Zild Protocol To Be Launched On World’s Fifth-Largest Exchange Bittrex Before Going Live

Moscow, Russia–ZILD Lending Protocol, which is a suite of decentralized protocols that support all sorts of ERC20 tokens lending, borrowing, and debt settlement capabilities, is about to launch on Bittrex. At present, there are more than 20,000 users on chain addresses who own the token. The lending protocol, which a prominent player in Decentralized Financial sector (DeFi), is slated to be launched on Bittrex, the world’s fifth-largest exchange, on May 13.

Zild Lending Protocol, which is due to go live on May 19, has been double-checked by the US audit firm Certik and the Chinese audit firm SlowMist. Zild, which has a strong community consensus, is expected to have more than 100,000 participants in its Zild Lending business after its launch. Zild has the basic features of the current mainstream DeFi money markets protocol. At the same time, Zild has introduced a new model in terms of the scope of asset support and risk prevention, which makes it more widely applicable and safe.

“At present, the existing money market protocols all adopt the Compound Single Pool model. Assets in the same pool can be each other’s collateral assets and borrowing assets. In this model, fluctuations in the value of any one asset spread to other assets in the pool. For example, a user deposits $10 million worth of asset A as collateral, and borrows $6 million worth of asset B. When the market price of A falls sharply to $4 million, the borrower who borrowed Asset B will choose not to repay the debt and simply give up the collateral asset. In this case, all users who deposit in Asset B will suffer a loss of $2 million”, said a core team member of Zild.

Unlike the Compound single pool model, Zild uses multiple pools. In multiple pools, the assets of different pools are insulated from each other. After depositing assets in Pool A, the user can only borrow out the assets supported by those from Pool A. For those assets with large market flow and relatively stable value, a pool of basic assets with large scale can be formed. For those assets whose volatility is huge or have not experienced sufficient value verification, a pool with small initial asset size can also be established by flexibly setting indicators such as collateral rate and liquidation penalty rate. The Zild protocol provides the possibility for long tail assets to enter the DeFi money markets field.

With the Zild protocol, each pool in each direction will optimize the interest rate with self-definition by the pool creator. The parameters for increasing interest rates will be configurable for each pool. This will allow for the creation of thousands of lending pools for any ERC20 token, creating the ability to go margin short on a large variety of tokens.

Over the past year or so, with the explosive growth of the Defi industry, more and more crypto assets have started to enter the DeFi space. Lending, swapping, and stablecoin are considered the three fundamental applications supporting the DeFi industry. Compared to the constant iteration of stablecoin on the algorithmic stablecoin model and the continuous innovation of AMM methodology on the DEXs, there were few significant innovations in the money markets in the past period of time. The launch of Zild may change that.

“Users can get liquidity without selling their cryoto. They won’t be forced to sell out their cryptocurrency and they can get enough liquidity for their business overheads and other expenses. Besides that, they can also yield on their crypto to get more liquidity. Using the Zild protocol is quite easy and simple. Users can simply earn interest on their crypto in a completely automated and non-custodial way”, said one of the development team members.

“They can also use their reputation to reduce collateral and avail of the best terms. In other words, they can simply act at their discretion in the decentralized financial market, just as they do in the traditional financial world, getting access to personal loans and overdrafts. As the protocol follows the zero-knowledge proof model, users won’t have to worry about disclosure of their identity to third parties. Not only that, they can also build their decentralized applications and other decentralized software products and earn money from their innovations. Users can easily scale their wallets and liquidity proofs and other kinds of decentralized exchanges on Zild. Zild was designed for rapid, effective and secure development of decentralized finance applications”, he added.

At present, the company offers six apps and solutions. ZILD.api is the interface for off-chain applications, designed for blockchain interactions. ZILD.wallet is the digital assets storage designed for the web and mobile. There’s also ZILD.rewards, which helps users to implement tokenized points and reward systems for loyalty programs. ZILD.influencers is another solution that helps users to rope in social media influencers to promote their dApps. ZILD.dex is the app token exchange developed by the team. The last one, ZILD-P2P, helps users to exchange government currencies for tokens or cryptocurrencies.

