Cathy Sun Analysed Upgrade And Innovation Of Digital Asset Encryption Technology

New York, NY-Cathy Sun, the CEO of the Blockchain News Portal Linlu Media, expressed her ideas on the future of digital asset encryption technology during an interview.

Nowadays, as cryptocurrency reaches an unprecedented popularity and digital assets are fast becoming the order of the day, innovation in digital asset encryption technology is the need of the hour. It goes without saying that beefing up the security of a blockchain infrastructure requires some serious innovation and that’s where many crypto exchanges need to step up their game. Upgrading and innovation of digital asset encryption technology, therefore, remains on the priority list of many crypto exchanges.

“Cryptocurrencies and all types of digital assets are reliant on highly encrypted and secure agreement that validates all transactions and empowers the decentralized economy. As blockchain-based decentralized economy is growing by leaps and bounds, it is now time for the players on the market to upgrade and enhance the security of the decentralized networks. This would result in the networks and exchanges offering improved security to the end users – the investors. “Cathy Sun told the press.

In a bid to encourage more and more crypto exchanges and crypto advisors in exploring the scope for innovation, investor guides and whitepapers need to be published. Securing the blockchain-based economy would drive the next innovation wave in the cryptocurrency industry for sure, and investor guides and related literature would also increase alongside.

Rapid advances in the processing power of high-end computing systems and developments on the quantum computing front have spelled the need for quantum-compliant encryption solutions for the blockchain technology. Top exchanges and crypto experts believe this would propel the blockchain-based economy to its next level, where the technology would start to be globally adopted. While many tech experts and crypto analysts have pointed out the need for quantum-compatible digital assets before, more market-driven innovations are likely to emerge in the coming days.

“This is quite important for both crypto investors and the global blockchain community. The aggregate value of the crypto industry worldwide is based on the security mechanism adopted by current crypto exchanges. There is already an investment opportunity of securing the future of the decentralized economy and many players on the market are working in that direction.” Sun continued.

The independent providers of blockchain technology also realize the importance of upgrade and innovation of digital asset encryption technology to a large extent. These independent providers cater to the professional community of crypto analysts and investors and offer myriad investment and financial solutions. Thanks to the advanced digital asset encryption technology, companies like ETH2 AI digital assets exchange are well regulated.

“Disruptive innovation certainly needs a disciplined and methodical approach toward risk mitigation and investor education. “the CEO concluded.


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‘Deposit to List’ on XT.COM Exchange — Free Listing

On February 20, 2021, the market cap of BTC surpassed $1 trillion, only second to AMAZON which is ranked fifth in the world by market value. Its maximum price was up to $58,000. The booming of the blockchain industry is not only making the whole market increasingly popular, but also attracting a sea of outsiders to join. While, there is something unpleasant: as issuers of tokens, quite quality projects cannot join in this carnival due to the sky-high listing fee.

Judging from the current situation, the listing fee remains surprisingly high. Some prestigious exchanges even demand their platform tokens as deposit. Take three mainstream exchanges for example. Binance requires 20BTC for listing and 100BTC as deposit; OKEx requires 500,000 OKB as deposit and Huobi requires 500,000 HT. And these fees may even go higher as the industry keeps moving forward.

(data from

Actually, exchanges, as an essential part of the entire encrypted ecosystem, have rights to ask for listing fees. However, the unreasonable fees may force many great projects to lose the chance to enter the market. If any project gets successful listing, will there be any remedial measures for loss in case of financial shuffle?


XT.COM always actively advocates establishing an open, fair and transparent currency listing guidelines, charge standards and review procedures. As an international exchange, XT.COM plays a great role to provide a comprehensive service in blockchain field and earnestly fulfills its industry responsibilities. In order to support the positive development of the whole industry, as well as to reach sound cooperation with a number of outstanding project parties. XT.COM launched a breakthrough event—— “XT.COM·Deposit to List” Any project can be eligible for free listing as long as meeting the requirements of the event.

