term financial needs.

Lambert Pawn is a full-service California licensed pawn shop located in the beautiful city of Whittier, CA. The pawnshop is dedicated to helping clients with all their money needs in a fast and courteous manner. With over 25 years of combined experience as pawnbrokers, they have the flexibility to lend the maximum dollar amount possible on almost anything of value.

Whether you are looking to pawn an item, or sell or trade an item, just click to email us a picture and description of what you’d like to bring in. We’ll give you a quote right away. That’s right – you don’t even have to leave your home! There’s never any pressure to act; we aim to make this an easy process!

They offer fast online quotes so customers don’t have to leave their homes to find the answers to their questions. Customers can email them with pictures and a description is all they need. The store is open six days a week, making it easy to stop in.

Visiting Lambert Pawn Shop provides customers with convenient solutions for short-term cash needs.

Lambert Pawn
Lambert Pawn

14158 Lambert Rd.

United States

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Greater Demand for Recruiting Services in Local Energy Industry of Permian Basin

Midland, TX – Energy People Group offers turn-key recruiting services, in-demand human resource and staffing assistance needed by local energy companies, small businesses and non-profit organizations in the Permian Basin of West Texas. With the surge in oil and gas prices, many companies in the Permian Basin are under pressure to correctly bring on 1099 contractors to satisfy the gap left by retiring employees and fill new positions rapidly enough to sustain operations. The Energy People Group supports local companies by simplifying and speeding up the onboarding process. They played an active role in retaining staff and backfilling job openings throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Energy People Group takes the pressure off their partners in the local energy sector by managing the complete recruitment process, ensuring that these companies have the necessary essential staff to maintain operations. Additionally, they also deliver Manager Training to deal with worker engagement, maintaining stability between strategic business goals, employee retention, and job satisfaction.

Energy People Group is dedicated to doing much more.

According to Melissa Hooper, the Energy People Group’s co-owner, “When companies invest in their people, their people invest in them with improved performance and staying put. People who feel valued, supported, and heard don’t leave organizations. Period. This is why training front-line people managers is so critical. With increasing labor shortages and rising inflation putting upward pressure on pay, companies can no longer afford to put other business priorities over retention. It is the number one concern heard from business owners in the Permian Basin.”

Melissa continues, “If you are a CEO, CFO, or COO of a company in the region, this is especially important for you to hear. With an increase in reliance on technology in the oilfield, human resources tend to be seen as more of an administrative back-office function and not part of a company’s core strategy. This is evidenced by high turnover and the high cost of rehiring and training replacements. In this environment, people operations are the most critical function for your business.”

Theresa Rodriguez, co-owner of Energy People Group, also added, “How do you retain your top talent?” They do this through training, evaluation, and regular communication with their employees. Businesses must clearly communicate and define their employee expectations to help benchmark them for growth. This is critical for retaining top performers. Furthermore, something as simple as defining a clear company mission statement can be extremely beneficial in properly aligning the employee’s relationship with the company. Defining your company’s identity helps to set the tone and allows employees to understand where they fit in. Owners, CEOs, and managers should understand the importance of employee engagement, and that employees must feel as if they can identify with the company.”

Having been hard at work keeping local energy companies in the Permian Basin of West Texas adequately staffed, Energy People Group celebrated its one-year anniversary with an official ribbon cutting on March 17th, 2022. They are located at 500 W Wall Str, Suite 150, Midland, Texas 79701 US and can be reached via phone at (432) 360-0777. Visit their website for more information.

Energy People Group LLC
Energy People Group LLC

500 W Wall Str
Suite 150
United States

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Exclusive Buyers Agent | Luxury Property/Vacation Home Investment Guide Released

The National Buyers Agents Association (NBAA) released a new guide to assist first-time purchasers of luxury properties in the United States. The guide explores key concerns specific to such properties, with a major focus on long-term financial considerations.

Full information is available at https://buyeragentsearch.com

The American market for luxury real estate is one of the most diverse in the world, encompassing vacation homes, beach houses, ranches, golf and recreation destination homes, and urban luxury properties in major markets such as New York and Los Angeles. Emphasizing local expertise, the NBAA luxury property investment guide is offered as an important resource for anyone considering acquiring high-end real estate in the US.

