USB Condenser Microphone – Pro Audio Tabletop Voice Recording Mic Launched

Mystadora, an online store, announced the launch of the Blue LED Universal USB PC Recording Condenser Microphone. The compact mic can be used for video conferences, podcasts, gaming, video and voice recording.

More information is available at

The newly announced product is an affordable option for those who need high-quality sound recording for their work, hobby, or communication with their loved ones.

With the social isolation guidelines of the current pandemic, people are away from their friends, family, and colleagues, and video calls are often the only way to stay in touch. Since many people have shifted to remote work due to the lockdown, video conferences are now the primary means of business communication as well.

With these recent changes in the way people communicate, a high-quality microphone has become a necessary item for any person. Excellent sound quality is especially important for those people who record podcasts and videos or often participate in work-related video conferences. There are affordable options that offer studio-quality sound and, at the same time, are compact and easy to use.

The Condenser Microphone is simple to install. It only needs to be plugged into the computer or laptop’s USB port and selected as an input in software settings. The mic has a LED light that lights up blue once it is connected. Its crisp vocal pickup with high-precision audio clarity makes the microphone suitable for any vocal application.

The kit includes the microphone, a microphone clip holder, an adjustable tripod stand, and a USB cable. Headphones can be connected to the headphone port for live voice monitoring.

The mic gain and the headphone output level can be adjusted directly from the hardware by twisting the knobs. The microphone also has a convenient push-to-mute button for sudden noise when recording.

Mystadora offers free shipping on all orders in the United States, 30-day returns, and secure online payment options.

A company representative said: “This compact tabletop mic is ideal for everything from studio vocals to gaming, streaming, podcasting, singing, editing, and desk recording.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting


16238 Highway 620 N., Suite F-104

United States

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Kensington UK Google Ranking/Brand Awareness Digital Marketing Services Launched

London-based marketing agency, Doviast Media, has launched an updated branding and visibility service for local clients. They serve businesses throughout Kensington, Islington, Southwark and the surrounding areas with full-service content marketing solutions.

More information can be found at:

The focus of the newly updated service is on ensuring that local clients can improve their visibility and brand awareness. This is especially important following the impact of the pandemic.

While London businesses have struggled throughout lockdown, the latest studies show that online search is at an all-time high. Working with an expert digital marketing agency is an effective way of reaching and engaging this audience.

Doviast Media provides clients with tailored services to get the best ROI across all their campaigns. They also offer cutting-edge automation approaches to simplify and streamline inbound lead generation.

Unlike many other marketing agencies, the company aims to form a long-lasting partnership with each client. This helps to ensure they get the best results in each campaign, and can enjoy higher ranking both in the short term and long into the future.

Their full range of services includes marketing automation, bespoke strategy design and implementation, search engine optimisation, and reputation management.

The latest service update is grounded in a professional content marketing approach to online presence growth. Interested parties wanting to build their online visibility and establish themselves as an expert in their field are encouraged to get in touch.

Creating a regular stream of pro-grade content improves website traffic, builds authority, and establishes business owners as thought leaders in their space.

Content marketing campaigns can also improve brand awareness in a more effective way than traditional online advertising methods. Ranking at the top of Google leads to improved credibility, and means customers are more likely to click through to the company website.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “Doviast Media has helped hundreds of businesses, just like yours, be found on the internet. With more people searching from a smart phone, it is more important than ever that your business be optimised for current search engine results.”

Full details of the London marketing service can be found at:

Doviast Media
Doviast Media

6 Tideslea Tower
Erebus Drive
United Kingdom

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Portable Urinal Bottles For Male Incontinence/Senior Friendly Collection Launch

Frsh Collections announces its updated collection of portable urinal bottles for men. The high-grade translucent plastic bottles are a convenient way for users to relieve themselves safely.

More details can be found at their Amazon Store.

The updated collection features the latest technologies to ensure that all bottles are easy to use and leak-proof. The product is recommended for those with incontinence or long-haul truck drivers. To further help users, the new collection of portable urinal bottles glow in the dark.

Urinary incontinence is considered a taboo subject, with many sufferers not talking about their condition, consequently being unaware of the many products that are available for their convenience. Persistent urinary incontinence is often a symptom of old age and gender. Medical doctors have stated that men who have prostate gland problems are more susceptible to develop incontinence.

Frsh Collections offers different products designed for men and their various problems. In particular, its flagship item, the portable urinal bottle, is meant to help men who have problems with their bladder or for those who need to relieve themselves during a long drive. The bottle is designed with a wide opening to prevent leakages and can accommodate all sizes.

