Alpine NJ Teen Mental Health Coaching/Adolescent Talk Therapy Services Launch

Dispelling the belief that the young are impermeable to self-doubt, Kairos strengthens its mental health coaching for teens. Christina Chororos, a mental health and pain management coach, explains that adolescents must be properly guided through this exciting and turbulent time in their lives.

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The updated mental health coaching takes a holistic approach to healing. Chororos says that many teens often do not know the “specific” area they are struggling with, but know that their life has been impaired, one way or another. The goal of her coaching, Chororos details, is to establish a trusting environment so that teens can openly discuss their feelings without fear of judgment. They are then guided to address any negative self-talk with proactive coaching techniques.

According to the World Health Organization, one in seven adolescents experiences some sort of mental disorder, with most teens reporting depression and anxiety as their main challenges. Experts note that if left unaddressed, these conditions can worsen to trigger suicidal ideations or develop into a behavioural issue into adulthood.

Despite this data, many parents often attribute their children’s behaviour as mere “teen angst” or them just “acting out” and do not seek help for their children. Chororos notes that depression among teenagers does not exhibit similar symptoms to adults. For example, a teen may actually become angrier and more irritable even if they are depressed.

Adolescence is a unique time, where many changes are occurring in the body. Teenagers may not know how to handle the sudden growth and are more vulnerable to mental health problems. It is crucial that they are taught how to manoeuvre around all their emotions now so that they grow into healthy adults later.

Parents are encouraged to schedule a session with Chororos through her website. To comply with the latest health guidelines, most coaching will be done virtually. Wednesday personal meetings are also available.

Chororos writes, “As a mental health coach, I teach my clients coping strategies that can be applied so that they can self-manage difficult situations.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching, LLC
Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching, LLC
567 Park Avenue

Scotch Plains
United States

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Fort Worth TX Career Coaching Training Program – WFH Business Course Launched

The new training program is ideally suited to people who want to help others have their dream careers. It shows them how to establish themselves as a careers coach and attract clients while working from home.

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People who want to kickstart their coaching career will now have access to an industry-leading course that includes instruction on coaching skills and creating a business in this field. It’s based on a three-step coaching model. The program also features several modules that cover the key components of each session, as well as advice on crafting cover letters, and more.

Other modules include networking and negotiating, using LinkedIn and other social platforms to find work, and creating job search action plans. As a result of the training, students will gain the skills and knowledge required to become a successful career coach. Graduates can also create a work-from-home business, set their own hours, and attract their first ten clients after a few weeks of study.

Interested parties can enroll by visiting the company’s website and selecting the ‘Register Now’ tab. They will be given members’ access and should receive 12 90-minute webinars that are presented by the company founder. After completing 50 hours of practice, students will receive their career coaching certification.

Kristen, a previous student, says, “I highly recommend CCI’s program for the in-depth knowledge you will gain, state-of-the-art actionable strategies, and incredible teaching staff who really care about their students. My coach helped me find my dream of writing a book, and I have been speaking nationally for the past 5 years.”

About The Company

Career Coach Institute is the world’s leading career coach training school. Over the past 15 years, they have trained aspiring coaches in 42 countries around the world. The company was founded by Marcia Bench who was Senior Vice President at a major career management firm. As well as being a leading expert in the career development field, Bench has also authored a book called Career Coaching: An Insider’s Guide.

To read more about Career Coach institute, visit

For more information on Career Coach Institute and their certified course, visit

Career Coach Institute
Career Coach Institute
3139 W Holcombe Blvd #A31

United States

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Lafayette CA Slipped Disc Treatment – Spine Injury Pain Relief Therapy Updated

Addressing a growing demand for alternative treatments for spine injury, Lafayette Physical Therapy strengthens its herniated and bulging disc recovery programs (sometimes referred to as “slipped discs”). Each plan is customized to the client’s specific condition to ensure faster recovery and long-term prevention.

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The upgraded services feature the latest research on physical rehabilitation, especially for herniated and bulging disc treatments. The clinic explains that roughly 2% of the world’s population suffers from a slipped disc, yet less than half of this population finds the relief they need.

A herniated disc or bulging disc (aka slipped disc), as the name suggests, occurs when a soft cushion of tissue (the disc) between the vertebrae (bones of the spine) begins to push out. This may cause a pinched nerve, which is extremely painful and can prevent a person from leading a normal, healthy life. A slipped disc may also cause numbness or tingling in the shoulders, back, or limbs.

Lafayette Physical Therapy is founded on its core mission of results-oriented alternative treatments for various health conditions. Each of its therapists is dedicated to helping patients achieve their highest functional levels by leveraging the latest research with a professional and caring approach to physical therapy.