(Deposit to List III)

The third phase of Deposit to List was successfully concluded at 16:00 on February 22, 2021 (GMT+8). Nydronia stood out after a half-month contest. Under strict review by XT.COM, it is qualified for free listing!

Announcement of NIA listing:

Details of ‘Deposit to List’


1. The token type should be based on ERC20, TRC20, BEP2 or BEP20.

2. The project should be included in XT.COM White List.

3. Provide materials including official website, social media, applications and white paper info.

4. Have more than 5,000 community members globally.

5. Offer smart contract address.


1.The number of deposit accounts should be≥300, and deposit users must complete KYC verification;

2. The amount of a single deposit should be ≥5U (If it’s a new token without a fixing price, its average market price after listing in the first week will be the benchmark price);

3. The top 1 project in each phase is qualified for free listing. The remaining can continue to join in the following phases and the earlier achievements can be accumulated.

XT.COM Intro

Founded in Seychelles in 2018, XT.COM is the world’s first social infused exchange. Operation headquarter is located in Hong Kong. It boasts the global first-class domain name XT.COM, with more than 2 million registered users, over 200,000 monthly active users, and more than 7 million users in the ecosystem. Currently, XT.COM ranks NO.34 on CoinMarketCap, and NO.20 on CoinGecko.

The platform launched various functions, such as exchange trading, OTC trading, margin trading, ETH2.0, contracts, and buy crypto with credit/debit card, etc. XT.COM has 100+ high-quality tokens and 300+ trading pairs.

XT.COM has multiple international communities meeting different needs, including Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, African, Arabian, Turkish, Spanish, and Russian, etc. The members of Chinese telegram group reaches 100k+, the members of English telegram group 17.5K+, and the members of Korean telegram group 4.8K+.

Links of XT Telegram International:

XT.COM English:

XT.COM Chinese Mainland:

XT.COM Korean:

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Bitget APP product upgrade, Lite version added

According to the news, Bitget has recently completed a series of product upgrade, adding the one-click reversal, real-time tracking and other product features, aimed to offer brand new user experience and more professional services.

The latest product has a lite version aiming at contract users, and they can switch version mode according to their own need. Lite version is relative to the pro version, the interface is more simple and intuitive, candlestick is much more clear, and users just need to enter the price and contract amount to open long or open short. It is very suitable for contract beginners or zero-base users.

At the same time, the latest version also added one-click reversal. When the user is trading contract and predicts that the market will have a turn or need to open position in the opposite direction, the fast liquidation by market-price and open positions in the opposite direction can be achieved through this function. Thus, users can catch up with the trend. Note that when the current fund is not enough to reversely open a position at the same amount, the system will open  position with maximal contract amount. Due to margin, market and other factors, one-click reversal may not be 100% successful.

The user’s trading experience has also been further improved. To make it easier for users to check profit and loss and avoid the hassle of calculating their own exchange rates, Bitget added exchange rate conversions. After the users open a position and set the currency name that they want to convert, the corresponding currency amount of asset profit and loss can be seen in positions.

In order to facilitate users to check the market in time, Bitget also launched real-time tracking function. Users set up the corresponding parameters through the floating window settings page, the market of relevant currency pair can be shown on App in the form of floating window, helping users to know the market situation in time, open a position and cover short position more timely.

One click to copy trade has completed four-phase update since its launch, and it has also been upgraded this time. Summary for trader/follower is added.

In the process of operation, users can not only check details of the initiated orders or following orders in initiated order or follow order, but also click the summary button to view the overall profit and loss of all the orders. When necessary, you can close all current positions with one click to effectively catch up with the market.

At present, Bitget has already launched 40 kinds of contract functions, such as preset take profit and stop loss and flash open and close, which can meet the different transaction requirements of zero-base users and professional users; Bitget also supports cross margin mode and isolated margin mode for different investment preferences of users. As a professional crypto derivatives exchange, Bitget has been improving product function and user experience, and always practice the “Easy to Get Easy to exchange” brand concept.