All bottles feature a long handle for a convenient and firm grip for caregiving. The bottle also has a flat side designed on the side for caregivers to write down patient’s information. The lids are designed to glow in the dark.

One bottle can hold around 1,000 ml of fluid. It can be reused indefinitely, though it should be washed thoroughly in between uses.

With its updated collection, Frsh Collections continues its mission of offering high-quality wellness products for men.

A satisfied customer wrote, “I bought this bottle for my bedridden uncle and it’s been excellent for use. There is no leakage and it glows in the dark if it needs to be used at night. The lid fits perfectly and is attached to the bottle so no chance of losing it. Highly recommended for anyone bedridden or on a bedpan.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting their Amazon Store.

Frsh Collections
Frsh Collections

46 Junction Crescent


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Hypoallergenic Breathable Microfibre Mattress Topper – Luxury Product Launched

Acrali Home, an online retailer of premium mattress toppers, has launched new products in their range on Amazon. The company specializes in uniquely designed mattress toppers for everyday use.

More details can be found at Amazon store.

The recently updated range of products offers an affordable, high-quality selection of luxury hypoallergenic toppers for all bed sizes.

Though mattress toppers are designed to extend the life of a mattress and provide additional softness and comfort, often substandard toppers lose their thickness and softness soon after purchasing. However, a quality item can reduce the pressure on mattress springs and prevent general wear and tear that keeps the mattress supportive and comfortable for as long as possible.

Acrali Home’s Quilted Double Mattress Topper has been created using hypoallergenic microfibre material that’s light, breathable and friendly to sensitive skin. The unique box stitching of the topper ensures that the filling is distributed equally across the product, to provide a uniform level of support.

The generously filled toppers from the company are 10cm (4 inches) thick, filled with hollow fiber, and easy to fit thanks to their secure elasticated corner straps. These prevent the item from slipping during use and make it easy to transport as they’re simple to remove. Mattress toppers from Acrali Home are machine washable, and suitable for gentle tumble drying.

With the latest announcement, Acrali Home continues to invest in providing customers with high-quality, allergen-free mattress toppers to fit beds of all sizes, from a Single to a Super King, available via their Amazon store.

A satisfied customer said: “After shopping around for a comfortable mattress topper, I couldn’t be happier with this offering from Acrali Home. Very easy to fit and it’s super soft with a nice thick cushioning layer. I’ve slept so well since purchasing it and I don’t feel any of the springs from my old mattress. This has saved me a fortune vs replacing my full mattress.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting Amazon site.

NJ’S Business Solutions LTD
NJ’S Business Solutions LTD

117A Inwood Road

United Kingdom

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Virtual clinical trials change the face of the clinical research industry

Within a clinical trial environment remote monitoring is the ability to not have to visit the site in order to transfer and review trial data. With remote monitoring comes the ability for virtual data review. The use of digital technology allows for the relevant people within the trial to access the data wherever they are whenever they want.

When it comes to ObvioHealth’s remote monitoring not only are the trial monitors remote, but the participants are too. This means that ObvioHealth opens a door to new real-time advantages and real world data collection.

When clinical trial monitoring is conducted remotely and data is collected from patients on site, the data might not fully reflect true data of how it works in the real world.

So instead, within a virtual clinical setting both patients and monitors are remote. Allowing this type of trial helps in the gathering of “real world data” as the participants go on about their daily lives.

The game changer is that as the data is recorded, it is then transmitted back to the trial monitors. This combination of real-world data and transmission in real-time allows for improved insights, not just on real world efficacy but also compliance and behavior also.

ObvioHealth’s virtual clinical trial platform offers varying features to fit any clinical trial such as, clients can track the recruitment, enrollment, compliance and progress of the study at various frequencies. This could be on an hourly, daily or even weekly basis.

The benefits to ObvioHealths remote monitoring clinical trials platform is their engagement and compliance. Monitors and participants will always be in the know when it comes to protocol and a review, the study stats will allow users to see participant data.

Another benefit is their customized alerts which can alert monitors to any complications, whether it be with safety, compliance or engagement – complications are promptly identified to monitors.

To find out more about ObvioHealth’s virtual clinical trial platform, see their website at the following link:

ObvioHealth USA, Inc.
ObvioHealth USA, Inc.

