No Worries Tax Experts at Valley Tax Law Stockton, a Stockton Tax Attorney

Stockton, CA – Valley Tax Law Stockton has assisted thousands of clients in addressing tax debt and related issues in San Joaquin County and Northern California. Their broad-ranging service areas include Removing Wage Garnishments, Solving IRS Back Tax Problems, Getting Rid of Tax Liens, Relief from Past Tax Issues, and Penalty Abatement Negotiations. Other featured service areas are Accessing Currently Not Collectible Claims, Removing Bank Levies, Negotiating Offers in Compromise, and Negotiating Innocent Spouse Relief. The Stockton-based law firm is BBB accredited and enjoys an impressive A+ rating.

The aggressive attorneys at Valley Tax Law Stockton always place their best foot forward when representing clients caught up with tax issues. They also advise clients about their tax rights and the right to pay what is legally mandated. For efficient representation, the tax attorney near Stockton is trained to handle all issues from the beginning to the end to ensure favorable resolutions. Ian Woodman is the company contact person.

The choice of Valley Tax Law Stockton as a tax solution expert means hiring a committed law firm that treats clients how they would like to be handled. The attorneys and other staff members working at Valley Tax Law Stockton are accommodating, courteous and always work tirelessly to ease tax burdens preventing clients from achieving their full potential. Anyone who owes the IRS over $10,000 will find valuable assistance at Valley Tax Law Stockton.

At Valley Tax Law Stockton, the focus is helping the clients first before worrying about profit and other issues. The tax attorneys in Stockton have created a sustainable business model that has served thousands of happy clients. Testimonials reveal high satisfaction rates with speedy tax resolution and unmatched resolution of tax issues pitting the IRS. Clients are assured that the personal information they provide is strictly safeguarded.

Valley Tax Law Stockton applies a systematic approach to dealing with tax debt issues. The elaborate process begins with a free initial consultation and financial analysis followed by research and investigation, fighting for the best resolutions, and achieving the much-desired freedom. Valley Tax Law Stockton also provides valuable resources for helping individuals and businesses enjoy tax savings. A local tax debt expert is always on standby to assist clients.

Valley Tax Law Stockton offices are at 2291 West March Ln #130, Stockton, CA 95207. Their office phone number is (209) 395 0017. Their service area extends to the following areas: Stockton, Escalon, Lathrop, Waterloo, Morada, Lincoln Village, Farmington, Garden Acres, Country Club, Collierville, Acampo, Terminous, August, and Manteca.

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Minority-owned Vodka Brand Opens The Oregon Market By Putting The Planet First

  • Vanport 1948 Vodka completed the purchase of 300,000 pounds of carbon offsets in project from Oregon to Guatemala, making its first move in the Oregon market, one that favors the planet. 

Portland, Oregon, 21 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, “Business is not perfect, but if you plan to profit from an area, you should plan to give back to the area in terms of the environment. The team of minorities at Vanport 1948 has started their brand by doing more and saying less, and that is all that can be asked of us — to try each day to do more for the planet,” says CEO of Fuego Fino, Jessica Contreras, who is the developer of the Vanport 1948 wine and spirits house, along with retired NFL athletes James Allen and Carlos Emmons. 


Vanport 1948 purchased 300,000 lbs of carbon offsets in two environmental projects. 

The first was Watering the West, whose goals are to protect roughly half a million acres of the most biologically diverse regions in the Pacific Northwest which protect the California Watershed. It’s listed program benefits include reduced forest fragmentation, contributing to improved water quality for both the Klamath and Sacramento watershed basins; longer harvesting cycles (extending the rotation age and time), resulting in decreased human disturbances from logging activities; protecting the watershed results which protects salmon and steelhead stocks; and increasing the average age of trees across the project area, which improves air quality since a larger tree canopy removes pollutants. Due to the rigidity of the applied methodology, the carbon stocks must be maintained at the same level for another 100 years. Project activities also include planting other native species to increase growth and restore biodiversity. 