Bitget, which was set up in Singapore in 2018 and holds four licences in Canada, the United States, Singapore and Australia, currently has more than one million registered users worldwide, and ranks top 5 worldwide with its trading volume. Bitget has completed a US$10 million Series B financing led by world’s top game company SNK and now it is valued at US$ 1 Billion.

DAcoin’s full ecological chain exchange is officially launched, creating a world-class blockchain asset trading platform

The emergence of electric lights broke the convenience of light; the emergence of spacecraft broke the boundaries of space; the emergence of the Internet broke the boundaries of information; and the emergence of blockchain broke the boundaries of value. Technology makes borderlessness possible. Dacoin, the world’s first borderless on-chain transaction platform, will realize borderless value exchange with cutting-edge information technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud services, big data, and 5G.

Dacoin is the world’s first public chain platform for digital asset trading on the borderless chain. It is established by colleagues who retain the basic functions of traditional trading platforms such as currency trading, OTC trading, transaction mining, and C2C trading. Dacoin exchange main chain + DAcoin platform ecological side chain” “main chain + side chain” public chain, Dacoin, with its excellent technical strength, successfully broke the three major conveniences of traditional digital asset trading platforms and created new ones for Dacoin exchange users Experience of the digital economy.

Dacoin will integrate the data of major entities in all major industries and major fields to jointly create the level of digital economy traffic, and build a shared network of machine trust. Solve the problems of data access, encrypted transmission, sharing, trusted transaction, storage, etc., realize the safe chaining of global industrial data and assets, promote more industrial individuals to join the alliance, conduct data integration, maximize the value of data, and jointly create a data A digital economy alliance with borderless circulation, open value sharing, and industrial collaborative innovation.

Dacoin implements the operating rules of the underlying system, the financial contract of the upper system, and the public supervision of the outer physique with open, transparent, safe, reliable, and efficient blockchain technology, relying on the community’s group decision-making and borderless joint management to dynamically balance the enterprise The rights and obligations of participants in the ecosystem, such as institutions, regulators, investors, and developers, protect the common interests of all participants, and make inclusive finance truly the cornerstone of human digital economy, thereby maximizing the optimal allocation of resources. Make finance more efficient and make wealth more free.

Technology without boundaries

Dacoin builds an open and shared blockchain underlying technology, and continuously integrates emerging technologies such as 5G, AIAR, and big data, allowing Dacoin’s borderless on-chain transaction platform to be based on functionality and application scalability, so that more institutional platforms can be based on Dacoin develops its own DAPP application based on the underlying technical architecture of Dacoin to truly realize the commercial use of blockchain.

Assets without boundaries

The Dacoin borderless on-chain trading platform not only supports the barrier-free circulation of platform currency, legal currency trading, and currency trading, but also supports traditional asset trading such as foreign exchange, funds, and securities. It is a veritable all-asset trading platform. Assets have no boundaries, which means the seamless connection of blockchain + finance, which not only provides a more comprehensive investment plan for blockchain exchanges, but also opens the door to the era of new transformation and upgrading for traditional Internet finance.

Ecological without boundaries

Dacoin vertically establishes a four-dimensional direct interaction architecture of value chain, enterprise chain, supply and demand chain, and space chain. In the scene of many participants and high radiation financial transactions, it realizes zero-distance and zero-time communication between many participants. To collaborative governance, streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and saving costs.

The core spirit of blockchain technology is that everyone is a participant, with decentralization and decentralization. At present, there is no real connection point between mining and trading platform users. DAcoin is committed to bridging the gap between trading platform and mining and building Robust, positive circular economy model. Let users get more benefits.

The encrypted asset trading platform is an important channel connecting miners and encrypted asset users. Ordinary users have no opportunity to invest in mining machines and can only choose to purchase encrypted assets to participate in the blockchain industry. On the other hand, miners, which should be the most important link in the blockchain industry, are niche and marginalized. In fact, we can see in the Bitcoin white paper that the most important feature of Bitcoin is that everyone can participate in mining, instead of being monopolized by several large mining pools, which is very unfair to ordinary people.