The concept of the protocol was first set afloat in early 2020. In 2021 first quarter, ZILD Beta was already launched on Ethereum main-net and the security audit was also done during this period. Zild developers are all set to release Version 2.0 of the protocol during 2021 second quarter, besides having plans to launch reputation-based lending via Xild. The company also has plans to start a referral program and launch Zild governance mechanism. The ultimate goal is to expand Zild protocol beyond the Ethereum network.

About the Company

The mission of Zild is to enable the sustainable creation of individual and collective non-custodial wealth through the decentralized financial technologies.

To know more, visit https://zild.finance/#/


Alex Egorov


Website: https://zild.finance/

ELVIN TEY makes his way to the London Fashion Week

ELVIN TEY is a famous street photographer who is perfectly aligned with the design philosophy of his fashion brand ELVIN TEY. However, brand establishing is not the final step of his ambition—he makes his way to the London Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2009.

ELVIN TEY recently revealed in an interview with the British Vogue website that his fashion brand ELVIN TEY will enter London Fashion Week for the first time in February this year. ELVIN TEY, born at the end of 2007, has always been famous for its beautiful, chic, and well-cut retro-style women’s clothing. If you want to dress cool, don’t miss ELVIN TEY. ELVIN TEY, who once studied at the Central Saint Martins (CSM), is a talented fashion designer. Compared to star brands that rely solely on idol appeal to build momentum, ELVIN TEY established his brand with more confidence and authenticity.

Currently, ELVIN TEY has two physical stores in London, in addition to Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Neiman Marcus, Lane Crawford, and other high-end department stores. However, launching fashion week is still a huge challenge for the Miller sisters. “ELVIN TEY has ushered in its fifth season, so we feel it’s time to take it to the next stage.” They said, “We are very excited to be able to join as London Fashion Week celebrates its 25th anniversary.”

Quickly Know About DeFi 2.0 Explorer —— KeplerSwap

KeplerSwap provides a comprehensive solution for DeFi 2.0 by creating a strong horizontal and vertical network. All KeplerSwap users are closely connected and earn coins together.

It seems that 2020 is the start up year of DeFi and 2021 is the growth year of DeFi. According to CoinGecko, the total market value of DeFi has reached a new high, US$140 billion.

This new record is indeed an epoch-making landmark event, which means that the total assets of decentralized financial applications are equivalent to the volume of assets business of a middle-sized bank. Surely we should pay more attention to the growth rate of DeFi. The rapid growth has shown a great potential of DeFi to the world.

Besides the rapid growth of the number is a good news, DeFi runs into problems of inactive user performance and low volume of value-locked. Although the current development of the DeFi field is highly rapid, if we exclude the factor of the increasing price of ETH, we will find that the increase in the total lock-up volume of DeFi in recent months is not favorable. It is a serious problem that DeFi 1.0 has to tackle —— lack of connections and no consensus of interests between users.

Start from DeFi 1.0, KeplerSwap advocates close connections between users and commit to change the flat and cold transaction model in DeFi1.0. It hopes that users can create close horizontal connections while forming strong vertical connections. At the same time, in KeplerSwap, users can not only participate in basic functions such as asset exchange, decentralized lending, mainstream currency transactions, platform currency transactions, but also play in DeFi 2.0 such as Jumbo Lucky Pool, SPACE voting, technology and financial innovation, etc. Users are becoming more dependent to the App.

SDS is the native token used on KeplerSwap to support and add value to the platform. The initial supply of 210,000,000 SDS tokens will be reduced to 21,000,000 due to trading activities. Globally, SDS token will remain scarce and become a highly valued asset. 97.5% transaction fees generated by trading SDS will be returned to users and 2.5% will be used for ecological construction resulting in a grand total of 100% returned value to users.

As the first token holders contribute to the liquidity of KeplerSwap, SDS holders will enjoy a large premium on the value of their tokens and huge mining rewards from the mining pool by staking SDS. Users joining SDS liquidity mining will also have the chance to participate and win rewards from the JUMBO LUCKY POOL draw. 11 super prizes are drawn every week, and one account holder will get 50% of the total prize pool! The draws are all generated weekly by a smart contract using a hash value random number algorithm where no one can cheat the system. There will be super lucky winners in the draw and it is an event that will regularly attract global attention.