Also, the clinic is equipped with the latest technology, like AlterG(R) Anti-Gravity Treadmill(R), a machine that reduces gravity’s impact on joints and muscles. They also use non-invasive LightForce Therapy Lasers to energize cells and increase circulation and healing to painful or inflamed areas. Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is known for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation and pain without the side effects of medication.

They are also providing Back Pain Workshops online, where members of the community can learn about back anatomy and mechanics, common injuries, treatments, and ask questions about back pain and treatment. Information can be obtained by contacting the office by phone or through the website contact form:

Lafayette PT has been a trusted physical rehabilitation clinic in the state for more than 46 years. In particular, it has gained a reputation for its effective techniques and thorough slipped disc recovery treatments.

Patients are first assessed on their condition and asked about their activities of daily living and lifestyle to ensure a complete understanding. This is so that their therapist can craft a suitable recovery plan based on their unique bodies and conditions.

Herniated disc treatments can take as little as a week to as long as several months for their resolution. The goal of the therapies is to offer fast pain relief as well as prevent future reoccurrence.

A grateful patient wrote, “From the very beginning I was treated by everyone in a polite, friendly, and professional manner. They explained my situation thoroughly and always clarified when I had questions. I have improved considerably and have confidence that I can maintain my improvement going forward.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc.
Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc.

3468 Mount Diablo Boulevard #b110

United States

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Chesterfield MI Emotional Wisdom Training/Personal Development Coaching Updated

Meant to support professionals in all industries to recognize their power and potential, the updated emotional wisdom training by the self-named institute offers effective tools for growth. The program combines the latest research in psychology and NLP to develop alignment processes that guide students to react appropriately to different life situations.

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The latest emotional wisdom training is useful for those coping with major transitions, including divorce, job change, relocation, and death, among others. Students are taught the basics of NLP and how it affects their perception of reality.

Led by Kathryn Michels, the program operates on the belief that self-talk shapes perception and this perception determines how a person responds to events. For example, those who constantly beat themselves up over the tiniest mistakes are more vulnerable to suffering from depression and anxiety, particularly during a major life transition.

True to its name, emotional wisdom training teaches students intelligent strategies for growth. Kathryn Michels explains that most people become too emotional when faced with a crisis. This prevents them from responding appropriately and may even cause a person to make dangerous or life-altering decisions without much forethought.

Kathryn Michels, MCC, NLP developed the emotional wisdom training program as a holistic approach to life. Guided by NLP principles, the coach says that every person can achieve success in their life, once they are able to control their thinking.

The emotional wisdom training can also be used for clients seeking resolution from various mental health disturbances such as dissociative disorder and social anxiety.

New clients are invited to schedule a discovery call with Kathryn Michels and her team through their website. To comply with the latest health guidelines, some sessions will be conducted online.

Students may ask for additional NLP courses or information based on their specific needs.

A successful graduate of the program wrote, “Emotional Wisdom Training and coaching with Kathryn Michels has given me the ability to understand difficult situations and how to get what it is that I truly desire as an outcome.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Emotional Wisdom Training Institute
Emotional Wisdom Training Institute

536 North Barlow Road

United States

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JBL Press Announces, “CRITICAL MASSES” Launches to #1 Amazon New Release — Do ANY Lives Matter?

Critical Masses Who Wins Who Loses Who Decides  Available Now

#7 Amazon Best Seller Answers “Who Wins, Who Loses, Who Decides,” and Much More!

Greeley, Colorado Dec 6, 2021 ( – Author/Speaker Julie Banks Lewis has released Critical Masses: Who Wins, Who Loses, Who Decides, her first book on power dynamics and structural inequalities. This book is both timely and relevant — a must-read! The book though concise offers a comprehensive understanding of how power is created, manipulated, and maintained. Find out what lives matter.

This slender volume, about the size of an inspirational book, is indeed inspiring, but not in the same way as the usual books in that category. It contains no pretty and easy pathways, no serene meditations, or light beams from heaven. The inspiration is buried deeply in the trauma of this country’s bloody past and present. The inspiration is there is a powerful call to action to save our beautiful planet, our children, grandchildren, and loved ones. ~~ Frances K. Ransley, author, “This House Protected by Poverty”

As a historical sociologist, Julie Banks Lewis has been studying power dynamics and structural inequalities for two decades. Her unique perspective combines her experiential knowledge as a Poor, disabled, single mother and her education at Sonoma State University, culminating in a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, History/Sociology (2016).

In raising the questions, who wins, who loses, who decides, Julie Banks Lewis challenges the status quo and invites the reading audience to join her as Critical Masses in demanding responsibility, transparency, and accountability from America’s leaders. But, more than this, the author urges each reader to question what is known, to challenge conventional wisdom, encourage understanding, and step outside of their comfort zones to meet others on equal ground and chart the courses for change.