At present, all mainstream exchanges are not fair and opaque, which runs counter to the concept of blockchain technology and the autonomous newcomer mechanism. Borderless on-chain exchanges are emerging in the industry with their unique advantages. Bullcoin borderless on-chain exchanges are born at the right time, and will lead the industry with their strong technical strength and the concept of fairness, democracy, justice and transparency.

In order to seek greater breakthroughs, the data storage exchange will develop the DAcoin exchange, an infrastructure full ecological chain exchange suitable for the digital economy trading environment.

Announcement : SoterOne’s official website is LIVE!

We are stepping into the era of data intelligence. In this era, we are enjoying the convenience brought by big data while facing the huge risk of privacy leakage. To solve this problem, SoterOne, which focuses on data privacy protection, takes advantage of this trend.

SoterOne is an innovative blockchain platform based on machine learning (ML),  multi-party secure computing (MPC), and differential privacy protection (DP) for user privacy protection and data federation.

SoterOne’s website is officially launched globally on February 23, 2021!

SoterOne has developed different series of data applications for various needs of users in different industries, such as copyright, electronic contract, user privacy authorization, precision marketing, used by government, medical and banking, education and enterprises, etc.

Whether you are a data owner (such as big data enterprises like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or a data user, you can find application/data models that fit your demands on SoterOne platform. Via data encryption, decryption and machine learning algorithms in SoterOne, you can achieve the automation of the whole process of modeling training, modeling completion, and modeling prediction. Last but not least, the completed results of modeling training and prediction with encryption are recorded on the SoterOne chain with openness and transparency, so that users “know the overall but not the individual”.

SoterOne’s blockchain platform provides comprehensive data query and model training services for global enterprises, and helps customers to master the operation of data management and model training and production, etc. Users can either retrieve data, purchase data and train models from dataset as data users, or register data and share encrypted data as data owners, in order to maximize the scale of data use, reduce the cost of data use, and discover in-depth value of data.

The motto of SoterOne is “Data generates value while privacy is strictly protected.”  — SoterOne maximizes the value of data while strictly protecting the data privacy.

Welcome to explore our website! We look forward to having you join us in our SoterOne ecosystem and becoming a member of this new generation of the global blockchain information ecosystem!

You can find us from the following channels:

Official website:



Turing creates Global Radar Digital Ecology

As a decentralized innovative blockchain financial platform based on the combination of industry and finance derived from Radar system, Turing is a bridge between traditional assets and emerging digital assets. It can help users realize investment and financing quickly and cheaply and the free convertibility, payment and circulation of global currencies.

Turing breaks the monopoly of traditional financial institutions on the investment and financing market, which is similar to Radar’s breaking the monopoly of traditional financial payment system.

The participants of Turing include ordinary users who need to trade digital assets around the world, blockchain technical teams or organizations seeking venture capital, and institutions and companies seeking financial solutions in the field of digital assets.

Turing conducts end-to-end solution for debt or equity raising through STO. It provides integrated functions of digital asset design, major issuance and post-transaction management services for users’ financing needs with the support of an experienced team of investment banking experts. We will bring “best-in-class” design and execution capabilities, tailored to the needs of each customer.

The core value of Turing is to achieve the free flow of global funds, break regional and policy restrictions, improve the efficiency of resource allocation in the financial system, and transfer funds from those with no production opportunities to those with higher production opportunities and capital scarcity, thus creating greater value for the society. Turing is about to attack, continuing the legendary glory.

TURING ,Integration of finance into life.

TRAFFIK is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in marketing

TRAFFIK(TK) is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in marketing for regulated industries. We are a team of giants with high expectations of the brands we work with and higher expectations of ourselves.

We believe that the sales funnel should lead to loyalty and not stop at purchase. As such we have helped our clients enter into new markets, expand existing markets, acquire new customers, retain those customers, and garner their loyalty.

