As colleague under probe quits, Bihar’s building minister gets education

Ashok Chaudhary, a Dalit pioneer, had joined the JD(U) in 2018 from the Congress.

Bihar’s Building Construction serve Ashok Chaudhary was given extra charge of the instruction office on Thursday night when occupant Mewalal Choudhary ventured down over defilement accusations, three days after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his 14 clergymen made vow.

Ashok Chaudhary, a Dalit pioneer, had joined the JD(U) in 2018 from the Congress. Prior, he was important for the Rashtriya Janata Dal and the prison serve in the Rabri Devi government.

A police body of evidence was recorded against Mewalal Choudhury three years back after claims of association in abnormalities in the arrangement of staff at the Bhagalpur horticulture college.

Bringing up the issue, the resistance Rashtriya Janata Dal – which had claimed debasement nearby level organization all through the mission for the as of late finished up political decision asserted that Nitish Kumar’s administration was enlisting degenerate pioneers into the public authority.

Blaming the Chief Minister for “ensuring crooks”, RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav had tweeted, “Force is securing hoodlums.. Boss Minister Nitish Kumar has conceded exception to plunder and theft by selecting Mewalal Chaudhary”.

Denying any bad behavior, Mr Choudhary had stated, “There are bodies of evidence against countless officials”. “The test is continuous. Nothing has occurred,” he had added.

After his renunciation today, Sanjay Singh, the main representative of Mr Kumar’s Janata Dal United, said this is “one more case of our chief Nitish Kumar’s zero capacity to bear (defilement).

A criminal body of evidence was recorded against the JD(U) MLA from Tarapur in 2017 after charges that as the bad habit chancellor of Bhagalpur agribusiness college, he was engaged with inconsistencies in the arrangements to posts of collaborator teacher and junior researchers.

Mewalal Choudhary, the MLA from Tarapur, was suspended from the JD(U) in 2017 however was re-accepted later.