The second project in which Vanport 1948 purchased offsets was Where Trees Save the Seas, based in Guatemala. This project protects the trees that preserve the coastal ecosystem. The listed benefits include creating a market for agroforestry products that provide alternative income sources for 199 local producers on 1,000 HA; providing training for 716 men and women entrepreneurs in crops, handicrafts, and ecotourism services; guiding 245 small farmers to access government forest incentive payments for protecting and conserving 3,000 hectares of community forest; the creation of seven new businesses; and the positive impact on the lives of women with education, job training opportunities, and healthcare services (with a focus on reproductive health).


Fuego Fino, Inc. is a planet-friendly wine and spirits company that focuses on developing the next high-growth product sector. They boost their revenue potential by curtailing waste and retaining the majority of their supply and distribution networks. For more information, please visit their website. 

Fuego Fino Website:

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Company – Vanport 1948
Email –

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CMN token to be listed on Cointiger and Probit Exchange Following Successful IEO

Delhi, India, 21 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, $CMN will be listed on ProBit as of 23rd September 2021 with the following trading pair: CMN/USDT.


Deposit Starts at 07:00 UTC, 21st of September 2021.

Trading Starts at 08:00 UTC, 23rd of September 2021.

CMN token is backed by the Crypto Media Network, which is devoted to releasing accurate and unbiased news about cryptocurrency products and market trends. In our belief in a decentralized world, we want to educate the crypto community with deep analysis, charts, interviews, and coverage in the most transparent way possible.

CMN will advocate more organic approaches to promotions instead of conventional methods wherein paid promotions attract all the attention. That is, we consider crypto tokens as genuine only after we have verified the intent of the teams backing them. We’ve raised funds to create the first ethical news channel in the CMN media ecosystem

The ProBit and Cointiger listing is part of The Crypto Media Network’s ongoing efforts to make the $CMN token easily accessible to the largest number of players around the world. Investors will now be able to trade their favorite token $CMN on ProBit and Cointiger exchanges, take advantage of exclusive pricing for top coins as VIP subscribers and increase their maximum allocation through multiple subscriptions.

About The Crypto Media Network

Crypto Media Network: Crypto Media Network is an unbiased media platform and community composed exclusively of the latest stories from professional writers that value ethical, authentic journalism. We believe that good journalism comes from good journalists.

All platforms, from OTT to magazines to satellite television, will be covered by the CMN publication. It is one of the first publications in the business to do so. Along with blockchain technology, CMN will also cover other topics related to fintech. Initially, operations will be launched in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Additional countries will be added in the future.

About ProBit Exchange

ProBit Exchange is a top 50 crypto exchange globally. They have completed over 200 rounds of IEO and have been consistently ranked Top 4 in Korea. ProBit Exchange provides unlimited trading access on close to 1,000 trading pairs. The ProBit Exchange is a trusted global brand with over 800,000+ monthly active users.

About Cointiger

A CoinTiger exchange review also reveals that this crypto-asset exchange was founded by Singapore TAI-E Cyber-Tech PTE. LTD – a company that was incorporated on October 10, 2017, in Singapore. Furthermore, it seems that CoinTiger was developed in cooperation with Skymoons – a popular Korean developer of online games for mobile devices. Skymoons was in the meantime acquired by Chinese online video platform, IQiyi.

CoinTiger offers basic spot trading and plans to add advanced spot trading as well as what seems like Futures contracts. A CoinTiger exchange review also reveals that they have a token of their own, namely the TigerCash (Ticker symbol: TCH) token – an ERC20 token used on the CoinTiger platform. It is not to be confused with Thore Cash (Ticker symbol: TCH).

 CMN Token Distribution

ICO                                                       3M   (10%)

IEO                                                       4M  (13.33%)

Founder and Community                      4.1M (13.66%)

Reserve and Exchange                        3.4M (11.33%)

Ecosystem & Marketing                        2M    (6.66%)

Misc and Operation                               2.5M  (8.33%)

Product and Innovation                      1M     (3.33%)

Staking                                               5M     (16.66%)   

Farming                                              5M     (16.66%)

IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) of CMN token has been concluded on the Probit Exchange. CMN Successfully raised the amount and will soon be ready to trade on the probit as well as cointiger exchange. You can use this How to buy guide If you need any help in buying the CMN token. 