3452 Lake Lynda Drive Suite 151

United States

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Oklahoma Plumber Company Extends Slab Leak Service to Broken Arrow Community

Big C’s Plumbing Services, an Oklahoma-based licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor with more than 25 years of experience in the business, has extended its slab leak service to the Broken Arrow community, a move that now allows the company to provide a myriad of leak solutions – from pipe re-routing and re-piping to tunneling – for its entire customer base.

“Slab leaks are a fact of life in areas where soils are unstable, and we often explain to customers that homes are built on concrete slabs or by way of pier-and-beam construction because basement walls can crack and break from the pressure of shifting soils,” explains Chris Ogan, President of Big C’s Plumbing Services. “Sometimes, plumbing joints leak or the pipes crack beneath a slab, and then one of the most serious problems one can image rears its head – a slab leak.

“Depending on the extent of this leak, a homeowner may experience serious water damage to flooring, walls, furniture, appliances and more, and, as one can imagine, fixing a leak beneath tons of concrete is no walk in the park; it’s definitely not a DIY plumbing job, and that’s what we have been stressing to our treasured client base in BA.”

For more information visit

According to experts like Ogan, expansive soil shifts is the number one cause of slab leaks, with the American Society of Civil Engineers reporting that approximately 25-percent of all homes in the United States experiencing damage due to these expansive soils. Additionally, Big C’s routinely tells its customers what they should be looking out for with regard to signs of a slab leak, as changes can be so incremental, they often go unnoticed.

These signs include higher water bills without increased personal usage, sounds of running water when no taps are open, foundations that develop cracks, discolored or damp floor coverings, warm or damp places on floors, off-putting odors from floors or walls, uneven growth in lawn or foundation plants and a visible shift in soil around structures.

“If one or more of these symptoms pop up, a licensed plumber should be contacted immediately for a professional opinion,” adds Ogan. “Plumbers are equipped with acoustic, sonic, pressure, electromagnetic and gas tracer detection tools to locate water leaks in plastic and metal plumbing lines, and these kinds of experts also engage in visual inspections with fiber optic plumbers’ cameras they run through the plumbing lines.

“The bottom line is that when a slab leak occurs, some decisions have to be made, and it should be understood that the risk of property damage can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, or higher.”

Big C’s Plumbing has been taking care of plumbing concerns in its local Oklahoma community and the surrounding areas for over 20 years, providing outstanding plumbing and leak locating solutions for all of Claremore and Mayes County including foundation piering, water heater repair, drain cleaning and rooter services.

Big C’s is located at 3802 1/2 South Norfolk Avenue in Tulsa and can be reached by calling (918) 218-2224. For more information visit above mentioned website.

Big C’s Plumbing Services
Big C’s Plumbing Services

3802 1/2 S Norfolk Ave

United States

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Leading Entrepreneurs gives tips on success Launches July 15, 2021

Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Grandmother Phylisa Dever is launching Females and Males brand new book, “Mission Matters World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips to Success”. The book is set to go live July 15, 2021, available Amazon and my website. and is expected to become a big hit with fans of the Entrepreneurs and every day life situations world.

More information on the book can be found here:

This is the 3 book Dever has authored. The book was written with the aim in mind to To help Women push through hard situations in a male dominated world. There’s also particular excitement about this launch because This is a collaboration with many other others.

Mission Matters World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips to Success sets its main focus on Tips for success. Readers will likely find a particular interest in Every Entrepreneur needs leadership.. The book’s cover art was created by Adam Torres and Mission Matters World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips to Success is being released by Mission Matters.

Phylisa Dever has a background in Entrepreneur, Author. This helped shaped the creation of the book Being in business for 16 years helped me to speak on my experience..

When asked about why they wrote the book, Dever said: “I really want to help people to not experience what I’ve experience in Life. We can always pay it forward to someone else.”

Dever has hopes that the book will I hope to help women in authority positions to overcome with positive outcomes.. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to their optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point This was one of my easiest books written yet. There were no mishaps..

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking I would like to my husband for his support and my Man of God who told me to write a book when it’s been years since the first book. for their part in the creation of the book, saying: “I like to thank every man that made it hard on me. It is because of the challenges that I faced that I was able to write how I over came in a male dominant field being a women.”

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here:

631 East Oak Ridge Road

United States

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Aurora Plumbing Services Company Plans Bigger Focus on New Construction Projects

Royalty Plumbing, a Colorado-based locally-owned-and-operated business with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, is ringing in 2021 with a keen focus on new construction projects, offering a myriad of solutions to customers building a new home or remodeling a current space while bringing extensive knowledge of general plumbing and sewer lines to every job.