Moreover, users can obtain the ecological governance right and to create new SPACE. The SPACE owner is incentivized with significant rewards from their liquidity contribution on the platform. SPACE members can obtain voting, proposal and governance rights. SPACE members and owners can also obtain the monthly accumulated rewards from bonus pools by jointly establish the SPACE.

SDS has wide range of usage. It is used in platform governance, full ecological exchange, liquidity mining, Jumbo Lucky Pool, SPACE creation and voting, smart aggregation, airdrop activities, coin listing, etc.

SDS tokens will be a highly attractive token on the DeFi 2.0 platform.


More about SDS:

Token Name: SDS (Seeds Token)

Total Issurance: 210,000,000

Disposal Mechanism: 90% SDS are generated from mining; 5% SDS are reserved for marketing and business cooperation; and 5% SDS are reserved for private placement. No SDS will be reserved by KeplerSwap.

Rewards: 97.5% transaction fees generated by trading SDS will be returned to users and 2.5% will be used for ecological construction resulting in a grand total of 100% returned value to users.

Application: Platform governance, Medium of Exchange, Liquidity Mining, Jumbo Lucky Pool, SPACE creation and voting, Smart Aggregation, Airdrop Activities, Coin Listing and Digital Payment.


KeplerSwap as the explorer of DeFi 2.0 will solve many problems shown in DeFi 1.0.

KeplerSwap will be the next most promising DeFi 2.0 player of today.

CEX VS DEX —- What Is Your Better Choice?

As one of the core industries in the blockchain business, trading platforms have always been the most deadly battlefield. There are currently tens of thousands of cryptoexchanges in operation worldwide.

In the world of cryptoexchanges, there are centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX). The development history of centralized exchanges has been written since 2012, and because CEX usually has a comprehensive list of tokens, fast transactions, and good quoted depths, most crypto players have at least one CEX account.

The most crucial advantage of decentralized exchanges is security, because all user assets are on the chain and users have control over their tokens. The exploding phenomenon of blockchain last year —- DeFi, pushed DEXs one step forward. But in contrast of CEX, DEX is still very lacking in transaction efficiency and user experience.

Compared to the easy operation of CEXs, trading on DEX requires more blockchain knowledge and education costs. Therefore, even the largest centralized exchanges in the world, such as Coinbase, Huobi, Binance, and OKEX, have all experienced security incidents such as theft, freezing, and loss of assets, most users still prefer to trade on centralized cryptoexchanges.

As we all know, in addition to security, users of centralized exchanges care most about the handling fees and the capital behind the exchange. To put it bluntly, no exchange can guarantee 100% security forever, but as long as the follow-up problems are handled properly and the compensation method can satisfy users, it will not have much impact on the exchange. For example, in 2018 and 2019, a total amount of 14,000 bitcoins were stolen from Binance, which had a value of more than 500 million yuan. However, Binance had a huge capital fund behind it and fully compensated the users for all of their lost, thus Binance’s leading position in cryptoexchanges has not been shaken at all.

In summary, the exchange that users will choose must have a lot of capital, ensured security, and convenient transactions. On top of these, if the handling fee can be comparatively low, it must be the perfect choice of all crypto players.

Such a perfect exchange quietly entered the Chinese market in May this year.

ZHENBI (WWW.ZHENBI.PRO) is a world-renowned blockchain asset trading platform, which belongs to the Canadian capital institution ZHENBI Group. ZHENBI Group is headquartered in Canada, and currently has branches in Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, South Korea, Malaysia, Malta and other countries (regions), and its business scope covers the entire globe. Although the amount of funds of ZHENBI Group has not been disclosed, it invested 100 million US dollars in a new public chain not long ago.

Last week, ZHENBI officially announced its entry into the Chinese market and will continue to provide blockchain asset trading services to global users, covering core areas such as blockchain technology research and development, project incubation, and spot and derivatives trading of crypto assets.

At present, the ZHENBI platform has established in-depth cooperation with many investment institutions including AFST, WFA, MFGI, and MHC. Through a leading trading engine, low fee rates and one-to-one 24-hour professional services, the daily trading volume of ZHENBI has stabilized at more than 10 billion, ranking among the top in the world.