CMN token will be first listed on Probit & Cointiger, then to several other undisclosed centralized exchanges, which will bring mass adoption of the token and the project itself.

Media Contact

Company Name:-Crypto Media Network

Company Website:-

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Cakeswap Exchange’s Three-Phase Project is Underway with Optimistic Predictions for its Unique Automated Market Maker

San Francisco, CA, 21 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, CakeSwap Exchange has recently launched into the crypto world as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in the BSC Binance chain with its very own token. This project is currently projecting high performance with a 3-step phase in the making. A team of financial experts has formulated the company’s roadmap and is successfully on track. The token CAKESWAP has been launched (private sale begins this month until September 27), and next up will be the exchange.

For those who missed out on Uniswap, Pancakeswap or Sushiswap, this 500x gem is in the cutting and polishing stage! CakeSwap will fill up the vacuum and become the fourth pillar in the liquidity provider space.

CakeSwap is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) known as an automated market maker (AMM). This essentially means that there are no order books, a bid/ask system, or limit/market orders. Instead, users trading on the platform automatically draw liquidity from one or more liquidity pools, which then rebalances after the trade is complete”, says a spokesperson for CakeSwap Exchange.

Currently, CakeSwap Exchange is focusing on working through three phases. The first phase has successfully come through with the launch of the CakeSwap token, while phase two featuring the “decentralized exchange” is still in the works. Post the exchange launch, the company will add a “debit card” linked to the token wallet address in phase 3 with the debit card “holders”, i.e., people who own tokens will pay with the debit card at the “value” of USD of the tokens they hold.

According to the roadmap, CakeSwap is moving on course. As planned, the company will be holding its ‘private sale’ until September 27th. Through this fundraising process, the company will be able to fund its future projects. Once the ‘private sale’ ends, CakeSwap will initiate the ‘presale’ for the subsequent twenty days. Following this will be the “token listing to public sale” in the exchange.

CakeSwap has commenced phase one presenting, “the token”. The company’s privately owned token is called CAKESWAP Token, a native utility token. With only one billion whole supplies, the token contract is predicted to have great “Tokenomics”. According to the system, 2% of every buy/sell is procured and reallocated to all CakeSwap holders. Then 8% of every transaction is converted into liquidity. This step is programmed and helps generate a price constancy. Next, 3% of every buy/sell will go to the marketing wallet to guarantee the company can keep sponsoring their marketing expenditures.

Right now, our Private Sale is live, and the Pre-Sale will follow, giving a great opportunity to the early investors to obtain the token at a preferential price. If you missed UNISWAP, PANCAKESWAP & SUSHISWAP, don’t miss out on this 500X GEM”, says a spokesperson for CakeSwap Exchange.

During Phase Two – which is in the process – “The exchange” will be formed. The CakeSwap Exchange will present yield farms, pools, NFTs, lottery, and predictions. The company will employ this second phase to guarantee maximum yields for its shareholders.

Once CakeSwap Exchange reaches the $100 Million+ Market Cap, the company predicts it will attain more than 10,000+ Holders and over 25,000 Telegram Members. CakeSwap will consequently initiate a debit card linked to the holder’s wallet address. During this phase, the CAKESWAP token will also be listed among the biggest exchanges.

New investors and shareholders can pool into CakeSwap Exchange by simply downloading and setting up Trust Wallet for the phone or MetaMask as a crypto-wallet browser extension. The next step is adding the Binance Smart Chain to a network list.  Now, investors can easily buy BNB on an exchange (i.e., Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, etc.) and Transfer tokens to their TrustWallet or MetaMask address.

CakeSwap Exchange is a US-based crypto company. During their tenure, they have accomplished their goals and continue to map out future events for their shareholders. With a professional team of financial experts and crypto gizmos, CakeSwap Exchange continues to offer the best services to its users.