We’ve worked closely with some of the biggest brands in the world – changing the future of individual companies and the industry at large.

We serve market leaders, regulated entities, and innovative visionaries. We also have among the highest client retention rates in the industry and our roster primarily comes from referrals. We do good work, we do it well, and hence surpass preset goals, every time.

The company uses fans to turn fans into consumers. The company provides a way to get money for free, and it also provides a way to make more money by investing. At the same time, it can also provide qualified fans with mobile phones, cars, and luxury real estate to reward the expansion of the market. Fans can get a lot of money by registering for free to receive promotion tasks, or they can get extra money by joining agents. The biggest feature of our event is that you can participate in the lottery in a nearly free form, and get the rights and interests of mobile phones, cars, real estate and free VIP upgrades. 

The property of our investors is guaranteed, and we can be guaranteed by the American insurance company AFLAC.Aflac Inc. is an American insurance company and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States.The company was founded in 1955 and is based in Columbus, Georgia. In the U.S., Aflac underwrites a wide range of insurance policies, but is perhaps more known for its payroll deduction insurance coverage, which pays cash benefits when a policyholder has a covered accident or illness. The company states it “provides financial protection to more than 50 million people worldwide”

TK company ,Your significant partner ,let you make money anytime,anywhere。Website:


DRS aims at innovating the decentralized financial system and linking to the financial future

In 2020, the rise of the concept of DeFi vitalized decentralization finance of blockchain. From digital money mortgage lending, DeFi is developing various financial applications and reforming traditional finance. And decentralization has brought unprecedented enthusiasm to investors. DeFi is ignited by successive rich opportunities.

It is not difficult to see that finance is still an important area for block chain technology to land. Based on DeFi, Block chain technology also has a new business path for landing——Leading the integration innovation of digital economy and real economy to allow the block chain carry more digital assets.

As a decentralized, efficient and energy-efficient public chain, on the basis of supporting high – performance trading, DRS(Darry Ring)realizes compatibility of smart contracts. In the future, it will become the basic platform for carrying users, assets and applications. Helping users build their own decentralized applications, DRS wallets can also be used (building a decentralized exchange) to support lending, derivatives, stable currency and other fast trading functions and high-performance services. DRS has a distinct decentralized character and its ecological construction is more fair, transparent and authentic. Transparent decentralized autonomous system supports the management structure of DRS. This structure allows each user to clearly understand all the technology construction and value transfer, which can fully reflect the public trust value of the block chain. DRS decentralized management system completely avoids the malpractice of centralized management of traditional institutions.

The DoraHacks, as global decentralized geek community, with the mission of connecting Hacker around the world, provide services and infrastructure for Hacker. DRS was initiated by team Dracula Team in the DoraHacks community with members of Jocelyn, Darren, Jason, and William. DRS technology research labs also brought together core developers of ethernet, EOS,etc.,  and top talent in blockchain, big data, and cloud computing so that it has comprehensive R & D strength for global competitiveness. Equipped with international risk control team, it has strong overall R & D strength, numbers of financial products experts and technical safety experts. Moreover, DRS’s high performance and massive ecological data have laid a solid foundation for its large-scale value circulation. DRS set up a series of improved infrastructure for decentralized digital economy, so that many valuable Token can provide users with high-quality decentralized products and services based on DRS.

Committed to creating a world of autonomous, secure, compliant, pluralistic blockchain digital assets, DRS ecology allows institutional and individual investors to safely exchange financial products of any size and frequency, without worrying about the fairness and security of the platform, the privacy of user data, the transparency of platform rules, the stability and reliability of the system. Meanwhile, enjoying the perfect integration of traditional finance through DRS ecosystems with blockchain technology, it achieves value interconnection.

DRS Ecological Vision is to create a new generation of decentralized financial systems to link with central finance and the interconnected new world, making a financial world for decentralization of blockchain, traditional finance with interoperability among industries. The decentralization and traditional finance will be redefined in the great era of change.