ZHENBI had brought together top-class technical and operational experts worldwide. After years of research, ZHENBI has developed a multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture. Through GSLB, distributed server clusters, distributed storage, and a high-speed RAM engine with multiple back-up storage, the matching processing speed has reached 1.4 million transactions/sec. Moreover, on top of phone verification, real-name authentication and Google two-factor authentication that CEXs usually use as security methods, ZHENBI provides users with offline wallets, using server SLB balance and simultaneous backup to further ensure the safety of users and funds.

In addition to the classic services such as fiat currency, leverage and contract trading that most of the cryptoexchanges have, ZHENBI also provides various services such as “Token Fortune” and “Easy Purchase” to create an all-round three-dimensional ecology of CEXs in the new era.

Token Fortune is an innovative wealth management section of the ZHENBI platform. It provides users with diversified wealth value-added services and a diversified ecosystem for project parties. Users can set different wealth allocation options according to their own risk preferences. The Easy Purchase section provides a purchase platform for the ecological products of the project party, so that more users can participate in their ecology.

The ZHENBI platform is currently recruiting merchants, partners and shareholders to expand the Asian market, provide global investors and entrepreneurial teams with safe, reliable, professional and high-quality services, and to jointly promote the development of the blockchain industry.

CoinBene launches contract insurance, allowing users to make a solid profit

CoinBene has been operating smoothly for nearly 4 years since its establishment in August 2017. Since the currency circle is updated quickly, CoinBene’s ability to run for three years is a proof of its strength.

CoinBene has obtained MSB financial license in the United States and MAS financial license in Singapore, with more than 100,000 daily users and daily transaction volume reaching USD 3 billion. In terms of ranking, CoinBene has become one of the first-tier exchanges.

According to relevant data, there are over 5 million registered users on CoinBene platform at present. The number of daily active users exceeds 100,000; The peak daily activity of the contract exceeds 15,000.  The daily transaction volume exceeds 3 billion USDT.  The peak value of contract transactions exceeded USDT 2 billion.

For the exchange, the larger the number of users, the more likely it is to have security problems. Under the background of frequent crash down and hacking in major exchanges, CoinBene has been running smoothly, and there has never been a safety accident.

Moreover, in order to better protect users’ assets, CoinBene has successively introduced payment mechanism and contract insurance. There is any platform safety accident, crash down, etc. on CoinBene platform. The platform will compensate in full. After users purchase contract insurance, liquidation can get claims.

CoinBene with double insurance mechanism is very reliable for users, especially inexperienced users.

CoinBene contract trading is growing rapidly after being launched. The number of daily active users of the contract has increased 202% year-on-year, and nearly 13,000 new users were registered in November. To address the security issues of the contract, CoinBene recently launched a number of measures, firstly, it launched the “guarantee to pay compensations” mechanism, and then on August 10, CoinBene launched the “contract insurance” function. The successive security initiatives are intended to give users multiple layers of protection for their positions, allowing all users to trade with peace of mind at CoinBene, regardless of the market’s ups and downs.

Double compensations, no fear of fluctuations

The contract market fluctuates frequently. On March 12, BTC plummeted from $7,000 to $3,800, and that night, long position liquidation was more than $5 billion. According to the data, on March 16, the contract market liquidation totaled $480 million, long position liquidation $303 million, short position liquidation $177 million.

CoinBene has been focusing on product security research and development since 2017, with 5 stars in Anchain and Bitforest professional penetration test reports. In the “March 12” incident, CoinBene did not crash down at all, avoiding unnecessary losses for users.

Based on the confidence in its own technology and responsibility to users, CoinBene has launched guarantee to pay compensations for all platform incidents during the trading process.

In addition to protecting users’ assets from the technical perspective of the platform, CoinBene has launched the “contract insurance” function in order to reduce the losses caused by users’ liquidation.

CoinBene’s contract insurance adopts the “double compensation” mechanism, and once liquidation occurs, it will be reviewed within 24 hours. After passing the review, the compensation will be paid on the next day.

The k line is unpredictable, no matter if people are masters or novices, there are always times when they can’t see the market or judge the trend, after purchasing the contract insurance, no matter how unpredictable the market is, it can protect positions from losses.

CoinBene intends to enhance the security of contracts through “guarantee to pay compensations” and “contract insurance”. No matter how the market fluctuates, users can open positions at any time in CoinBene without fear of fluctuations, security is guaranteed and liquidation is paid. 