Unlike buying a simple primary residence, investing in luxury properties requires careful consideration of many different options regarding property usage, upkeep, and financial returns. Further, the intricacies of each market and type of property are significantly different: a buyer’s agent who is brilliant at helping clients find downtown condominiums might not be as well versed in evaluating waterfront vacation homes in neighboring communities, let alone in another state.

The National Buyers Agents Association First-Time Luxury Property Buyers Guide explores several key considerations about luxury properties, both as homes and as investments. For anyone with specific property or location questions, NBAA also offers a nationwide service to connect people to top buyers agents in all markets.

Among the topics covered in the guide, several are often overlooked by first-time buyers. Accordingly, the guide pays careful attention to matters around long-term risk, capital growth, and stability – especially in comparison with stock-based investments. It also addresses possibilities for monetization such as property improvements and leasing: well-kept luxury properties can attract a high value as rentals.

About the National Buyers Agents Association

Founded in 1995, NBAA has over a quarter-century of experience educating buyers and connecting them with top reviewed buyers agents in all areas of the United States. Their Buyers Agent Search ranking database is founded on decades of purchase results and client feedback and is actively maintained and updated on an ongoing basis.

Certified International Property Specialist designation (CIPS) and Accredited Buyer’s Agent Designee (ABR) Kathleen Chiras manages the NBAA and Skyfor, Inc., a real estate brokerage that has helped more than 80,000 buyers find dependable agents.

According to one of their vacation home clients, “We had an exceptional experience with Buyer Agent Search. They put me immediately in touch with a fantastic realtor in Vermont who helped my family and I realize our dream of owning a vacation place. I can’t recommend them enough. Fantastic service.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://buyeragentsearch.com

Skyfor, Inc. dba National Buyers Agents Association
Skyfor, Inc. dba National Buyers Agents Association
7652 Gartner Rd. Ste. 723

United States

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Las Vegas Misting Systems – Air Humidity Control/High-Pressure Nozzles Launched

The launch provides a range of high-quality misting systems that are effective in cooling down an environment naturally, making the surrounding temperature feel up to 30 degrees cooler.

More details can be found at https://www.cool-off.com/misting-systems

With this launch, customers in Nevada and across the US can now access the company’s premium misting systems, which come with a range of accessories that allow full customization to personal preferences.

High-pressure misting systems work best in arid areas, due to the high temperatures and dry air, which make water evaporate faster. This makes them a better alternative to medium and low-pressure systems, which are most effective for indoor areas.

Cool-Off provides a variety of high-pressure misting systems for outdoor use, with sizes between 40 to 350-inches and multiple options for customization.

Its 150-inch high-pressure misting module comes with 65 nozzles and a remote control pump that has a capacity of up to 1000 PSI. The module comprises 200 inches of Nylon 11 tubing, a compact filtration system, and more.

Depending on the area’s humidity, customers can choose between two nozzle options of 0.006 or 0.008 inches for their misting module. The company uses nickel-plated nozzles that have undergone a minimum of 100 hours in salt misting analysis to ensure they serve as a suitable alternative to stainless steel.

Cool-Off recently launched a breakthrough product, the Mister Brella, which fuses a high-pressure misting system into a cantilever umbrella for outdoor patios. Interested parties can find further details on the Mister Brella system at https://www.cool-off.com/misterbrella

About the Company

Cool-Off is a Las Vegas-based company that manufactures and distributes its own range of trademarked misting fans, systems, and accessories for indoor and outdoor use. The company has completed projects in areas like Orlando, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Tampa, Scottsdale, Dallas, Austin, and others.

A spokesperson said, “Cool-Off offers everything cool under the sun. High pressure misting systems are the perfect answer to reducing heat naturally. Imagine taking refuge in the backyard to escape the summer heat. With our outdoor high-pressure misting system, people can entertain their guests on the hottest of days. Enjoy the outdoors and watch the smart investment of a high-pressure misting system pay itself off.”

For more information, please visit https://www.cool-off.com/150-high-pressure-misting-system-kit-65-misting-nozzles


4760 S Pecos Rd.

Las Vegas
United States

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