“When building a new home or engaging in a remodel, it is imperative that a homeowner choose a plumber that can be trusted to perform the job as it should be completed,” states Leon Zokovski, owner of Royalty Plumbing. “To this end, our technicians bring the skills, expertise and confidence to perform a new home construction or remodel according to Colorado plumbing code, working with contractors and homeowners alike to build superior plumbing systems that address all of their needs while seamlessly abiding by the aforementioned code.

“We are looking forward to placing a heavier emphasis on these services as we move into 2021.”

Royalty provides construction/remodel services in the areas of backflow installation, bathroom installation, custom installations, drain cleaning, water heater installation, faucet and fixtures upgrades, kitchen installations and outdoor kitchens.

For more information visit

In understanding that when building and selling a house every little detail counts, Royalty Plumbing representatives ensure that everything, right down to the appearance of plumbing pipes, makes a difference in the eyes of a buyer. As such, the company ensures all of the mechanics – water heater, piping, drainage – look nicely finished when new home construction plumbing features are installed.

Further, say Royalty reps, without new plumbing from a service professional that’s qualified, there is no way to guarantee that a property will be functional from top to bottom, so the company assists with plumbing construction work that includes piping, water and sewer lines, shut-off valves and fixtures.

In the area of new piping, Royalty Plumbing takes care of everything from water-distributing pipes and those related to gas, to pipes responsible for drainage and every other pipe on a property. As Zokovski himself explains, “Making sure to install all this equipment correctly is essential, as damaged or broken pipes in the building process can basically cause an entire system to fall apart at a later time.”

Without working sewer and water lines, drains and toilets would be useless, and as such, Royalty technicians boast the skills to ensure these lines are installed correctly and that homeowners or buyers won’t have to deal with dirty water or nasty sewer backups in the future.

“All showers, sinks and toilets on a property include a shut-off valve, and this element helps analyze water pressure and avoid emergencies like water leaks,” adds Zokovski. “Additionally, shut-off valves can be turned off when individuals vacate their property for long periods of time and won’t be using any water.

“Generally speaking, they are a component that’s considered vital to a plumbing system, and therefore to any related construction concerns.”

Over the last 25 years, Royalty Plumbing has come to offer the local community high-quality services such as water heater installation, general plumbing repairs, water heater repair, bathroom remodeling, gas line repair, water lines work, rough-in work and more, earning it the nickname of “the kind of plumber Aurora CO has been waiting for.”

The Aurora plumber business is located at 2923 S. Jericho Court and can be reached by calling (303) 731-4400. For more information and customer testimonials-reviews visit above cited website.

Royalty Plumbing
Royalty Plumbing

2923 S Jericho Ct

United States

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Miami Painting Company Shares Ideas on How to Hire House Painters During COVID

Miami-Dade Painting Services Business Shares Ideas Regarding How to Hire House Painters During COVID

Florida Painting Company reflects on how much has changed since pandemic altered economy, mental health, jobs, family lives and ability to obtain contractors.

Florida Painting Company, a full-service painting and drywall business based in the Miami-Dade area offering everything from apartment painting and house painting to interior painting, exterior painting and commercial/residential painting, has been sharing ideas regarding how to hire a house painter during COVID-19, presenting an opportunity for the staff to reflect on how much has changed since the pandemic altered the economy, mental health, jobs, family lives and the ability to obtain contractors.

“Now that many states have eased restrictions a bit and companies are resuming services, homeowners are in a position to start hiring for help around the house again,” states Sebastian Bednarski, owner of FPC. “We have been stressing that understanding the extra precautions a painter should take will help them hire the right company for the job.”

For more information visit

At the top of FPC’s list of suggestions for hiring a paint specialist during the ongoing pandemic is contact-free quoting, with company representatives citing how, in the pre-COVID days, most contractors would come to the home to provide a quote; since limiting contact is an important way to help stop the spread of the virus, many companies are turning to this method.

“Like contact-free paying, where an app such as Apple Pay or Venmo would be used, contact-free quoting allows a homeowner to enter their contact information along with the particulars of the job and the date they want the service,” adds Bednarski. “The company may call for more information, but at the end of the process, the homeowner winds up with a quote – and nobody ever had to come out to the house to provide it.”