For more information, please visit: |

Media Contact:

Telegram: @CakeSwapOfficial

Twitter: @cake_swap

Instagram: @cakeswapofficial

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HashBit and How It Operates Across the Blockchain

Milano, Italy, 21 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Keeping the feasibility and functionality in mind, it won’t be wrong to say; HashBit Blockchain is the future of Cryptocurrency. The following article explains the reason why HashBit Blockchain is taking the lead in the crypto market.

What is a HashBit Blockchain?

HashBit Blockchain (HBIT) is a Blockchain project based on Java, an object-oriented language that aids in developing robust applications making the utilization of Blockchain easier. This type of blockchain is designed to provide a speedy and elementary integration for different applications, games, online platforms, etc. The focal point of HashBit Blockchain is to make the applications very practical and approachable for people from all walks of life.

HBIT Blockchain is very accessible. One can easily access it via a normal browser with no unnecessary security checks or forms. However, it is very conscious about the certainty of its customers and has amazing security systems to ensure the privacy of assets. Furthermore, HBIT Blockchain also facilitates limitless development of any program, application, or very own assets in no time and with no complications. Therefore, when creating or trading your assets on your device, you may face no trouble and can perform legitimate transactions in seconds effortlessly with the HBIT technology.

Apart from that, HBIT Blockchain supports 30 times faster speed than Bitcoin; 30 seconds block time can reduce if the load is higher than normal. It consumes less than 20% of resources, making it work seamlessly and integrating into apps or websites easily.

Speaking of HBIT itself, it is an open-source Java-based cryptocurrency with an amazing and distinctive proof-of-stake algorithm that is completely independent. With its Curve25519 cryptography and SHA256 hash producing unique hashes and mining algorithm, it provides a remarkable security system to resist stake attacks.

Currently, HBIT’s infrastructure allows processing 1,101,600 transactions a day. These transactions do not require script processing or input/output transaction processing on the network’s nodes. It is a “core transaction” that supports mining, merchant tools, developer tools, asset exchange, transferring assets, discussion boards, HBIT pay, and strong encryption. These limitless services show how elegant and secure the core of HBIT is.

As stated above, HBIT uses a Proof of Work model for network security; however, this model is not the same as the one used by other cryptocurrencies. In a traditional Proof of Work model, the network security is provided by the peer workers. In return, coins are rewarded to the workers according to the frequency and amount of cryptocurrency’s fluctuating parameters, a process called mining. The frequency is intentionally kept constant, making it difficult for the peers to earn rewards. Besides, with the increased work capacity, the network gets stronger, yet the incentive gets limited as the reward is distributed among a greater number of workers. The miners continue adding the resources in hopes of reasonable profits, making the network more centralized and losing smaller peers.

On the other hand, the Proof of Work model of HBIT is presided by the peer workers that have a stake in the network. The network is highly decentralized, and a great number of blocks are being contributed to this network. It is one of the major issues that HBIT has fixed.

How Does It Operate Across Blockchain?

As the name suggests, HashBit Blockchain is linked with Blockchain itself, as the ledger transaction is stored and associated with series of blocks. These blocks are collectively called Blockchain that keeps a permanent record of the transactions and their trivial details. The copy of the blockchains is stored on every node of the network that generates a private key for the user. The blockchain also supports an “Active Account” that generates series of blocks when unlocked until the transactions are confirmed around 1440 times.

The most significant section of HBIT blockchain is the Asset section available on the frontend that facilitates creating your own assets in seconds. Just enter your requirement, and you’ll have your own coin within 30 seconds, which is then added to your wallet for you to trade it or keep it. These transactions cost around 0.00001 HBIT each. HBIT Blockchain also supports Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that facilitates the buying and selling of the assets, and just like transactions, placing orders also costs around 0.00001 HBIT.

The HBIT Blockchain supports around 255 transactions preamble by a blocked header, each block with a maximum size of 42 KB. These blocks are represented by analyzing parameters like block height, value, block version, block ID, the total amount of HBIT transactions, block signature, base target value, transaction data, payload length, and the block timestamp.