DRS (Darry Ring), born for innovation. Announced the Listing of Seascape Network (CWS) to Support DeFi Gaming (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of Router Protocol (ROUTE) under the trading pair of ROUTE/USDT on Jan 19 at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Router Protocol aims to build an infrastructure layer to aggregate liquidity across multiple chains. As opposed to Moonbeam and EdgeWare, smart contract platforms built on Polkadot, Router Protocol is dedicated to expanding the ecosystem to connect non-Polka blockchains like Matic, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Its ROUTE token can be used as gas fees within the ecosystem and rewards for staking their liquidity provider (LP) tokens.

Router Protocol has built an Ethereum Layer 2 AMM on Matic Network that supports gasless transactions. The team is also working on cross-chain frictionless liquidity migration. Soon, the project will be expanded to other layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains. Leveraging Parity Substrate, a blockchain infrastructure that supports EVM, Router Protocol is intended to operate seamlessly on Polkadot or Kusama in the near future.

The Router Protocol team brings together veterans from traditional finance, blockchain, and energy trading industries with core members from top institutions, including Moody, Infosys, and Schlumberger. As a group of crypto enthusiasts since 2014, the team has successfully collaborated on developing the world’s first stablecoin DEX based on 0x Protocol. Router Protocol is on track to launch a multichain farming on Ethereum, Matic, BSC, and Xdai soon.


Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients, with robust and innovative design ranging from cash and margin trading, derivatives trading, staking products, to other investment solutions.

For more information and updates, please visit:





About Router Protocol

Router Protocol aims to build an infrastructure layer to aggregate liquidity across multiple chains. As opposed to Moonbeam and EdgeWare, smart contract platforms built on Polkadot, Router Protocol is dedicated to expanding the ecosystem to connect non-Polka blockchains. Its ROUTE token can be used as gas fees within the ecosystem and rewards for staking their liquidity provider (LP) tokens.

For more information and updates, please visit:





WarRin Protocol: A point-to-point anonymous privacy communication system



This white paper provides an explanation of the WarRin protocol and related blockchain, point-to-point, network value, transport protocol, and encryption algorithms. The limited space will highlight the WRC allocation scheme and purpose of the WarRin Protocol Token, which is important for achieving the WRC’s stated objectives.  This white paper is for informational purposes only and is not a promise of final implementation details. Some details may change during the development and testing phases. 

1.  Introduction

Traditional centralized communication systems such as WeChat,WhatsApp, FacebookMessage,Google  Allo,Skype face a range of problems, including government surveillance, privacy breaches, and inadequate security, and the WarRin protocol proposes apoint-to-pointencrypted communications system that leveragesblockchain technology, combined  with Double Ratc het algorithms, pre-keys, and extended X3DH handshakes. The WarRin Protocol uses The Generalized Directional Acyclic Graph  and Curve25519,AES-256,  and HMAC-SHA256  as the pronamor, allowing each account to have its own unique account chain, providing unlimited instant communication between points and unlimited scalability, anonymity, integrity, consistency, and asynchronousness. 

2. WarRin Protocol communication system

2.1 Two types of communication

The Waring Protocol communication system divides chat channels into two types.


Two modes of communication

  • General Chat mode: Using point-to-point encrypted communication, the service side has access to the key and can log in via multiple devices. 
  • Secret Chat mode: Encrypted communication using point-to-point can only be accessed through two specific devices. 

The design combines some of the advantages of raiBlocks    multi-chain construction with IOTA/Byteball  DAG, which we call the Waring protocol. With improvements, we have given the WarRin protocol greater throughput and faster processing power while ensuring the security of the ledger, and network nodes can store the ledger in less space and search their communications accounts quickly in the ledger.  When two users communicate, third parties contain content that neither manager can access. When a user is chatting in secret, the message contains multimedia that can be designated as a self-destruct message, and when the message is read by the user, the message is automatically destroyed within the specified time. Once the message expires, it disappears on the user’s device. 