Media contact: Julie Banks Lewis


7 Amazon Best Seller  General Sociology of Race Relations1 Amazon Hot New Release  General Sociology of Race Relations Julie Banks Lewis

Media Contact

Julie Banks Lewis, LLC dba JBL Press


PO Box 1552, Greeley, CO 80632

Source :Julie Banks Lewis, LLC dba JBL Press

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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2021 Review:

Michigan City, Indiana Dec 6, 2021 ( –

DJ Niemiec is establishing himself as one of the most profitable stock market trading experts

Multibillionairez members and community have grown significantly through word of mouth, effective marketing, and live demonstrations of its trades. They have a well-deserved reputation in the stock trading field, thanks to their 14-year experience and renowned industry know-how.

The business was founded by DJ Niemiec – nicknamed Deejmoney – with the goal of assisting anyone to make money in the stock market, regardless of experience.

“Multibillionairez is unique because we can help anyone off the street with no knowledge of the game and make them extra money,” says Niemiec.

Deejmoney’s day-to-day trading approach is well-planned and he utilizes a unique technology that allows him to effectively operate on autopilot.

All clients have to do is link their brokerage account to Multibillionairez’s already-linked account. Without having to do anything, all of the trades the company places will be immediately placed in their accounts. Alternatively, clients can receive trade signals from the company and manually enter them themselves.

Niemiec’s main strategy is to look for stock options that could move 20-50% in a day. He has completed many $300 to $500 challenges, in which he has demonstrated how to turn those amounts into tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks.

Not just about making money

DJ is also a big believer in giving back to the community.

Multibillionairez donates 10% of its income from subscriptions to St. Judes Children’s Hospital and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Deejmoney also offers life coaching and mentorship programs, assisting people to ‘get off their asses’, create objectives and plans, and put them into action.

His mentorship program is provided free of charge. All of his programs are available on the link located on his Instagram profile.

Source :Multibillionairez

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Girl Empowerment Workshop Business – Women Entrepreneur Training Launched

Melody Pourmoradi launched her GiRLiFE Certification Program, to provide training that includes everything needed to start a a business hosting empowerment workshops for girls. Licensed GiRLiFE empowerment materials, training on how to host the workshops, how to market the events, and more.

More information is available at

Pourmoradi helps women create a business for themselves, most of who recognize that being an entrepreneur gives them more control over their time and the income they want to generate, all while giving them the freedom to design the kind of lifestyle they desire.

Anthony Klotz, an organizational psychologist at Texas A&M University, coined the term ‘Great Resignation’ to describe the unexpected numbers of people who reconsidered their work situations during the recent pandemic lockdown and have decided not to return to unfulfilling 9-5 jobs. Pourmoradi has seen an uptick in the female entrepreneurs taking her certification program due to the pandemic – women who don’t want to return to their regular 9-5 after being quarantined at home.

In Pourmoradi’s complimentary 3-Day ‘Fast Track’ Masterclass, women can learn how to get started on creating a sustainable girls’ empowerment workshop business. Pourmoradi suggests a woman go through a three-step process to determine the kind of business that would be best for her.

First, she should define how a business should fit into her life so it does not turn into just another unfulfilling job. From availability, to income needs, to type of work, it’s essential to map out how a business should serve her life, not the other way around.

Pourmoradi describes the next step as using the Japanese technique called ‘Ikigai’ to define what she loves doing, what the world needs, what she can be paid for, and what she is good at. The ideas at the intersection show a woman what kind of business would serve her best.

The final step is to define what resources are needed to make the business a reality. Equipment needs, software, personnel, and more, it’s important to define what she’ll need in order to get started.

Besides the training she offers, Pourmoradi supports her clients with a Facebook group called “The Business of Empowering Girls: Impact + Profit” and with a podcast called Empowering Her.

Paige T, a participant in the GiRLiFe’s Free Masterclass, wrote, “I have fallen in love with the curriculum. The content was inspiring and helped me step into my power as a woman, as a leader, and as an entrepreneur. The community that Melody has created has been a joy and a blessing to be a part of.”

Interested parties can find more information at

Melody Pourmoradi – GiRLiFE
Melody Pourmoradi – GiRLiFE

500 7th Ave Faviana WeWork Fl 8

New York
United States

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Salt Lake City UT Home Vinyl Window Replacement/Installation – Service Expanded

The Salt Lake City company’s latest offerings give customers a comprehensive selection of products from leading brands such as Alside, Andersen, and Window World. The company provides quick repairs, replacements, and complete refits of bays, casement, and vinyl windows in both residential and commercial settings.

More details can be found at

This latest announcement details an expanded range of frame sizes, sashes, replacement glass, and energy-saving solutions for property owners. Salt Lake City Windows can advise customers on their eligibility for a variety of federal and state tax rebates and credits. These can help with the cost of replacing old, inefficient frames and glass, which keep utility bills unnecessarily high due to air leaks.