Similarly, staking is a process that generates blocks in HBIT if 1440 blockchains are confirmed in your account, with the staking person receiving a certain amount for each transaction. Staking is currently limited but managed by a Development Team to secure the Blockchain and make it accessible on the main node of the network. So, all the HBIT users can easily avail it.

Mining is another process carried out across the blockchain to distribute 99.5% of the HBIT. Your computer can be easily mined with HBIT by your CPU or undermined by your phone through this process. This peer-to-peer computer process is performed to verify your crypto transactions. About 49.5B HBIT is reserved for mining.

Other than that, an Inbox is given in the frontend of the network to allow communication between two peers via HBIT blockchain. The messages sent can either be available to the public that only blockchain users can access or be encrypted where the message is only readable to the sender and receiver. Speaking of public messages, Group Chats also adds to the decentralization of the network. The message is visible for a few seconds with 0.00001 and 0.00005 HBIT commission.

Blockchains also facilitate the communication for APIs (Application Programming Interface) that further simplify interaction and integration to any exchange, application, or website. These APIs are also available at the frontend and are “http,” allowing users to use all features with POST and GET requests. HBIT blockchain is a very easy-to-use network that records the responses in JSON, which can easily be integrated into all programming languages.

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EMO Fintech Group Ltd. changes the narrative of payment options with its exclusive Eezy Card


Mahe, Seychelles, 21 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, While rapid technology is growing fast, more humans are becoming accustomed to digitalization. As a result, it is inevitable to say that the world is becoming a global village. By realizing this, many crypto businesses are stepping onto the bandwagon and stamp their mark.

EMO Fintech Group Ltd. is one such company, although its objectives are distinct. Their primary objective is to ensure that Crypto Currency is inclusive and advantageous to everyone in all circumstances. Therefore, Eezy Coin, Eezy App, Eezy Card, and Eezy Friends are their exclusive services.

For a few years, people have been trading cryptocurrencies and profiting from them. Eezy coin will undoubtedly provide investors with a flood of modified features that will transform the cryptocurrency market. With the launch of Eezy coins, people will begin using them for various purposes that will surprise everyone.

Currently, the Eezy Coin is under pre-sale, which means that anyone interested can get it at a discounted price. Eezy Coin is said to place on a cryptocurrency exchange for trade on March 15th. Thus, Eezy Coin is predicted to emerge into a constructive shift in the coming years of cryptocurrency world.

Eezy Coin is a token offering via an IEO – Initial Exchange Offering. Simply put, they promise that Eezy Coin would be listed on a Crypto Exchange and convertible to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin when the Crypto Pre-Sale Period concludes.

A large percentage of cryptocurrency owners utilize their coins for trading or profit. However, Eezy Coins owners will use their coins as a convenient payment method in the future. Consequently, Eezy coins will weigh the virtual world and tangible world simultaneously.


EMO Fintech Group Ltd. will also launch the Eezy Card, a major Crypto Debit Card. It enables users to pay with Eezy Card at their local diner, bar, club, theatre, motels, auto rentals, and many more locations. Users have to pick the Eezy Carda and select the CryptoCurrency they wish to pay with. They can also use the back office to reload their Eezy card at any moment simply.

The Eezy  App resembles a crypto app. It plays an assistant role by displaying local services and collecting the Eezy Card as a payment system. On the menu are eateries, bars, theaters, shops, petrol stations, and much more. It will also keep you updated on the latest developments in the crypto realm.

Finally, the company offers Eezy Friends a secure platform for its customers to converse freely. It is a non-profit organization with members worldwide who are enthusiastic about the crypto sector and new projects. Anyone can become a member of Eezy Friends for free.

EMO Fintech Group Ltd. is making revolutionary changes with the Eezy Coin, the Eezy App and the Eezy Card. They are enhancing the new payment solution where all Eezy Friends can participate in a very profitable way. Their goal is to achieve financial independence and support organizations with an expansive vision that improves people’s lives.

Determined people who want to enjoy the services of Eezy coin and the Eezy app must visit here or listen to the daily Eezy Radio show on CryptoVoiceFM to gather more information and avail the best of it.