Easy to operate, stable profit

CoinBene’s contract insurance uses the “double compensation” mechanism, users only need to open a position at the same time to buy insurance, in case of market fluctuation liquidation, the platform will double the compensation. Users can get both the principal and the money purchased insurance, equivalent to capital preservation, to ensure that the steady income is not lost.

That is, if the insurance ratio purchased 100%, after the liquidation, a loss of $10. Then the user can get a $20 compensation, minus the $10 for buying insurance, the user gets back exactly $10 as principal.

CoinBene, established in 2017, has accumulated strong strength through three years of operation, and has set up a “10 million insurance fund” to ensure that all compensations are completed on time. The insurance fund exists independently of CoinBene and operates under the same logic as the traditional insurance industry, with the fund only used to pay out platform claims.

CoinBene has obtained MAS financial payment license in Singapore and MSB financial license in the U.S. Based on the global ecological layout, it has set up sub-stations in 9 countries around the world.

After CoinBene launched the contract, the data continued to grow – the average daily active trading users of the contract grew 200%, and the trading volume grew 47%. nearly 13,000 new registered users were added in November, and the contract trading volume exceeded 257.1 billion.

With the growth of users, user demand is gradually increasing. CoinBene has launched a number of contract support functions: a simple version of the contract for novice users, a one-click order follow-up for contract newcomers to increase their profits, and the recent security mechanism – guarantee to pay compensations mechanism and contract insurance ……

All features, mechanisms, are designed to enhance the user’s trading experience, regardless of the ups and downs of the market, so that all users can trade with peace of mind in CoinBene, which is the original aspiration of CoinBene, which has been available for three years.

Fujian’s tourism market recovered during the May Day

Fujian ranked fifth in China in terms of the net inflow of tourists during this year’s May Day holiday. Xiamen was ranked the 7th most popular tourist destination during the May Day holiday, and Gulangyu Island was ranked among the top 10 most popular tourist attractions.

During the May Day holiday, Yunshuiyao in Nanjing welcomed a large number of tourists. People can enjoy the culture of tulou and feel the natural scenery.

Shaxian welcomes a large number of tourists on May Day。Shaxian District, located in Sanming City, Fujian Province. In recent years, Shaxianhas been developing tourism products and creating   characteristic villages to attract more and more tourists.


A Spring Festival ceremony was held to commemorate the 1061st anniversary of Mazu’s birth at Meizhou Island in Putian, southeast China’s Fujian Province, May 4, 2021. Known as the “Goddess of the Sea”, Mazu has more than 300 million followers worldwide

After high-tech renovation, the “smart runway” with a total length of 8 kilometers, located in the eastern sea area around Xiamen, has been completed. It integrates intelligent applications such as Internet of Things technology, traffic monitoring and data collection, making it a popular “night trip” destination.


In order to develop the beautiful countryside, a village named Huangcuo, located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, invites artists to live and create in the village to make it more and more beautiful.During the May Day holiday, there are more than 20 artist studios in Huangcuo Village, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Thunder Token listed on Uniswap V3, ThunderCore launching IXO

Thunder Token (TT) and the trading pairs TT/ETH and TT/USDT are now listed on Uniswap V3 following the decentralized exchange’s (DEX) official launch on May 5th. Now, TT can be exchanged on 3 DEXes: TTSwap, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap thanks to the cross-chain mechanism provided by ThunderCore Bridge. Due to this, TT’s utility and accessibility have increased once again, paving the way for ThunderCore’s upcoming cross-chain yield farming services and IXO.

For TT’s info on Uniswap, visit here.

Trading pair info:

As one of the leaders in the DeFi space, Uniswap has impressive transaction volumes, amount of active users, numbers of smart contracts deployed, liquidity, etc. The V3 update also introduces several functional innovations that further increase the efficiency and scope of ThunderCore’s highly anticipated cross-chain yield farming services. With the benefits these features pose, Uniswap V3 naturally became the first platform for ThunderCore’s IXO.

