9 Bangladeshi nationals to Dhaka specialists, BSF surrenders

Boundary Security Force (BSF) faculty caught nine Bangladeshi nationals, including three minors, while they were attempting to cross the global line in West Bengal’s Nadia locale on Monday.

Be that as it may, BSF gave over the people to Bangladesh specialists as an offer of altruism.

The BSF in an assertion said that the jawans posted at the line station Kumari got explicit contribution from the power’s knowledge branch with respect to unlawful relocation from Bangladesh.

Around 3 am, the cautious soldiers noticed dubious development and discovered nine Bangladeshi nationals attempting to cross into India.

BSF Jawans scrutinized the Bangladeshi nationals at line station Kumari and their personalities were uncovered.

As per the BSF, the secured Bangladeshi nationals recognized themselves as Taniya Khatoon (25), Moni Rani Nath (28), Rashi Nani Nath (8), Nilu Haldar (20), Purnima Sarkar (16), Anjali Rani Nath (50), Ruma Gazi (27), Md Bilal (8) and Paritosh Rai (25).

Nilu Haldar who was one of the captured people in her assertion to the BSF said she was attempting to enter India without precedent for request to wed Paritosh Rai who had been living here for longer than 10 years.

“Purnima Sarkar said that she was also coming to India to marry the son of her maternal aunt. Taniya Khatoon said she wanted to look for labour in Mumbai while Moni Rani Nath claimed she was on her way to meet her parents who live in West Bengal’s Chatra. Similarly, Anjali Rani Nath was trying to enter India to meet her daughter who lives in Bengal and Ruma Gazi was on her way to meet her husband in Karnataka,” BSF said.

As per BSF, the Bangladeshi nationals said they were entering India with the assistance of an Indian named Ravi who hails from Bangaon in West Bengal.

BSF work force recuperated three cell phones and 1,430 Bangladeshi Taka from the nine people who were given over to the Border Guard Bangladesh. (ANI)