Media Contact

Contact Person :Erich Krammer

Company: EMO Fintech Group LTD

Address : EMO Fintech Group Ltd. Suite 10, 3rd Floor, La Ciotat, Mont Fleuri, Mahé, Seychelles

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Belveswap Labs Inc. Release DEX on BSC Making Crypto Trading Faster and More Economical

  • Belveswap Labs Inc. is using an innovative decentralized exchange system to enable hassle-free crypto trading for everyone

Seattle, WA, 21 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, It is said crypto has disrupted the traditional financial sector by freeing people of hierarchical systems, regulations, and mediators. But to assume that an online crypto broker doesn’t restrict the pace, volume, and gains for newbies is false. What’s truly empowering all crypto holders and traders around the globe is a blockchain-powered decentralized crypto trading system. Belveswap Labs Inc. knows that well. So, to enable faster, more economical, and hassle-free crypto trading, it has now released DEX on BSC.

DEX is powering the real disruption in the financial world because it allows peer-to-peer trading. There are no banks, brokers, or middlemen to meddle with token swap and trade between two parties willing to trade in cryptocurrency. It lets people take charge of their assets and exchange or trade them for other digital, i.e., crypto, assets freely and for minimum transaction cost. Belveswap Labs Inc. is capitalizing on this technology to let everyone adopt crypto as a primary moneymaking mode.

Belveswap Labs Inc.’s decentralized exchange platform BSC supports seven crypto wallets and fourteen chains globally. Ticker $BELVE can be securely traded and swapped on this platform for minimal transaction cost using a wallet and chain of the trader’s choosing. Belveswap Labs Inc. stays on the sidelines, ensuring all transactions are transparent and secure. Also, BSC traders earn GOV Rights and 0.2% of all swaps from all the chains, so the liquidity pool never shrinks. With a monthly trading volume of about USD. 1.2 billion, the Belveswap Labs Inc. BSC community is growing larger and more vibrant by the day. It is taking advantage of BSC’s cutting-edge, highly secure, and easy-to-use decentralized crypto trading and swapping platform to leverage the power of blockchain for freer, more independent wealth accumulation and crypto trading.

Belveswap Labs Inc.’s $BELVE DEX is a game-changer, and people already know it. That’s why the numbers signing up for the platform and joining its Discord and Twitter communities keep multiplying. Decentralized crypto trading isn’t the future of financial transactions; it is the present. And Belveswap Labs Inc. is making sure everyone can take advantage of that. Their team is online 24/7 to answer every query and assist every member. No matter how novice a trader, DEX empowers all! Start Swaping Crypto today.

Media Contact

Company: BelveSwap Labs Inc




Address: 720 Seneca St Ste 107 PMB 28, Seattle, WA 98101

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Vala’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard to serve world-famous Ben’s Soft Pretzels.

Elkhart, Indiana Sep 21, 2021 ( – Vala’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard to serve world-famous Ben’s Soft Pretzels.

Ben’s Soft Pretzels will now be served at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard, Gretna, NE. Ben’s Soft Pretzels is an Amish-inspired jumbo soft pretzel that is twice the size of your typical pretzel. Ben’s is nearly a 1/2 pound pretzel topped with German imported pretzel salt. Ben’s Soft Pretzels will be available at Farmer Jack’s Pretzel Shack located within Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. You will be able to enjoy fresh soft pretzels, dipping sauces, and Apple Cider Slushie Floats.

“We could not be more excited to serve our world-famous jumbo soft pretzels at Vala’s. The Vala’s family is amazing and the best of the best. They are the leader in the agri-tourism industry and we are honored to be there.”, said Brian Krider, Co-Founder of Ben’s Soft Pretzels. The new location will be open the entire season at Vala’s.

Ben’s will open several more locations this year in traditional locations like malls and other retail outlets and also some other non-traditional locations. Recently Ben’s has introduced multiple mobile trailers and food truck pretzel bakeries and there are more to come. “The great thing about our system is the low cost of entry into any one of our models. From malls to the largest stadiums, Ben’s is ready to continue its mantra of World Pretzel Domination. This is all part of our plan to rid the world of inferior pretzels”, expressed Scott Jones, Co-Founder of Ben’s Soft Pretzels.