Cross-chain yield farming, A brand new token, and IXO

Usually, when you yield farm, it is done within a blockchain and its ecosystem. Not anymore. In just a few weeks, ThunderCore will roll out cross-chain yield farming services with Ethereum. Users who participate in these services will receive a brand new token named TORO. This new token is the equity token proving you are a LP taking part in ThunderCore’s cross-chain yield farming with Ethereum. If you provide liquidity for the following pairs on Uniswap V3, you will receive it:

  • TT <> ETH
  • TT <> USDT
  • USDT <> ETH
  • USDC <> ETH
  • WBTC <> ETH

The best part is, TORO has utility in various DeFi applications such as Uniswap V3, TTSwap, and ThunderCore Bridge. For example, you can use it to provide liquidity with TT on TTSwap to mine more of its own kind. The holder of TORO also gains governance rights over a variety of subjects such as rewards rights, participation rights, voting rights, and more. A governance rights example is earning a proportion of TTSwap’s total transaction volume.

The accumulation of TORO also allows you to participate in ThunderCore’s IXO (initial cross-chain yield-farming offering), an avant-garde and never-before-seen initial offering solution in the blockchain/crypto industry. By staking TORO along with TT in the IXO, you can claim new tokens from other promising protocols and get your original invested amount back instantaneously!

There are numerous DApps on ThunderCore aiming to release their own tokens and IXO is the perfect platform for users to get access to them. This is a great opportunity for users to claim new tokens not yet available in the market with low entry costs.

A significant difference between TORO and other tokens derived from yield farming (e.g. CAKE) is that this token is a cross-chain asset. It has utility on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and ThunderCore, making it truly one of a kind.

Of course, TORO will be integrated into the ThunderCore ecosystem so users can experience rich DeFi DApps such as trading, staking, borrowing, and lending; this is just the beginning.

AEC global catering ecological alliance officially launched on NASDAQ

AEC global catering ecological alliance is a derivative platform of Pan community global catering ecology based on blockchain
This ecology, based on the brand-new Chinese catering concept, is considered to be highly compatible with the blockchain industry. In the post epidemic era, the catering concept and blockchain of the general public are full of development prospects. Especially after the blockchain has become China’s national strategy, the long-term policy interests will be related to the blockchain. The industry has attracted more attention, and talent, capital and traditional industry resources continue to pour in.
AEC pan community global catering ecology is facing global users and enterprises. With the gradual clarification of overseas process, the number of Pan community members is gradually increasing, and AEC’s global influence is also rising.

Recently, AEC has been displayed on the NASDAQ big screen of times square in New York City, showing its business value and brand vision in the world’s most popular commercial core sites. The information broadcast on the big screen of NASDAQ often attracts the attention of media giants such as BBC, Reuters and Xinhua. This will enable more people to understand the global business vision of AEC and the innovative concept of Pan community business alliance, and attract more overseas blockchain followers to join AEC community ecological construction.
In the future, AEC will steadily expand the domestic market, strengthen the practice of the global catering ecological Alliance Plan, export brand-new Chinese traditional style catering concept, expand the global ecological environment, and gradually improve.