2.2 How chat history is encrypted

2.2.1 MTProto  Transport Protocol


MTProto transport protocol

The WarRin communication system draws on RaiBlocks’ multi-chain structure for point-to-point communication. Each account has its own chain that records the sending and receiving behavior of the account. For example, in Figure 1,   there are 7  accounts, each with 7 chain records of the account sending and receiving communications. On the graph, horizontal coordinates represent the timeline, and portrait coordinates represent the index of the account. 

Transferring information from one account to another requires two transactions: one to send a communication from the sender’s transfer content, and one to receive information to add that content to the content of the receiving account. Whether in a send-side account or a receiving account, a PoW proof of work with the previous communication content Hash is required to add new communications to the account.  In the account chain, poWwork proves to be an anti-spam communication tool that can be done in seconds. In a single account chain, the Hash field of the previous block is known to pre-generate the PoW required for subsequent blocks. Therefore, as long as the time between the two communications is greater than the time required to generate the PoW, the user’s transaction will be completed instantaneously. 

In such a design, only the receiving end of the communication is required for settlement. The receiving end places the received communication signature on the account chain, which is called accepted communication. Once accepted, the receiving end then broadcasts the communication to the ledger of the other nodes. However, there may be situations where the receiving end is not online or is subject to a DoS   attack, which prevents the receiving end from putting the receiving side communication on the account chain, which we call uncommoted transactions. The X symbol in Figure 1 represents an open transaction sent from Account 2 to Account 5.  


Obviously, because only the sending and receiving sides of the communication are required to settle, such communication is very lightweight, all traffic can be transmitted in a UDP package and processed very quickly. At the same time, all communications in an account are kept in one chain, with great integrity, and the ledger can be trimmed to a minimum. Some nodes are not interested in spending resources to store the full communication history of the account;   They are only interested in the current communications for each account. When an account communicates, its accumulated information is encoded, and these nodes only need to keep track of the latest blocks so that historical data can be discarded while maintaining correctness. Such communication is only possible if the sending and receiving sides trust each other and are not the final settlement of the entire network consensus. There is a security risk in the absence of trust on the sending and receiving ends, or in situations where the receiving end is attacked by DoS without the sender’s knowledge. 

We have observed that although each account has a separate chain, the entire ledger can be expressed in the form of a WarRin object. As shown in Figure 2, this is represented by the WarRin astros trading on all accounts in Figure 1.  


The first unit in the WarRin object is the Genesis unit, the next six cells represent the allocation of the initial token, and the other units correspond to the communication transactions between the account chains. We use the symbol a/b to represent a communication transaction, where the sender is a andthe recipient is b. The last  4/1 unit in Figure 2 is the last communication corresponding to Figure 1  – sending communication from account 4 to account 1. A transaction in Figure 1 is a confirmation of the latest block or the latest communication on the account chains of both parties to the communication, reflected in Figure 2 as a reference to the latest units of the account chains of both parties to the communication. Take unit 4/1, for example, where the latest  block on account 4 was the receiving block for 2/4  trades and the newest block on  account 1 was the send block for 1/5 trade. So on the DAG, the 4/1 cell refers to the 2/4 cell and the 1/5 cell. 

The WarRin protocol uses triangular shrapned storage technology to crack impossible triangles in the blockchain through the shrapghine technology, with extensive node engagement and decontalination  while maintaining high throughput and security:

  • Complete shraping of blockchain status;
  • Secure and low-cost cross-synth trading;
  • Completely random witness selection;
  • Flexible and efficient configuration

Complete decentralization ensures absolute security and scalability of the standard chain.

(Figures   above show seven Ling-shaped objects:2/1 one;3/2  one… )

2.2.2 Curve25519 Elliptic Curve Encryption Algorithm

Curve25519,  proposed by Daniel Bernstein, is anelliptic  curve algorithm for the exchange of The Montgomery Curve’s Difi Herman keys. 