Virtual color consultations has become another big trend during this contact-free period, with Florida Painting reps referring to online color tools that allow the homeowner to upload a photo of a room and virtually try on paint colors. According to experts like Bednarski, paint consultants are using these online tools to guide customers through the paint selection process in 2021.

“Instead of guessing at a color off a tiny color chip or uploading a room photo and trying out colors until decision paralysis sets in, a consultant will expertly use the tool to discern the right paint color for the customer – while showing him or her exactly what it will look like on the walls,” explains Bednarski.

As services resume, paint companies should have a special safety protocol in place, in addition to the standard safety practices, as this will help mitigate risk for painters, clients and communities. To this end, FPC reps have been explaining exactly what this protocol encompasses, from asking if anyone at the location is sick or has tested positive for COVID to requiring contractors to stay home if they’re sick, wearing CDC-approved face coverings and observing social distancing.

Beyond these, Bednarski and the FPC staff have been stressing the importance of all employees wearing a CDC-approved face covering, whether it’s a cloth tied over the face – such as a scarf or bandana – a cloth face mask, an N-95 mask or face shield. Further, all crews should provide social distancing guidelines for both customers and contractors, and the crews should adhere to these safety requirements before, during and after the project.

FPC is located at 555 NE 15th Street PHG (34G) in Miami and can be reached by calling (786) 724-4880. For more information and online customer testimonials/reviews visit above cited website.

Florida Painting Company
Florida Painting Company

555 NE 15TH STREET PHG (34G)

United States

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Optometrist Eye Health Clinic Bondi Sydney Glaucoma Prevention Vision Therapy

Importance of physical exercise for healthy vision.

Studies over the past decade suggest that a physical exercise routine can improve and strengthen both sight and vision. It has also been shown to lower the likelihood of getting vision’s Big Three threats, glaucoma, cataract, and age-related macular degeneration, and reduce or manage the progression of these eye diseases in those who already have them, according to Australian behavioural optometrist Jacqueline Gattegno.

She says that the prevention or management of these three best known and recognised eye diseases is of vital importance as all three, if not controlled, can slowly lead to blindness. And, according to studies investigating possible links between inactivity or sedentary lifestyles and eye diseases like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, even moderate exercise reduced the chances of getting glaucoma by 25%. Routines involving exercise only every second day significantly lowered the chances of age-related macular degeneration.

But the positive effects of physical exercise on eye health do not stop there, it can also help lessen or remove the impact of general health issues on eye health.

According to Gattegno, physical exercise, along with a healthy diet, can lower levels and improve management of many of the most serious general health issues which affect the eyes and vision severely and can also threaten sight over a period of time.

This includes controlling diabetes, which if left to run rampant can lead to retinal damage, and impact on sight by causing swelling in the macula which contains the vital photoreceptor cells that detect light. Diabetes can also lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels; both of which can affect the small blood vessels in the eyes, and also damage the light-sensitive retina.

She says that as the studies showed, even a gentle but regular stroll through the park can improve and maintain both general and eye health, especially in those with a sedentary lifestyle, and it’s not necessary to overdo it. Walking briskly for 30-minutes every second day can be sufficient.

“The only catch is that this is not a quick fix which can be applied for a while and then stopped. To keep reaping the benefits it is vital to keep following the programme at least three times a week,” Gattegno says.

Most cardiovascular exercises which get the heart pumping and pulse rising, whether carried out in the form of dancing, riding a bike, running or walking, are the most likely to bring about even better outcomes with regard to vision problems.

They increase the flow of blood to both the optic nerve and to the retina, reducing the effects of hypertension (high blood pressure) on the eyes, helping control macular degeneration, and reducing the high intraocular pressure which causes glaucoma, Gattegno says.

At the same time, hormones and anti-oxidants produced by the body in response to the exercise can also help protect the retinal ganglion cells. The retinal ganglion cells process the sight data received from light rays which land in the eyes and dispatch it to the brain.

For more information on eye diseases, eye health and vision, or to book an appointment, visit the Smart Vision website: Optometrists Sydney: Optometry Services For Children and Adults | Smart Vision; for specific information about Myopia treatment and prevention visit Myopia Prevention: Solutions, Control And Treatment In Sydney; and for detailed information about Myopia Treatment visit Orthokeratology In Sydney: The Non Surgical Alternative.

To book an appointment for a thorough eye check-up, click here or Call the Bondi clinic on (02) 9365 5047 or the Mosman clinic on (02) 9969 1600.

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Eyes In Design Bondi
Eyes In Design Bondi
112 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Australia

Bondi Beach

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