With the development of big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain and other digital technologies, digital consensus has reached an unprecedented height. Digital transformation has become a “required course” for traditional industries to adapt to a new round of technological revolution and industrial change. How to seize the new traffic dividend and customer acquisition channels under the digital wave and precipitate low-cost private traffic? It has become an urgent problem to be solved in the catering industry.
Grasping the wave of digital technology and hitting the pain point of digital transformation of catering industry, AEC smart alliance chain builds a business model with “behavior generates value” as the core, based on the front-end economic development models such as distributed economy, social economy, Tongzheng economy and smart alliance chain effect, through the frontier information technologies such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and 5g communication, Help catering to rise in the digital wave and usher in a new growth based on private domain traffic!
Aiming at the catering “value depression” to stimulate the “evolution” engine of trillion market
Although the epidemic has caused some fluctuations to the catering industry, the huge potential of the catering industry still exists《 China’s catering big data 2020 report points out that the current scale of China’s catering market has exceeded 4.6 trillion, and it is expected to catch up with the United States and become the largest catering market in the world within seven years.
However, behind this huge amount of catering market, most small and medium-sized catering enterprises lack sufficient cost management, flow maintenance and brand operation ability, so their profit space is constantly compressed and bear huge survival pressure. Especially in the wave of digital economy, the market environment is changing rapidly, and small and medium-sized catering enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges.
The global alliance of small and medium-sized catering enterprises, Zhimeng chain, emerges as the times require. Relying on blockchain, Internet of things, big data and other new technologies, Zhimeng chain will focus on the existing pain points in the catering industry, such as information island, high operating cost, information and data leakage, low chain concentration rate, high difficulty in expanding scale, take out platform contradiction, comprehensively improve the operation and profitability of small and medium-sized catering enterprises in the digital era, and promote the outbreak of digital ecology in the catering industry.
Build a new “catering ecosystem” and open up the “channel” of rapid growth of digital wealth
AEC is located in the digital node business ecology of the catering and beverage industry. It is committed to building a business system with AEC as the carrier of ecological value by using the application scenarios of data management, decentralized catering marketing market, chain shopping mall, digital supply chain, etc. according to the personalized needs of customers and merchants.
In the business system of AEC smart alliance chain, each participating node, including users and enterprises, will form a strong network relationship, which is the growth engine of each other. In the business ecology constructed by AEC smart alliance chain, users are not only value nodes, but also investors (AEC holders), who can get dividends by participating; Under the empowerment of AEC smart alliance chain business system, enterprises can not only enhance the stickiness with users, optimize the supply chain and capital chain, further release the ecological value, but also, as ecological participants, truly link to the gold mine in the era of digital economy and reap a steady stream of digital dividends.
One tea milk tea is AEC’s first landing project. Relying on AEC’s ecological empowerment, it continues to dig deep into the digital market, providing marketing and drainage for online shopping malls. Nowadays, there are a large number of offline stores of one tea products, with tens of thousands of customers every day. These customers are potential users of AEC points, and also the important value support of one tea products. The integration of AEC also enables Yicha to have ultra-high user viscosity. In terms of customer acquisition and re purchase, it is far superior to other milk tea brands.
In the future, driven by digitalization, the scale of catering market will be further expanded. AEC smart alliance chain business system is bound to usher in a big explosion, in which each participating node will realize the potential energy superposition of wealth. China’s catering industry will also usher in a new peak of development with the continuous prosperity of the ecology, and promote the rapid growth of China’s economy.
AEC smart alliance chain will be launched soon, please look forward to it!


YFX, the world’s first decentralized cross-chain perpetual contract trading platform is set for its token launch. After years of preparation the YFX token launch schedule has been released.

Currently, YFX utilizes four different blockchains and xDAI on Ethereum to keep fees low and YFX DEX running more efficiently than all competitors. Right now traders can utilize the Ethereum, BSC, TRON, or HECO blockchain and additionally Polkadot and OKEx chains are forthcoming to optimize the trading experience even further.

With the recent success of other governance tokens such as Uniswap’s $UNI, the YFX team wanted to give their users the same opportunity to share in the DEXs success and enable voting rights with a token of their own, $YFX.

YFX Token Launch Schedule is as follows: IDO – LBP – DEX

Period: May 6th-May 9th!

IDO  (May 6th – May 7th)

On May 6th, YFX will start IDO (Initial Dex Offering) on 2-3 platforms on Ethereum and Heco Chain). Investors participating in the YFX IDO need to be whitelisted in advance on the platform. The list of IDO platforms and participating tutorials will be announced in the official channels in advance. Please stay tuned!

LBP (May 7th – May 9th)

YFX token will be deployed to Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) on May 7. Investors will be able to purchase YFX after opening LBP which is open to all investors. Investors participating in LBP do not need to be whitelisted. The address of LBP Pool will be announced in the official channel in advance.

Platform URL: https://balancer.finance

Note: LBP uses a variation of Dutch auction and reverse auction. At first YFX token will be set at a high price and if there are no buying orders, the price of YFX token will keep decreasing with time. Please make sure you are familiar with the auction rule before participating.

Launch DEX (May 9th)

After LBP the YFX Token will Launch DEX on May 9th and investors will be able to trade freely at that time. The YFX token will be fully priced by the market!

NOTE: All the information will be released in official channels!

Bounce Docs:

explore bounce platform

YFX Token IDO—Bounce、WeStarter

YFX Token Contract 0xF55a93b613D172b86c2Ba3981a849DaE2aeCDE2f

Total Amount:100000000

YFX Token Launch Schedule:IDO—LBP—DEX

Period:May 6th-May 9th

IDO——Bounce、WeStarter(May 6th)

⬤ IDO (Initial Dex Offering) will start on Bounce、WeStarter (250,000YFX)

⬤ IDO Starting Time:May 6th 10:00 AM (UTC)

⬤ Investors participating in YFX IDO need to be whitelisted before May 6th.