Montgomery Curve Curve Mathematical Expression: 图片图片

Curve25519 Curve Mathematical Expression:图片

Curve25519  encryption     algorithms are    图片 used for standard private and public keys, and the private keys used for Curve25519  图片 encryption algorithms are typically defined as secret 图片 indices, corresponding to 图片public  keys, coordinate points, which are usually sufficient to perform ECDH (elliptical) and symmetrical  elliptic curve encryption algorithms. If one party wants to send information to the other party and the other party has the 图片 public 图片and private keys, perform the following 图片calculation:

Generate a one-time random secret 图片图片   图片 index, calculated using Montgomery, because the message is a symmetrical password encrypted using 256-bit  sharing, such as AES  using a 256-bit integer 图片 one-time public key,  as akey, and 256-bit integer is a 图片prefix to encrypted information. Once a party to   图片图片图片the public 图片key receives this message, it can start by calculating , that is ,图片the receiver recovers the shared secret and 图片is able to decrypt the rest of the information. 

3. Incentives

On the basis of the WarRin agreement, by adding the incentive layer, we can effectively avoid the whole network being attacked and eliminate spam. As long as honest nodes control most of the calculations, for an attacker, the network is robust because of its simplicity of structure, and nodes need little coordination to work at the same time. They do not need to be authenticated because information is not sent to a location. 

3.1 WRC Certificate

WRC issued a total of 2,500,000 pieces and continued to increment according to the WoRin gain function. 

3.1.1 WoRin Gain Function


3.1.2 WoRin gain function control table

The WoRin gain function is compared to the table
Number of layers /F Growth factor /I WRC circulation
[1,50] 0.002 334918.8057
[51,100] 0.002 780024.2108
[101,150] 0.004 1177129.617
[151,200] 0.006 1487860.923
[201,250] 0.01 1722637
[251,300] 0.016 1894309.216
[301,400] 0.03 2101623.789
[401,500] 0.06 2217555.464
[501,1000] 0.1 2450712.257
[1001,2000] 0.12 2557457.3

According 图片to the Gain function, the 图片larger the number of layers, 图片the greater the growth rate, the faster each layer is filled, and the 图片greater the circulation. 

3.2 Allocation


WarRin protocol node distribution

3.2.1 Node allocation

Set the initial price  图片  图片图片to 0.02,the layer where the first node is located is , according to the equation of the iso-difference column, there is , so that the 图片node token is assigned to the piece, for the price of 图片 the layer where the node 图片is located, there is a 图片图片set. 

For example, the number of tiers in which the  98th  node is located is Tier 13,  and the price of Tier 13 is 0.214,the tokens assigned by Tier 98 are 图片

3.2.2 Total number of address assignments

Each node occupies one address, and the total number of 图片addresses is

4. The use

WRC is the native pass-through of the WarRin protocol, andWRC will assign to Genesis nodes according to the above allocation scheme, which together form the entire network, andWRC can be used in the following scenarios, including but not limited to:

Pay the network’s gas charges, i.e. for transferring money and invoking smart contracts;

System Staking tokens, used for node elections and token issues;

The capital is lent to the validator in exchange for the amount of the reward;

Voting rights for system proposals;

The means of payment for apps developed  on WoRin Services;

WoRin Storage is a means of payment on the decentralization storage;

WoRin DNS domain name and WoRin  WWW website means of payment;

WoRin Proxy agents hide the means of payment for body and IP addresses;

WoRin Proxy penetrates payment methods reviewed by local ISPs


5. Conclusions

Metcalfe’s Law states that thevalue of a network is equal to the square of the number of nodes within the network, and that the value of the network is directly related to the square of the number of connected users. That is 图片( the 图片value factor, the number of 图片users.)  That is, the greater the number of users on a network, the greater the value of the entire network and each computer within that network. The WarRin protocol also follows this law, and when the number of nodes reaches a certain level, the entire network becomes more robust. 


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