About Ben’s Soft Pretzels

Ben’s Soft Pretzels is home to the World’s Greatest Soft Pretzel. One bite will forever change your perception of what a pretzel should taste like. The nearly half-pound fluffy, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth artisan pretzel goodness features imported German pretzel salt and 12 gourmet dipping sauces to choose from. Founded in 2008, Ben’s Soft Pretzels has become one of the nation’s fastest-growing soft pretzel franchises with 140+ locations in 13 states. For more information visit and connect with Ben’s Pretzels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. #worldpretzeldomination #haveapretzelday

About Vala’s Pumpkin Patch and Orchard

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch has become a tradition for many families. As we head into our 37th year of operation, we are proud to welcome the second generation of parents who remember visiting Vala’s when they were children. Vala’s Pumpkin Patch founder, owner, visionary, and farmer, Tim Vala, grew up as a city boy in Omaha, Nebraska. Vala’s Pumpkin Patch has grown into a 400-acre operation with nearly 55 acres of pumpkins planted every year. For more information visit and connect with Vala’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Media Contact

Ben’s Soft Pretzels


2840 Lillian Ave.

Source :Ben’s Soft Pretzels

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Sapizon Technologies is leading Digital Transformation across USA in 2021

Mobile app development

A Brief Peek Into How Sapizon Has Become a Leader for Digital Transformation Services in USA.

Pleasanton, California Sep 21, 2021 ( – The emergence of modern technologies coupled with impeccable progressive ideas has revolutionized the global business world. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language, digitization of every process is the norm.

And the perfect push for all this is given majorly through mobile and web applications. The biggest advantage of the global business industry is that reliable digital transformation organizations are quickly finding their feet in the market and making operations seamless for enterprises.

It naturally puts a positive impact on the global economy. Because these companies are known to encourage startups. The thing about startups is, when they keep increasing, the economic situation of the respective domain always goes upward.

The ease with which IT solutions are handled by these companies allows enterprises to focus on other business aspects. In the USA, Sapizon has led the way by providing efficient digital solutions to various business organizations.

Founded in 2015, Sapizon’s headquarter is in India but they have found their way to the top of the outsourcing companies ladder in the USA by delivering quality services and solutions to clients. They have strived hard to simplify IT operations through the sheer dedication and skill of their experienced workforce.

At the time when outsourcing of processes has become so normal, the rapid rise of an organization like Sapizon is a huge plus for the market. One, it naturally improves the quality of products and applications that are launched, and two, it allows tech enthusiasts to explore new possibilities.

Mehul Thatagar, the Founder/CEO at Sapizon, says “We are constantly looking at ways to find innovative solutions to achieve greater heights so, our clients can be benefitted. The efforts of every team member are focused solely on enhancing the customer journey through dynamic strategies. We take immense pride in the quality of work we put in every process and also how we collaborate with clients to ensure we are achieving the milestones we set out for. Yes, there are challenges and hurdles along the way. But only by mitigating them and growing through them have, we earned the valuable trust of our clients. Our aim is and always has been to transform the business world through our practically smart solutions which our team will continue working towards.”

Sapizon Technologies, a leading Software Testing Company provides a wide range of services and solutions to companies that include Software Testing, Product Support, VR/AR Solutions Development, Cloud Services, Web App Development, and Mobile App Development. They have extremely experienced professionals at the helm of each service who are backed by a strong and supportive leadership team.

Without a doubt, Sapizon a one of the Top Software Testing Company has proven its worth to its clients which has made them one of the most trustworthy IT companies in the USA. The market has always been competitive even during the pandemic and it demands companies to deliver seamless services and products and render uninterrupted delivery and this is where you will need organizations like Sapizon to back you up. For instance, Automation Testing is in huge demand because every organization wants to double-check everything is working flawlessly as a part of the solution as quickly as possible. The QA team at Sapizon is almost incomparable to other testing companies when it comes to efficient Software Testing.