The company’s windows are all Low E and Energy Star-rated, providing assurance of their efficiency in retaining heat and minimizing interior penetration of cold outside air. Low E glass binds micro-sized metallics to the second surface of a windowpane, preventing heat and energy from escaping.

E Glass also allows shorter solar rays into homes during the winter months while also helping to block the longer, hotter rays that can penetrate through windows during the summer. Other benefits for customers include argon gas–known for its density and low thermal conductivity–which is placed between air cracks to improve insulation.

The team installs special air-flow screens which help keep out particulates and bugs, allowing for a natural cross breeze and controlled draft to promote clean and healthy air indoors.

Salt Lake City Windows offers a complimentary inspection and estimate, ensuring full transparency and that its services meet the individual requirements of customers.

About Salt Lake City Windows

The company has been serving the residents of the Salt Lake Valley for over 25 years. The team is committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship, offering lifetime warranties on all installations. Find out more here:

A satisfied customer says, “My power bill has lowered since I put in all-new Energy Star-rated windows in my home. I was nervous about the cost but now I can see the value of my purchase both financially and aesthetically.”

With its latest service update, Salt Lake City Windows continues to set the standard for energy and cost-efficient installations across the city and beyond.

For more information, please visit

Salt Lake City Windows
Salt Lake City Windows
628 800 E

Salt Lake City
United States

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Auto Shop Jobs Helps Technicians Get Paid What They Deserve

September 13, 2021: Auto Shop Jobs is pleased to announce they help automotive technicians and managers in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut locations get the pay and benefits they deserve. They have a list of jobs for qualified auto technicians with qualified recruiters who can match individuals with the best career options.

When individuals register with Auto Shop Jobs, they will receive an instant interview to learn more about their qualifications and what they want from an automotive career. Working with this automotive recruitment agency gives individuals access to the best jobs in the automotive industry in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut with excellent benefits, including medical insurance, paid holidays and vacation time, paid sick time, better working hours with no evenings and weekends, and more.

In addition to excellent benefits and salaries, Auto Shop Jobs ensures technicians work in a state-of-the-art facility to give their customers the ultimate service. They also provide training and skills programs to ensure technicians are qualified to complete the work. Through these programs, automotive technicians learn about the latest developments in the automotive industry. Properly trained technicians can demand higher salaries and better benefits, giving them a competitive edge in the industry.

Anyone interested in learning about the available auto technician jobs and training programs offered can find out more by visiting the Auto Shop Jobs business website or by calling 1-224-585-7171.

About Auto Shop Jobs: Auto Shop Jobs is dedicated to helping auto repair mechanics in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut areas stay on top of their career fields. They help individuals find the right jobs at the highest pay grades, ensuring they get the income they deserve. They also offer training programs and more to make technicians more marketable.

Company: Auto Shop Jobs

Telephone number: 1-224-585-7171

Auto Shop Jobs
Auto Shop Jobs

6308 Iverson Ter N

United States

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Online Master’s in Exercise and Sport Science Launched in NYC

The new online Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science program at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY, is ideally suited to enhance and broaden knowledge and skills for students of exercise and sport science-related specialties and professions.

The program prepares students to take a holistic approach to improve sport and exercise performance and to use physical activity to prevent and treat chronic disease. Graduates of the program will be well prepared for career advancement in many settings, including but not limited to medical fitness facilities and athletic, commercial, corporate, and clinical settings.

More information can be found by visiting

People who are interested in expanding their sports and exercise knowledge can choose among four separate concentrations: high-performance coaching, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, and generalist, which is a flex option.

Throughout their course of study, students will learn about the factors that affect optimal performance. The curriculum will help them to understand the biomechanical, physiological, and psychological elements of fitness. Lecturers will also prepare students to work with athletes and deliver strength and conditioning expertise.

In the sports psychology concentration, students will understand the mental factors that affect exercise adherence, while the generalist concentration allows them the flexibility to design their own degree around their strongest interests.

The program includes lectures by industry experts, coursework, practical applications, and a capstone experience. More information can be found by visiting

To be admitted, prospective students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of 2.5 or above. They should also have completed an undergraduate biology program. The course is delivered wholly online. The next round of classes starts on January 24, 2022.

About St. Francis College Brooklyn

For 160 years, St. Francis has provided an affordable, quality education to students of all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Ninety-seven percent of St. Francis students receive some form of financial aid, including federal and state grants, federal loans and newly increased amounts of institutional scholarships, making St. Francis one of the most affordable private colleges in New York City. Merit and need-based scholarships are available for qualified students.

For more information on St. Francis College and the launch of its Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science program, visit and the URLs above.

St. Francis College
St. Francis College
180 Remsen Street

United States

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