WhatsApp notifications, Apple iPhone users on iOS 14 reveal issue with receiving texts

The bug is likewise affecting voice call alarms for certain clients.

iPhone clients on iOS 14 or later are grumbling about not getting warnings for writings, iMessages, and even WhatsApp messages now and again.

The issue doesn’t appear to be with a solitary application or a specific age of iPhone models. Objections posted by the influenced clients on online stages, remembering for the Apple Community gatherings, recommend that the notice issues are affecting practically all iPhone models viable with iOS 14.

A few clients have griped on Apple Community discussions that they aren’t getting warnings for new instant messages and iMessages in the wake of refreshing their iPhones to iOS 14. The issue doesn’t appear to be influencing the conveyance of new messages, however just notices. Both spring up notices and the red identification that keeps a tally of the uninitiated messages appear to be coming up short for certain clients.

The glitch is obviously not simply restricted to instant messages or iMessages as certain clients are not in any event, getting warnings for outsider applications including WhatsApp and Signal. In a couple of cases, it is in any event, influencing voice call cautions.

“I am presently missing calls and notices from other applications too,” one of the influenced clients composed on Apple Community gatherings.

The string on the warning issues, just began in September, was presently at 43 pages at the hour of documenting this story. A few clients have likewise given workarounds, for example, killing Messages on an associated Mac or power shutting the Messages application. Notwithstanding, apparently these workarounds aren’t valuable for some influenced clients.

Notwithstanding the grievances on the Apple Community gatherings, a few clients have likewise taken to Twitter to educate Apple about the issues.

Contraptions 360 has connected with Apple for an explanation on the bug and will refresh this space when the organization reacts.

Apple brought iOS 14.2 — and iOS 14.2.1 for the iPhone 12 arrangement — a month ago. In any case, the update doesn’t appear to have fixed the announced notice issues. Truth be told, the last iOS update caused battery channel issues for some iPhone clients.

Apple could carry a fix to these issues with the iOS 14.3, which is probably going to make a big appearance in the coming days.