Are you finding it hard to manage your workloads and IT infrastructure? They have a workforce with expertise in cloud services like cloud consulting, cloud migration and cloud transformation, DevOps engineering, etc. Sapizon is quite an all-rounder because it also provides 24/7 IT support services to ensure customer requirements are met when they are needed.

It is true that nothing pushes a business ahead if technology is not utilized smartly by enterprises. Sapizon is the perfect foil if you are looking for enhancement because of the expertise it possesses in creating immersive solutions with AR/VR.

With AI and ML taking over the market, you certainly need developers who know tech as the trend is. For startups aspiring to create a lasting impact in the market in a cost-effective manner, you need Sapizon’s web and mobile app development solutions with which they have already helped several new businesses on an ascendency.

About Sapizon:

Completed 250+ projects, serving different clients across different industries and geographies have made Sapizon Technologies, popular among the masses prompting every startup, SME, and Enterprises in the USA to seek IT services and solutions. They have the latest infrastructure that helps their team in executing projects beautifully. One of the major factors that have led to success is its ability to deliver innovative solutions and in a minimal time. They have a strong delivery operational presence in the prime geographic regions of the USA like California, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, and more.

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Stage-four cancer survivor turns adversity into opportunity

Frozen Not Broken

‘Frozen Not Broken’ details how anyone can find more effective healing through Interval Mindfulness

Los Angeles, California Sep 21, 2021 ( – There is little doubt anxiety and stress are killing Americans.

But one fitness aficionado believes he has mastered a way to counter the ill effects brought on by those everyday concerns, using his formula for interval meditation, which he calls Interval Mindfulness.

Mario Godiva shares his powerful new method in his critically acclaimed new book, “Frozen Not Broken,” available online and at all major booksellers.

A sought-after physical trainer, with appearances on some of the hottest media today, including “CNN,” “Dr. OZ,” “New York Times,” and the “Today Show,” he recounts in the book how he went from tragedy to victory in just 50 days and how he believes the reader can too.

The secret to his success, he said, is found in how he learned to train his mind, a method he discovered after being given a week to live.

No stranger to making a difference through his wellness strategies in person, Godiva is now reaching frustrated, stressed, and burned-out readers wherever they are.

“In ‘Frozen Not Broken,’ I teach readers how to get off the hamster wheel to get unstuck from the grind that is deteriorating your mind, body, and soul,” Godiva said. “Instead, you can take control of your life if you follow my guide to ambush anxiety, master your stress, and activate rapid self-healing.”

Godiva does this through what he calls Interval Mindfulness, a time interval-based approach to relaxation, meditation, and stress relief for people who have a hard time calming their minds.

“The interval training methodology used in the sports, fitness, and running industries is strategically applied to mindfulness, meditation, and regeneration to give users immediate relief,” he said. “With my proven technique, you can master your health, become more resilient to stress, and even thrive amid chaos.”

“Readers also learn how to focus their minds instead of indulging in every digital whim. The average person touches their cell phone or device 262 times per day, and with all those beeps, rings, and tweets, the mind is in a constant state of flux. Through my training, you learn how to handle the chaotic world — not escape from it.”

Godiva is not only an expert in the field, his personal experience continues to drive him to share his message.

“I was being told I had only a week or so to get my affairs in order,” he said. “With that death sentence hanging over my head, I decided not to give in and call the cemetery– instead, I radically self-healed in record time.”

This holistic fitness expert said he has a proven plan to break the stranglehold of societal stress with Interval Mindfulness.

In “Frozen Not Broken,” Godiva said he shares how to find the hidden truths behind personal stressors and break this addictive cycle of fear and anxiety and how to enable readers to follow short processes of mindful meditation to transform their physical, emotional, and mental state.

“We are collectively submerged in a never-ending loop of continuous chaos, and I’m retraining the reader to handle it all with grace,” Godiva said.

For more information about Godiva, Frozen Not Broken, or Interval Mindfulness, visit

Frozen Not Broken can be found at all major booksellers now, including Amazon and Target.

Godiva also maintains a presence on social media, including Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Mario Godiva

Media Contact

Mario Godiva

(917) 985-6671

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