⬤ Price:$0.8 per YFX Token


Bounce(ERC 20, WeStarter(Heco Chain)Will start at the same time






The maximum amount for each participant is $400($0.8/YFX)=500YFX=

Total Value $200,000。


Note: YFX tokens will be released after LBP.

Date: May 9th 10:00 AM (UTC)


Each IDO platform has a whitelist, and users need to finish the whitelist authentication.


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If you want to learn more about YFX DEX and the launch of their governance token you can check out their links below.

Website: https://www.yfx.com/

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Super DeFi lending platform layer announced to be launched soon

On April 29 (UTC + 8), Layer announced on its official Twitter that the lending products will be launched on the official website on May 7, and the first month of mining will start simultaneously. Layer is a new DeFi platform based BSC that supports BEP-20 full-currency deposits and loans. Users can get $LAYER when they participate in deposit and provide liquidity. In the first month, the $LAYER product only had 200,000. In the first week is deposit mining, users can participate in mining by depositing BUSD-T (USDT based on BSC), and liquidity mining will increase in the second to fourth weeks. Users provide LAYER on pancakeswap Liquidity can participate in mining.

The number of releases in the first month is as follows:

What is layer

Layer protocol is a money market smart contract which supports all kinds of BEP-20 standard token assets. Users can deposit any BEP-20 token in the contract and gain interest yield from borrowers. Matching the demand of borrowing, users need to deposit supported assets as collateral before lending money from Layer.

Layer has many advantages compared to mainstream competitors:

Widely adopted all kinds of BEP-20 standard token assets.

Risk isolated among difference pools.

Creating the ability to go margin short on a large variety of tokens. 

Fair launch with no pre-mining.


Users can deposit their assets in the following steps:

a.Access to https://app.layer.cash , connect with your wallet.(BSC MetaMask setup guidance).

b.Selected a specific market in the top list.

c.Choose the assets which you want to deposit and then click the ‘Approve’ button.

d.While the assets are approved, you may click the ‘Deposit’ button and finish the whole process.

Layer protocol allow users to deposit assets as collateral and borrow other assets against this in the following steps:

a.Deposit assets with the upon process.

b.Enable your deposit assets as collateral.

c.Click the ‘Borrow’ button on the right side of the assets list and input the amount of money you needed. (Be aware of the liquidity risk and keep your borrow balance quite a distance from the borrow limit.)

While the collateral assets’ price dropped, it would make the borrower’s collateral value less than the unpaid debt balance. Under those conditions, borrower’s collateral assets will be listed on the liquidation list. Anyone can repay the debt and get 10% volume of the debt as incentive rewards which are paid by the borrower.


a. Deposit mining

Save the token from the wallet into layer to get L_ Token, and then L_ The token is mortgaged to the ore pool for mining.

b. Liquidity mining

Token Economic

A.Token info

Token symbol: LAYER

Fully diluted: 100 million

Contract address: https://www.bscscan.com/token/0x11d4b86559362caf5fd0e05660cba4d3adcb42ed

B.Token functions

$LAYER token holders will be able to participate in protocol governance via off-chain votes. Various parameters(collateral ratio, close factor & etc.) could be changed by governance vote.

C.Distribution methods
$LAYER will be launched with no pre-mining and eventually fully controlled by the DAO( 80% of the total supply). The remaining 20% will be allocated to eco funds (10%) and core dev team incentives (10%). The full dilution duration will be 4 years with the following details.

In the second week, the $layer-busd is stored in the flow pool of pancakeswap through layer, and the LP is obtained and stored in the pool of layer for mining

As a super lending platform, layer absolutely has the strength to work in DeFi.

According to the official mediun, The Layer Protocol is a DeFi loan agreement supporting all currencies, and it is the first step for Layer Labs to make the layout of the DeFi ecology. The vision of Layer Labs is to build an ecological framework based on Layer, link and build a complete DeFi ecosystem and promote the implementation and future planning of decentralized finance.

Layer has unlimited potential. We should pay more attention to it. Those who are interested can learn about it !